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Lucinda for the most part looks like a traditional Friesian horse. Her coat is black with a long wavy black mane and tail. There is the traditional feathering around each hoof as well. What sets her apart from the breed are her bright green eyes, horns and a pair of large, powerful wings. The feathers are a blend of black and silver and at the very top of each wing is a dragon-like claw that curves inward. In bright sunlight, the feathers shimmer various shades of blue, silver and even brown, almost in an oil slick effect. Unfortunately, one of her wings was badly wounded in battle so she is no longer able to fly. Due to this, the broken wing will sometimes hang down awkwardly. If one were to look closely, they would see some lost feathers where the wound was as well as scars scattered across her body. The most notable ones are on her left hip and a longer one across one cheek. Her horns are unique as they start more wide at the base curving outward, then curve inward a bit further up while getting narrower before curving outward again and ending at a point.

Lu used to look a little less menacing back home with flowers in her hair and lively green vines around her body. Instead, she now only has a black rose sticking out of her mane and a long vine with thorns wrapping around her left front leg.

KELPIE FORM: Since being turned into a Kelpie, Lu now has a slightly different form when underwater. Her back legs and wings disappear and are replaced with fins and a very long mermaid tail. Her ebony coat shifts into something similar to scales where it appears as a sheen of blue-green. Her mane becomes longer and thicker, but also appears to have seaweed wrapped in each strand. Her mouth stretches back farther to reveal sharp monstrous teeth and fangs. Her horns, rose and thorns are all the same as are her glowing green eyes.

Ambitious • Bold • Independent • Adaptable • Assertive • Patient
Cunning • Cold • Selfish • Reserved • Cynical

Lucinda is as cold as ice without wielding the element itself. She is the epitome of a villan and has the wicked grin to fit the role. She only cares about herself and will ignore anyone in need unless there might be something in it for her. If one were to bribe her with gold or other valuables, she might be more willing to listen. All in all, she works to get what she wants and will do whatever it takes. She revels in the pain of others and very rarely feels remorse. Her ambition knows no limits as she will always strive to be back on top in some way. Lucinda is patient and does not mind waiting to work a plan out just to make sure it's executed properly. Even though the end goal is so tempting, she knows she must set the pieces in motion in order for it all to come together.

With that being said, she works independently and prefers her solitude. She will avoid social interactions often, but is not a complete hermit. She does not easily trust others so she prefers not to have to as it can make her vulnerable. Those within her social circle are limited and she typically only keeps them around for a purpose. Lucinda is stealthy and so she enjoys stirring up trouble in other courts just to watch others' discomfort, but will do so from the shadows. She will not enter a situation that will risk her livelihood, no matter how tempting it may be.

That's not to say that she is a coward. She will race into battle without hesitation and she has the weapons to aid her. However, given her past, she prefers not to bring too much attention to herself or her full identity. It's all about survival now and her own well-being. She takes pride in being a survivor as she proved those who tried to ambush her that she cannot be taken down so easily. Combining her physical and mental strength, ambition and pure stubbornness, Lucinda is a force to be reckoned with. One would be smart not to test her and get on her bad side. Though, if one were to know her past, they would be surprised at how black her heart has become. She embraces chaos as that's all she knows anymore.

Lucinda was born into a royal family from a land outside of Novus called The Moors. It was a magical place filled with many creatures besides equines, but it was her family that looked after everything. It was a tradition set in place for centuries that no one dared to challenge.

She grew up closely alongside her brother, Diaval, learning the ways and the duties of a leader. The two were twins and even appeared to have "twin telepathy" often as they could sense what the other was feeling or thinking. They did everything together and were truly inseparable. Diaval was certainly more passive than Lucinda, always calling her by the nickname "Lu" and being a positive light. Lu had always been a little harder, but was simply ambitious and determined. They complimented each other well.

Besides being the born leaders, another tradition within their family was bonding with dragons. This was not something that just anyone had the right to do as it was only those who were worthy. Her family's worthiness was never in question, therefore, the twins sought out their dragon familiars when they turned a year old. It was actually a fairly brutal process as they had to seek out a group of dragons and the one that stepped out to attack them would turn out to be their companion. Luckily, the twins succeeded and tamed their own dragons. Lu's in particular was named Abraxia and she was as black as night like her, but with a purple-like sheen to her scales. Both dragons were still young but after a few years would grow up to be ten feet or longer. Throughout this time, the twins would work together with their dragon to refine their strong bond. Having such a powerful companion was what made their family even more well respected, but it certainly did not sit well with everyone. While the dragons were well taken care of, helped patrol borders and were never hunted, many were jealous of the royal family's ability to tame them and wished to wield the power for their own sake.

When the two were of age, their parents stepped down from the throne and brought both twins on. The Moors were not usually led by two, but being twins, they were both heirs to the throne. It seemed only fair that both should lead and there had been no objections initially. Little did they know, jealous parties had already started conspiring against them. As usual, others felt they were more fit to rule and plotted to take them down as well as capture their dragons.

It was this battle that changed Lucinda's life as she knew it. She grew up as a strong woman, feeling very ambitious and determined to get her way. At the same time, she loved and cared for her lands and the creatures within it. The Moors were always peaceful and rarely had any conflict. That's what made the uprising so unexpected and bloody.

A group led by a man named Tor was tired of the royal family having their way all the time. He and others felt it was time for a new order as the land held so much more potential than it was being used for. He thought if you were going to have two leaders, they needed to be stronger warriors than he believed Lucinda and Diaval to be. He saw them as nothing but weak, spoiled children and was determined to take them down.

They attacked at night when the moon was high in the sky and everyone was asleep. The kingdom was split into two sides and, unfortunately, the rebellion won. Many lives were lost, including Lu and Diaval's parents, and all the dragons were captured. It was believed that the twins were both killed as well, but Lu had survived. By some miracle, she came close to death but was transported through a portal to the world of Novus. Unfortunately, she arrived with her brother and dragon no longer by her side. Their twin connection was severed and she believes him to be dead as well. To make matters worse, she badly wounded one of her wings in battle and is no longer able to fly.

The war had changed her and made her cold hearted. The family she had grown up beside in The Moors turned out to be frauds and she no longer felt like she could trust anyone. Her heart had been torn as she only knew her parents and brother's love and that was no more. She missed Abraxia and the bond they shared. She had grown up having everything she wanted, including peace, and that was stripped away from her. There was an extreme anger bubbling inside her and she wanted so badly to get revenge. After trying many times and failing to find a way back home, Lu came to terms with this new land and decided to establish herself here as a new Lucinda. No one knew her here and she could be as ruthless as she wanted. At the same time, if she could come through a portal, anyone from The Moors could and she wouldn't put it past Tor to have others try to find her. She remains stealthy, bringing chaos to Novus from the shadows and through underground establishments. She refuses to join any of the Courts as she no longer enjoys the sense of community. She no longer feels like she can trust anyone and, quite frankly, she could care less about most of the horses in Novus or their politics. She'd rather watch from the sidelines and stir up trouble wherever she can fit it.

Active & Parvus Magic

The power to conjure illusions

Tier 1: Discipuli - At this level, Lucinda can create very simple illusions with her mind. However, they cannot take any large shape yet. For example, she’s able to start with small things at the ground such as making it look like a flower is there when it’s not. She can also make imaginary balls of light appear in the air and float for a few seconds. If she tries to do anything more advanced, she easily grows tired and the illusion fizzles out. In general, the illusions appear "ghost-like" or like holograms and not completely solid. They will also disappear if she moves more than a foot away from it.

Tier 2: Vexillum - At this point, she’s able to hold the shape of her illusions for a longer amount of time and at a greater distance. They appear more solid and not so much like a hologram. She’s able to create larger shapes or objects, but nothing that has the intelligence to move on its own. At most, they are only about a quarter of her size.

Tier 3: Periti - At this level, she’s started to master her ability. In addition to inanimate objects, she can now create illusions that mimic live creatures up to half her size. They can also move around on their own like their real counterpart. When they come into contact with a living being, they disappear. They have no strength either, but they are able to understand what Lucinda says to do her bidding.

Tier 4: Dominus - As a master of her craft, Lucinda can now create a doppelganger of herself or others. They will appear and act like an exact copy of the original. She can create illusions of much larger creatures as well, like a larger version of her dragon bonded, for example. Up close, it’s hard to tell them apart from the real thing, but they still break apart when coming into contact with a living being. She also doesn't need to be in view of the illusion for it to stay and it will last for several hours before disappearing.

Parvus Magic: When her magic is in use, her eyes glow and small wisps of green "flames" float around whatever area she's using her magic at.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Abraxia: originally from The Moors like Lucinda, Abraxia managed to escape her captors and through the portal to Novus. In this land, she has shrunk from her original size and is only seven feet tall. She is entirely black with a purple sheen to her scales and bright green eyes. She has a slim build, although all four legs pack a large amount of muscle. In addition, she has spikes going down her spine to the tip of her tail and sports sharp talon-like claws. Much like Lucinda, Abraxia's eyes glow when using her magic, which is the ability to breathe fire. She is almost as ruthless as her companion, but will not make any moves until given the orders. She is also a bit overprotective and does not like to be away from Lu's side too long now that they have been reunited.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Accessories: These days, Lu doesn't sport very many accessories. All she has is a black rose sticking out of her mane and thorns that wrap around her front left leg.

Magical staff: Lu has a long staff made of strong wood. On it are carvings that resemble vines wrapping around from the bottom all the way up to the top. The carvings end by wrapping around an orb of labradorite, keeping it safely in place. The staff had been previously damaged in battle back in her homeland, so she had to spend a good amount of time repairing it once she arrived in Novus. Unfortunately, the enchantment is not quite as strong as it used to be since Lu's magic is weaker here. Previously it was able to conjure fire like Abraxia's and made a fairly deadly weapon. Now, it serves a different purpose- a conduit for her magic so it can be more powerful and create stronger enchantments. When being used as a conduit, it produces a soft glow. While this is mainly what she uses it for, it can also work as a spear or bat when used in physical combat.

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Character reference & avatar image by Nifty-boi
Kelpie form drawing by AmeAmeridian
Header image by Musonart
Pixel icon by Ani2ad

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