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Animated from the ruins of an ancient temple and the head stones of graves, Sebastian is the very crumbles of long forgotten resting places of the dead. He is a tall, almost lanky build, that is of weathered marble. His body is riddled with cracks and yellowed, aging stone. Sebastian's hair and tail are of "living" hair and does move and flow. His eyes are a cold, deep blue that do not blink and are surrounded by blackness that run down his face. He is blind but always seems to "see" and is able to navigate his surroundings with a level of unnatural ease. He can not actually see others but is able to sense when there are others with his other senses.

A deathbringer, when it is known that another is to die, their name becomes engraved upon his body. Their death is to pass in an uncertain amount of time but usually it is within a month that it becomes visible. The closer it becomes time for the other to die, their name becomes withered and unreadable till eventually (at their death) it is completely eroded away.

Voided of really much of a personality, Sebastian drifts from place to place in solemn silence. He observes others with unblinking eyes, listening to their conversations and moving past as he gains knowledge of their lives, the wants, their sorrows. Something close to an emotional vampire, he hovers and moves on without much noise.

Sebastian is content is his silence. He is the a death bringer, an omen that there will be a loss in the future, often he is not welcomed into most circles of others. The marble beast does not seek the company of others. Sebastian will entertain others around him as he is content to speak if the conversation is welcomed. He is eons old and the various rock that makes up his existence carries centuries of knowledge and so Sebastian is well versed in various topics.

Due to the nature of his making, he is lacking of most emotions, he does not react in ways others seem to. Often he is voided of proper sympathy, empathy, or reaction. He does not seem to pick up on the social ques that others give when expecting a reaction from news or stories. Often Sebastian nods or remains quiet as he can not see and so his blindness rids him of the ability to read others features.

A creature of unnatural construction, Sebastian was made in an attempt to create a creature or guardian of the ancient ruins from past gods. He was a gathering of past tombstones, mausoleum fragments, ancient and holy places that thousands had prayed in to sacred beings.

The human-like beings pulled together the incantations from holy books and spell weavers so that they could learn the secrets of the gods through their buried death. The ruble of the dead were worshiped, tended, channeled till a day came that the soft sounds of rock shifts and spoke. They whispered and shifted, stumbling as the piles erected. Slowly, and without their encouragement, the form of a tall stallion awoke in the image that the gods had perceived as fit. The being cheered in their delight that their prayers and bindings has worked. Sebastian was born.

His name had been given by the eldest female. The name Sebastian has been given in honor of her deceased mate, an honored male who encouraged his people to grown strong and thrive, a keeper of history, secrets and a seer. Sebastian was given the ability to predict death, an omen to warn that your time to pass was coming, names appearing upon his stone skin.

Now, the great marble equine stood, unblinking and un-breathing as the deep blue of his eyes crossed over their joyous faces before he began to walk the path of the dead. Day in and day out, Sebastian wore the ground away as he took nothing, walking the graves silently except for the sound of his marble hooves echoing through the hours while the people slept knowing he would be their legacy as names appeared upon his body...strong and clear when it was known one was to die but as the days ticked on, it would become fainter until the person perished. The being took note, logged it, followed the pattern till Sebastian was visited every day to find out who was to be next...some would pace after him ceaselessly while others wished to not know.

A decade passed, a new generation emerged, fear from the young grew as the stories about the great marble beast grew to grand rumors of hauntings, a slavery. Sebastian spoke to none as no one wished to approach the cold creature till a day came when, in secrecy, an old woman, a spell weaver, granted his freedom and urged Sebastian to go after his solitary dedication...

And so he walked, with no guidance or direction, aimless and without purpose.

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Along with being fully made of marble, etching appear upon his body of the name(s) of other creatures that are due to die within the next month. The names slowly erode away the closer it comes to their imminent death.

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