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Breed: Warmblood mutt
Gender: Male
Race: Uniquine
Horn: Single White Spiral tipped in Crimson
Eyes: Blue but they change color slightly to reflect his moods

Periwinkle - Curious
Turquoise - Love, Happiness, Affection
True Blue - Indifferent
Sapphire - Sadness
Oxford Blue - Anger, Revenge

Mane: Ivory
Tail: Ivory
Body: Silver Overo Paint
Hooves: Grey
Markings: Overo Paint

Brendan is both a mix of his two parents, and a completely unique individual. He is tall and slender, standing just shorter than his mother but taller than his father. He has the coat of a paint just like his father and his father's mother. But instead of the tobiano markings, he is painted with overo. In place of his grandmother's golden palomino and his father's bay he is painted with silver. The white of his overo markings even cross across his face. His horn, is single and spiraled where his mother had two crimson horns like a ram. His horn is painted in ivory, but tipped in crimson. His hooves are like that of an equine. He is the perfect mix of an equine and a unicorn, making him a uniquine. When Brendan's emotions are heightened, silver harmless flames flare from her skin along her back. They can not burn anyone, not even herself.

The Good

Loyal | Couragous | Compassionate | Virtuous

The Bad

Moody | Stubborn | Distrusting | Impatient

Brendan is an almost copy of his father in personality. He is very virtuous in his actions, almost always letting his own high morals guide him in everything he does. Brendan is also very loyal to those he becomes friends with or to his family. He will do anything for those that he is loyal to. He is almost to loyal, to the point that this could also be considered a negative as well. He is courageous and compassionate, fighting and protecting those that need his help and always willing to help those in need.
However, Brendan can also be very moody. He tends to brood over the past a lot, which will cause shifts in his moods. Brendan is also very stubborn when he sets his mind to something. He is not easily swayed from his beliefs. Because of the constant disappearances of key figures in his life, Brendan has become very distrusting of most of those he will meet. It takes time to earn his trust. Although Brendan has really worked on it before Kaos arrived, he can be very impatient. Especially if it is something he really wants done or wants to accomplish either for himself or someone else.


Brendan was born in the wilds of Helovia in Orangemoon Year Six. He was born of a one night stand between Phantom, an outcast and Aaron a Warrior of the Hidden Falls. He remained with and nursed from his mother for a while. He rarely wandered from his mother's side. However at just a few days old he wandered from her side and got caught in a wildfire. His mother was able to rescue him, but things between the pair never seemed the same after. Both were very fortunate to escape without any injuries. A few months later, Brendan wanders from Phantom again. This time stumbling upon the first major lesson the colt would learn in the world. Brendan learned about death as he observered the death of his father's mentor and friend Mirage the Dragonheart. He stays close to his father as death is explained in the best way it could be for a child. Life, he learns is precious. It should not be taken for granted. Frostfall comes to Helovia, and with it more lessons for the young boy. He met up with his father, and learned of Christmas and gift giving. However it came at a slight cost. When he went back to his mother's side she had been furious that he had left again. So furious, that she left him alone while he slept a few weeks later. Alanna found him, and brought him home to live with his father.
Moving to the Hidden Falls was the best thing Brendan could of done. He had not been there long when he met his bonded Arwen. She hatched out of an egg right at his hooves while he was greeted by several other members of the Falls herd. He settles into life in the herd, only to be startled one night by an intruder and another warrior. The warrior had the colt lie, and lie he did. However the lie felt wrong coming off his tongue. Once the mare leaves, the warrior rounds on Brendan. He questions him, and tells him that his fire magic that appeared with his fear could be a weakness. That was nothing that Brendan did not already know. Thankfully, Brendan was able to slip away from the warrior.
Brendan lurks around in the Hidden Falls for a while, until the God of the Earth calls for them all. He is present when the God of the Earth lifts his own daughter to lead the Hidden Falls. There was a herd meeting shortly after where the young boy was named as an Earth Medic, also known as one of the healers of the herd. The Mountain that Knows, Isopia, the newly appointed leader had asked for a quest for the herd. It was denied, and another was also lifted to the position of leader along side Isopia. The golden marked mare Ranjiri. Brendan rejoiced for both the mares, and was eager to prove himself to the God of the Earth. However, the herd was unable to due so and the arrival of Kaos caused the God of the Earth to disband the Hidden Falls herd.
Brendan leaves the Falls, and travels to the Aurora Basin. The only herd that welcomed only unicorns. He was accepted in, and given the rank of medic. But this to did not last long. As Kaos grew and became stronger, all of the Gods withdrew themselves from the herds just as the God of the Earth had done. It seemed to the the end for all Helovia. At long last black and shadowy mist pushed everyone to one place. Brendan had found not only his father, but other extended family as well. He beded two mares, one of which he thought he fell in love with. Calypso, gave birth to two foals. His daughters. Sapphira and Ceto. They were precious, as the rest of the family was. Kaos tried to force everyone through the portal. They refused. The refused and were punished. He, his father, and his cousin Farah all dissolved into black and teal light as the rest of his family was forced into the portal to The Rift.

Brendan comes out the other side of the light. He is the only one who seems to of come out somehow. But he is not in Helovia, nor is he in The Rift. He does not know of the amount of time that has passed. Only that he is alive, and everyone is gone, including his bonded Arwen.

Immediate Maternal
Great Grandparents ? x ? (Riekahn)
? x ? (Sibylle)
Grandparents Riekahn x Sibylle
Mother Phantom
Neices & Nephews

Distant Maternal
Aunts Psyche the DarkEmpress (Sire x Dam)
Uncles Paladin the Valiant (Sire x Dam)
Donovan (Sire x Dam)
Cousins Ktulu the Constrictor (Paladin x Soleil)
Ophelia the Amaranthine (Paladin x Soleil) Vadim (Paladin x Soleil)
Varath (Paladin x Soleil)
Soren (Paladin x Soleil)
Snö (Mauja x Psyche)
Hototo (God of the Earth x Ktulu the Constrictor)
Ranjiri (Midas the Gallant x Ktulu the Constrictor)
Roskuld the Sparklight (Time God x Ophelia the Amaranthine)
Erthë (Vadim x Shadow)
Själ (Unknown x Psyche)
Immediate Paternal
Great Grandparents Adulwulf the Steadfast x Aera the Shadowkissed (Ataraxia)
Gideon the Warheart x Amani Leila the Fair (Solstice)
Grandparents Ataraxia x Solstice
Father Aaron
Siblings Sarai (Aaron x Beloved)
Neices & Nephews
Distant Paternal
Aunts Azale Moniet (Shamsiel x Solstice)
Sakura (Torasin x Solstice)
Takara (Torasin x Solstice)
Uncles N/A
Cousins Amani (Farhan x Azale Moniet)
Farah (Hector x Amani)
Merida (Tyradon x Sakura)
Sansa (Hertz x Merida) Tybalt (Ilios x Sansa)

Active & Parvus Magic

Not yet Obtained (will be reworded later)
:: [ Magic: EarthxFire (U) | Can create dragons composed of liquid mercury that cause major chemical burns and/or vertigo, dizziness, flu-like symptoms. ] :: [ Restrictions | Can create 3 small (medium dog and smaller) or 1 large dragon (horse sized). ]
:: [ Magic: LightxWater | Ability to summon a snow storm (blizzard) ] :: [ Restrictions | storms have a radius of effect set at 10m ]
:: [ Magic: LightxWater (U)| Ability to summon a snow storm (blizzard) ] :: [ Restrictions | storms have a radius of effect set at 30m ]

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

ARWEN Hellhound

Arwen is a female hellhound that hatched from an egg in Helvoia. By the standards there, she would be considered plain as she resembles that of an actual dog with small markings and the capability to have magic. Arwen was blessed with the magic of an acidic bite. Her body looks like that of an Australian Shepard, with a blue merle coat. However, her eyes are a cyan-blue that matches the markings around all four of her paws.
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Race: Hellhound
Eyes: Cyan
Body: Blue merle coat
Markings: Cyan markings around her paws

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Not Yet Obtained
:: [Item: Medium| Leg Wrap Armor | Keeps his legs safe in battle] :: [Item: Large | Leather Armor | any type of leather to keep him safe in battle]

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