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Willoughby "Bee" Lovelace is a delicate mare and it shows. Born with soft pastels in diluted blues, pinks and whites she is akin to a lotus flower on a still river. Her eyes are a very pale blue, often crinkled with merit and laughter. She is light on her hooves, boasting endurance and stamina to keep up with her routines. Lacking in physical strength, she also lacks muscle mass other than a slenderness appreciated by some. She is a Pegasus by species, boasting two angelic looking wings. She takes after her mother more in the Paint Horse department, but has her father's taller height. Still, she is almost remarkably average in that department.

pros; aspiring, benevolent, charming, empathetic, faithful, gentle, etc
cons; naïve, reckless, fragile, insecure, etc

To herself, Willoughby is not remarkable in any way. She lives fully for others, finding their joy and laughter to be all the reward she needs out of life. Whether that will change with time is currently uncertain; the bard loves to entertain others, that much is. Having a penance for music, dancing with a natural charisma, the mare is sweet to behold. She can easily distract you if you aren't careful, and sometimes she even distracts herself. Light and airy are two words to describe her and they'd be accurate.

She has a light, easy going personality combined with an airhead-ness that borders on reckless. She does not seem to be all there with caution, allowing much darker individuals to influence her. Whether she believes they are redeemable or she just accepts them for themselves is unknown. She does not seem to know her own self-worth and instead focuses on the growth of others. The mare can fall behind others easily if she isn't careful.

Bashful with compliments, shrugging off flirtation and a deeper relationship Willoughby is happy enough to exist as she is. She cherishes the friendships she has and the other equines she meets, but those that don't know her will be shocked to find she is actually a bit insecure. She is a vain creature to make up for her own shortcomings, acutely aware of them. Acutely aware of how weak she is. A pacifist at the core, she won't lift her hoof to defend even herself.

Willoughby Lovelace - or "Bee" to her loved ones - was born a few short years ago to a loving pair of equines. There was nothing quite odd about their marriage, only that they were deeply in love. The birth of their only daughter would be met with good tidying's in their community. From an early age, the little mare was good at pulling on heartstrings. She was charming and daresay 'cute', displaying a typical maiden's personality. Innocent of the world, her parents sought to protect her from it. This was only aided when their community was attacked randomly by bandits.

Some died. Some were injured but the parents were scared. They ferried off into the night, taking meager belongings and their infant daughter as possessions. Raising her alone and in secret, they did their best to educate their child. For most of Willoughby's life, she knew nothing but peace. They lived like vagabonds in the wild; when others were too close to discovering them, the small family would pack up and leave. Ignorant of this, Willoughby kept her naïve outlook until she was in her second year of life. Having stumbled upon a man in the woods, she tended to his wounds.

From this simple act, a relationship blossomed.

He was a wandering bard, and she was quite smitten. The discovery of their budding relationship by her parents wasn't met with anger though. There was no blood to be spilled - they were a peaceful people. Seeing the girl's natural talent for music, the bard requested to teach her properly. Though they protested her leaving, Willoughby had been seduced with tales of the outside world. She begged them to let her go with her teacher, and eventually they let her. She was always good at getting her way indirectly. And though he was years older than her, their friendship grew into something else once she was not under her parents' watchful eyes.

She was happy for the first time in her life. Willoughby did not shy from danger that came their way, rising to meet it and any challenges. Her teacher was impressed by how quickly she learned and they soon came upon the land of Novus. But, the young mare was unwilling to let this land go when it was time to move on. It, he argued, was the same as any other land. Full of criminals, good people and civilizations. But she fell in love - deeper than she had fallen with her teacher. It was the newness of the realm, every humble creature living in it, and he regretfully let her go to be with it. Joining Novus as a mere Vagabond, she seeks to find her place in this brand new world.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

hair pins: three small silver pieces of metal that keep her mane up. they are more or less simple pins, one to each bun.

enchanted flute: a silver flute with ivy etchings curled around the instrument. there are 4 holes in total. it is enchanted and able to play any song that Willoughby knows by heart. able to float without being held, letting the bard dance as she performs.

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friendly but shy. welcome to contact for plots.

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