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Uzuri is a striking figure. She is 1/2 Friesian, not that she looks like it. Unlike her half brother, she took after her mother. Her mother is a tall, thoroughbred, American paint horse and zebra mix. The filly ended up just a hair taller than Huehuecoyotl, standing an even 16 hands, however she is lighter built. Her structure is reminiscent of a warmblood, without much of the features from her sire.

Uzuri is a striking blue roan splash, with zebra striping on her rear and face. A good portion of the facial striping is hidden by her beautiful white markings that frame her warm chocolate eyes and turn her forelock a matching hue. Peachy pink hooves end her long legs and make her look delicate. Her tail is the same as her mane, with a streak of white along the underside of the ebony. She also has pale blue tips through her mane and tail, almost like her tresses were used in paint and left to dry.

Along Uzuri's spine, pale blue tribal markings break up the blue roan coloration. A tribal marking surrounds her left eye and brightens her face up more. The last place she has the markings is on each of her legs. They begin at the hoof and stretch up to nearly halfway up her cannon bones.

Uzuri's wings are striking and eye catching. They are a blue roan color that matches her body, but the flight feathers are a mix of pale blue, black, white, and roan that tie together all of her various colors.

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Positive Traits: Intelligent, Eloquent, Patient, Loyal, Honest, Protective, Amiable, Wise, Heartfelt, Steadfast, Romantic


Negative Traits: Cynical, Defensive, Humorless, Judgmental, Impatient, Stubborn, Blunt, Abrasive, Forgetful, Intolerant


Likes: kindness, honesty, wisdom

Dislikes: cruelty, heartache, unnecessary violence

Goals: to protect the innocent

Fears: Insulting someone on accident, watching a loved one be hurt


Uzuri is the polar opposite of her brother, a fact that many others actually are thrilled about. She is kind and patient, protective of those that are in need of her help. She is also humorless where her brother is a prankster that enjoys trying to startle others.

Intelligent and Eloquent: Uzuri is smart, well taught, and well spoken. Her mother insisted on using her brain as much as she used her body and to be able to speak to anyone that came along. It didnt matter what social standing, she wanted Uzuri to be able to relate and communicate successfully.

Patient, Protective, and Amiable: Uzuri was raised to have a heart for those in need. She will take the young or powerless under her multi-hued wing and do anything in her power to help them move through the world in a successful manner. Uzi is friendly to those that seek her assistance and patient with young and old alike. Heavens knows she needs that patience when dealing with Huehuecoyotl!

Loyal and Honest: Uzuri is the type of mare that, once you earn her trust, she will be loyal to the end. It takes a lot to break that trust and she will fight for those that have earned it. She is also honest to a fault and has a tendency to irritate others with that honesty.

Wise and Steadfast: Uzi is wise beyond her years at times, partially coming from the education that she received as a youth and partially from experiences that she has been through in her years. She is steadfast in her beliefs and in her desire to help others. She solidly believes in the pantheon that rules Novus and prays to the gods and goddesses on a regular basis.

Heartfelt and Romantic: Under her cooler facade, Uzi has a large heart. She loves with everything she has, when she finds someone that she trusts and cares for enough to truly love. She is also a hopeless romantic. Uzuri loves romance and the happiness that comes from loving mates. It is something she has always dreamed of, but never had the opportunity to experience.

Cynical and Defensive: Uzuri, while being kind and honest, also tends toward being cynical and defensive. She has a hard time believing that the motivations of others is honest, and is wary of giving her trust without the other earning it. Uzi tends to be defensive of herself, her beliefs, and her morals. There have been times when she has started arguments just because of her defensiveness.

Humorless and Judgmental: While her brother is a clown, Uzi tends to be humorless. She doesnt laugh easily and has never played a joke of any form. Perhaps that is Huehuecoyotl's fault, but it has become part of her to a point where she doesnt even know how to respond to her brother's joking, let alone from anyone else. She is also judgemental. Uzuri watches everything and everyone with a mask that is just waiting for them to let her down.

Impatient, Stubborn, and Intolerant: Uzi is impatient about everything. When things do not happen exactly when she wants them, she tends to get a bit vocal about her impatience and will do what she can to hurry things along. The multi-hued mare is also stubborn as a mule and hard headed about the littlest things. Uzuri is intolerant of cruelty and negativity toward those that do not deserve it, and most dont in her eyes.

Blunt, Abrasive, and Forgetful: Due to her desire to be honest about everything, Uzuri tends to come across as blunt and abrasive. She doesnt mean to be, but she also isnt the most tactful creature in the world. She is also forgetful and has a difficult time with names the first few times that she meets someone.

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Uzuri was born in Novus during the beginning of spring. Her sire traveled to the realm and met her mother, though the pair did not last as a pair for more than a few months. Before the blue roan splash Pegasus was born, the friesian stallion had left to a different realm and was back to his son that was his pride and joy. Her first year was quiet, traveling around with her mother who was a vagabond at the time. No matter what, her mother did everything in her power to make certain that the filly did not long for the father that was not in their world.

Shortly after she became a yearling, she realized what she was missing by not having a father that she could turn to in times of heartache. She watched fillies that were the apple of their sire's eye and colts that were taught the basics by the stallions that had sired them, wishing that she could have that just once. Her mother never did find another stallion that caught her attention, but there was more than Uzuri knew to that knowledge. The filly continued to grow and learn, educated by the mother that tried to do everything for her daughter.

When Uzuri turned 2, she and her mother settled in the Dawn court. They stayed on the outskirts, not wanting to get to far into the politics and get pushed out for a stupid mistake. During that time, her mother worked as an apprentice and helper for a medic in the court, receiving medical help that Uzuri did not know of. The pair of mares was part of the court for 2 seasons before the illness that her mother had been hiding claimed her life. Suddenly alone, Uzuri began to try to figure out a place to belong in the courts and the world around her. An elderly mare took pity on the suddenly abandoned filly and helped her through the difficult times, making sure she had a roof and food to keep her healthy and shoulder to mourn on.

Just after her third birthday, Uzuri came across one of the soldiers for the Dusk court. He was willing to help her learn how to defend herself and to help others that needed help to get through struggles. She trained daily, meeting him every morning as the sun broke into the sky and not returning home until darkness had claimed the world again. By the time that the year was past, she had lost the awkwardness of being a filly and was filled out into a mature mare. Uzi was strong and confident in her abilities, desiring nothing more than to help others as the elderly mare had helped her after the death of her mother.

After spending so much of her life fighting to become the warrior that she thought she needed to be, Uzuri found herself on the verge of mental breakdown. The mare and her companion fled the realm, taking the time to inflect on herself and her decisions. Rather than continuing to build herself into a warrior for those that need a guardian, she found a weaponsmith in another realm to learn the skills to bring them home to Novus.

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Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Neema is a striking young maned wolf. She is 3 feet tall at the shoulder and weighs roughly 45 pounds. She is a touch on the slender side, though Uzuri is always encouraging her to eat more. Her pelt is a rich orange-ish hue with the typical black fading and saddle. But that is where the typical colors end. She has bright green eyes that are always watching for danger. White markings are scattered around her pelt. Her lower jaw is white, as is the lower 1/3 of her tail. Neema has ankle high white stockings on her front paws, a taller stocking on her right rear that covers her hock. Her left rear paw has white just above her toes.

Neema is generally affectionate and sweet tempered, though she is protective of Uzuri. She does not like Huehuecoyotl and tends to either get snappy or disappear when he is nearby.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Uzuri is not one to accessorize much. She does have a pair of silver bangles that she wears on her forelegs. They were a present from her older brother and keeps him in her heart when she is separate from him.

Name - Dawnbringer

Metal - Damascus steel with swirls of sapphire blue meteorite layered in

Sword type - serrated shortsword

Pommel - large blue sapphire

Dawnbringer is a blade of beauty and strength. It is nearly two feet from pommel to tip. The width at the widest part of the blade is roughly 4 inches before it tapers to a tip. The blade itself is shaped roughly like a stretched leaf. The edges are hardened and carved with careful serrations. A large sapphire graces the pommel and a selection of ancient and forgotten ruins grace the center of the blade. The total weight of the blade is light and easy to move, weighing roughly 5 pounds total.

Armor: Uzuri has hand crafted a suit of armor to match her blade. It is plates of damascus steel swirled with sapphire blue meteorite throughout. She has leg panels form all four legs that reach from hooves to knees. She also has chest, barrel, and flank panels. A line of plates stretch from poll to shoulders to protect the back of her neck. The last piece is a face shield that is molded to her features to protect her.

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