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Arkhandirr was a rather small guy, standing at a whole 163.6cm tall, his slender frame seemed rather contradictory to his large personality. In the sun his sand-colored coat had a healthy shine to it with nearly no imperfections other than the small scar on his neck, hidden by his mane. His mane was mainly black with darkened roots, turning to a light cold at the ends. His eyes were a vibrant gold with a darker pupil that was more of a copper color. Other than the stripe on his hooves, he didn’t have any markings. He wears three earrings on both ears, two rings, and one stud.

+ faithful, caring, perceptive, protective, sociable, self-critical
+/- flirty, stubborn
- hotheaded, arrogant, manipulative, narcissistic

Arkhandirr was.. a piece of work. Growing up he was never disciplined on his behavior, which pretty much turned him into an asshole. He has a bit of an anger issue and tends to get up into people's space just to rile them up and see what presses their buttons. Other than the flirty and annoying attitude most of the time, there were moments where he’s alone (or thinks he is) that he allows his mask to fall. Instead of the smirk that was nearly permanent on his face, his features morphed into something that almost resembled something sad. As much as he loves acting confident, deep on the inside, there was still a young boy desperate for love and approval, a young boy that had his heart broken by someone he trusted with his life, scarring him beyond anything. To those managing to get down to this level with him, where he learns to trust others again, is when you will be able to see him for the caring and genuine guy he can be. It was only getting to that point that will prove difficult by the years of hiding his inner feelings away behind multiple walls and closed doors.

Born five years ago during summer as the youngest of three brothers in a wealthy family, Arkhandirr lived a rather privileged life for the first three years of his life. Being the youngest, he was considered the ‘angel’ to his parents, especially his mother, he could do absolutely nothing wrong in her eyes. This, however, did cause him to grow up trying to break the rules in whichever way he could and was rude just because he could be.

The easy life, however, didn’t stay that way. You see, when he turned four his real father turned up. That’s right, his mother had done a big oops with a local peasant she had known since her youth. This is when Arkhandirr kind of lost it. His mother was his everything, the only woman in his life that he had more respect for than himself and she lied to him. In his anger, Arkhandirr turned to intercourse as a coping mechanism and leaving the people that got attached to him heartbroken, it made him forget just of his own broken heart just a little while.

The year went by like this, he was barely at home and when he was he kept arguing with whoever even dared to breathe in his general direction, this went on until his ‘father’ kicked him out. To be honest, he didn’t really care anymore. His brothers didn’t seem to care at all and his mother couldn’t look him in the eyes. This is when he decided he’d leave the place he grew up and started traveling to other places. His behavior pretty much stayed the same, though. If someone was breathing, legal and willing either he was about to do them or already did them.

During his travels, he met a young girl named Edalara and felt an instinctual pull to protect her. He met her when she was in an argument with her father. This made him think back to his own experience and even though he was an asshole, he couldn’t just let her go through this. Long story short, he acted as her boyfriend by her request and got her out of the house of her controlling dad. They didn’t exactly travel together all the time but did agree to meet up every once in a while. During those times, Arkhandirr didn’t see anyone, his attention fully focused on the wellbeing of someone that became a little sister to him.

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Accessories: Three earrings on both ears, two rings, and one stud.

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