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Brenn's looks were rather colorful to some, his seal brown coat had been splashed in white, giving him the affectionate nickname of 'cow pony' from the few friends he used to have in his childhood. His eyes were blue, bordering more on the color ice had when it formed on a big expanse of blue water. His manes followed the same pattern his coat had, only black with most of his mane except his forelock and most of his tail being white. The black parts of his mane were also not completely black since towards the end they turned more to a brown color.

Brenn carried himself taller than he actually was, while he had a medium height, it was rare for his head to be anything but raised. He might be a little on the skinnier side from the amount he has traveled, but it hadn't stopped him. Other than that, his eyes were lively and his body seemed to almost vibrate with a happy sort of energy.

+ playful - energetic - curious - kind - ambitious - charismatic
naïve - secretive - immature - spineless
Looking at Brenn, the first thing you would notice was how happy he looked. Not much seems to get him down and he would always try to see the best in each and every situation he came across. He is very much a positive force to the people he meets.

The ones that knew him though, knew that this was just a mask. A carefully placed mask he refused to take off when he was with others. The truth is, while Brenn always kept smiling to others and didn't seem to have anything wrong with him, he isn't that bright on his own. It would be right to say he was sad, even. Inside, Brenn was a broken boy. All he wants is for people to like him, to be loved, to not be alone anymore. He is very affectionate to the people he loves and only allows those closest to him to see how he really feels and how touch starved he actually was.

These feelings often outed themselves in his music and were hearable to those who listened close enough. While he tries to hide it, deep down he wishes for someone to notice he wasn't feeling well. Someone to crack his mask and look below the surface, but by now he doesn't believe that this day would come.

Brenn's story wasn’t your typical sob story, he had a good family life, great friends, and not that bad of a place to grow up in. He was born early spring as the middle child with an older sister and a younger brother. At a young age, Brenn had always loved music, even when his parents split up due to not feeling anything anymore for each other, Brenn had found solace in melodies. This eventually grew into him making his own music which he wrote down the moment it felt right in his head. Music was also the only way he didn't feel as lonely. While he had three brothers and two older sisters, as the middle child he had always felt ignored. He didn't fault his parents for this, they were doing what they could even as they had been separated.

On his fourth birthday is when things turned a little sour, the relationship with his eldest sibling had been worsening gradually over the past few years. It all came to a head when his sister tore up pretty much all of his music. This is when he decided he couldn't live there any longer. He did say goodbye to his other siblings and parents and while they were sad, they knew how important music was to him. His sister had simply gone too far.

Now he roams alone, looking for a place to make his home in and continue what he has always loved. To sing and warm the hearts of others. He also hopes to one day have a place in the heart of someone else, someone that made him feel important, someone that he could trust even on days he was not doing well or has gotten burned out with music and everything around it. Brenn was never one to specifically look for romance, but spending a lot of time alone writing songs of what could be made it so that secretly this longing only grew.

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A large green cloak that's frizzled at the edges, reaching a little above his neck, covering most of his body but not too long below his stomach and held together against his chest with a simple silver chain.

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