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A white and dark blue stallion with a sparse brownish-blue mane. His front is mostly dark blue, covering his neck up to the edge of his snout where it then tapers off into white, and goes back to his shoulders and forelegs. Most of the rest of him is white except for his lower backlegs, which are also dark blue. He does not have any spots or other markings on the white section, but some of the dark blue has white spots. His tail is medium-length and rather thick. His eyes are icy blue and his nostrils are larger than average.

Positive: Adventurous, respectful, daring, thoughtful, caring, kind Negative: Impulsive, hard to reach, not understanding, proud Volitox is always up for adventure and fun. He's brave and daring, ready to dash into dangerous situations even when he knows he's not properly equipped- which gets him into a lot of trouble sometimes. This is because he can't stand sitting around doing nothing. He always needs to be doing something, even if it's dangerous. Despite this, he is still rather thoughtful and caring- for the most part- when it comes to emotional matters. He is often reasonable and level-headed when it comes to interpersonal conflict and always does his best to resolve the situation fairly. But there is an issue- when it comes to himself, and what he wants, he is often not communicative. This can lead to him being hard to reach and sometimes results in him bottling up emotions. Volitox is also proud of himself. He thinks himself wiser and stronger than others. For this reason, despite him being rather caring of others, he can be quite full of himself. But you can always count on Volitox to rush to the defense of his friends and allies. With a big heart and a relentless spirit, you will find Volitox, in many areas of life, fighting and never giving up hope.

Volitox grew up with the idea of monsters firmly entangled in his head. The island he was born on was rife with war. His family, and furthermore his clan, under constant attack by neighboring tribes. He witnessed them kidnap his newborn sister while he hid under a bush, unable to do anything, and saw them run off with her, never to be seen again. Volitox vowed to never let anything happen to him or those he cared about again without him doing something about it. His clan was forced to move constantly to keep the rivaling tribes guessing to their location, but it became harder and harder as the rival tribes gained more members. The island became too small to hide in. One night, during his adolescent years, his parents awoke him and they hurried away under the cover of the stars. They couldn't stay on the island any longer; they had to leave before the rivaling tribes killed them all. They had a long and hard journey to Novus, but in the end, they all arrived there safely. But Novus wasn't the dream escape Volitox had dreamed of. Volitox had a hard time adjusting to life in Novus, in a world he was unfamiliar and unsure. His family joined the Dawn Court, but Volitox felt unwelcome for a long period of time. The young stallion was often found going on lonely walks, trying to cope with his survivor's guilt and wondering about the fate of the rest of his clan's members back in his birth home. Over time, however, Volitox grew to accept and even love Novus and the Dawn Court. He pushed all his anxieties out of his mind forcefully- denying any hint of emotional introspection whenever he could help it- and doing his very best to stay in the present. Since, he has been trying his best to be as helpful and friendly as possible to those he cares about.

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Hi, I'm really excited to be joining this RP! :)

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