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When she's walking down the street
She might not even catch your eye

Looking into the water, the words this mare uses to describe herself tend to not be what you first expect. Caelum looks deeper then the skin - and so when asked to describe herself, you'll find adjectives for her appearance aren't her first words. But once you do get her onto the right page, she tends to keep her description simple. Delicate build. Brown Eyes. White mane and tail. Roaned body. White star. White sock. In truth, this little fae just doesn't instinctively go on the boastful-side.

So, allow me to do it for her. Caelum is of mix breeding, not that you'd be able to really tell where one breed started and the next ended. She's built lean and delicate, with long limbs, slender neck and body, delicate dished face. Perhaps it's the fairy aspect, perhaps it's her blood lines, but one thing tends to be certain - one look at her and you might worry about how easily she'd snap a delicate limb caught in a hole, or how tiny she appears. Don't worry, however; this little fae isn't so weak.

Her light build is in large thanks to the fairy-likeness, as she's got to be light on her feet to fly through the air. And this girl sure can fly, it's a miracle if she EVER touches down on the ground. Ever. Whether hovering in a conversation, prancing through the air, or racing swallows through the trees, Caelum is rarely seen on the ground. Her wings are constantly keeping her afloat.

Speaking of wings, they are why she considers herself a fairy, after all she's got the delicate fairy wings. They are long (each wing larger than the length of her body), and iridescent in color - shining with the pale hues of the rainbow. Flecks of fairy dust often follow her as she flies about, leaving a gleaming, glittering trail behind her. Don't worry if any land on you, they've got no power of their own, they just happen to flake off of her wings as she flies about, and are a protective layer on her wings that helps her move about.

As for what this girl looks like, it's rumored that one can easily get lost in her deep, soulful brown eyes. Warm like hot cocoa on a cold dreary day, as rich as chocolate bark fresh from the baker; and as strong as the steady oak tree - her emotions are easily expressed in those brown eyes, even if she keeps a fairly decent poker face the rest of the time.

Another eye catcher is that mane and tail of hers: thick, long and lush. It's hardly surprised that she keeps it so long - after all, she doesn't really spend much time on the ground so it's no risk for it getting tangled in brush and dirt. But the most eye catching part of those locks are the white hue to them, as if all color had been bleached out, leaving her tresses the rich, and pure hue of freshly fallen snow. Her hair has a very faint wave to it, only really noticeable in the way it moves with such body.

Speaking of body! Let's talk about that coat color of hers! Caelum is a blue roan, her body a soft steely blue-grey color while her points darken to almost a deep, dark grey-navy hue. At her temple is a small marking, a white star that seems to stand out against the darkness of her features, and on her hind left leg is a white sock (topped off with a cream hoof that seems at odds against the dark grey of her other hooves).

Delicate, with wings of an iridescence hue, a muted blue roan with hair as white as snow, eyes the warmth and color of chocolate, this mare has a lot going for her . . . but she still values heart over beauty.

She don't talk much, maybe she's simple
Maybe she's just shy

Caelum is many things, but there are a few characteristics that stand out the most. Regal tends to come to mind in the way that she holds herself. Her smile is always warm and welcoming, her demeanor calm and collected but always approachable. She handles everything with a practiced ease - whether it's confrontational or friendly. She's got a poise about her that makes one thing of a level-headed individual. No matter the situation she is in, her features are soft and welcoming, her posture is always drawn up and head held high, and her attitude is ever the regal one.

Caelum is also as caring as they come, a heart of gold residing in her chest. Whether soothing the frightened heart of a child, or engaging in story telling with yearlings, to interacting with elders and eagerly listening to the stories they tell; Caelum treats everyone the same: with friendliness, respect and compassion. She's just as likely to jump to the defense of an individual unable to defend themselves, as she is to soothe the tears of another. Her heart has no bars on her emotions, and she's turned them into her greatest weapon. When she's fighting, it's with the cold and calm anger of those that have been wronged, eager defend and protect. When she's showing compassion it comes from a warmth and willingness to love and care for all of those she meets. She has no hesitations, no bars on those emotions, for she wields them both with softness and hardness.

Don't let her softness fool you, as briefly touched upon, this mare will lay it on the line for those she cares for. She might be small, and delicate, but you will find that she is a fiery package of determination and resilience when it comes to defending and protecting those she cares for. She's a raging mother bear with her heart set on protecting her young, and she'll rain down hellfire from the heavens to ensure that their safety is maintained.

However, Caelum does have her own troubles. Despite how openly she wears her heart - she keeps those of romantic intentions far from her. The moment someone shows too much attention, Caelum pulls away - as soon as the flirting gets to serious, Caelum shuts down; as soon as someone gets close enough, Caelum runs the otherway. She is strongly determined to never fall in love again - as the heart can only break so many times before it falls apart -- and Caelum has lost three mates in her short life to death. She has no intentions to make that a fourth or fifth in the bad luck sequence. She's simply decided romance is no longer on the table.

Regal, compassionate, willful, protective, determined, so many things make up the young Caelum - but the one thing she tends to keep to herself is her history. This girl wears her secrets like a shroud, and has a tendency to delicately direct questioning, probing inquiries elsewhere. She has her hand played close to her chest, and she's cautious to keep anyone from ever attempting to dig too far into her past. Some heartbreaks are meant to stay buried.

Unfortunately, with her tragic history, Caelum's flaws that do exist - her inability to let others too close into her, and the secrecy she shrouds her past in, she has one other significant flaw to her being. Despite how compassionate, how willful and protective, her eagerness and dedication to others . . . this female does not forgive. Anyone found harming another before her eyes are doomed in her mindset. She does not forgive, she does not forget, and when the choose can be made, she is not lenient in punishing those for hurting others. Caelum has grown to be unforgiving in her anger and her righteousness, in her dedication to protect others, she doesn't believe in protecting others from them selves once they have already chosen the dark path. Caelum will right them off, because in her experience, there is no coming back from that path and it will only lead in the destruction. She is many things . . . but she is not forgiving.

And only time will tell if that transforms the little bright fae into darkness herself.

When the lights go down
And the band begins to play

Some are made great, some learn to be great, and some have greatness thrust upon them - for Caelum, it was a mixture of all three. But before we go into her story too far, let's set the stage. The land is called Forystia: and it was home to a variety of creatures, the likes that many may have never stumbled upon before. Normal equine were a rare few, and the majority of the equine of the land were of another kind, another breed that is. They were of the fair-folk. There were two factions, those that lived on the sun-kissed meadows of Primulan, home to the Florumian Court (or the Summer Court for those who live more old fashionedly). The courts had received a rename to ease tensions from the last Summer vs Winter debate, and at that time the Summer Court had moved their main city to Primulan. The Winter Court, renamed to Autumnius Court had left the dark mountains and moved into the Evergreen Forest, finding the city of Autumolos. For the most part the two Courts remained separated; but the animosity had diminished.

But this is a story of the Primulan City, and the Florumian Court. They were ruled by the Knoxx, generations upon generations of Knoxx Fae sat upon the thrown, passing from father to son, as the city grew into a buzzing, friendly home. The kingdom was happy, the setting was peaceful, and trading with the Autumnius Court was introducing a variety of new goods. Unfortunately the current king and queen were beginning to grow old with out a heir to follow them onto the thrown. It was a troubling time . . . until by miracle, the queen announced a pregnancy.

When the young foal was born, wings shining iridescent and tiny fluff of ivory snow against a body the pale hue of a stormy sky, tradition called for her name to be derived from the same ancient language of her forefathers - she was named Caelum Bella - Beautiful Sky. The birth of Caelum Bella Knoxx waas celebrated, even the ruling family of the Autumnius showing up to celebrate the birth of the little fae princess. Caelum was a treasured child, one who was raised with her mother's gentle spirit and never-ending compassion, but with a wild streak to see and explore. She was playful and fun, and always eager to see something new.

It was how she meet Arson. He was a nobody compared to her regal persona, but he became her best friend through her determination. A small farm boy from the outskirts of the city, the two would often go through and explore the surrounding meadows and forest, seeing what they could find, discovering new things. It was a friendship that would bloom into something else, and a farm boy would soon find himself courting the Crown Princess as they hit the tender age of a year. While most scoffed at the budding romance, by the time that first year merged into a year and a half, even the most voiced member of the council couldn't deny the match the princess had found.

The two grew to be inseparable and by the time she was two years old the entire city knew that the pair would be the future of their fair city. Caelum had started working with Arson from the beginning so that her best friend could handle the courts, and once their relationship had become serious; he fit in as if he were born to it. Unfortunately this perfect first romance was a doomed one. Not by love falling out, but by fate's cruel hand and a life cut short.

The pair were out for a picnic, enjoying the summer air and knowing fall was around the corner. The attack came before they knew it, a pair of bounty hunters only after one thing. Fairy wings were precious - and it was rumored that they had healing properties - so some would pay a lot for just a little dust. Arson had tried to fight them off, give Caelum a chance to take to the air - to fly away to safety. It happened so fast - she could hardly remember the scene. But the words, the sounds would haunt her nightmares for months.

His cries for her to get to safety were caught off, and soon he lay on the ground unseeing as his wings were sheered off. One of Caelum's own wings had been grabbed as she struggled to get away, resulting in a severe tear. But the sudden kick of her hooves saved her own life - and she was forced to abandon Arson's body to get to the kingdom and safety. She returned as soon as she could with an entire army of guards to collect the future king's body.

His body was burned at dusk, as Caelum wore a wreath of black roses in mourning, his ashes rising in the air and joining the stars. Their love cut short, their forever stolen away. It would be the first of her beloveds stolen from her. However at the time, Caelum couldn't believe things could get worse. She existed in a state of dark mourning, and her parents grew worried for the bright child their daughter once was and her less than vibrant personality now.

She was sent to another land to learn and meet foreign equine . . . in a hopes of opening her back up and letting her embrace the warmth she held before. It was a slow process, one that took another equine with her own tragic past to help pull her out of her funk. With Shiori's help, Caelum soon blossomed into the playful mare who loved to canter about and meet new equine - and as she returned to her warmth . . . she meet a stallion capable of making her heart stutter. He was dark, but flirtatious, a stallion who was her opposite in everyway, but after that first meeting that had captured each other's attention fully.

Tremaine, this stallion; was the second love of her life - but unlike Arson - he did not have the blessing of her people. He wasn't just her opposite in personality, he was so opposite he struck fear in the hearts of her people and council members. With long, twisted dark horns, fangs in his mouth, and leathery bat wings, he was kin to the demons of the equine world - and to her people he was not to be trusted, he was not to be around. But Caelum had fallen in love, and he with her. And a token of his affections, a token of his promise she was special, he gave her a red stone pendant strung on a silver chain - that since this day has never left her neck.

Not all would be well though. The land that she had gone to, in order to heal from Arson's death - trouble was brewing. Caelum wasn't the only equine of a more privileged upbringing, and word was spreading of those high-profile individuals. As word spread, so did the desire to do harm to those families, those herds, those people. Caelum's life was once more on the line - this time from an unseen threat. They wouldn't make themselves known until a large, grande fair. Caelum and Tremaine had been enjoying the get together, the stallion eager to win prizes in boothes for the fair fae maiden, and Caelum happy to just spend time together when the fair was attacked. It was by miracle's chance that Caelum and Tremaine found a place to hide, to secure a chance to gather their wits and make an escape.

They wouldn't be able to plan it fully until their hiding place was discovered and the mercenaries broken in. Tremaine fought like a literal demon to protect the maiden fair from harm, going so far as to provide her escape, swearing to be right behind her. She could hear in his voice that breaking of that promise, and instead she fought by his side, refusing to lose another beloved to her inactions. This time she fought with a vengeance. Loosing Arson had caused a forever change in her being . . . she wouldn't be the docile lady in presence of danger - she would fight with the protective instincts of a mother bear, with the determination of a lady warrior, with the dedication to ensuring the lives of those who stood with and behind her. And fight she did. It wouldn't be enough. Caelum would be struck down, and Tremaine would fall in death in a desperation to protect his fallen lady.

Caelum woke in a cell, shackles around her limbs, and another around her neck. The gracious lady was being thrown into servitude - destined to never leave the cells - a captured princess, a treasure for any herd. So she did what she could to protect herself. She rolled in the mud and dirt, and ensured she was as messy and obscured from eyes that came prowling through the cells for a new slave to add to their harems, their herds. This plan worked for so long that Caelum's pain over Tremaine's death started to heal into a cold rage at the situation she was in - not just her, but the other stallions and mares trapped with in these cells and life style.

Day by day, Caelum was ignored for prettier and flashier mares, and each night she rolled in mud and dirt to remain looking like an unnecessary mess of a plain beast. As days progressed, the arrangments grew worse, cells turning into pens of barbed wire, with flimsy, leaking huts to protect from the weather, and food and water rarely provided. Caelum silently plotted how to save those around her, and herself . . . and then a rainstorm hit. Normally she wouldn't worry so much, rain provided plenty of mud to roll and cake herself in, but at this time, rain was also washing away the dirt from her ivory mane, the mud from her roaned form . . . and before the eyes of the masters searching for new prey, a boring and overlooked mare was turning into a creature of beauty. Wings formerly hidden and trapped beneath layers of dirt soon unfurled and lay flat and dripping of water, and brown eyes glanced around in worry at the attention directed her way.

A dun stepped forward before the others, giving out a price no one would dream of competing with. Caelum was brought home, lead by the chain around her neck, the shackles on her ankles clinking, each sound enticing fear into her heart. What would become of her, what would happen to the others in that place. She had to save herself, she had to save them, she had to rescue those in her position, she had to do something. So as she reached this stallion's hidden valley of a home, she attacked. And he met her hoof for hoof, pinning her down and speaking the words she never thought she'd hear, "I'm not here to hurt you!" It took many fooled attacks, many unmet snapping of her jaws before he finally got through to the frenzied fairy . . . he wasn't looking to hurt the slaves - he was rescuing them, as she had hoped to do so.

The two spent time talking, and as they did so, sharing in that joint desire - Caelum spoke of turning the valley into a sanctuary . . . so moved by the idea, the Valley was named so 'Sanctuary;' and soon whispers swept the slaves of a valley to find, of a dun stallion and a blue roan fairy of ivory hair that would give them peace, and give them safety. And Caelum and the dun stallion, Calico; did just that. Calico told his story, of being raised by masters to be a master, but having a heart of gold determined to protect those lesser than him, and Caelum told her own story - who she was and where she came from. Soon, they had a guard of fairies relieved to discover their princess alive and well, and Calico and Caelum ruled Sanctuary jointly to keep it safe, until their location was leaked to the wrong type.

Calico and Caelum's work was not respected by the other masters. They couldn't condone to the mysterious duo who had a hidden home of rescued slaves. No one knew their name, no one knew where to find them, but they were hated. And finally, despite the carefulness Caelum and Calico had handled the situation with, someone else had leaked their location - and a master had learned it after beating their slaves to the point of death. Caelum and Calico's secret was revealed.

By this time, Calico was in love with the blue roan who was so dedicated to but these slaves first, to worry about others. She had charmed him with her warmth, and won him with her heart of gold. And after wworking together for three years, he had done the same to her own heart. The two were determined not to lose what they had done together - and so they began to sneak their rescues out to Caelum's kingdom . . . they were unaware that they had already been found out and infiltrated. Masters had been snuck out with the other slaves, and returned to the others to spread word for not just where the Sanctuary was - but where their back up safety was. Caelum's kingdom was rasacked before she could even turn her attentions to it, her people slaughtered, and only by taking in the surviving Florumian Court and hiding their own home with ancient magic that cost their King his life and put the prince on thrown early did the Autumnius Court survive, hiding their brothers in their hidden borders.

Caelum and Calico fought for the survival of the remaining slaves, for the Sanctuary and for each other, but it was a loosing battle, and a new problem had arisen in the form of a tiny dun foal with ivory hair and ebony wings. They could not risk the safety of their new son, and as Calico arranged the safety of the remaining Sanctuary members, he sent Caelum and their son away with the strongest and most able bodied rescued slaves. The action would cost many lives, and in the end, even rejoining his lady and their son, their dream would fall, and with that fall so would come Calico's death, and the death of their son. Out of the fleeing party of fifty - seven would survive, lead to safety by Caelum before dispersing to the corners of a new world.

Caelum fell into despair, this last venture costing her a child, the third love and one that she thought she'd secured for a life time, as well as her family, her people and her country. Caelum grew to live a solitary life for a year as her heart healed, but she made the vow to never let love befall her again - it ended only in tragedy. As she travelled solemnly - flying from location to location, she landed by random on Novus shortly before her eight birthday, and as she did so, a new power swept over her, a telekinetic ability that shook her to the core the first time she lifted a plant out of her way. Tired of always moving, always running, Caelum decided to make a home for herself in Novus, but even as she did so, she kept her heart locked away and choose to only let others get friendship deep, and she vowed not to let another die for her.

To Be Continued . . . . On Novus

Her soul drinks up the sound
And her body starts to sway

Active & Parvus Magic

The whole wide world has gone crazy
So baby, why don't we just dance?

ACTIVE MAGIC : The Breath of Life; Caelum has a connection to the very 'life' with in the world around her, able to cultivate that life to blossom.

Tier 1: Discipuli

At this level, Caelum is just growing into her abilities, and as such they tend to be sporadically available and dont always do exactly what she wants. Her abilities are limited in their use, able to do small acts like healing flesh wounds from brush and throns, allowing a single bloom to grow on a dying bush, pushing a single leaf to bloom early. She tends to behave with extreme caution in her abilities, trying to carefully not push herself to the limits, and instead focus on meditation to understand the magic. However, in rare moments where her magic spirals out of her control, the effect is instantaneous, and the power will flood, causing a large area to grow in rush of power that zaps her own energy.

Tier 2: Vexillum

At this next level, Caelum has now developed not only a stronger control, but a deeper connection to her magic and abilities. She can rejuvenate a drooping flower, cause a dying plant to flourish with new light, heal skin-deep wounds with little issue, and little thought. Her abilities tend to be at surface level however, unable to see 'below' the ground if you will - thus unable to heal organs, muscles or bones, as well as not able to any growing that would require the roots to encourage. However, at this state, Caelum's big increase in ability comes with the control over various plants, such as vines or limbs moving out of her way, or catching her if she trips. The naturally untangle from her as she flies by, and will seek to assist her in moving large items. However, pushing herself to do more than she is capable of will leave her energy zapped, something that she tries her best to avoid (not only to keep her energy, but the fae has a strong opinion to not make the earth, or her magic her slave, but rather her partner).
Fairy Dust: At this level, Caelum's fairy dust has began to develop its' healing properties, and is able to be used in a similar manner as her magic, able to heal skin-deep wounds, or cause blooms, and plants to regain a new life, but is typically limited to smaller areas of control, such as a single bloom, or a single wound at a time, however it does not require her attention beyond placing the dust (usually by fluttering her wings) on the intended target.

Tier 3: Periti

At this stage in her magical training, Caelum's understanding of her magic has reached the point of not just rejuvenating life, but giving it at well. Caelum can now see beyond the surface, if you will, and encourage plants and flowers to grow from seeds, or healing the body when it has tissue, or broken bones. Such tasks tend to take more time, and more attention, and may leave her feeling drained (especially when healing a being). Caelum's magic also now allows her to encourage new growth in dead areas, such as a burn site, typically up to 500 years around her.
Fairy Dust: Her fairy dust is now capable of healing larger flesh wounds, and causing new life in plants, however, her dust is incapable of breaching the 'surface' of a being, and thus will be notable at this stage for only being able to heal what it can easily access by touch. However, at this stage, it becomes noticeable that her fairy dust can affect plants more strongly, and will continue to grow in magnitude in this regard.

Tier 4: Dominus

At this level, Caelum will understand her magic fully and take on a clear view that her magic is related fully to that breath of life, giving it to those who need it. While unable to bring an animal back to life, she can now heal even the most life-threatening of wounds if caught in time (the closer from the brink of death an individual comes - the more likely she will have to rest her magic afterward). Her magic can now also rejuvenate an area up to 2 miles around her, bringing life back into the plants and accelerating the growth of the area. However, doing too much at once will require her to take a break to recharge herself before she can begin again.. She can recreate blooms, plants, trees, flowers, and more, encourage the plants around her to assist her in matters of request.
Fairy Dust: Her fairy magic has maxed itself out, with being able to only heal what it can actively touch (nothing below the skin, or deeper than the wound), however, when it comes to plants, merely touching the ground may cause flowers and shrubbery to bloom around her, and bring life to the area.

Parvus: Caelum's parvus is not so noticeable at first glance, in fact, you likely would have to catch her at the right mood to even notice it. You see, with her abilities connected to the earth, the breath of life, flowers have grown into her mane and tail, and will bloom more noticeably in moments of heightened emotion. These crown of flowers are most noticeable around her temple/ears/top of her head, where they grow in an array of pinks, red and ivories. Unfortunately, the part that is the most noticeable, even when the flowers are hidden with in the locks, is the petals that fall from the blooms with every step and flutter of her wings. To her dismay, she's now accompanied with her own constant petal throwing.

Nobody's gonna see us go crazy

So baby, why don't we just dance?

Passive Magic

When the music starts a playin' and she slides out on the floor
Dancing without a partner, swaying on the two and four

PASSIVE MAGIC : Flowering Footsteps. Where ever Caelum steps, she leaves a trail of flowers behind her. Flowers often are of the random variety of wild flowers - typical of the area. However, it's the effects of these flowers that her passive 'controls'. When it heightened emotions, Caelum's little flower trail will have pollen that effects others around her. If she's afraid, the pollen might make another feel drowsy to give her a chance to escape. If she's hurting, or in pain, the pollen may have healing properties to anything it touches. If she's angry, the pollen may have a poisonous, or paralysis effect, crippling an opponent.

There's a rhythm in her footsteps and a flower in her hair
A smile on her face 'cause she's in a place where she don't have a care

Bonded & Pets

Tiana, the trapped soul.

Tiana has been trapped in her necklace for longer than Caelum has had her. But during her time with Caelum, during the time in Novus, magic has been at work, weakening the barriers of her gem. Now, Tiana is more than a glowing necklace that warms for providing Caelum comfort. She is a companion, a bonded with her own abilities, a ball of glowing red energy, with the freedom and ability to communicate with Caelum, and able to take on the job of protecting her late brother's beloved all the more successfully.

Adeline, the female savannah cat.

Adeline, while just a small kitten now already shows signs of her mature height being massive. Long whiskers to grow into, massive paws, and ears that seem to dwarf her face. She's a pale tawny color with dark brown spotting and striping all across her body. Those who may have seen a serval cat would definitely notice the breed's influence into this domestic cat. Adeline is very much the energetic kitten, with a love of climbing as high as she can get.

Cato, the male pixie bob cat.

Where Adeline is energetic, this kitten is far more notably peaceful and quiet. Cato much prefers to lounge about and enjoy the days in the sun. Much like Adeline, where he is a young kitten, his massive paws, and large ears clue into his large size as well. His pelt is a darker cream than Adeline's with splotching of spots on his sides that look more akin to water marks. He has a notable bobbed tail, and small tuffs of hair growing at the tips of his ears. This young cat also sports much longer fur than Adeline.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

But don't ask her on a straight tequila night
She'll start thinkin' about him, and she's ready to fight

Accessories: Strung around her neck is a silver chain, and from that chain hangs a necklace. A dark red stone that seems to have it's own odd glow is mounted in a silver pendant; stone is enchanted and glows red and will provide slight warmth when Caelum is nervous, anxious or feeling a negative emotion. This stone while appearing other worldly has no powers or enchantments, but has a story connected to the buried history Caelum does not share.

Blames her broken heart on every man in sight
On a straight tequila night

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03/07/22 +200 signos for visiting on Valentine's Day 02/14/22 and posting TID6887. -INKBONE
03/30/22 +1EXP for gaining purchased interactive agora item, fantasy bonded, approved and added to records. Member written quest. -INKBONE
04/16/22 +4EXP and +600 signos for Dyzzie writing 2 Quests - TID7013 (Brassa/Fantasy bonded) and TID7012 (Salome/Immortality). -INKBONE
04/19/22 +5EXP and +250Signos for Dyzzie submitting 5 nominations for 508 Spring OTS Nominations. -INKBONE
04/24/22 +200 signos for visiting on Easter 04/17/22. -INKBONE
04/24/22 +2EXP for completing quest for Active & Passive Magic (Combined), TID7004. -INKBONE
04/24/22 +1EXP for completing quest for Immortality, TID7003. -INKBONE
04/24/22 50EXP Milestone -- +8HLTH/+12ATK, Active Magic item swapped to Periti. -INKBONE
06/02/22 +200 signos for visiting on 5/08/22 Mother's day. -INKBONE
06/03/22 +500 signos for visiting on Novus 5th Anniversary Week, Day 2 (06/02). -INKBONE
06/03/22 +15EXP for Nominating the 507 Winter Member OTS Winner, Submitting 5 total nominations for the 507 Winter Spotlights, and Winner of 508 Spring Member OTS. -INKBONE
06/03/22 +3EXP for Dyzzie's 3 year anniversary 5/15/19. -INKBONE