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"All the city towers over us
And all our problems make us powerless
Let's get somewhere where the both of us come rising up
Come rising up”

-- -- --
Winter built her from the bottom up: from every inch of hoof to head she became a frightening 16 hand statue with her white body blotched out by pieces of the night sky. She was made strong, she was made to withstand as she would later prove with her battle prowess. Her body grew in the arms of snowstorms and blizzards, bones unshaken and coat designed to keep the cold out. Her mane and tail melded itself with both the pitch darkness and light creams, retaining the colors of her body. They were wild, very nearly unkempt in comparison to the rest of her hair. Despite it all, though, she maintained a softness not akin to her kind. Her features are not hard; they were not drawn with the sharp edges of rock, but with the lightness of a flower stem. She was born a princess, after all, and she carries herself the way the sun sinks into the horizon, slow and yet with an undeniable purpose. The blue-black pieces of paint resting gently across her hide are speckled with the stars the crescent moon on her forehead illuminates. Turquoise, sea-green eyes are the only stark contrast on her watercolored body.

"Where we could be giants
Bigger than the walls that hide us
Breaking all the laws of science
Looking at a sea of diamonds”

-- -- --
Adaptable | Altruistic | Brazen | Combative | Indiscriminate | Predictable | Quick tempered | Sacrificing | Strategical

Brick by brick she was pieced together to be fit for the crown she was born under, the perfect mould for the next heir save for the fact that she was born a filly. Until the age at which she could understand her Court's regulations she was as happy as any foal would be, well taken care of and nurtured under the guidance of her parents. She learned compassion, she learned love. And when she reached her first year she learned heartbreak.

The months before that were spent being taught how a girl should behave, a princess in all aspects. But she would quickly decide to watch the mannerisms of all the colts of the court, their grooming suitable for that of the proper heir. Their opinions always mattered so they spoke their mind; their knowledge was praised so they spent time studying; their input in battle plans was held above all else so they dreamed of strategy. Quickly she would be able to put all she observed into practice when she joined Jarl, the only female of her Court to attempt such a task. She fought, she was beaten down and buired beneath the snow, figuring out how to use her body when words were not enough to protect. She became strong-willed and unbendable beneath the warrior clan's tutelage, yet kept herself close to the nurses of the herd to observe all she could on healing. Though she was a force to behold on the battlefield she was of the kindest nurturing sort, only letting herself help mend those she fought.

She grew to be two sides of a coin: both warrior and physician, an indispensable unit to her people of the Winter Court. After winning her right to rule it wasn't long before she passed the throne to a brother that was finally born; she adored her Court and admired her followers but she ventured off to Novus to protect those who could not protect themselves.

"I don't wanna be the one you can push by
At the back of the room
I would rather ride with you to the big sky
At the heart of the moon”

-- -- --
*Winter, Year 495
Until some day snuggled in the middle of the winter season, the King and Queen of the Winter Court had borne no children. They had aged well and reached the conclusion that they were ready to pass their crowns on, but had no heir to take their place. They had tried for years to conceive: time proved short as the months grew onto each other, each season passing thrice-fold. It was the next winter season that allowed them relief, though, and the Queen pushed her firstborn into their world. It would not be as they hoped, for their child was a daughter and they had prayed for a son; it was custom for only males to take the throne upon maturing, and they feared there would be none to carry on their name. She was called Silanos.

*Winter, Year 496
As the girl grew, her parents doted upon her as any guardian who loves their charge would. They practiced all sorts of heir duties and taught her about their Court; she fell in love with the herd that might not have even been hers when the time came. She was one year when she could finally understand the consequences of her not being a colt, the only daughter of the King and Queen not seen as a rightful fit to rule. Her resolve steeled; she watched all that the boys of the Court did and picked up on their mannerisms, but knew it would not be enough to convince her people of.

*Spring, Year 497
One season later she had decided she would reside with the warrior clan, Jarl, located just along their borders, a group not entirely what seemed fit for a princess. Her parents were hesitant to let her go, but soon realized that the conclusion would be the same regardless; they could not change her gender, so they would allow her to learn of all the warrior tribe's culture and teachings in hopes of making her a more suitable choice for the throne in the eyes of their members. So she left to make home in the all-male clan, clearly unsuited for their rough lifestyle. They worked her hard and she was dug into the ground until the day she managed to best every warrior in the group. They crowned her "Rannveig," a name in their tongue to mean one who was untouchable and she wore her new title with pride; she, the first and sole valkyrie in the Winter Court. Fighting was not all that she had learned, though, for the nurses taught her their way of caring for wounds and she refused to let anyone treat her opponents; after battle she would treat them herself.

*Winter, Year 498
She turned three when she left the clan and returned to her Court, bringing a challenge to her people along with her: they would deem her worthy of becoming the next Queen if she could defeat their Court's best warrior in a match of brains and brawns, strategy and strength. It lasted a full day before the end, the princess following through on her namesake and remaining undefeated. The task as heir, however, would not be as easy to fill as she had imagined, for she had missed out on much of the etiquette and history training required of her. She would spent the rest of her third year learning all she could about the other Seasonal Courts. It would also be the first time she heard of Novus's tale, and her parents would announce the birth of their son.

*Spring, Year 499
With the turn of the seasons beginning a new year, the heir-turned-progeny would realize that she could do nothing more for her Court; she could lead, she could fight, but she wasn't what their members had wanted and with the birth of her brother she decided to pass the throne onto him. She would instead travel across Veteris and reach into the lands of Novus, a world so entirely different from her own that it would captivate her and she wouldn't find herself back in her home Court. It was there, after going into the Night Court's borders, that she would meet Erynvale and recognize her as the Autumn Court heir. She spent the next year as a guest, then moved on to other parts of the land to learn of the states of the other courts.

*Winter, Year 499
Turned four

*Spring, Year 500
It was the Dusk Court that she moved to first and upon meeting its members never made it anywhere else. They were all one in the same: each trying to find a life of simplicity and comfort, all wanting to protect everything they came across. Their lives were so different from the one she had led. She wondered if she would have been among them if her parents favored a daughter, if she hadn't left for the clan and stayed buried in the Court's quarters. Somewhere within the year they had stolen her heart with their soft systems and sweet ways; she wanted to fight for them, wanted to help direct the flow of life and be a stable figure in their realm that they could lean on. She would not break, not bend, else she wouldn't have been given the name Rannveig.

*Summer, Year 500
Met and fell in love with Máni

*Winter, Year 500
Turned five

*Spring, Year 501

Active & Parvus Magic

"If we could come up, no one ever would defy us
Top of the world, we'll be sitting at the highest"

-- -- --
*Mental Shield
The creation of a shield to protect the mental aspects of the self and/or others; a barrier to external psychic powers/magic, and an anesthetizing agent to chemical reactions in the brain. All individuals being shielded must stand within a half mile radius, no exception.

A weak shield can be created that affects only the user; lasting for hardly more than a handful of minutes, it's like grasping at straws trying to pull together the seams of the magic that creates a barrier to block out mind-targeting powers. In addition to this, it can be used to lightly numb the affects of neurotransmitters that relate to feeling, such as pain, sadness, and anger, but these are still overwhelmingly felt more than they are dulled. the shield created is easily overridden by stronger magics targeting the mind, and the user experiences a strong headache that lasts for hours.

Shields now are slightly stronger, and less easily broken. They can be extended to others, but only one shield at a time is able to be generated. The threads of the magic form swifter, creating a somewhat reliable blockade to mental attacks. Those with stronger levels are still very likely to tear through it without much work, but the ones with equal levels will take more time and might not always be successful in getting by. The idea of desensitizing feelings is more realistic now, too, and even if the individual is in great pain, feels utter exhaustion, or is experiencing a trauma, they might find themselves feeling a sense of comfort to calm them. The shield, whether used on the self or others, is sustainable for an hour though it will exhaust the user to the point of needing extended rest.

Up to two individuals can be shielded at this level, the barrier forming in a matter of seconds without must resistance. Little gets through to affect the targets; however, if the user becomes distracted or begins to feel something too strong to control, the shields will either weaken or break altogether and they will feel the full force of the attack. Once demolished, the user may take several minutes to try to recompose it, but it will remain brittle after the initial fall. If used to mask sensations, the shield is apt at numbing a variety of feelings for a couple of hours without much more than a headache for the user. The target may find the neutralizing affects much more potent than the slight hum of the feeling lingering in the background.

A shield is easily generated for up to three, building instantaneously. It is nearly impossible to touch the minds of the shielded, though not unattainable. Should the shields become damaged they can be formed again more easily, though their condition is less likely to hold should they be attacked again. With the highest level attained, the user is able to numb almost everything the target can feel, and they usually forget how the stimulation was affecting them at all while the barrier is in place. This lasts as long as the user actively shields them, but extended periods of time have greater consequences on the user.

*Parvum Magic

Passive Magic


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

"We could come up, no one ever would defy us
Top of the world, we'll be sitting at the highest”

-- -- --
Large, wolf fur coat held by leather straps around the body with a buckle; a single crest embellished with a star sits along the neckline.

*Small accessory
Leather, wolf fur covered cuff around upper left leg held by two buckles.

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"If we could be, we could be giants
Bigger than the walls that hide us
Breaking all the laws of science
Looking at a sea of diamonds”

-- -- --
Original character by elkayell

Design and reference image by raygungraphics

Table background by Sašo Tušar on unsplash

Lyrics by Lights


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