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She was born an ugly little thing, thin and gangly, and so weak it took her nearly a fortnight to wobble to her hooves.

Later in life when her name was written across the stars she was a sight to behold. A woman made of rose gold, who waltzed among wildflowers, on lithe legs. Black spattered over that metallic sheen like ink spilled over old books in a library. Ink so dark that the light of the stars was the only thing strong enough to shine through, so shine through those stars did. With two rosey horns sharp enough to pierce the night sky. Her black mane long enough to caress the earth, a creamy tail not far behind. Eyes so turquoise it was like staring into the depths of the sea itself, calm and serene one moment, strong and tumultuous the next. She surely was a pretty thing.

But, as her image faded from the stars, so too did her beauty. Rose gold dulled to a muddled beige, and inky black faded just like the pages of those old books, some places so patchy that you can see dark skin underneath. The stars within her died, one by one, blinking out like the lights of a forgotten city. As her body failed her, her horns dropped off her head, one after the other, left behind on some strange forest floor. Flesh seemed to melt off her candle wax, leaving ribs to poke through her sides, hip bones to just from her back, like twin mountain peaks. Her mane and tail too followed, pieces falling out every day, leaving it thin and straggly, often woven into braids by her sloths dexterous claws, each piece placed carefully to hide the balding patches. Her legs shake underneath her when she walks, and often a sheen of sweat can be seen overlaying it all. While her eyes never lost their color, and they still change like the seas on a whim, they are covered with a dull cast, one in which you could never find your reflection. Though she is no longer what one would call beautiful, or strong, she still walks with a sort of pride in her step. When she comes across a stranger she stretched her neck out high, and squares her legs until the wobble becomes subtle enough to be discrete. When she lowers that poise, when she stops hiding it, thats when you know you’ve earned her trust.

Caring || Kind || Accepting || Empathic || Passionate || Driven

There are those who will stop at nothing to be heard, who raise their voices over everyone elses to get their point across. Luvena is not one of them. She speaks so softly that a breeze seems as if it could take her voice away in one sweep, quietly demanding that she be listened to as is, and if they won’t, deciding that they aren’t worth the energy, a resource that for her is in limited supply.

She is a woman whose life has been taken from her, and limited over and over, but despite that remains kind, and caring to those around her, and hopeful that life still holds things in store for her. She is passionate about helping those she loves, and driven to achieve the highest standards, often putting her own health at risk to do so.

Oftentimes she would rather push through at her own expense, insistent that she can, then look to others for support. Truth be told after everything she is rather wary of who she can and cannot trust, and even when it seems she does trust them, somewhere in the back of her mind she still doubts them long after.

She has spent much time ruminating on the past, thinking about what she could have changed, or done differently to prevent the events of her past.

Luvena was born sickly, enough so that her parents were told she may not live into adulthood, and though she did, her ailment never did fade. Her legs often shake beneath her. On a good day her joints ache, and fatigue plagues her. Days where it is worse she is often stuck for days, head pounding and feverish, to wait for it to pass. She has learned to manage it when she can, but has accepted that it is a part of her that will never leave.

After losing her home to flames, she developed a fear of fire, one that made her heart race like nothing else. This was solidified when later her second home was also set aflame. This fear is intense enough that she does not keep candles in her room, or light a fire on winter nights.

Stubborn || Nervous || Regretful || sorrowful || Sickly || Pyrophobia

“Part 1”
An excerpt from “The Tales of a Traveller” by Tiryet Lance

When I was still a new Traveler, only just made independent, and naive as a foal just born, I stumbled upon the long burnt out ashes of a grove of willow trees. A tragedy old enough that new plants were just beginning to spring from the earth, from seeds sown when the grove burned, I’d say about a year of new growth. At first I thought nothing of it, forest fires are not uncommon, one lighting strike goes astray, and entire lands can be lost, to be replaced by something new. But as I waltzed through the ashes, young and innocent as I was, I was shocked to discover charred bones hidden under the soot. The more I walked, the more I found, and I quickly realized that what I had stumbled across was more than a simple forest fire. As I looked more carefully at the burnt remains, I saw not just charred branches, but charred weaving of willow and wildflower.
I was horrified, I had never seen the likes of it before, though now I have seen many things, but this was my first, and that feeling is one I will never forget. I kept looking though, and as I drew further away from the settlement, I found a set of bones that haunts me to this day. Two skeletons, un-charred like the others, the bones picked clean by generations of small scavengers. You could still see red where blood had stained the soil. Jewelry and bits of cloth still clung to them, matching pendants, each set with a wildflower laid in amber. It was this that made me realize I needed to find out what happened here. And so here I’ve pieced together everything I could find out about the tragedy of Herstial. How it went from prosperity to nothing all because of one princess, one man, and a long history of hatred towards those who could yield magic.
I started by venturing through the surrounding areas. As I travelled through the nearby towns and settlements I was able to piece together a rough picture of what had happened to the place, here are some snippets of conversations I had with everyone. While the story is long and complex enough that nothing will ever be completely clear, I’ve done what I can to arrange this in a logical order. Lets begin.

“They were a strange kingdom that ‘erstial. Kept to emselves mostly, traded with us every month or two. Weren’t to fond of us though, didn’t like some of our people, water wielders mostly, seemed awful suspicious of em. Someone told me it’s cause they just don’t like magic, their loss I s’pose.” - F’nar, a sailor from Demurine

“Herstial? Haven’t heard that name in a long time. Not since… well I suppose not since Luvena was born”
“Luvena Xioali, the royal princess. Fragile little thing she was. They called me in for a second opinion after their healer said she wouldn’t make it. “
“How long ago was that?”
“About six years ago. Did some work on her, never did come up with a diagnosis, and what I’ve heard from her other doctors no one ever did, but it was clear she would never be in good health. Wouldn’t be a suitable heir at all. “ -Bellori, a healer from Siropal

“Adina and Pivaro were pretty stricken by her birth I think. After Ra-... well that doesn’t matter but, they were getting older and desperately needed an heir and I mean well… It was pretty clear that she wouldn’t be it. They loved her obviously, she was Herstials sweetheart, always out in the lower rings, talking to the civilians, but I think they were both… let down, to say the least. No one was surprised when they took Obyana in” -Girani, a Herstillian survivor, now settled in Demurine.

“Obyana came at a low moment for them. Princess was probably three, maybe four at the time? Anyways he shows up, big chestnut, white stripes, handsome thing if you ask me. Know one knew where he came from, made some tragic story about his past, we know better now but…”
“How do you know so much about him?”
“My wife came from Herstial. Met during a trade, fell in love… she moved out here shortly after Obyana started training. Thank the moons she did. Anyways he started training with the Emperor Pivaro, apprentice type thing. Of course you know how these things go… he had to be united with the royal family somehow so, it was only natural that him and the princess were set to be wed” -Yrsari, a tradesmare from leuadia

“I mean of course they fell in love. Young striking stallion, quiet mare, obviously she was smitten by him. After a few years they were set to be wed. Worst day of my life that was. “ I had to give this one a break in between, they were there that day, front and center. Lost their husband, their kids. I couldn’t imagine that loss. “Sorry… I think Luvena was five at the time. That day they were set to have their wedding, and right after, the coronation. She was done right up, oils rubbed into her coat, braids done up… They always tried to make her look good but, we all knew the girl wasn’t well at all…” -Tremori, a Herstillian survivor living in leuadia

“From what I ‘eard he just went nuts. That crown went on his head and he let loose. Must’ve had years of rage pent up in that body of ‘is, to breathe that much fire… we could see the smoke even out at sea. I remember seein it and thinkin the world was ending. Traders went for a meet’up a few days later and found the whole place still smoldering… all of it gone… corpses everywhere… found a few survivors wanderin and brought em back here… they keep to emselves mostly.” -F’nar

“I don’t think anyone ever found Pivaro and Adina after he drove them and Luvena out… to be honest I don’t think anyone ever looked. Most of the survivors had lost too much and… well I think most of them never forgave them for what happened that day…”
“I found them.. That's what started this journey”
“oh… well, I hope you put them to rest somewhere. I take it you found the poor girl's remains too?” -Girani
“No. I didn’t”

“Of course during his tirade we found out his real history… he gave us a speech of sorts… saying how proud he was to wear his new crown. To take back the place that had gotten rid of his family, and of course we knew then something wasn’t right. Luvena just had this look on her face… like she knew what was about to happen but couldn’t do anything. I guess… I guess his parents had been known magic users, hid it for a while, and when the royal family found out they, disposed of his father, kicked his pregnant mother out, as they damn well should have. Guess she died a few years after he was born, and that’s when he decided to get his revenge.” -Tremori

And that’s all I’ve got. The story of Herstial is a sad one, one that could have been prevented had they not been so cruel to those who were just a bit different from them. But their values go back years and years. A story I’ll leave for the historians instead. I did bury The XIoalis. Under one of the few willow trees left standing. I never did find the remains of their daughter Luvena. Found some traces of hoofprints shortly before their bodies but I have no way of knowing. I did meet another traveller once who’d come from a place called Elysium. Told me briefly of a queen there, a skeleton with skin draped so finely over her she looked as if the wind might blow her away, and scatter her across the earth, but I think this one, will always remain a mystery

Part 2
“Journal of a crucian healer”

This journal was found inside a barren waste, using this and other artifacts, we’ve pieced together a picture of this forgotten land, which you can read in “Forgotten lands: A Complete Collection” Here we’ve compiled a few excerpts from this healers journal, that collect some thoughts on her new herdmate Luvena, and the woman who would later be her queen. The first two entries come from the Genesis Era Luvenas first year in Elysium, and the last two come from the Exodus era her second. -museum of Tefesta

“Today I had a new patient come to my clearing. The woman seemed to be a healer herself, but in no shape to get the herbs she needs herself. She's in quite rough shape, though she said that I shouldn’t trouble myself over it. Poor thing is all skin and bones, fever higher than I’ve seen in a while, and wheezing like I’ve never heard. All she complains about though is that her head hurts something terrible. She introduced herself as Luvena. I told her to stay here for the rest of the night and though she was reluctant, I told her it was for my own comfort rather than hers.”

“Luvena stayed here again almost the whole day. She seemed a bit better, more alert, better breathing, and I’m certain her fever is breaking. She told me quite a bit about herself, to no surprise. Everyone trusts their healer, and there’s not much else to do when you aren’t well enough to move. Her story is awfully sad… I’m convinced she left some things out but: She said she was born pretty sickly, no surprise there. Her village was burned down about a year ago, parents died and she was left on her own. Wandered for six months, as far as she can tell, and then ended up in Elysium. When she got here she met Thanatos first , who I haven’t met but… I’ve heard of him to say the least. So she joined his little brotherhood or whatever they call themselves. But then she met Io Kairavi (Luvena called her sister) - lovely woman that she is! - who brought her here to Crucis. Anyways… I’m going to tell her to stay here at least another night, I know she’s a healer, and capable of caring for herself but… she’s so new to the woods she won’t know where to stay yet.”

“These days I’m not very busy here… we have so many healers these days that none of us see very many patients. Luvena visits me every once in a while, and brings me all her gossip. Trades me some of her herbs for mine, tells me about her newest cases and what not. Apparently Io Kairavi almost died, but Luvena was lucky enough to have a fairy jar from the firstborns. Sometimes I wonder what is going on inside our woods”

“It has been… a horrific day. I’ve seen many things shake up our woods but… well.. I never thought we would lose this much. I knew tensions with the Heretics were high but… to burn our home so violently… thank god there were no casualties. Luvena, Orchid, and Io Kairavi made it out together I think, thank goodness for that. I have never been so happy to gather herbs in the lunar mountains in my life. To see that smoke rising from the woods… to see my birthplace smothered in those ashes… I will never unsee it.”

“It has been two weeks since the fire. We were all shocked when Luvena showed up, we were worried that she had succumbed to the smoke even after getting out. Even more shocked though, when her and Oberon stepped up as the Lady and the Lord of the woods… I mean… no offense but we hardly know him and she… well… she is not exactly fit for leadership is she? When she and Oberon gave their speech, we could all see her struggling to hold her head up, and her legs shook like leaves in a thunderstorm. Queen Io left without a word, and left the throne to her two most trusted friends. I almost feel bad for them, having to hold the burden of rebuilding the woods AND leading a herd of broken and battered. “

“The Lord and the Lady are doing much better than anticipated. It’s been a few months now. They held a memorial for the fire, and turned the burnt clearing into a new beginning. I worry though, that she is pushing herself far too hard. She makes an effort to hide her worsening health from us, but us healers know these things. Sometimes she disappears for days on end, and I know it’s to go off and sleep away the pain. The lady isn’t the only thing that worries me… slowly it seems Elysium grows smaller every day… horses seem to leave without a trace, like they were never here… Oh. and the lady has a mate now. Her name is Cavalier, apparently they met after the fire. The blind mare seems nice enough in my opinion, though sometimes I wish she’d shut her mouth.”

“Crucis has changed hands once again… and I must be careful now to never let this journal fall into the wrong hands, lest it make it’s way back to the wolf. I will write her name once and only once. Etain. The wolf queen swept in last week… She chased out the lady and the lord, and anyone who dared show their support to them. I must go, she’s doing her rounds, and I cannot be caught with writings of the past.”

Part 3
A bedtime story

“Once upon a time, there was a snake wielding king, a skeleton queen, and her moony-eyed wife, and they lived in a forest. But once day, a big bad wolf came, and it said
‘I will huff, and I’ll puff! And I’ll blow you all down If you don’t get out of my forest!’
The skeleton queen wanted to fight, and she wanted to stay, but she was no fighter.
And so they all left, and the skeleton lady, and her moony eyed wife went to the desert, where they met the bat queen, who ruled over the land. They asked her, if they could stay here, and she said yes. And they were sad to lose their forest, but they were safe.
But the moony-eyed woman… she was very mad at the big bad wolf, and so she went to the forest, and she told the wolf just how very angry she was. As you might think, the wolf didn’t like that, and so it took her tongue, so that she could no longer tell anyone just how angry she was. So the moony-eyed woman went back to the skeleton lady, and they learned to be happy”

“Is this story about-”

“Go to sleep now boys, I’ll tell you another story tomorrow”


“Once upon a time, there was a skeleton lady, and her moony-eyed wife, and they wanted a baby. But, the skeleton lady was very sick, and she knew that a baby wouldn’t grow inside her. So she went to Acrux, for years ago her sister had given her a wish to use. So she went to Acrux, and she asked him to let her have a baby. And he did. So she went back to her moony-eyed wife, and the firstborns gave them each a big belly, and they waited and waited, and finally they each had a child. The skeleton lady was still very sick, and the Moony-eyed woman still could not speak. But, they had their children, who they loved more than the whole wide world, and they had each other, who they loved very much, and they were happy.”

“That sounds like mama Cav, and like you mama Lu!”

“Go to sleep now Eremurus, and you too Liatris. I’m going for a walk, but I’ll see you when the sun rises”

Part 4
Confessions to Caligo

“I believed in gods once, and they failed me. I know this could get me in an awful lot of trouble here, but I don’t think it’ll do me much good to swear myself to you Caligo. But I cant keep holding this story on my shoulders, and I don’t care to tell the whole thing to anyone else.
I told my boys a story that night and I said goodnight to them under the stars. I said goodnight to Cavalier, and I waited for her to fall asleep beside me. And then I snuck away. My health has been failing me for a long time… I was born a sickly filly, and I grew into a sickly mare, daughter, queen, outcast… Acrux gave me the gift of staying in good health to carry, birth, and feed a baby, but he made no promise as to what would happen afterwards, and I never would have asked such a thing. I just wanted to do this one thing before I went. As soon as Liatris was weaned I went downhill quickly. Every day my head would pound as if I was descending through the nine circles of hell, and some days I would have to give the children to Cavalier, and tell her to take them somewhere else, so they didn’t watch me lie ill for days on end. I knew what was happening. I accepted it. I was ready, I told my children my story, and I said my goodbyes, and I went to go take my final moments in peace. Under the stars I’d come to love.
And I did go, I took in that last dying breath, and I saw the world fade away. One moment was black and the next…
The next moment I felt so alive I could have run through seven realms and still kept on going. I though for a moment that this was death, that this release was the end, but then I heard Vega whispering in my ear, and I looked to the stars and I saw myself written across the sky. I stood there all night, in shock. For the first time in my life, my head was clear, and my eyes shone, and I felt this strength course through me, that I had never felt before. The first thing I did was run, run through that red waste like I never had before, and not because I was running from something, but because I was running to the life that I could now live out, and for the first time I could run without my feet being swept out from under me. How I would give anything to relive that moment in time. Because when I got back that morning, Cavalier was gone, and she’d taken one of our sons with her. At first I was angry that she’d gone to the oasis without taking Liatris, but we went to the oasis and she was not there. And we went to every area in the waste, until Liatris complained that his legs could no longer carry him. We waited for days, and weeks. All the while I grew stronger, I filled out the flesh between my ribs, I went from beige to rose gold, and stars shone in my pelt. I donned armor and jewelry that I never could have carried before, and I grew horns from my forehead. And I waited for her, and she never came back to me. Liatris grew into a fine young man, and she never came back to me.
One day news came to me through a messenger that Etain had lost her throne in Crucis, and I found myself at war. My son had grown in the waste, it was his home, and his heritage, but my heart longed to go back to the woods. So, knowing he was grown, I left him in the waste, with Syrilth and Kodarki, and I went to serve the new king Gotham and the judge of Crucis. All was well. Until it wasn’t. There was no great event to spark the fall, no momentous occasion, to precipitate the great descent. It simply fell apart. The firstborns spark left the air, and slowly but surely, Elysium fell apart. You left or you crumbled with it. So I left, and left Liatris with it.
We had no warning from the firstborns, no word to tell us they would take away their blessings. And when Elysium crumbled I looked up one day, as I was journeying, and I saw that my image was no longer written in those stars, and I looked in my reflection, and I saw that my coat was dulling, and my ribs were showing. Day by day, little by little, I felt that new life ebb, and that sickness crept back in. I left my armor in the middle of nowhere, no longer strong enough to carry it. My horns dropped shortly after. Eventually I made it here, and that’s all fine and well. But I gave my life to not one, but two gods, and both gave me everything and ripped it away like it was nothing. So do forgive me, if I do not want to pledge my life once again. Forgive me for not trusting you to treat me as more than a pawn in your little lands. I will not be a pawn of the gods again.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

A full-grown two-toed sloth, named Picoro. Characteristic of the species, he has a lightly colored head, with a dark brown rim around his nose and eyes. Lu first found him as a baby in Elysium, and he grew up hanging from her neck. They were later separated. However, she has found him again in Novus.
He is a feisty little creature, very standoffish to strangers, often hissing at their approach. Though he is too slow to do much, he is fiercely protective us his mother, almost always seen laying on her back, facing her rump, to always be on guard behind her.

Yara and Mithra Two Leonbergers found at 6 months old in the mountains.
Yara is the anchor of the two, strong and steady on her feet, she is often glued to Luvenas side. While she is less independent than her sister, she can still hold her own.
Mithra is the more independent of the two. quick and nimble, she is often found running ahead and darting between rocks and spires.
Both dogs are loyal to a fault and overall friendly. Though if something poses a threat to their mother they are not afraid to flash a warning of teeth.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

A small satchel about the size of a coin purse (3 inches tall, 4 inches wide roughly) strung around her neck by two long draw strings tied knotted together. its fit is loose enough that she can slip it over her head. It holds herbs/clays and other various materials for healing. Winter Outfit
Luvena's winter outfit is a light wolf pelt fastened to her with two cords that spring from a medallion. She has leg wraps to match that are also fastened with cord, and a neck wrap.

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Lus banner and appearance ref are both done myself (lullivy) Her profile image is by dozymare

Lus banner and appearance ref are both done myself (lullivy) Her profile image is by dozymare

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