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More brawn than brain is a fair way to describe the brute who stands before you. His body stands at a whopping sixteen point three hands high and his skeleton is covered in a thick layer of heavy muscles gained from more time training than studying. His coat is stained majorly by a color closest described as a rust hue with lighter dapples resting primarily upon the crest of his neck and at the high points of his hips, but it appeared one of his parents carried the chimera gene as his abdomen and the spine of his neck is painted in a charcoal color that in some lights appears black. Hazel eyes are framed by a bald face and three of his four limbs are dipped in white. His front right limb a stocking while his two rears stop at socks.

Decorating his broad shoulders are wings that would make a bald eagle jealous. Generally tucked in close to his body if not in the act of flying due to their sheer size. These wings start off at the purest of white and fade slowly into a charcoal black at the very tips. There is also a white marking shaped like an "E" upon his left shoulder that fades into the start of his wings.

His mane and tail are long, thick, and fairly unkept. There are some mild waves that could be curls if the hair wasn't so heavy towards the ends of his tresses, these are stained the opposite of his wings. The roots start a deep charcoal hue and fade into a snow white towards the ends.

Frat boy could be a good way to picture Eremurus. He is as before mentioned more brawn than brain. While there is very little book sense crammed into that brain, there is a good deal of common sense. Although he is more than capable of fighting his way through any situation placed in front of him, Eremurus would much rather talk or con his way out of trouble if at all possible.

While he has no vices against throwing around his weight. He believes that draws too much attention to himself, and not in the way that he enjoys the attention. Eremurus has gained the reputation of being quite outspoken, he thinks very little before speaking which can sometimes get him in a bit of a sticky patch.

Eremurus is a bit of a wild child, if there is a party you will surely find him either flirting with one of the ladies (available or not), or hovering around the bar (especially if it is an open one). If he is not out partying, the brute can be found training.

Things aren't always one big party for the frat boy. Although he feels he is still too young to care too much about his future, he aspires to one day be a Champion of Battle. There is also a small desire to have a family of his own one day, but that desire is shoved very far back into the deep recesses of his mind for now.

Born of some sort of immaculate conception in a land far from Novus, Eremurus has two mothers. One of which who's coloring he took after, and another who's build he inherited. Alongside him, he had a brother, Liatris, who took after their smaller parent. As children the two brothers were thick as theives and their different parentage was something that never seemed to phase them.

When the boys were almost one, the mother who carried Eremurus decided it was time to venture off and take the draftier colt with her. After this time, he lost track of his twin brother as well as his other mother. At the time, Eremurus was devastated over the loss of his best friend. But the devastation only lasted but so long with the whispers of abandonment that were bedtime stories. He quickly grew hardened at the thought of his other mother. Quickly persauded that it had been her intent for them to leave, that she preferred the smaller brother over him.

Somewhere briefly before his second year, Eremurus decided it was time to strike out and learn how to become a man. He wished his mother well and wandered off into the world where he met Lilith. Lilith was a fair beauty, her coat was a pale gold that glimmered in the sunlight and the wings that adorned her shoulders would make a swan cry over the beauty. She was a princess, and the girl who would make our dear Eremurus a man. They professed their love for each other, she convinced him that she would run away. Forsake her crown for love.

But as the story goes, the night that she was supposed to meet him beneath the full moon's light. She married another.

Eremurus' heart shattered that night. The pieces he had left stained a dark color as he once again struck out to find a meaning for his life.

Hopefully, Novus would hold that meaning

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