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Sol Bestiam
Dusk Court Blacksmith
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Immortal [Year 498 Summer]








Clydesdale X


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Sol is a massive, fluffy, beast. He is mostly Clydesdale with who knows what else thrown into the mix. Thanks to the large draft blood, he is 21 hands tall and stockier built. From the melting pot of his genetics, he is a dark grullo roan. His ebony mane and tail is spiced with streaks of gold that seem to disappear into the darkness as he moves. His eyes are bright gold, ringed by an even brighter set of Egyptian eye markings. A star sits mostly hidden under his heavy forelock and tall white stockings gleam on his dark legs. His hooves are golden. Sol is built like a tank, heavy bones and a roman nose.

Sol has 2 sets of wings, both matching dark grullo with golden flight feathers. The flight feathers are almost roaned like the rest of his body, fading from a darker orange hued gold at the base to pure gold to pale gold at the tips. His mane is long enough to reach to his knees, his tail brushing the ground behind him. Sol has a trio of golden bangles on his right foreleg, as well as a trio of golden studs in his left ear.

Where this behemoth of a stallion walks, flaming hoof prints remain in his wake. They are not hot to the touch, seeming to be all an illusion if it weren't for the charred prints that are left after a few seconds. It is impossible to miss his trail and he is very careful about where he walks. The flames do not seem to bother rocks or stones, but sizzle and steam when in contact with water.

Design by Chaosy - Lineart by Kempping

Positive Traits: Adventurous, Polite and Proper, Dignified, Eloquent, Focused, Hardworking, Intelligent, Reliable, Sophisticated, Open-Minded (most of the time)

Negative Traits: Arrogant, Ambitious, Calculating, Destructive Tendencies, Haughty, Impatient, Moody, Possessive, Self-indulgent, Strong-willed

Sol is quite the character. He started life as a very spoiled foal. His parents doted on him at all times and constantly encourage him, to the point of being a negative thing. He was encouraged to look down on others and do his best to be the dominant stallion when he grew up. He was taught to believe himself almost god like and that translated into many good and bad things in his personality.

He is polite, proper, dignified, eloquent, and sophisticated like a perfect courtier, taught the finer things of being a leader and showing intelligence as he learned. At the same time, he is arrogant, ambitious, haughty and self-indulgent. Sol was spoiled to the extreme and grew up expecting everything that he believed that he deserved.

As time passed, he grew ambitious and calculating. He planned in advance as to what he wanted to happen and how he could go about making it exactly as he desired. In those moments, he became more and more possessive of what he believed to be his and impatient to receive those things, be they physical objects or mares that he believed that he deserved.

At the age of 3, the explosive temper that had hidden under his courtly mask exploded and he nearly killed another in his herd. He became moody and destructive as things did not go as he wanted, and he slowly began to learn that the world wasn’t going to be his alone. His herd pushed him out to learn lessons that he was clearly not learning at home.

When he was 4, one such equine convinced him that the world could be better than the bitter view that he had. He learned to be open-minded, at least to an extent, through many arguments and battles with the other stallion. While strong-willed and slightly obnoxious about what he felt that he deserved, Sol also learned how to be hardworking and focused on what he wanted, as well as reliable to those that actually earned his trust in the slightest.

Sol was born in the heart of a very hot summer, far from the realm of Novus. He thrived in the heat and grew to be a strong and very independent foal. His parents doted on him, his mother cooing about his golden additions and the fact that her strong and muscular son had two sets of wings, as it that was a sign that he was meant for greatness.

The first 3 years of his life were in that doting environment. He was taught how a prince should behave, as that is what his mother thought was his right. In his herd, he was the strongest foal of that year and many expectations were thrust upon him do to this. Under the façade of perfection that he placed upon himself while he was around his parents, Sol began to chafe and desire something different.

Sol began to watch the herd and figure out how he could get those other horses to play along with what he desired. He began to calculate moves like the day to day life was a chess game. These calculations taught him more about the personality and reasoning behind decisions, something that his mother was not able to teach in her lessons.

When things did not go well, that was when his temper was revealed. He has a temper that rivals the sun and tends toward destructive tantrums. One particular tantrum that has a tendency to pop into his mind is one that nearly cost the life of one of the younger mares in his herd. She did not bend to his demands and he lashed out at her. The filly was nearly killed, ribs broken, her throat crushed to the point where it was thought that she could no longer speak. That was the last straw for his herd and he was sent out on his own just before he turned four years old.

Sol spent his 4th birthday traveling parts of the world that he had never seen before. He had met and left various horses in his travels, most being written off as not worthy of his time. Shortly after that birthday, he met an older stallion that was nearly as large as him and seemed much wiser than even the parents that had taught him everything they could. He spent time with the stallion, realizing that the world was not his toy and that perhaps his own life had created some of the conflicts that he had faced in his youth. Sol was strong willed and adamant about what he was taught, but he did learn how to be a bit more open to change. A bit... The massive stallion became more focused and willing to work for what he wanted rather than have it handed to him, a change that gave him a better chance to appreciate the things he worked for. He still felt that he was the best of what the world had to offer, but he was able to see where he could improve the world around him to better suit him and others.

Upon his 5th birthday, the stallion disappeared and left him scrambling to find a purpose again. He began to journey again, entering the realm of Novus as a merchant and traveling as he did so.

After some time in Novus, Sol took it upon himself to go back to where he was born. While the event did not go well, it gave him the closure that he needed to be able to move forward from the trauma of his past and look toward the future. He returned to Novus in Summer 506 to continue his life in the home that he had chosen.

Active & Parvus Magic

Active Magic

Solar Radiation Manipulation - The art of manipulating solar radiation and using it to one's abilities and preferences.

- Tier 1 (Discipuli)

Just starting to grasp the magic, Sol is limited to the radiation that has passed into the lower atmosphere. As this is weaker radiation, it is its own limit. He must gather it for use. He is able to manipulate it to cause small fires or bursts of light akin to the solar flare of the sun. Bursts of light only last for 5 minutes. Fire is only under his control for 10 minutes before going wild. Any actions require 48 hours of rest, after a 12 hour radiation poisoning session.

- Tier 2 (Vexillum)

Sol is becoming more tolerant of his magic, as well as the radiation. he can now access the radiation from the upper atmosphere. While he still suffers a period of radiation poisoning after use, it now only lasts for 4 hours. Fires are under his control for 1 hour. Solar flares can now be launched 3 times in succession, each lasting 10 minutes. He can now manipulate the radiation for EMPs, to disorientate others. He can also pass radiations poisoning to others. Both new abilities have a limit of 10 minutes, and Sol needs a day of rest after.

- Tier 3 (Periti)

At this level, Sol is immune to radiation, and can pull it from the galaxy. He can cause tears in the atmosphere from flares for 10 minutes. Fires can be under his control for 4 hours. He can give others radiation poisoning with effects felt for 3 hours. Sol can also now harness the solar radiation into a mini sun that will continue to charge radiation. The mini sun has a duration of 15 minutes and depletes Sol's own solar radiation stores for a week.

- Tier 4 (Dominus)

Sol can harness the sun's solar radiation, causing a wide variety of solar events. He can cause others (up to 3 at once) to suffer from solar radiation poisoning for a full day. Fires now bed to Sol's will, and his personal sun is now a usable entity. The sun can exist for as long as Sol desires. Sol can utilize his mini sun as another sun, harnessing localized solar flares, emps, and other phenomenons. He can manipulate the main sun into weaker but wider range phenomenons.

Parvus Magic

Sol houses excess solar radiation in his body to use when manipulating magic. The gold markings on his body now glow as an indication of his storage levels, as well as his body temperature being elevated as a normal baseline. The brighter he glows, the more he is storing. When he is activating high levels of magic, this glow intensifies at his eyes, hooves, and flight feathers, all three locations erupting with solar flames. Along with the glow, the more radiation he is storing, the hotter his body will feel.

Symptoms of Radiation Poisoning: Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, headache, fever, fatigue, weakness

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Telum - the sunset weapon Telum is a striking creature of many colors. Her body is that of a sunset, a vivid orange fading to rich deep purple at the extremities. Her eyes are vivid yellow, and bands of bioluminescent cyan wrap around her form. While she glows at all times, it is easier to see in the dark and gets brighter as she gets older. At full size, Telum will reach 10 feet at the shoulder, 25 feet from nose to tip of her tail, and have a wingspan of 30 feet.

Telum is sassy and sharp of wit and tongue. Rather impish, she likes to play and cause trouble for her bonded. She can breathe fire, a trait that is similar to her companion and something that she uses to pick on Sol regularly.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories


Sol has a trio of golden studs in his left ear.


Sol wears golden armor, decorated with suns and scarabs to remind him of the herd that he left and the stallion that he is becoming. The helm, while rarely worn, is a hammered gold alloy with scarab wings sweeping along the sides of his face. Plates of matching golden alloy protect his neck and sweep into his intricate chest piece. There are panels that protect the front of his wings, as well as bracers on his legs. Another large panel protects his spine and down his flanks.

Agora Items & Awards

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Where this behemoth of a stallion walks, flaming hoof-prints remain in his wake. They are not hot to the touch unless he is actively using his active magic, seeming to be all an illusion if it weren't for the charred prints that are left after a few seconds. It is impossible to miss his trail and he is very careful about where he walks. The flames do not seem to bother rocks or stones, but sizzle and steam when in contact with water.

*Staff edit: Due to our character design rules being changed April 2021 (now all recognizably-equus fantasy designs with aesthetic, non-harmful designs aspects can be joined without items), this character's passive magic is no longer needed! The cost has been refunded and the item removed from their inventory.

Played by:

Chaosy (PM Player)


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Staff Log

Saved incentives/prizes: None

05/24/19 Character application accepted; +20 signos for visual reference. Passive magic approved and added to the Records. -SID
05/24/19 Outfit + Breeding: Twins awarded for Dawn Court + Merchant rank incentives. -SID
07/01/19 +125 signos for participating in SWP act IV, “god whispers on the wind,” TID 3704. -SID
08/03/19 +200 signos for participating in SWP act V, “a day that lasts forever,” TID 3888. -SID
10/11/19 +20 signos for completing TID3698, sent to Chaosy. -SID
01/21/21 +200 signos and Shadowfeather for Random Event occurrence in TID6156. -INKBONE
01/23/21 +65 signos - 25 for worship thread TID6209, 40 for completing TID5996 and 6156. -INKBONE
01/27/21 +1 EXP for gaining Active magic (Solar Manipulation); approved, added to records, and tier Discipuli item swapped. Quest being written by member. -INKBONE
02/07/21 +3EXP for Chaosy's 1 year anniversary 05-16-19. -INKBONE
02/07/21 +3EXP for threading with 5 members for the first time (Griffin (#142), Dyzzie (#1033), Rae (#234), Lackadaisy (#932), Syndicate (#559)). -INKBONE
04/04/21 +1000 signos and removed passive magic item from inventory & records. Passive magic (for ember hoofprints) no longer needed for this character due to the April 2021 design rule changes. -INKBONE
04/23/21 +200 signos for winning 506 Fall Thread (TID6186) and Pair (Sol Bestiam & Below Zero) OTS. -INKBONE
07/18/21 Rank change from Dawn Court Merchant to Blacksmith per OOC member request. -INKBONE
07/18/21 +3EXP for Chaosy's 2 year anniversary (05-16-19). -INKBONE
07/18/21 +3EXP for member-written long quest for Active Magic, TID6294. -INKBONE
08/08/21 +1EXP for gaining purchased Immortality. Member will be writing own quest. -INKBONE
08/11/21 +1EXP for interactive agora item - member written quest TID6498 -LULLIVY
08/19/21 25 MILESTONE REWARD - Vexillum magic item swapped, +10HLTH/+10ATK. -INKBONE 09/20/21 +5EXP for reaching 100 posts. -LULLIVY
09/20/21 +3EXP for completing 5 threads (TID6550, TID6186, TID4375, TID4131, TID3749) -LULLIVY
01/06/22 +2EXP for Advent 2021, Day 22 prize. -INKBONE
01/16/22 +3EXP for Advent 2021, Day 25 prize. -INKBONE
02/01/22 Member requested rank change from Dawn to Dusk Court Blacksmith, TID6820. -INKBONE
02/03/22 +2EXP and +300 signos for Chaosy volunteering to write restricted item quest TID6879. -INKBONE
02/14/22 +1EXP for gaining contest prize Massive bonded (2021 Activity Contest TID6459); approved, added to records, item sent. Member written quest pending. -INKBONE
03/20/22 +4EXP and +200 signos for submitting 4 nominations for 507 Winter OTS Nominations. -INKBONE
04/05/22 +1EXP for successful pregnancy with Below Zero, TID6910. Choose gender & healthy pregnancy items removed. -INKBONE
04/05/22 +200 signos as an apology for breeding request TID6910 taking so long: refund of choose gender and healthy pregnancy items. -INKBONE
04/12/22 Moved to inactive from Dusk Court Blacksmith per member req. -INKBONE
05/03/22 Moved to Dusk Court Blacksmith from Inactive per member req. -INKBONE
06/03/22 +3EXP for Chaosy's 3 year anniversary 5/16/19. -INKBONE