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Oona is a smaller mare with a delicate build. She is slender in body and legs. She is a chimera but is predominately a cool toned white color. She has long, long hair that she keeps tied in a bun or braided. Her ears are elongated and mule like in nature.

She is a pegasus. Her right wine is a soft pale blue blue with a indigo underside her left wing is still all white. She wears the same pale blue across her chest and downward in the shape of a shield marking across her breast.

An pale blue dorsal stripe runs the length of her back and continues down the length of her white tail so it makes an blue stripe in the thickness of her long tail.

Primitive pale blue dun markings are present on her hind legs that also give her two blue hooves.

Oona is usually rather shy and reserved. She can appear to be standoffish due to her shy nature and at times has a hard time making new friends. It takes her some time to build up courage to speak to others without being prompted.

Once Oona has warmed up to another, she can shatter away ceaselessly. She loves to talk about nature and the world and is a very curious mare. Sometimes she can shatter on till someone tells her to hush up. Oona sometimes can get her feelings hurt due to not realizing she is going on and on. Oona is a young mare who is not aware of the cruelties of the world just yet and has a lot to learn but she is very curious of others and all.

Oona does not come from a rough or scarred life. She is just a simple mare raised with a warm family of wanderers. She was taught to appreciate and care for nature and animals and others. Oona enjoys spending her time helping others and learning about her surroundings. She has only begun to learn about combining plants to create medicines and salves.

Oona enjoys growing small gardens and tending to her plants. She often invites woodland creatures and birds into her life and home by creating sanctuaries for she feels that they bring her the best of luck. She is a simple mare from a simple past.

Active & Parvus Magic

Plant Magic:

Tier 1: Discipuli - Able to identify plants, use them to create healing concoctions.

Tier 2 Vexillum - Able to use plants for potions, salves, able to identify them easily. Able to grow small plants at will but is energy consuming.

Tier 3: Periti - Able to use plants for all types or potions/rituals/magics. Can grow and wither plants at will.

Tier 4: Dominus - Master of plants. Knows how to use all plants in various uses. Can grow and wither plants for any use. Able to communicate with plant openly.

Parvus Magic:

Hoof prints energize plant grow ex. moss grows in hoof prints or fresh water collects in their prints.

Passive Magic


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

She wears a indigo cape with a hood. There are holes in the hood so her ears can poke through. Oona also carries a small basket for collecting flowers and interesting rocks and also store vials for water or dirt/sand samples.

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