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Regal may have been a word often used to describe Tori, and why not? For a mare of average height she carries herself with a measure of dignity and surety that indicates years of distinct cultivation. Her stature is solid, with a thick neck and a deep chest, strong legs bred for traversing various types of terrain. Compact, but not bulky, she has a feminine quality to her pistons and the shape of her face, the dish of her cheeks a small more pronounced, leading one to think that her breeding may not be of an entirely pure bloodline. Her colour is of a tarnished copper, the sooty bay coat dappled around her midsection and across her chest and fading up her neck. The pattern leaves her face, topline and legs a soft black, though at the in between hours of sunrise and sunset one might almost mistake it for a deep chocolate hue. The only distinct marking she bears is around her eyes. A copper line traces the top curve of her orbital socket and extends in front and behind in a sweeping motion. The bottom curve has six circles in various sizes, the largest being the one directly centered under her deep blue pools. Her mane and tail are a bright copper tone, marking her as a very natural red-head. The hairline is kept neat and tidy with a tight dutch braid going from just behind her ears to the withers and finishing off down the length of the tresses. Her tail has a similar style, an english braid wrapping around the base, giving the jewelry a place to hook onto. Speaking of, she has quite a few beautiful adornments, including the spectacular rack of worn ivory that grows from her temples, seven points each wrapped in chains or draped with small bells. This bit of jewelry in conjunction with several languid loops of silver coin hanging from the base of her tail as well as carefully woven into the braid of her mane give her an ethereal tinkling sound with the whisper of her movements. A silk veil of translucent blue and intricate silver embroidery of stars and flowers covers her forelock, three silver tassels tickling the space of her forehead between her bright eyes. This tucks into the braid of her mane and leaves a screen over the rest of her tresses about half way down their length. A delicate silver nose ring hangs between her nares.

Bold | Nurturing | Neurotic | Stubborn | Loyal | Whimsical | Passionate | Insightful | Decadent | Obsessive

Warm; cozy like a lazy spring afternoon. Tori has the kind of personality that makes others feel welcome. She’s sociable and encourages those around her to be their most authentic selves. You’d have to dig deep to find a judgemental bone in her body, and even then, while she can be very stubborn and set in some of her ways, she’s open to change if you make a good argument. Independent is another word that could easily describe the mare. She likes to be bold in everything, and believes that others should have the courage to do so as well. She has a very gentle side, and does her best to bring to light the best qualities in others. You’ll never find a better example of “Find the good in people” than in Torielle. She’s undyingly loyal, which can put her in sticky situations that she should know better than to traverse, but she’ll have your back if you have hers. She may come across as a soft spirit in most cases, but she’s a survivor and if you need someone to shoot, shovel and shut up, look no further. She’s passionate and opinionated, though she tries to use her powers mostly for good. She’s more likely to get into an argument with you over some tough love than she is to pick petty fights over nothing, and she’d rather talk spirituality and wax poetics. She revels in new experiences and deep diving into other people. She is not a surface level woman and perhaps not for the faint of heart. She can get a bit of tunnel vision, even a little obsessive on certain subjects, but goddamn when she puts her mind to something she’ll get it done. It’s sometimes hard to follow her train of thought, as she is given to bouts of spontaneity and uncontrollable whimsy. Some might call it flighty or air-headed, but really it’s just her tendency to find pure wonder at everything in the world around her.

There are a handful of things that you must understand before I begin my tale. One is that time has always seemed to flow differently in my homeland. Whether that is truly because it comes slowly to us or through our spiritual practice I couldn’t quite tell you. Even our oldest Sages could not quite place why, though I feel that they were inclined to believe it was through our discipline. Regardless, one of the important things that you should take away with you is that my people do not age the same way. Ten years for us is akin to a single year for you. Our physical beings remain youthful much longer, but this is seen as a fairly insignificant side effect. What my people value is the time that this gift gives to us; time to study, to meditate, and to understand. To reach an enlightenment of ourselves, the worlds around us, and our place within them.

Ameyal is a beautiful place, and it will always be very dear to my heart, as with all motherlands to their children. She is lush, and full of life of every possible kind, each living within their own harmonies with each other and their worldly neighbors. Though the Tribes each hold preference for their terrains, in all my knowledge there has never been a cross word spoken or a single strife passed between people. They collect and share knowledge freely, with monthly gatherings to exchange ideas and pupils to teach understanding of differing cultures and respect for a life not like their own.

The last piece is very important to instill in the young, well before their fifth year. For those who are gifted enough within their studies and of sound heart and spirit, Planes-Walking is a path that opens to them. It is believed that Gaia, the spirit mother of Ameyal, can see those who are of purest intention and pulls back the veil of the worlds. Through intense study, meditation and personal growth, one can bring their spirit to Gaia and ask to see and understand those beyond us. If she believes you to be ready, she will open the way for your spirit to be among other worlds for a short time as an observer, unseen by those who inhabit it. The Sages believe that this is so we may gain unbiased knowledge of the world as it naturally is. There are chances that those who are in tune with their world may be able to sense or even see the Planes-Walker, but they would never be able to interact.

Very rarely, Gaia deems a soul of the highest enlightenment, given the honour of living fully among another world. It is unknown how exactly she chooses them, and if the Planes-Walker is aware that their journey may be the last one that they make. The key difference between these two walks is what happens with the physical form. During the common journey, it is just one’s spirit and consciousness that travels. The body is left behind on Ameyal, often protected either by herdmates, Sages, or otherwise provided for in some way while the Planes-Walker is away. However, should Gaia gift one the opportunity to truly live among another world, their entire form is said to fade from this world to the next in a near blink of an eye…

I was born to a herd that made their home in a small mountain valley. Our mother tribe was known for finding homes among the mountains, so it was perfectly fitting that an otherwise nomadic herd would find themselves back in the same places time and time again. It was early fall when my parents met me for the first time. My father claims to have attempted to Planes-Walk to see me in the womb, but as I have yet to see him take a journey with my own eyes, I doubt that it was one that had much success. He had strong features, a dark coat and a large rack of antlers perched on his skull. He made it look effortless. My mother was a delicate creature, a bright copper colour with a soft dish face and a gentle way of speaking that could soothe any soul.

Though our herd was a small off branch of the mother tribe, we were always welcomed with open arms. I was a rambunctious child, always curious and sticking my nose in places it maybe didn’t quite belong. So is the way of children, and for the most part the adults of our Tribe handled it with grace and mirth. As I grew older and began to truly learn the ways of our people, I understood that I wanted to follow the path of a Sage. I wanted to dedicate my life to pursuing Gaia and her knowledge and to one day, perhaps, live truly among other worlds.

At ten years I voiced this to my mother, who wept with joy. Our herd had not seen a Sage born among its ranks in a very long time. My father was proud that his daughter would desire to follow knowledge to its very core. The following month, when the mother tribe would come for their annual visit on their way to the third gathering that year, I would join them, and from there, I would approach the Sages who would decide if I would be worthy of their tutelage, or if I should spend more time among my people before approaching them for further knowledge.

The night before my departure, my mother gifted me with a beautiful blue veil, the silver embroidery was delicate and precise, with stars and flowers creating the image of a beautiful night sky. She carefully tucked it into the braid of my hair, showing me how to place it so that it would not be ripped away by the wind and that it would not sit improperly between my audits. We spent a long while together, sharing hopes and dreams and deep silence alike. We both knew that, should I be chosen to study under the Sages, we would not likely see each other again for a long time.

The following morning, my father approached me with a collection of silver coins that had been fashioned into various hair pieces. My mother helped me place them among my braids. These pieces, along with the bells wrapped around my antlers that I had collected from traveling bands over the years made me look nearly royal. As I looked upon my visage, the reflection staring back at me was not one I recognized at first, but one that I could feel at home in. It was, after all, tradition to dress of your tribe’s finest when going to gather and especially to appeal to the Sages.

In the interest of brevity, if you’ll indulge me in glossing over some things. The Sages did accept me, and I began my years of study among my peers in their temple home. I made fast friends with another young mare named Lorelei, who’s mother tribe was known to produce the most beautiful and delicate creatures for the most divine tasks. A large portion of those who chose to follow the Sages came from this tribe. We studied side by side, day and night for the following twenty years. We learned to Planes-Walk together in the same spaces and our minds and souls mingled as much in the physical plane as the astral. I could think of no soul who knew me as thoroughly as Lore’s, other than perhaps Gaia herself.

She was the mare I chose to gift me my septum piercing. The piercing was the mark of a Sage who had moved on from merely a student to a functioning member of the order. It was the sign that I had given my life over to study and that knowledge and understanding of Gaia came before all else. Though, I could not rightfully say that it was entirely true.

The Sages believed that at a certain point within your studies, emotional attachments only prevented you from reaching further heights. You would have to let go of all feelings, all emotion, and only acknowledge them from a distance, not absorb them. On this, we differed. It was because of my deep emotional connection to those around me that I was able to understand them, and thus, walk as freely as I had been able to in my spiritual journey. It was only because of my desire to love as deeply and unconditionally as Gaia that I soared in my studies. It was because of my emotional attachments that I was able to achieve understanding, not in spite of it.

I attempted to explain this to Lorelei one evening. In part due to her intuition picking up that something had been troubling, and in part because I had a confession to make. After twenty years, still so young to us, but a sizable amount of time nonetheless, how could I not have grown fond of her? She listened quietly, though if it was from a desire to understand or from a meditation I’m still unsure. In the end, she believed the wisdom of the Sages, and perhaps she was right. After all, the warning was that attachments ground you to the lowest part of your reality, that if you attempt to walk with attachments, your soul would be dragged down beyond where Gaia would be able to reach you, and you would be lost.

Perhaps that is why I am lost now. After the pain of being unheard and unseen by the one who should have understood the most, I sought Gaia for guidance. I implored her for a way to love and be loved freely and as wholly as she loved and for a way to bring that understanding to others. She brought me to my feet in a blaze of light and since I have been walking in an endless expanse of stars. I do not know how long I have been traveling, but my legs do not tire, I do not thirst and I feel no hunger other than to follow her light to understanding.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Several Bells adorning her antlers

- Of simple make, these are small silver bells hung on a delicate chain that either wrap around or clasp to the prongs on her antlers. They look well traveled, and in various stages of tarnish, as if she has collected them at differing times.

Coin Barrettes for mane and tail

- Chains of silver coins attached to the braids of her hair by a collection of what appears to be a variation on Turkoman buttons, with small green jewels set into them. Upon further inspection one might find that instead of precious stones inset to the buttons, it is emerald coloured glass cut to give the sparkling appearance. These are also in various states of tarnish, but look newer than the collection of bells as a whole.

Nose Ring

- A simple silver ring with delicate vine-work pierced through her nares. This looks to be the most recent of all her jewelry

Silk Veil

- A translucent blue veil with stars and flowers done in delicate silver embroidery. Tassels sit at the front edge between her eyes and sporadically placed along the bottom edge of the veil to keep it weighted to her person.

-A white, iridescent veil decorated with beetle wings. This was a gift from Jarek during the Spring Festival Event that she despises and does not keep on her person unless she is transferring it from one hiding place to another or otherwise displaying it for friends in confusion of what to do with it.

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