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A refined creature, carved from marble and incense. Her frame is sturdy, dancer-like, her features delicate and feminine. Nefertari is a beautiful mare, and she knows this. Her ears are pulled just a bit higher than most, the black audits tipped in gold that at first glance would almost seem like jewelry before further inspection leads one to see that no, it is simply the make of her coat. Her golden pools are fringed with lashes of bright cream, rimmed in a dark smoke that provides her gaze with a permanent sensual smoulder. Her face is a predominantly cream colour, the very edge of her maw dipped in a dark black ink. Four circles of varying size, the largest being at the center of her third eye, march their way down her nose. These are a shimmering gold, as if the gods reached down and threaded the sun into her very skin. Her throat is the same warm cream, fading to a dark plum that flashes nearly black across the majority of her body. Her knees are graced with the same gold thread, marking the fade from plum to cream as her pillars each hold stockings of fairly even size. Her daggers are the same deep plum colour. Her locks are a golden flax that hold the warmth of the sun, just a shade or two away from platinum, languid and with a slight wave to their features. She holds her head high and with a practiced gentle expression. She wants you to look at her, and she wants you to feel welcomed to approach. Her voice is light, softer and more flirtatious than you would have first imagined, but it’s as inviting as the rest of her. Still, you can sense the underlying tone is “Look, but don’t touch”, and how could you? She’s clearly miles out of your league and she knows it.

On her person she is known to carry a small silk pouch with delicate embroidery. In this satchel is a deck of well worn and loved tarot cards. They are of beautiful make, the artwork classical and stunning, inlaid with gold-leaf in a tasteful manner. They are kept with a small round of quartz stone and a small pouch of dried lavender.

Gracious | sensual | level-headed | soft-spoken | mother hen | blunt | conceited | manipulative | femme fatale | compassionate | confident | determined | conflicted

Nefertari is a mare who is afraid to be anything, and most of all- herself. She is desperately trying to create distance from her family line, but she knows one day that house Vogelstein will catch up with her. It’s just a matter of time. Meanwhile, she tries to keep those thoughts at bay by indulging in all the comforts she was raised on. Lavish parties, beautiful people and the frivolities that come with having connections. She’s comfortable in the presence of high society, but it’s not below her to interact with “the regular folk”. While she can blend with the best of the nobility, she is very empathetic to those around her, in part due to her latent magical abilities, and in large part due to her own past. When asked, she is very good at dancing around the subject, able to placate whomever it is that has brought up the question. While many may see her as shallow at first glance (and let it be known she is well aware of her feminine wiles and has no qualms with using them) she is a very loyal friend and more often than not, she simply wants to make sure everyone is taken care of. Perhaps this is because she feels that, while she may not be able to save herself, if she can protect and provide for those she loves in even simple ways, maybe that is enough.

What is there to be said about those of House Vogelstein? They are charming, polite, and more than they appear. Power hungry some might say, but in the same breath you’d hear of all their great charity. Wealth? They roll in it in every fashion, from material to spiritual. Or so they would have you believe. Nothing is ever as it seems, and no such phrase is more true than for those whose blood belongs to Vogelstein.

Nefertari was born to fairly low level family members of the main house in Denocte. While her parents had the common magics that seemed afforded to everyone of their house near and far, they had not been particularly powerful creatures. Noble though they were, as far as the totem pole was concerned, they were little more than opulent fixtures to keep the illusion of a healthy and thriving bloodline.

She grew up in a mostly tertiary living space, though she was familiar with the main house’s grounds. She was particularly taken with the garden and it’s many rare flowers and beautifully crafted topiaries. As a filly she could often be found wandering through them at the twilight hours. She had found the night air calmed her, especially when she was restless.

It started off simply enough. Not being able to sleep, having headaches, sensitivities to smells. These things would come and go, but they were manageable. The night terrors, though, those had scared her. She had thought they were nothing more than terrible dreams… until they started to come true. They were jumbled at first, impressions that would be soon lost once her eyes were opened, only to be brought back into stark memory as deja vu presented itself in the waking world. Her dreams foretold small things when she was young, meaningless things, really. They were the precognitions of a child after all, and she was so impressionable. But her parents understood, oh they understood.

She may have been a child still, but her gift was a rare jewel. A curse, she would later claim to the darkness, in the twilight hours where she could be alone. She was a beauty, there was no contest to be had there, and with a noble bloodline, the genteel teachings of her upbringing? Well, she would have been a formidable woman regardless of her talents. But the gift of Sight? She could be their greatest asset.

Their greatest weapon.

Her parents fought, quietly, but often once they discovered her secrets. It had been difficult for her to slip away, but she had managed. First she had wandered the crags of the Arma mountains, then the sweeping expanse of the neutral lands. Young, frightened, she traveled under the cover of darkness, a fugitive in her own mind. She was determined to leave no trace of her heritage. As a year passed, she became more sure of herself, forging fleeting relationships with the wandering souls of Novus. The mare became a confident woman, settling down in Solterra, for while she was born of the Night, she found the unrelenting sun gave her courage. It was so unlike everything she was born to, and it gave her strength. And the stars, oh how breathtaking the stars were across a desert sky.

Over time Nefertari became familiar with her gift, for her Sight would grow with her, in turn presenting new challenges. In her new home, however, she felt ready to face them. But habits die hard, and her bloodline, while secret, brought her into the homes of the wealthy and the well bred. She melded with those of high society just as easily as a fish traverses the riverbeds of his home. She found a small talent for song, and would indulge those who asked. Occasionally she would read tea leaves or cards. Party tricks she would say, careful not to reveal her true gifts. Though it did not stop her from sometimes taking an extra pause, the golden swirl of her eyes fogging over and taking her to some far off place. The replies became very practiced and easy, and no one questioned her, for she had an easy enough smile and it was a party after all.

Active & Parvus Magic


Nefertari has a small radius (three feet or less) wherein she has a distinct feel for the people and objects around her. This usually comes in the form of a person’s immediate emotional state, or an object’s personal significance (if it has any). It is more precise the closer to the subject she is, though objects are best read if she is touching them. At a Discipuli level, touch is a requirement for any emotional reading, though it is spotty at best. Vexillum gives a more consistent reading, though touch does provide better results. Upwards of Vexillum, she can tune out these emotional readings at will.

Tier 1: Discipuli

Nefertari’s clairvoyance presents itself mostly in dreams with no warning of when they may arise. These are jumbled impressions that often wake her up with night terrors with little to no memory of their contents once she is awake. There is a sense of deja vu when she encounters the event that she has “foreseen”, but she has no sense of when that may be at the time the vision takes place. The dream and the event could be hours, days, months, or even years apart, often forgotten until the moment it becomes relevant in her waking world. On very rare occasions, when doing meditative tasks that allow her mind to wander, this can trigger her Sight. These events are hallmarked by her eyes fogging over briefly, her face going slack and being non-responsive. The “thousand yard stare” is an apt description.The vision itself is the same type of strange emotional impressions she gets with her dreams. They are usually only a minute or less and leave her incredibly disoriented. She has a hard time controlling her immediate motor functions for the first handful of minutes afterwards, and has incredible light sensitivity for upwards of an hour. If the vision was particularly “strong” in emotional weight, she can develope a splitting migraine that will lay her up for several hours. While she may have more recollection of the vision immediately afterwards when she is awake, the details still quickly fade and are often forgotten until the event resurfaces in due time.

Tier 2: Vexillum

Nefertari has a better understanding of her Sight. She has a better recall of her visions, both waking and from dreams. The visions themselves are less impressions and more cohesive narratives, though her unconscious mind can still toy with the details, particularly in dreams. An object or phrase that may be important is distorted to fit an artistic or symbolic interpretation, such as someone transforming into a snake to represent their betrayal rather than an actual transformation. On a very rare occasion, the vision may not be of the future, but of the past. These are difficult to determine at the time, and often can only be clarified at a later date. For example, she may see a vision of a conversation that has already taken place, but she would not understand it as such unless a member of that conversation were to mention it in passing as something that has already occurred. She is better at interpreting these visions, and though her sense of when the event may occur is still usually fairly foggy, if she concentrates immediately she may be able to determine if it is “near” or “far” in the future with about 60% accuracy. Visions of the past will often present themselves as “Neutral” being neither “near” or “far”. This concentration can bring on fatigue that can cause a migraine if there otherwise would not have been one. In the waking world, she can sense when a vision is pushing forward into her mind, and if she puts out a concerted effort, she can prevent herself from seeing it if she so chooses. While she may not receive the vision, the wear on her body and mind is the same, if not more so. A migraine is nearly guaranteed if she chooses to push the vision away, and there is a clear strain to her if she does so. If she accepts it, the fogging and the slack expression are the same. Her motor functions are no longer impaired, and though her light sensitivity is more manageable and the migraine can be nursed away within an hour, it is still best for her to rest for a time afterwards.

Tier 3: Periti

Nefertari can freely choose when to receive her visions and is no longer subject to the whims of chance. She can push away those she wishes not to disturb her with some effort, and will usually suffer only a minor headache. Her recall of her Sight is nearly perfect, even hours later, though it does dull after a day and is mostly memory by the third, similar to how one would experience regular life events. She can determine the time frame of the vision within a tighter range, her accuracy being 75%-80% in her interpretations. At this stage, she is able to clearly tell when something is a depiction of a past event, though she may not be able to pinpoint an exact timeframe. Her visions last anywhere from a few moments to almost three minutes, and there is little to no symbolism present, waking or dreaming, if they come to her freely. Her dream visions no longer wake her with night terrors, though particularly strong ones can still rouse her, it is not nearly as violent. She can concentrate on a person or an object, and with effort she can see it’s future or past. Touch is absolutely required for these requested visions. These are her most variable precognitions, as they can show her nearly anything. More often than not, these are the most abstract and hard to interpret. They can be near or far, future or past, with little to no indication of which. They are rarely linear and usually last only a few moments. These efforts to call visions at will are most similar to her earliest stages of clairvoyance. She tires quickly, loses motor control and more often than not it will result in a migraine lasting several hours. Her recall of these visions is as long lasting as those that come naturally in this stage, though her sense of detail is worthless, as the visions themselves are so often abstract.

Tier 4: Dominus

Nefertari has nearly complete control over her visions. She can conjure them at will, and while it does take concentration and effort, they come to her without detriment to her health. Touch is no longer required for her seeking of visions, though it does make them substantially stronger and long lasting. She can wave off precognitions she does not desire with little more than a blink. Her recall is impeccable, regardless of how the vision has come to her. She can pinpoint the time of an event to within hours of when it will occur with nearly 90% accuracy. She can use her clairvoyance several times a day without tiring, though short bursts are more conducive to this, she can explore a vision for upwards of 15 minutes if she so chooses. Visions of the past come more freely than those of the future. The stronger her personal tie to the subject, the easier it is for her conjure, the more accurate the vision will be. Migraines are only with overuse and attempting to see farther than her reach. After all, the future is never exactly set in stone, and the further into the future one goes, the more pliable things become. The same is said for the past and things that are in divine order.

OOC ::

Nef can get impressions of potential plots you may have with characters, histories she would otherwise never know, or ideas you may have. As a player, I want to thoroughly explore OOC what is acceptable for her to witness, regardless of what stage she is in her magic. The gift of future sight is not perfect, and nothing is ever set in stone. In no way is this meant to be used in a way of power-play or “god-modding”; she’s only accurate to a degree, after all. If there is something you as a player would not want her to know or see I have absolute respect for that. I would like to think of her magic as a tool for collaborative world building, and as a potential thread partner I want you to have an equal say in how it can be used to further the lore of Novus, as well as create intrigue and character development.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories


A small silk pouch with delicate embroidery. In this satchel is a deck of well worn and loved tarot cards. They are of beautiful make, the artwork classical and stunning, inlaid with gold-leaf in a tasteful manner. They are kept with a small round of quartz stone and a small pouch of dried lavender.

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