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Polar North
Night Court Medic
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Spanish Mustang X


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Polar North is quite the unique looking creature in the land of Novus. She stands 16 hands and is built like a mix between a Spanish mustang, arabian, and Akhal-Teke. Her coat is a soft, pearly gray hue, marked by markings in 2 different shades of lavender and a rich blue purple shade. Her markings are tribal in nature and striking.

Pol has opalescent horns, seeming to shine with pastel rainbow glimmers. Her 2 sets of eyes are a beautiful lavender, filled with emotions and sparkle that allows others to read her like an open book once they know her. She has a strong dorsal fin, with a section over her shoulders that rises up similar to a shark's. Similarly hued fins grace the sides of her forelegs, though they are more similar to a fish fin than anything else. Her hooves match these fins, the color a rich blue purple hue.

The biggest and most noticeable feature of this young mare is her tail. The tribal markings continue to the tip of her tail, but the thing that catches more eyes is the fact that her tail is only half of a tail. One fluke was ripped away as a foal, leaving scars and the remaining fluke to stand out. The edges of her tail are ragged, though the skin has healed over the injuries. Where the flesh is marred, her markings seem lighter, like a film remains over the soft skin of her body.

Much like her sister, Pol has parts of her pelt that glow. Her pelt, in the areas that are the rich blue purple hue, takes on a striking purple tinted glow that is subtle unless in the dead of night or the darkest part of a cave system. She rarely allows herself to be in said positions, preferring to avoid the glow that reminds her of her people.

+: determined, mentally strong, adaptable, resourceful, independent, motherly, helpful, humble

-: terrified of sharks and predators, sensitive the cold, headstrong, reluctant to trust, aloof, wary, naive, unsure of self

Polar North is a determined and strong willed mare. She grew up quickly due to traumatic circumstances, then was left alone in the world at four months old. This lead to her being extremely independent, adaptable, and resourceful. She doesnt trust easily, a lingering effect of being betrayed, at least in her mind, by the one mare that she trusted above all else just after losing her mother. That being said, once you earn her trust, she has a tendency to hold on to that with all her might.

Polar North is absolutely terrified of sharks, mostly due to the injury that caused her pod to abandon her when she was so young. Due to this, she spent a good amount of time on land rather than in the water, making her much more comfortable outside of her species' preferred habitat. The same injury has given her a strong desire to stay in warmer locations and avoiding the cold whenever possible. Due to these factors, her preferences are usually pretty close to the opposite of what one would expect for her species, enjoying more moderate climates and hanging out in the shallows or on land rather than swimming deep in the ocean.

Polar has a huge soft spot for babies of any kind. When she was growing up with the nomads that saved her, she had a tendency to find injured or sick baby animals and take care of them until they were healthy enough to go back to the wild. She will also go out of her way to help others if she can. This can be anything from helping gather items to running errands to physically assisting others. Pol hates being taken advantage of, however, and can be fairly reserved with others.

In regards to her feelings toward her older sister, Pol is a mixed bag of emotions. She understands why Below Zero did what she did, why the pod abandoned her as just a baby. She understands and doesnt hold it against her. However, she is still bitter about it and resents the entire pod for the decision. The greatest amount of her resentment is saved for Ice Shard and her father, though the abandonment from her beloved sister was a hard thing to wrap her head around. Pol believes that she will never see Bel again, though the idea that she might someday is anxiety producing. She doesnt know how she would react, doesnt know if she could ever trust her big sister again.

Polar had a rough early childhood. She spent the first four months as every Vapor Treader did. She stayed with the pod and enjoyed growing in the waters that they lived in. Until she was 4 months old... That was when the shark appeared. It had followed the pod, trying to pick off one of the babies for days. Polar had strayed too far, playing and enjoying being a pup...

Polar doesnt remember a ton of what happened next, mostly just the pain and fear that gripped her tiny body. The shark attacked, managing to mangle her tail and leave her missing half. The males managed to drive it away, leaving her floundering in the water in shock and pain. After the attack, she learned that her own dear mother had been killed in the same attack, leaving the pup adrift and heartbroken.

Her papa and beloved sister kept her with them, fighting the pod that wanted to abandon her for as long as they could. She didnt understand a lot of what was said about her, but she did know that Ice Shard had wanted her gone from the instant that she had been attacked. The pup had hoped to heal, doing everything that she was told to try to stop the bleeding. In the end, it didnt matter.

Polar was awoken by fighting one day. Her big sister was arguing with Ice Shard about leaving her behind. Terror spiked through the tiny pup as she listened, fearing what Ice Shard wanted to do. Her father didnt say a word, simply looking at the ice with defeat written on his face. He spoke to Below Zero, his words too soft for her to hear... But it didnt matter. She could read her sister's face to know exactly what was said. Polar climbed to her hooves, painfully making her way across the ice while her mangled tail drooped.

"You're abandoning me? P-please . . . P-please d-don't. I'll d-do better. G-give me a ch-chance! Please! D-don't leave me h-here to die! I-I don't w-want to die!" Terror was like fire in her veins while her stomach felt frozen. Below Zero comforted her, promising to try to change their minds... to save her. The pup felt her heart soften as she trusted her older sister, cuddling up with her and feeling peace that Below Zero would fix everything. Morning rose cold and tense. When the pod began to get moving, she was kept from Bel and her father. Below Zero fought the pod, trying to keep close to Polar North to no avail. Ice Shard and her father pushed Bel further and further, giving a clear message that Polar would not be saved from this abandonment.

"You promised Bel! You promised." Polar screamed at her sister, standing alone on the ice and shivering in terror, despair, and betrayal. "Bel you promised! You promised! D-don't leave me! You can't d-do this! Bel!" Ice Shard kicked snow at Polar, driving her back while pushing Bel toward the water. An indignant cry tried to escape her throat, frozen by the stark reality that she was being left behind. "I . . . I'm sorry Polar. F-forgive me." Bel's words were like a whip to her face, fury building and warming her entire frame. Polar stared after the mare that had been her hero, the mare that she had trusted above all else. In her heart, she wondered if it would be possible to forgive her... if she would even have the time. A part of her wanted nothing more than to lie down and give in to the desires of the pod.

Polar stayed where she was, no desire to try to survive when her family had abandoned her. The pain of her tail was intense, heat betraying the infection that the cold waters had been keeping at bay. Three days after being abandoned, she was feverish and extremely sick. She flinched at the sounds of hoofsteps, but didnt bother looking up. She was supposed to be dead. Her pod didnt want her anymore. Her own beloved sister had decided that she wasnt worth saving. A tall figure stepped before her, chocolate coat gleaming in the harsh sunlight as he dropped his head to check if she was still alive. The stallion snorted at the elevated temperatures of the young pup, stepping back and searching the surroundings for any sign of her pod. "Where is your family, little one?" He murmured as he nodded to the medic that traveled with the group to come and do what she could for the tiny figure. The gray female gave a shocked gasp, bringing the lead stallion's attention to the maimed tail. "That looks like a shark attack... Her pod must have abandoned her because of the wound..." The mare said softly, her muzzle reaching out to try to comfort the deathly ill pup. "Well... We cant leave her to die. That is cruel..." The stallion responded, snorting at the icy waters as if the pod could hear his fury. With a soft whimper, Pol lost consciousness and slipped into the blanket of darkness that comforted her from the myriad of pains that were assaulting her mind and body.

It took days for her to regain consciousness, the medic treating her round the clock and carrying her when the group traveled. At first, it was little bits here and there, moments of awareness before succumbing back to the oblivion. After a week in the care of the medic, which she later was introduced as Cammy, Polar was alert enough to learn that she was healing from the attack and not dying from the infection that nearly claimed her. During the time that Polar was unconscious, Cammy had worked out a prosthetic tail to make her maimed limb more complete. The support pieces came from a washed up giant clam shell, the shell's colors complimenting the pup's pale colors. The main piece of the fin was sewn together pieces of sting ray skin, traded in the summer as the nomad group had traveled. Cammy had chosen the materials for water resistant properties as well as strength, hoping that the assisting piece would help the pup as she grew. Polar was not thrilled with the prosthetic, feeling that it was uncomfortable. It took a bit of convincing from Cammy to be able to convince Polar to try it out. The next few months passed in a blur of healing and strengthening her tail to where it would be usable in the water.

At 7 months old, Polar North left the nomads, journeying back to where she was abandoned to see if she could find her pod... To try to find her sister. Even with the betrayal stinging in her heart, Bel was the one that Polar trusted. She saw her pod on an island a few miles down the shore from where she was abandoned, circling back as they went about their travels and watching carefully for sharks. Polar took a deep breath and dove into the surf. A small shark passed under her, making Polar nearly leap right back out of the water. Steeling her nerves, she swam out to the island with uncertain strokes of her tail. She was cut off from the pod by one of the males, a call from him beckoning Ice Shard from his patrols.

"You should be dead..." The big male snorted, seething at the appearance of the pup that had nearly killed the pod after the shark attack. "Your precious sister is gone and your father believes you dead. Go away and stay away." Pol stared at Ice Shard with baleful lavender eyes, feeling the pain at the rejection and the knowledge that everyone she loved was either gone or uncaring. A surge of fury warmed her limbs as she stared and the heartless stallion. "What's wrong Icey... You lost your desire more times than your precious ego could handle?" Polar North spat, turning and swimming back to shore before he could answer.

The next year passed in a flurry of helping the nomads that had helped her and learning how to live outside of the water. She loathed her own species and wanted nothing to do with the waters that they called home. Pol grew and matured into a striking and slightly more delicate version of her sister, learning how to swim with both the artificial tail that the nomad healer had created and without it. Due to the changes in her tail, she swam more eel like than the dolphin type swimming of her bloodlines.

Shortly after Pol turned a year and a half, she bid her nomad family good bye and decided to travel on her own for a while. She moved south, seeking warmer lands that wouldnt cause her tail to ache as badly. She would take short swims, never going deep enough to attract the attention of sharks and other marine predators. She did find a friend on her journeys, a stallion that was just a touch older than her and was a completely different species. He was shark to her dolphin and much more vibrant. He reminded her of a blue tang, his colors roaned out blues and yellows. They traveled together for a while before he left on a trip to his home pod.

Just after Pol turned 2 years old, the young mare stumbled upon Novus. She decided to stop and settle here, to make a life for herself that didnt require traveling constantly. Since arriving, she has pledged herself to becoming the best medic that she can be to be able to help others just as she was helped as a foal.

Active & Parvus Magic

Body-Water Manipulation. The ability to control and manipulate the water content of the body.

Pol's magic relies directly in the ability to control, manipulate and otherwise effect the water content of an individual's body, blood and organs.

Parvus: Pol's magic and desire to heal has had an effect on her blood itself. Her blood has taken on some of the healing magic her active possess, and can cause flesh wounds (scratches, cuts, etc) to heal with just the application of her own blood. This has a most notable effect on her own body - where she auto heals small wounds on her own skin, working through all epidermis levels (but no deeper, having no effect on muscle, or bones).

Tier One - It's In The Blood At this level, Pol's magic seems to be focused on the blood, in terms of being able to utilize her own to heal flesh wounds, and through this experimentation, she's taken a closer look to the blood, and can sense the very oddities that can effect it! She can sense blockages, and dissolve them with some effort, notice taints can purify the blood, as well as amp up the oxygenation level to help heal things at the cellular level. She is also able to influence white and red blood cells, to further encourage the fighting off of infections in the blood stream, as well as antibodies to help fight off illnesses, such as colds, and other ailments. This magic is however not with out it's own limitations. She can only 'heal' with the blood, on one individual per week, requiring a extensive resting period of her own magic, before she is able to force another to heal themselves in this manner.

Tier Two - It's In The Lungs The blood is oxygenated through the lungs, and some times those rising blood pressures can cause the veins in the lungs to explode, especially when overworked . . . It's through accidents like this that connections can be made, and at this level, Pol can start to notice when there is liquid where it's not supposed to be, particularly with the lungs when her attention is drawn to it. She can sense when a body has a blown vein, or even when there is a deeper bleeding beneath the surface. She can control the very water content in the veins, in the lungs, in the portion of the body where the blow out is, to close the blow out, and help clear up the leaked blood, actually shifting the type molecular designation of the liquid, changing the blood into something else that can be properly absorbed by that body part, to the point of allowing her to stop an individual from drowning in their own blood. Like any other effect, her magic can only heal one individual a week at this level, however, she can now 'heal' with blood once every 3 days.

Tier Three - It's In The Body Cavity As she becomes more familiar with the types of liquids with in the body, she will begin to actually be able to become more aware of issues in them. Of course, it takes a lot of understanding, of control . . . of potential mess ups, to learn where things aren't how they're supposed to be . . . Like a rupture in the stomach, or bile secretions infecting other parts of the body cavity. It is in this point she can begin to separate those liquids, where her point of healing can also cause disaster. Because with understanding the types of liquids, she will come to realize what caused them to have issues. Too much friction, heating something that shouldn't be heated. Focusing on removing liquid from a body part, and accidentally drying it out. It's at this stage, where not only can she now name the different liquids in the body, but she also can control those liquids. Boil, or Freeze, Hydrate or Dehyrdate, Harm or Heal. However, her magic is limited at this stage, and she can only heal with magic once ever four days, although she can heal with the blood (tier one) once a day.

Tier Four - It's In The Brain Of course, when you start to actually need to heal, you get to the point where healing needs to be deeper, healing needs to force the body, to force the mind. It's at this point where Pol's magic has hit a stage where she can follow every vein, every path through out the whole body. Closing her eyes, she can peel layer by layer away to target what needs to be fixed, what needs to be healed. But it's also at this stage where she'll make a horrifying discovery. When you control the liquids, you control the body. When you control the body, you're the new brain. This stage is the stage where Pol can learn she can hold a person in place by zapping full control of the liquid in their body. When she can force a bone back in alignment by controlling the liquid in the body around the bone, or take control of the limb completely, and make it do what she want. She can heal, or she can control. Of course, such deep control is not for the weak of heart, and can make a lasting impact on Pol's very thoughts. Such controlling actions, forcing an individual's body to do what she wants, even for the sake of healing will require her to rest up for her own mental health. And any time she causes more destruction than healing at this level -- it will make it harder for her to use that magic for a few days after, until she comes to terms, and can heal her own mind first.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Pet: Pol has a female albino savannah cat named Ghost. She stands 16 inches tall and weighs 18 pounds. Her coat is short and course, completely white. She has pale blue eyes.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Agora Items & Awards

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Little sister of Below Zero - Played by Dyzzie

Thought to be dead by her sister, spent 20 months healing from the trauma and traveling before reaching Novus.

Water Vapor/Steam Mane and Fetlocks - Water Vapors, and steam that come from her neck/back, and at her hooves which are typically used to help regulate body temperature in colder climates/water. Replaces Mane/Tails and Fetlock that can get weighed down with water. Vapors tend to be a cool misting now that she no longer lives in arctic temperatures, but the heat (or coolness) of the vapors shift with the temperature around her to help regulate her body temperature against colder (or hotter) climates.

-Information Via Dyzzie (Below Zero)-

*Staff edit: Due to our character design rules being changed April 2021 (now all recognizably-equus fantasy designs with aesthetic, non-harmful designs aspects can be joined without items), this character's passive magic is no longer needed! The cost has been refunded and the item removed from their inventory.

Played by:

Chaosy (PM Player)


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Staff Log

Saved incentives/prizes: None.

11/23/19 Character application accepted; character pass approved. +20 signos for visual reference. -AIMLESS
12/20/19 +2EXP from advent calendar, TID4402. -SID
04/06/21 +2000 signos and removed character pass item from inventory & records. No longer needed for this character due to the April 2021 design rule changes. -INKBONE
07/18/21 +6EXP for Chaosy's 1 and 2 year anniversaries (05-16-19). -INKBONE
10/09/21 +6EXP for threading with 10 members for 1st time (*Sunsides #829, *Teal #1139, *Redandblack #117, *Kealie #1007, *Lullivy #1128, *Wildandfree/Jet #1538, *Maxxie #1131, *Avis #43, *Elidhu #1485, *Sid #10). -INKBONE
10/10/21 +1EXP for gaining purchased active magic - approved, vexillum item swapped, and added to records. Member writing own quest. -INKBONE
10/24/21 Purchased pet approved and added to records. -INKBONE
10/31/21 +1EXP for member-written short quest for active magic, TID6690. -INKBONE
11/08/21 +3EXP for visiting on halloween- LULLIVY
06/03/22 +3EXP for Chaosy's 3 year anniversary 5/16/19. -INKBONE
06/03/22 +1EXP for 2021 Advent Day 19 prize. -INKBONE