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"that's so cute. you think you're scary.
but mister, I've seen scary
and you ain't got his smile."

- dark coat
- long, black mane & tail
- red, cat-like eyes
- dark wavy horns
- white on chest

Tall. Muscular. Lithe. Virulent.

Abrin is a dangerous creature wrapped in a beautiful but lethal package. A dark coat stretches over his features, hugging his muscular frame well. It would be completely black save for the splash of white upon his chest, splattering as if it were blood from his heart. A slick, black mane spills from the crest of his neck, pushed back from his face and tumbling down to about his knees. Such a style is echoed in his tail which nearly bushes the ground but looks as though it was perhaps cut in a messy manner to keep the dirt from it.

It would be easy to say that Abrin has a rather charming face if it weren't for that fact that every smile always feels like there's a malicious feeling behind it. Lazy eyes that shine with a brilliant red that lights up his features, making him look even more snakelike than you might think possible. While he is certainly capable of a smile or two, it's so much more likely to see him with the sort of display that would lead you to believe he would rather be anywhere else and well, you probably wouldn't be wrong. Now, with those ever so enchanting smiles, they're the kind that leaves your heart fluttering and a pit in your stomach. Teeth that could almost be called fangs lurk behind his lips, sharp and as dangerous as his words. To add to it all, a set of dark, wavy horns rest upon his skull. Tilted back and pointed, a dangerous weapon that sits as though it were the dark creature's crown itself.

"the devil is and always will be a gentleman."

- apathetic
- clever
- wicked
- charismatic
- short-tempered

Abrin is...Well, Abrin is a complicated creature. He can be charming and wonderful while simultaneously being the bane of your existence. He's good at knowing what to say, how to act and by the gods does he do it well. In a way, he's the type of person where he could be killing you and with a sweet murmur of honeyed words convince you to drive the knife into your chest. A politician, per se.

Now, Abrin may have a bit of a short, violent temper, but he is nothing if not a patient man. He knows his game and will play it well, even if that game reaches far beyond his own time of the mortal plane. He can be a friend, a lover, an enemy. He can be anything you want and he will do it well. He will be the one to hold you close and whisper you sweet nothings under the moonlight but when morning comes, if it fits his plan, he will be the one to steal the very light from your eyes.

His mind is quick-moving, constantly racing towards the next thing. Abrin is an agent of chaos above all else, constantly looking to stir the pot in a way that might spice things up a little. Maybe a good label would be an anarchist. The one time he found himself in a position of power long ago, it was a place of standing where those following him held similar beliefs. They were to seek out control and create chaos. For better or for worse, he's the creature that kicks the hornet's nest.

"this is how it goes: everybody's got a bone to pick.
we arise from the dust already aching. when god made
the dinosuars he said, let's see what teeth can do.
(let's see what asteroids can undo.)
how it goes: blood knows the dark of our bodies & somehow
it thrives. "

Abrin's history is not a clean one nor is it a peaceful one. Early memories are splattered with blood and terror. Despite being one himself, they are memories that brought about his rather distrustful nature towards other stallions. Just before Abrin had reached the age of being a yearling, his mother had been brutally slaughtered by his sire. He - well - he didn't know why. At least not when it all happened. In hindsight, maybe it was because she was threatening to leave or was rebelling against the stallion's power, but it was something Abrin didn't like to dwell too long on. He fled that night when it had all happened. How could he stay? To see a parental figure dead on the ground and the other covered in their blood? There was no other option. The next few years were uneventful in the grand scheme of it all. A kid finding their way in the world and learning that honeyed words got a lot more done that any sort of violence (but that didn't mean violence wasn't fun from time to time). He traveled a lot and took in the world, eventually becoming quite the menace. Abrin was a bit of a terror during this time, the sort of creature that stallions leading herds hated. Honestly, who in their right mind would want some rogue stallion showing up and stealing a mare away from the night only to fill her mind with ideas of treason, anarchy, and murder?

After a while, he ended up in a land called Elysium. This is where things got interesting. He messed around there for a while, but when given the chance, he grabbed fate by the wrist and decided to have some fun. Abrin quickly found himself in a position of power. King of the Heretics. He ruled over a land of thorns and criminals with a queen he had grown to love by his side. It was a love he never cared to admit, but her banter and sharp wits had somehow taken root in his otherwise unforgiving heart. A bit of time went on like this, chaos thriving and burning across the land in a way that made Abrin feel as though he were thriving.

It's a shame it all had to end. They had held off the challengers for a while, keeping their power and leading the herd well, but all good things have to end at some point. It was the rules of the land, a challenge lost is a crown lost. Abrin hadn't taken the defeat all too well, but he certainly wasn't stupid enough to try to challenge the world like that. Not yet, at least. A sense of bitterness curled in his heart as he left the land, the queen he once loved gone from his life as she had seemed to have other plans. So, Abrin had left Elysium, seeking out other things the world had to offer...and well, that's how he had found Novus. There had been some small things in between, but it was all inconsequential and minor in hindsight when faced with an entirely new world to explore, to shake, to ravage. So with a wolfish grin and crimson eyes, Abin had set upon the world before him to see what sort of fun things he could sink his fangs into.

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