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Luvena is a, or would be a beautiful mare... but her beauty goes unnoticed often, due to the dullness of her coat, and the lack of shine in her turquoise eyes, as if a matte film is drawn over them in an effort to hide any light. She has an almost pink-brown coat, which becomes lighter at her chest, flank, hocks and knee, almost a light golden tone. she has dapples of the same color on her barrel that rest underneath the other markings. She is painted irregular charcoal-colored splashes on her body, covering her face, neck, and stomach, as if someone took a burnt branch from her homeland and scribbled over her. Her mane fades from black to that same charcoal grey, and her tail is a creamy white color. Her hooves are dark reddish-brown, as if stained the color of old blood. She is an extremely thin and delicate mare, to the point where her ribs can be clearly seen through her dull ragged coat. it is partially out of under-eating (a result of her precarious health) but also simply because of her fragile health. Her legs hardly look like they can support her, and some days the skinny things hardly can. On a good day, her coat and eyes might hold a little bit of shine, but typically they are dull and plain, and yet somehow they still manage to clearly convey whatever she might be feeling truly the windows to her heart and soul.

update// October 2019

Over the past two years she has been jostled from place to place. Elysium crumbled and she left, for mythos... which in turn crumbled as well. She has been left with a hollowness. Not knowing where her children are has pierced a whole in her heart, and seeks distraction from it all.
While she was happy before, now she is exhausted. and longs simply for a place to settle.

update// september 2017


The events of her life have given her every reason to be nervous and jumpy. trusting strangers has become a hard task for her, and she is always on guard when meeting them, fearing the worst, and jumping to the worst conclusions. It takes her a while to let down her guard, and who could blame her, she is vulnerable, and too many have broken her trust. too many have betrayed her and taken her home and her friends.
She is silent, even more, soft-spoken then she used to be, one must be listening carefully to hear her musings. she doesn't mind, it means that those who don't listen... she just won't talk to.
More then anything right now... she is happy with her life. yes she is exhausted, yes she is in pain, she has endured the worst and lost her home. lost her dearest friend. But she has safety, she has two children and love. More love in her heart then she could have ever dreamt of. and she is grateful for that, not taking it for granted. She is happy, incredibly so.
Probably more then anything now... she is accepting. of what has happened to her, what is to be of her life. Fires and magic and rampant queens. she has accepted it all. She has accepted her illness and her fore coming death. She has spent too long denying it, regretting it. She has decided not to do that anymore. She has had many good things, and that is enough for her. ,br>

Luvena is a very sickly mare, she was born very ill, and her parents were certain she wouldn't live, she did pull through, however she remained sickly. On a very bad day, she can hardly bring herself to move, an she is in pain and she can't eat. On good she is simply tired, on an average day, she tends to be in pain, all over, from head to hooves, not incapacitating but uncomfortable still. She spent years with the best healers trying to figure out what was wrong with her but to no avail.
As mentioned above she is always tired, she can't do much for long periods of time really, and if she does push herself to hard, it often has bad results. Traveling long distances is not something she can do often.
Though she can't really care for her own illness in general Luvena is a very caring and nurturing mare. she would put herself in danger if it were to help another. she is also exremely kind kind.
And last of all she is extremely stubborn, despite her weakness, she is always trying to do more then she is capable of, and she will try to hide it if something is to much for her or if shes having a bad day.


She came from a land far from Elysium, where there was one kingdom ruled by the monarchy, she was born princess Luvena Devika Xiaoli, to the emperor and empress Xiaoli, and though loved by the people, she was somewhat looked down upon as well.
Luvena is a very sickly mare, she was born very ill, and her parents were certain she wouldn't live, she did pull through, however, she remained sickly. When she was young she was never able to play with the ever foals, she didn't have any friends and was quite lonely. Her mother loved her deeply, despite her constant sickness, and though her father did love her, she knew she was somewhat of a disappointment to him. He had been hoping for a strong child, he didn't care about the gender, but he needed an heir, and she was too weak to fulfill that role.
When it came time for her father to retire as emperor, the heir he had taken as a sort of apprentice the moment he realized Luvena could never fill his shoes stepped up. Her father had believed he was a kind and caring soul, perfect for an emperor. But the moment he was in power, he turned on them, becoming a tyrant.
His first act of power was to drive out Luvena and her parents, chasing them far, Luvena who couldn't keep up with her parents at all was swiftly hidden by her mother. nearly days later she crept from her hiding place. She struggled along day after day until she made it to Elysium. She found her parent's bodies on her way and still thinks of them every day. Her life is still difficult, after all, she is weak and sick, and though she hates to admit it, she found it difficult to accept that she was no longer princess Xiaoli but simply Luvena. She was 5 at the time. it took her a year to get to Elysium, and she has been there for 6 months now.


Early spring: year 1: genesis era: Luvena Xiaoli arrived in Elysium, almost immediately, she was greeted by Thanantos of Arae, General of the knights, and leader fo the brotherhood. She was taken in as their record keeper, however, it did not last long, as only a month later Thanatos left Elysium, and she the brotherhood. She later befriended Io Kairavi, who was to become her dearest confidant, and a few months later she followed her to Crucis, where she was welcomed under the reign of Vander and Manticore. She met Ozymandias during this time as well, and he showed her that magic was not always something to be feared. She spent much time in Crucis with Io, but mostly kept to herself.
Early spring: year 2: exodus era: Just before the fire in Crucis, Io Kairavi's heart slowed down alarmingly, and Luvena saved her using fairy magic, only to lose her months later. The mare did not die in the fire but left Elysium, but that is later. A fire hit the eternal woods in April, destroying part of Luvenas home, she narrowly escaped alongside Orchid and Io Kairavi. She left the woods. Upon her return two weeks later she was summoned, alongside Oberon by Acrux, to be told that Io Kairavi had left the land, and had left the throne to her sister and her mate. The two rules together for a few months, doing their best to rebuild the herd. her own condition worsened as she pushed herself too hard. but they were becoming successful in their common endeavor. For a while. It wasn't long before a rock was thrown into that plan. Etain. The wolf took the throne from them and banished all from Crucis.
Luvena submitted quickly to the queen and fled, making her way to Lyrus where she now lives. accepted by Syrilth herself. while she was there, she made a journey to the gardens, and prayed to Acrux, asking for the ability to birth and nurse just one child. her wish was granted. She soon found cavalier again, though, in a state, her tongue ripped out by Etain. While comforting the mare, and sharing each other's company, each of them conceived a foal. 8 months later, Luvena gave birth to the young Liatris. Soon after the child's birth her condition quickly worsened day by day, until she was too weak to carry on with life. She wandered off to die alone. Just before her last breath was drawn, vega appeared before her, and granted her immortality, simultaneously curing and saving her life.
Having the strength she needed, she went back to Crucis. She found it had a new king, for whom she became judge, deciding who was guilty and innocent. It was short-lived, however, as something strange began to happen. The magic began to fade from Elysium. The sting of magic which had once hovered and crackled in the air began to fade. The plants began to wither, and the days grew shorter. She left, for she couldn't bear to see the world she called home dying around her. Soon after she heard that it had disappeared altogether. She settled in a place called mythos for a month or two, but it too crumbled away. And so she spent awhile wandering, slowly across the land, only to find a new pace to try and call home...

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A full-grown two-toed sloth, named Picoro. Characteristic of the species, he has a lightly colored head, with a dark brown rim around his nose and eyes. Lu first found him as a baby in Elysium, and he grew up hanging from her neck. They were later separated. However, she has found him again in Novus.
He is a feisty little creature, very standoffish to strangers, often hissing at their approach. Though he is too slow to do much, he is fiercely protective us his mother, almost always seen laying on her back, facing her rump, to always be on guard behind her.

Yara and Mithra Two Leonbergers found at 6 months old in the mountains.
Yara is the anchor of the two, strong and steady on her feet, she is often glued to Luvenas side. While she is less independent than her sister, she can still hold her own.
Mithra is the more independent of the two. quick and nimble, she is often found running ahead and darting between rocks and spires.
Both dogs are loyal to a fault and overall friendly. Though if something poses a threat to their mother they are not afraid to flash a warning of teeth.

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