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A stallion rides forth, determination in each flowing stride across a wide plain. His body slender and well formed with defined muscles underneath the short coat. His neck slightly arched in confidence as his high stepping hooves slam into the earth, making dust fly into the wind. His stocky legs make short work on gobbling the ground as he stretches his long neck and shoots forward in excitement to be in a new place.

A beast born of dark storms, his coat is a klidscope of greys. Steel paints the main base of the stallion as flecks of both light and shadow layer on the main barrel and neck of his body, the white and light grey dappled contrast with spots of pitch black. His mane and tail are long and silky, flowing out from him in ribbons of black flashed with silver and white like lightning. Pale milky white hooves pound the dround, while his dark eyes flash with a challenge.

He slows on top a hill his white blaze upon his long convex face, flashing brightly in the sun. His powerful hind legs support him as he raises up on them and kicks his front hooves in excitement.

Not a shy child at all Zarvex has no problem voicing his opinion or talking to strangers. However, he is more relaxed when around friends than his cold, standoffish side he shows around everyone else.

Kinda of a hot head to say the least. He doesn't like certain annoying horses and doesnt take well to be ordered around excessively or by someone he deems "beneath" him.

Zarvex can actually tell a joke...shocker. When this guy finally sees someone as a friend his personality slightly shifts to his lighter amusing side and the first time they here him say something funny it can be quite a shock-which he in turn finds hilarious. But it does take time being around him for him to lower his 700ft mental wall of ice and snow. ;)

Courageous no prob. Zarvex is as brave as they come and few things scare him. He would gladly give his life for something he believed in, which gives him the courage to dive head first in all kinds of trouble. He sometimes can be a little too reckless but luck has been with him so far so the past few run ins he's had with danger he shrugged and kept on trotting.

The first time he came to Novus he didn't believe in any god or higher power. However he felt a connection to Solis, deity to the day court, from the first time he heard of him. Since then he has become a devout follower.

Remeber that confidence he has about him? Yeah well sometimes he can come off as a bit harsh and well...rude. Don't get him wrong he is respectful of his high ups, but sometimes he just get heated and snaps or annoyed with someone and kind be too blunt. He also isn't known to apologize for his behavior believing he was justified in his response.

Being quite young at two years old Zarvex has tons of energy and loves to run and chase. This abundance of excise has made him quite lean and strong but not necessarily making him the fastest or strongest around. However, challenge him to a race or friendly duel and he would absolutely love it. It not quite known yet if he will grow out of this or not as of now.

Despite being mostly a warrior type personality doesn't mean he's a complete jar head. In fact he can be quite clever, but typically he uses this in the form of sarcasm and mischievous trickery.

Zarvex knows the world can be cruel and his way of handling it is to be cruel right back. Although loyal to his god, herd, and friends anyone else that presents themselves as an enemy will meet his dark side that mind kicking someone when their down. It is a side he rarely has to use but his past has taught him mercy is a weakness and should be replaced with harshness.

Found as a foal under the rotting corpse of his mother, Zarvex had a rough start to life. He was born into a war torn land and left to die. Luckily a mare had just lost her own foal and adopted him, saving his life. However, as he grew older his adopted mother grew very depressed and told him he couldn't stay with her any longer. Although he begged and pleaded she drove him away, breaking his young heart and leaving him feeling abandon and unwanted.

He barely survived a month on his own. The land was barren and there wasnt a lot to eat. His ribs and hips showed through his tangled and dull coat. His legs ached with every step he took to find a bit of edible grass. He wondered what it would be like to die on several occasions. One day he laid beneath a skeleton of tree whose base offered some shade for his head. He laid there and awaited death when he heard many hooves approaching. He saw a band of slightly older stallions and got up to get a better look at them. They barely noticed him, the sack of bones he was he decided to join them since they seemed a bit better fed than him. Although being the youngest, he was often bullied and sometimes kicked or bit. He learned to ignore most of the jibs thrown his way and lock up most of his feeling so they couldnt see him cry. When he was a year and a half he left his band in the search of something better. That's when he heard of a land made up of courts and rich grasses and beautiful landscapes all around. Zarvex chanted the name of this land over and over again. Novus.

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