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Irish Elk x Fallow Deer


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Huehuecoyotl, or Coyote or Coy... Depending on who you ask, is a striking stallion. He isnt the largest stallion in the world by any means, but he makes up for that with fabulousness... Just ask him. At full adulthood, he is well matured and has grown into himself. He is well muscled and beautifully proportioned.

Coyote is 15.1 hands tall, built like a classic baroque Friesian, showing nothing of his mixed heritage other than his markings and smaller size. He looks like a almost shrunken Friesian, with the proportions and build classically seen but just on a scaled down size. His coat is ebony, at least for a base. He has an appaloosa blanket across a good portion of his barrel and down his spine from mane to tail. Four white stockings paint his legs, while a star graces his face. But that is where the classic equine markings end.

Coyote has a vivid green color splashed across his entire frame. Bands of green top each of his legs as well as one just above his nostrils on his face. His stomach has a band of green and a splash of white. His mane and tail are striped with black, green, and white, while his hooves are the same vivid green as his markings. Coyote has bright, piercing cyan eyes that seem to sparkle with mirth.

Or at least... that was who he was. Now, Coy is no equine. He has been changed into a deer in a turn of events that makes him feel like he truly belongs with his darling Cally. The striking stag stands 16.2 hands tall, built like an irish elk, but shorter than they would be.

His markings are the same, though he has lost the tri-colored mane and tail that he was rather fond of. More white graces his delicate face than before. Now the stallion turned stag is classy and well formed with long legs and well muscled body. His ears are lined with a darker green that gives an accent to the striking ebony of his coat. Ebony antlers grace his crown, giving the stag something new to get used to. His cloven hooves are still strikingly green as well as his eyes being the same icy cyan.

Design by Chaosy - Art by Bingo

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Positive Traits: Adventurous, Kind, Fun Loving, Loyal, Helpful (most of the time), Hardworking, Intelligent, Reliable, Determined, Eloquent


Negative Traits: Arrogant, Snarky, Vain, Obnoxious, Pushy, Impatient, Over Protective, Possessive, Mischievous, Strong-willed, Over Dramatic


Likes: Beauty, Himself, Rain

Dislikes: Wind, Ugliness, Lack of Humor

Goals: to stay FABULOUS!!!

Fears: Losing his beauty, Being hurt, being tied down to the wrong soul


Where to begin with this boy's personality. Coy is a pain in the rear to say it nicely. He will antagonize the living daylights out of anyone that he feels needs it. This can be either a good or bad thing. He can pull a shy horse from their shell with his teasing, or inflame an antagonistic rivalry with more pressure. He doesn't care and honestly enjoys it all.

Coy is also extremely vain. This is one of his biggest faults. He thinks he is a gift to all equine kind and is not afraid to voice that opinion. Don't agree? He will take great delight in pushing himself into your face and being even more arrogant and vain until you are sick of him. Best bet is to just nod and let him think that you agree rather than to argue with him.

If you actually break through his mostly obnoxious exterior, he does have a good heart underneath. Coy is very affectionate to those that he is fond of. The more he teases his friends, the more they know that he likes them. That is how he has always been. He also appreciates all attractive horses, regardless of gender. If he finds you attractive, he will flirt and you will definitely know. Or he will push a friend your way with less than subtle teasing. Lets put it this way, Coy is about as subtle as a gun and has been described as such many times.

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Huehuecoyotl had a simple upbringing. Doting mother, protective father, well meaning herd, but no siblings to be found. That was the world that he grew up into. His mother was a pretty little leopard appaloosa, rather slight in form and very short in stature. His father was a powerful friesian that had fallen in love with the spunky little mare. Together, they raised Coy to be well spoken and independent, but the excess of compliments from the herd on his striking appearance made him vain. It also didnt help that he had no one else to take said compliments and it did go to his head in so many ways. He also tended to be very independent due to no companions his own age.

The first couple years of his life were uneventful and rather dull in his opinion. He grew up spoiled by everyone and rather full of himself. Ok... more than rather. he became arrogant and self centered for the most part, though if anyone was able to really connect, he was a steadfast friend and rather protective. But there was few that were able to get that connection with the vain colt.

When Coy hit 3 years old, he decided that he needed to strike out on his own and figure out the world for himself just like every other young stallion in the herd had. Some came back with mates, others never re-appeared after they left. In the time that he had been in the herd, none of the mares had caught his attention. Heck, none of the stallions had either for that matter. He had learned early that he had high standards.

Coy wandered around for a two solid years, antagonizing those that he deemed as dumb brutes and flirting with attractive horses that caught his eye. He never found a reason to discriminate... Beauty is beauty in his eyes and he was willing to test the waters with most beings that returned his affections. But even so, he never found one that actually fit into his heart like his parents had fit together. Without realizing it, that was what he was seeking.

After time in Novus, falling in love with Cally... The stallion found himself transformed. He became a deer like his love.

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Active & Parvus Magic


Parvus Magic: When stressed or experiencing strong emotions, Coy breaks out in patches of black feathers. He has no control over it and tends to be rather irritated with it.

Discipuli: Every 6 hours, Coyote is able to shift to raven form for a total of 20 minutes. He will be extremely tired after shifting and will be vulnerable for roughly an hour before bouncing back to his usual self rather slowly.

Vexillum: Every 3 hours, Coyote can shift and hold the change for roughly an hour. He will be tired after shifting (similar to running a marathon), and it will take at least 30 minutes to recover.

Periti : Coyote is now able to hold his shift for up to 10 hours at a time, but will need a few hours between to recuperate. He will be winded, but fatigue is manageable.

Dominus: At this point, Coyote can hold the shift, as well as shift back and forth as often and as long as he desires. He experiences little to no fatigue from the exertion.

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Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories


Coy is not one for much accessorizing. He believes that his own gorgeous self is enough. That being said, he does have a pair of silver studs in his left ear.

Rather than accessories for beauty, since returning to Novus, Coy has taken to keeping a small satchel on his left rear leg. He usually holds a various assortment of small vials with different mixes of herbs for different uses. He also has a few extra vials and an assortment of dried herbs in pockets within for use as needed. The satchel is roughly 9 inches wide and 12 inches deep with a few pockets within. It is kept in place by a pair of leather ties. The entire bag is black in hue, so as to not stand out from his beautiful form.

Due to his relationship with Cally, the stag now wears a small marriage knot pendant on a thin gold chain.

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