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With a brown coat dipped in both blacks and whites, with spotting all over her body, Aska was definitely a sight to behold. She kept her black mane short as to not disturb her vision when walking. She did not stand out much when trotting through the landscape, preferring to keep a lower profile as to not attract too much attention. Her eyes were a bright gold, perhaps the most colourful thing about her appearance, standing stark against the more ‘natural’ hues of her coat. When looking deeper into those eyes, one would find wisdom gained through the years, as well as the look of a battle hardened warrior, the look of someone that could pick every little piece of one's character and demeanor apart.

+ Caring - Adventurous - Family-oriented - Calm - Loyal - Steady
- Stubborn - Melancholic - Paranoid - Secretive

Through her decade of being alive, a lot of things have shaped her in how she is now. While her background as a herbalist required a caring hand, she also had a tendency to be a little hot-headed and stubborn when faced with too much idiocy. Despite that, her life as a second in command made her a steady and calm presence to be around, someone that would be loyal to you as long as you were to her.

While Aska wasn’t exactly easy with new people, tending to be rather paranoid about trusting others, even if they have given her no reason to not trust them. Even when she has grown comfortable around someone, she kept her past behind lock and key, avoiding any and all questions surrounding it.

Her drive to learn more about things did have its perks, as she always kept searching for better ways to harvest herbs and how to apply them to get the desired result. That side of her did have some downsides according to her, as it did require her to get close to people to ask them for advice and trust them to a certain point, enough where she could be sure they were telling the truth about anything they told. It wasn't easy to tell her lies, her paranoid and perceptive nature always searching for the truth behind the smallest of gestures.


Before anything quite literally went up in flames, Aska was happy. Born in a viking tribe as the leader’s daughter, her younger years were spent learning how to make potions, how to bandage wounds, where to find the right herbs for various types of purposes. These years were fairly uneventful other than the occasional battle for land, where she quickly learned how to wield weapons and how to defend.

At the age of three, a marriage was arranged between two tribes for an alliance, though Aska had not initially been a fan of this, she had quickly fallen in love with Valor. Despite it being a political marriage, love had bloomed almost instantly between the two, soon becoming inseparable.

From one thing came another and no more than six months later Aska had become pregnant. While her pregnancy wasn’t the easiest one, her labor even less so, after a grueling 17 hours she finally gave birth to a little colt named Daga. Daga was a little small at first, being born earlier as planned, but soon turned out to be stronger than any of them had thought.

Moving on a few years, Valor, Aska and Daga moved to their own lands, their once little tribe of three soon growing bigger and bigger whenever they travelled and picked up those who needed a home.

As seasons changed and years came and went, things were good. Other than the times they had to fight to defend their own lands or gain more. Though things would soon change once winter fell upon them when Aska turned nine, Daga now an accomplished commander at the mere age of five. The three stood on their positions on the ship they had taken to new lands, returning to shore once more. Had she realised it sooner, Aska would not have let them come near the land after the strange behavior their navigator had been showing. What greeted them weren’t quiet lands, they were greeted by an ambush instead. What seemed ‘peaceful’ and ‘deserted’, had actually been a trap carefully planned by one they thought could trust with their lives, one Aska had insisted on taking in despite her husbands’ and son’s doubts.

The battle that occurred is a blur to her, even in current times having difficulty recounting it, but she would never forget the fire engulfing her, one of the masts crashing down on Valor, with her son barely managing to put himself between her and more flaming debris. Things were blurry after that, her only remaining memory after that being her own mournful cries as she waded through the shallower water once she could see no other being alive. She had taken time saying goodbye to the two most important men in her life, pressing her nose against cold, unmoving ones and leaving all the ash and destruction behind.

After a day of rest to tend to her own wounds, she thankfully managed to hitch a ride back closer to where they came from. Her face and expression still stuck with grief. On the trip back she had made a decision, one that would change her life and so many others forever..

While her arrival had first been met by smiles and happy faces, it soon changed as the members of their tribe noticed she was alone and most certainly struck by sorrow. Realisation dawned on them and eventually, a few sniffles could be heard from ones that had started breaking down from the situation. Aska knew she could not, she had to stay strong ‘till the end of her now lonely rule. She could not do it, so after careful deliberation she took the eldest of their tribe alone and told them she would be leaving. Naturally this was met with much disbelief, but they could also understand that the shame, guilt, regret and deeprooted pain she was feeling was too much for her to bear, no matter how much she felt at home with them.

At night she departed.

Now she searched for a purpose, for salvation, for rest.

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While not worn all the time, Aska owns a brass collar - paired with brass bands around her feet. What she does always wear, was the transparent blue shawl draped around her shoulders, this had been a gift from her late husband for their wedding anniversary, and she has not taken it off since his death.

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