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Spanish Hybrid


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Appearance: She takes strongly after her Spanish heritage, but is slightly smaller, closer to her mother’s size around 15.2hh. A real Spanish beauty, she has amazing womanly curves and hardy lean muscle. Beautiful straight profile, large ears, and a slightly arched, strong neck courtesy of her parents. Deep chest, short backed and well muscled in her legs and hindquarters, she can move with grace and speed (her trot sounds amazing). Her hair has a slight wave to it, longer and fuller thanks to her dad and Spanish ancestry. She is a bright golden palomino, like the summer sun. Elena has bright blue eyes, her mother’s eyes, her cousin’s eyes, and a heart shaped birth mark upon her brow.
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Positive: Compassionate Brave Friendly Loyal Adventurous Humorous

Negative: Stubborn Reckless Soft-hearted Outspoken

Elena’s biggest downfall is her compassion. Combined with her reckless nature, Elena would not think twice to rush to save someone, laying down her own life in exchange. She aches for those who hurt and would give anything to those she loves to provide them with the best life possible. Elena feels empathy for even those she barely knows and this has gotten her into trouble before, believing she can make someone feel better, live better if only she gives them her love.

Elena , though orphaned at a year of age, grew up with a large, ancient family. She loves stories and tales of old and has been known to tell a story or two herself. She had a great imagination as a child, always imagining dragons and brave knights, but she has lost some of this as she has aged and found little time for stories. Though, sometimes, in her previous home she would hear the whispers of stories from parents and she would be helpless but to stand there, enraptured by the tales.

Outing and friendly, Elena enjoys the company of others when she finds herself alone, that is when she begins to think, and think a little too much. Instead, she much prefers the hum of activity and discovering new faces. Elena often uses humor when interesting with others, never taking small talk too seriously. Of course, she doesn't always think before she speaks, and she has said a thing or two that perhaps she ought not to have said.


Elena was born one summer’s afternoon when the sun was at its highest point in the sky. This gave Elena her namesake, she was her parents’ shining light. She golden and tiny and ready to face the world with a radiant smile and a bold personality.

While this day was joyous, there was a price upon Elena’s head the moment she was born. An old promise made to save her mother’s life, Elena was promised to the snow prince, Frostbane, by her father. Frostbane came a day after Elena had been born, seeking his prize, only to be driven off by the legacy family that resided there, but he made a promise to return to take what belonged to him.

Elena grew up happy within the confines of Windskeep with two parents who loved her, and a grandmother that was full of ancient stories that the sunflower child could hardly get enough of. While Windskeep was at war with Bloodvale, the violence never reached their borders. Though she did watch as the warriors came back from battle, bloodied and broken, her father one of them, but he always managed to put a smile on his face for his daughter.

But this fairytale life she was living (where she was princess and the dragons were far away being slain by the brave knights) began to show its cracks as her mother grew ill. The sickness was slow and Elena was powerless but to watch her mother dying before her eyes until the fateful day came when her chest rose and fell once last time, words of ‘I love you’ still on her lips.

Luckily for Elena, she still had her father.

But that would be short lived.

Frostbane returned, just as he said he would and Elena and her father had no choice but to run. They ran and ran, but it was useless, Frostbane caught them in the end. Elena managed to escape, but the cost was her father’s life. She was instructed to follow the river, and the river would lead her to where she needed to go, to the land where her mother and father had met. There, family would be waiting for her to keep her safe.

The river led her to an ancient land called Murmuring Rivers, this is where her grandmother had been born before going to live in Windskeep, the birthplace of their family line. There she met the regent, the love of her Uncle Valerio’s life who he had to leave behind to fight in the war: Aletta. Elena was taken into her cousin Marcelo and Ori’s home and there they raised her, along with the rest of the help from the close knit herd.

Grief stricken, Elena closed in on herself, she barely talked to anyone and rarely left the grove she and her adopted family slept in. Elena was well aware of the storm she had brought with her, everyone curious as to what had happened in Windskeep and if Valerio would return home. Most seemed to think it was best to leave the orphan girl alone, “she will come out when she’s ready,” they would say, but there was one who sought Elena out, who brought with her a bright smile and friendly demeanor: Lilliana.

Lilliana would always reach out to the golden girl, but Elena always pushed her away, until one day, when she saw Lilli within a patch of dead flowers that had not yet come back to life with the coming of spring. It was here that Elena reached out to her cousin. But anytime Elena searches for peace, something gets in the way, and it was something this time that was all too familiar.

Frostbane had found her once again.

Elena quickly jumped to Lilli’s defense, ready to fight despite her young age and small stature. She was possessed by anger towards the alabaster stallion, never before had she felt such rage. Just as she steps forward to defend Lilli, herself, her home, her family’s name, that is when they came, the regent Aletta, and beside her was Valerio. The great guardian had returned. Frostbane left, knowing he was outnumbered and knowing of Valerio’s strength, but his promise still hung thick in the air. He would be back, this is the one thing Elena could count on.

Since that experience, Lilli and Elena grew close quickly. With the return of Valerio, they were able to travel back to his and many other’s birth land of Paraiso, the original place their family had claimed years and years and years ago. Elena and Lilli had grown up hearing stories about this place so when they finally lived there, they knew they were in for something special.

Some where between Murmuring Rivers and Paraiso, Elena met a stallion named Aerwir who vowed to protect her. It was in a short time that the golden filly developed a crush on the young stallion and stole out to the Meadow any chance she got before she finally convinced him to move to Paraiso.

In Paraiso, Elena worked under the tutelage of the ageless healer, Lovelace. It is with her Elena learned what herbs can heal, which can hurt, and how to care for those in pain or for those with child. Elena grew well in Paraiso and prospered with a purpose. She and Lilli grew closer than ever, playing together any chance they got. They promised to be best friends forever, a promise Elena has not yet broken.

And then Paraiso fell to the mist. While it would remain intact and safe and secluded for all those of the legacy blood, Elena who was now nearly full grown, could not leave Aerwir behind. It was more than a crush, she loved him. It was Aerwir who convinced Elena to travel to the Woodlands with him and offer their king her knowledge of healing. Elena took the job, trying to find her purpose once more while Aerwir talked of babies in the coming years. It was then, Elena realized maybe this was not the life she wanted as she felt her bones hollow and her heart ache, but for what she did not know.

Before she had the opportunity to figure it out, Elena was stolen from the Woodland to the land called Culloden, ruled by a stallion named Broch. It was here Lilli and Elena were once again united, but their reunion was short lived, as Culloden fell and Elena returned to Windskeep to see her grandmother and visit the resting place of her parents.

She returned to Beyond, eager to find her best friend waiting for her as Lilli always was, but there was no crimson girl waiting for her, the other half of her fire, Elena had learned was gone, to a land called Beqanna. Elena felt guilt plague her heart as she realized how much she had taken her cousin for granted, and she wouldn't want to hold back Lilli from spreading her wings. But, at the same time, Elena felt the call and answered, following Lilli to Beqanna.

Arriving in Beqanna, Elena immediately began to teach for Lilli, searching high and low, meeting a few faces during her journey. Though she inquired, Elena heard nothing from Lilli, no one, it would seem, had seen her. Then Elena met Kensa, who offered not Lilli’s whereabouts, but something that may have been just as important, a job and a home in Hyaline. Perhaps, now, Elena could find her purpose and let her heart fill once more.

So Elena moves to Hyaline, becoming a resident and a diplomat in training, slightly different than her medical role in her previous home, but one she plays all the same. Elena was beginning to lose hope she would ever find Elena, until one night, when the moon was full and bright, the palomino thought she must be dreaming because there in the trees, illuminated like fire that had always guided her way: there stood Lilliana.

It was a reunion like no other, and suddenly they were little kids again, chattering and laughing and catching each other up on all their adventures. Elena finally felt at peace with Lilli beside her once more. While Elena would remain in Hyaline and Lilli would remain in Taiga, they knew now where to find each other and they made plans to visit, not every day, though it was certainly on the table, but often enough.

A competition emerged within Beqanna, summer school with a teacher. Both Elena and Lilli signed up to particpate. They sang, and created science experiments, and then had to team up to complete a challenge, where Elena and Lilli were joined by another: Cassian. Cassion, who preceded to immediately flare Elena’s nerves with his flirty nature and the way he thought he was so utterly charming. Never the less, they completed the challenge in record time and Cassian had actually proven to be useful, though Elena was glad to be rid of him.

She was wandering one day, and nothing good ever seems to happen to Elena when she wanders. She should have learned that lesson when she met Underworld. This time, Elena met Tunnel. Tunnel who set ever nerve of hers on fire, who made her blood feel like electricity, who when he touched her it burned and felt so cold at the same time. She recognized these feelings, it was like with Aerwir, with Underworld. She needed to go. She needed to leave. He would only lead to her torment, this she knew. And Lilli had enough to worry about without worry about her cousin and best friend.

It was time to go.

And so Elena wandered once more.

And then she found Novus…and here she will try to grow her fire once more.

Active & Parvus Magic

Parvus: Elena is able to sense the ability of another. She gleams only a vague idea of their power and what tier they are at, but the details of their powers will remain a mystery. Elena has also gained a copper flame marking on her left shoulder.

Tier 1: In the beginning, Elena only can only feel vague emotions, that are very blatant: anger, happiness, sadness, and she isn't able to delve any deeper than this. Often times the emotions of others will affect her, especially if whatever the other is feeling is especially strong. She will be unsure why exactly her emotions keep seeming to change from no where. In a large group, she will be unable to pinpoint what emotion belongs to which.

Tier 2: Elena still struggles at this level not let other emotions affect her own, but she is now able to pin point exactly where the emotions are coming from, even in a large group. Elena can now experience more clarity in reading another’s emotions, it is more than just vague one dimensional emotions, and instead she can see whether it is rage or frustration, depression or sorrow, joy or excitement. She can tell too when they are feeling more than just one emotion. She has even begun to be able to share emotions with others, but the effects do not last long and it greatly tires her to change the emotions of another. It is easier for her to do if the emotion she is trying to change from is closer to the emotion she is trying to change to (such as calm to entirely peaceful) while the opposite is much more difficult for her to perform and sustain (such as rage to happiness.)

Tier 3: Emotions of others now no longer affect her except briefly as she gauges what another is feeling. She can read another’s mood and temperament with crystal clear clarity. Her ability to manipulate emotions has grown stronger too. While she still cannot manipulate one’s emotions from completely opposite, if there is some willingness to be persuaded within the character’s personality, Elena has a much easier time changing their emotions. Although it still takes a considerable amount of effort and the effects are still temporary.

Tier 4: In addition in being able to read emotions in others now, Elena also can manipulate these emotions, she can turned a panicked horse into a calm one, or if someone is raging out, she can make them happy. It still drains her to do this, but she can do it for far longer than at her previous tier and with more ease and grace.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets


Celosia. Elena's dragon, Elena's companion, a trusted confidant. Celosia was found as a newly hatched egg and formed an instant bond with Elena. She will grow quickly, and her full grown size is not yet known.

And from her belly, fire is born. Celosia is able to breathe fire, some say she was born with it, still others say it comes from Elena's own firey spirit, as bright as the sun. They say her fire is just as hot as that which rests on the sun's surface, though none have been so unlucky yet to find out.

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07/23/20 +2EXP for collecting 5 diff plants in 2 courts TID4599,4883. -INKBONE
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07/23/20 +2EXP for participating in IC Event "Walk through the Woods" TID5088. -INKBONE
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09/25/20 +1 EXP for accompanying another character on their quest, TID 5246. -SID
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11/10/20 +2EXP for participating in IC Event (the island 506 Spring, TID4324) in TID5619. -INKBONE
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11/22/20 Signos for Elena completing TID5460, 5619, 5739, 5107, 5757, 5472 was sent to Delilah. -INKBONE
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12/23/20 90EXP Milestone, +8 health and +12 attack, awarded Dominus magic. -GRIFFIN
01/20/21 +5EXP for promotion from Dusk Court Champion of Community to Sovereign, TID5937. -INKBONE
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