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Moonlight is a mare that resembles the night. Blues dance together in her frame, giving her a unique coat, and overall exotic design. Dark blue paints are the main color one could spot at first glance. Then a lighter hue embraces the belly, the under neck, cheeks, and legs. And up in her back twin swirls can be seen in the middle of this region of her body. Her mane and tail share this light blue, but this one is more prominent. Jumping to an odder step, in some places, there are a few additions. Additions that gives her a more aggressive touch. Two big ram horns decorate her head. Swirling around her ears and down her cheeks, in a dark grey layer. In her limbs, a thorn made of the same material as her horns pokes out. They had settled in each of her four legs. They and her hooks are also dark greys as the horns. Last but not less important, the eyes of cyan that adorns her face are in place to give a big contrast with her dark-skinned body. Her built lays more to the bulky side but not in a exaggerated way. She is tall with 18hh.

Reserved + contemplative + Watchful + wise + solitary + quiet

Moon is a horse of little interest in sharing her stuff with others, especially strangers or those she doesn't like at all. Her thoughts, her ideas , points of view and personal information are all kept away from other's ears. She won't talk if she feels unsure about those around her. This behavior is due because she doesn't feel confident enough with herself and the way others may could think of her should she speak her mind in any given situation or time. Her habits are also of this nature. She does her best to reduce the time of interactions as much as possible. The less people around the better. Bit being part of a court enables her to accomplish this goal.

From a young age , Moon has been true to he Name. As she has a weird attraction to the moon. Which she sees as a guide for her , as if it was another being, a being who protects her. Every night she can sit for hours watching it, contemplating it. And when she does , she feels her spirit and soul rise to an stage of comfort , of relief. Only in these moments she feels that way. Otherwise she always feels stressed or on edge.

She has shown a wise thinking. A thinking others wouldn't think someone her age should have. She think beyond what one can see. She thinks in everything , and when a problem arises , she would think about several ways to solve it. Always picking the one with the less chance of failure. But should she fail, she would try the learn from those mistakes and avoid making them again. She loves to learn new things , and she won't negate any time to expand her knowledge. Asking questions for everything is a way she can do so.

She is a mate of few words. She doesn't talk as much as others. She doesn't talk unless she feels it's necessary to do so. And when she uses her chords,she won't speak more than a few sentences or one-word responses.

She isn't a very religious mare, she had never placed her mind in things like gods or deities. The only exception is the moon as previously mentioned.

Like an eagle she is always in the look of her surroundings. Keeping an eye to her back and around. She does that as she enjoys being aware of the things happening near her. But she doesn't only do this for self entertainment. Safety is also important. She is always aware of danger.

Moon was born in a far away land named the valley of Candril. A land that used to be a rich and vast region where herds lived in peace. The plenty of food , water and space made war and conflicts very rare as there was no reason to fight for. Many tribes called it their home. Five of them were lead by related horsed. Horses that wished to keep peace and prosperity into the valley. Drull , Navis , Talis , Katonis and Morhi were the five who rose above all to create the United Nation of Cantaris. And peace stood across the valley for generations to come.

Despite the peace , an army was created to protect the herd and maintain the peace among the inhabitants of the kingdom. And there is where the union of a soldier and a trader took place , and as a result a filly was brought to the world. But something wasn't right. She was right. Out of no where a blue little horse was delivered among a herd of regular looking horses. At first they doubted what they were seeing but at the end both accepted to raise her. And like that they did their best to give her love and acceptation even if sometimes it was hard to believe she was really their child. But even if they did made the effort to treat her as anyone else of their home, the rest of the kingdom did not. Instead they made whatever they could to keep her away from them. Excluding her from any public events , festivals and celebrations. And without the possibility of opposing , her parents had to do so.

And a year passed and Moon grew up , grew up alone and without a friend to call her own. And in those seasons she adopted a very closed heart , keeping everyone away from it. Keeping everything and not even her own parents ever knew who she really was . And upon becoming of age she left without a word , she left without bothering to say goodbye. On her yes no one deserved her gratitude.

In those lonely nights of travelling , those silent nights and days were all she had left. But each night she learned about an unexpected company. The moon. Why you may ask? Well, each night she didn't have non one to talk to. But the moon ended up being something she spoke to. Even if It didn't responded to what she said , she felt okay with it. No rude words , no laughs , no complains over her. It because the only one she felt okay with sharing her things.

And like that she became the mare of the moon.

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