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Equus Saurian Marwari X


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Subject ID# 24-056b "Pangaea"


Subject exhibits a build of a Marwari horse, with thicker neck, body and hind quarters. Face exhibits muscular formation more similar to reptiles, but Xrays show a general skull shape mammalian in nature - similar to the equine. However, skull appears diapsid in nature with both a supratemporal fenestra and a infratemporal fenestra. Skull exhibits a powerful jaw, and studies indicate a powerful bite. Muzzle showcases typical equine teeth at front of the mouth (although subject shows no interest in grass and prefers sticks, bark, leaves and fruit when offered. Meat appears to be primary aspect of diet). Deeper with in the jaw are two rows of razor sharp teeth with jagged edges. When testing bite, subjects teeth are noted to have a shearing quality that does more damage when flesh is jerked free from subject. Subjects eyes are slitted in public, and appear to reflect light at night. Despite predatory status, eyes are at the side of the head like a typical equine and appear to have a fairly wide range of view. Vision appears to not overlap at front of muzzle, creating a blind spot - but subject has a very well developed auditory and olfactory systems aid in being able to spot others, track prey, and locate other predators.

Subjects remaining skeleton appears equine until the hind quarters, where the hips are flipped like a bird, with the pubis flipped back and close up against the ischium. Hind limbs are fully articulated with three fully developed toes and claws, formation of ball joint at hip and ankle build up are strengthened to support bipedal movement- although subjects prefers quadpedal stance for most purposes. Tail bone is extended beyond normal levels, with a series of tendons, and elongated bone processes for a thick, but high flexibility that aids in balance when in bipedal stance. Subject also exhibits a third set of limbs, extending out from behind the shoulders. Then large wings shown clear evidence of evolution in the form of elongated fingers forming the frame work of the appendages, and a single thumb claw with prehensile capabilities. The skin of the wing attaches at the top of the hip, similar to that of a bat wing in over all structure.

Subject stands at 18.2 hands, with a wing spam of quadruple her height (roughly 28 feet). From muzzle to tip of tail, subject is roughly 13 feet long. Subject's eyes hooves are large on the front limbs, while her hind claws are roughly 5 inches long, with her sickle claw being 6 and a half inches. Fangs in muzzle are roughly 3 and a half inches long, serrated edges are roughly a quarter of an inch in length of serrations. Subject is lighter than size suggests, with ample amounts of air sacs present between vertebra, as well as uncinate processes stabilizing the rib cage and strengthening the shoulder blades for flight.

Subject is primarily covered in equestrian hide, in a flaxen dunskin style. Pelt has a base of pale cream, but with spotted patch work along hips, upper hind legs and along barrel of a typical blanket appaloosa pattern. A dark dorsal stripe extends down her spine, and while her limbs lack the dark points of her breeding, the dark primitive striping extends from knee caps all the way to hoof. Her left front limbs sports a high sock, and a blaze is settled wide down her muzzle. Her face, from between her ears, entirely covering her muzzle, along her throat, neck, belly, and the front portion of her hind legs is pebbled skin similar to saurians. The dark brown color matches the skin of her wings, as well as her front hooves. Her hind claws are a dark cream.

Her hair is long, and a wild, and often tangled mess of wavy curls, bound by amber bands in her hair. Her mane is bound up twice and still long enough to brush past the length of her knees. Her tail is far longer due to the fashion of binding. Her tail hair is wrapped and bound around the thick saurian tail that extends from her spine. The hair starts growing high, on the underside of the tail, and is bound by five amber bands to both obscure the reptilian tail, but primarily is bound to control the length. Unbound, her mane drags by inches on the ground, but her tail would drag by feet.

Lastly, subject prefers a variety of adornments in gold and amber design. Upon admittance to facility, a thick band was collared around subjects neck in solid gold, with five amber stones enlayed (could not be removed). Lower on the neck was a long gold chain with a larger amber pendant resting against chest. (Originally removed, returned as part of deal with subject for information on species). Three earrings are in right ear, two gold that dangle with amber stones at end then third a gold cuff. Two more earrings on left side- one amber stud lower on ear, one gold cuff higher (all Originally removed upon arrival to facility, but returned as part of deal). On back left limb thick gold band with amber gems and above a smaller gold band (both unable to be removed). Thin gold chains are strung in subject's tail between bands. Attempt to remove unsuccessful. Subject also arrived in facility with four pieces of armor. Two gold gauntlets on front limbs, and 2 gauntlet styled bracers attached to wings. All four removed when subject arrived, but later returned as part of a second deal to gain information on subjects original home world.

Study Conclusion: Subject is a blend of equine and dromeosaur, with specialized internal organs and strengthened, but semi-hollow bones to support flight. Vanity is important to subject, but done in a manner to assist protection (hair bound up, collar protecting delicate part of throat, Gauntlets to protect more delicate wings and forelimbs.
Addendum 24-056b.1Inconclusive to if features are special to subject, as no other Equus Saurian has yet to be studied.

Subject ID# 24-056b "Pangaea"


Traditionalist, Practical, Methodical, Conscientious, Disciplined, Efficient, Strong sense of duty, Formal, Serious, Quiet, Proud, Resilient, Calm under Stress, Clever, Resourceful, Learner
Introverted, Reserved, Aggressive, Cold, Cruel, Reclusive, Hard-headed, Sceptical, Arguemative, Competitive, Combative, Unforgiving, Predator-Minded

Subject has heightened intelligence. Containment protocols have been breached often due to bored testing of containment methods. Subject also demonstrates high levels of resourcefulness, and is able to turn anything, or any situation to her advantage. When tasked with mentally stimulating test, subject exhibits high degrees of methodicalness in planning out her actions. When trials consist of a group, subject will take on situations solo when able, and when group participation is forced, naturally takes on leadership with startling efficiency.

Despite potential to be a formidable leader, subject behaves in a manner that is unapproachable by others. Subject is aggressive and combative with anyone, and will always attempt to find a way to take the higher ground. Further testing shows that while subject can pick up well on the feelings of others, she will use such feelings to further the distance by being purposely aggressive and cruel. Subject shows an alarming lack of care towards those she percieves as weaker, and will even dismiss them as useless.

Subject shows a quick reaction to volatile, negative emotions. Anger, Irritation. Subject is quick to yelling and snarling, as well as basic forms of violence. Why subject also exhibits no guilt in hurting others, psychological testing proves this has become an coping mechanism to avoid attachments that can lead to hurt and abandonment.

Subject is very strong-willed, and inflicts her will upon others. She, however, can be charismatic when she so desires, and in multiple scenarios have seen to adjust others perception of her to fit her own goals. Subject is a talented manipulator, and capable of leading others in the direction that suits her

Addendum 24-056b.5 Minimum of Two Personnel must be present when visiting with subject, while a further two monitor from a control room, and another stands guard at the door, with noise canceling apparatus.

Subject prefers a solitary life, and being left to her own devices with items to engage her mind. Subject is the last to introduce herself in group settings, and must be forced to do so. She is quiet, but always watching and listening in this situations, and testing later demonstrates a high recall ability of everything that happened in such meetings including speeches, appearances of others, and mannerisms and actions. Subject appears to be extremely intuitive, and takes in all information available, both audio, olfactory and visual and stores it for later recall. When questioned, subject laughed darkly and stated it was a survival technique from being only mid tier on the food chain of her home world.

Subject does possess a strong sense of duty, and doesn't skive on responsibilities, even when taking on a leadership role with others. She is extremely methodical in all her planning, accounting for all options, and allowing enough room for alteration that hick ups in plans won't have her stumble. She's extremely efficient, with a determination to see things through.

Study Conclusion: Further studying recommended. Subject is prime leadership material, but lack of care towards others, and aggressive tendencies disrupt this potential. Negative personality aspects prove to be learned traits aimed to protect herself emotionally. Subject is alarmingly smart, and a skilled manipulator.

Addendum 24-046b.2 Recommended Course of Action: Handle with extreme care, and with a back up present at all times.

Subject ID# 24-056b "Pangaea"

Classification Escaped

Addendum 24-056b-OL-2.b Subject is to be fed a freshly butchered cow once every two days (or more frequently). Fresh meat is vital to Subject's feeding schedule.

Addendum 24-056b.9 Recapture procures Do not approach alone. Subject is extremely hostile towards personnel. Weapons set to highest stun level. Chains of atleast 4 inches thick needed to binding. Muzzle must be clamped shut with three inch steel muzzle, and heavy padlock with security measure [redacted] for unlocking. Subject should be blindfolded immediately and relocated back to facility before subject awakens.

Containment Procedures

Subject is to be kept isolated when in containment in a room no smaller than 20 yards x 40 yards and with a height of 60 yards. Room should not exceed a size of 70 yards by 100 yards, and 100 yards high. Room must be windowed on three sides with 8 inch thick bullet proof plexiglass. The remaining walls must be at least 12 inches thick steel. Door must be 14 inches thick, with reinforced lock. Two personnel must be placed at each window around the clock to supervise subject. Subject is allowed two meals a day of 80% raw meat, 20% fruit and bark. Subject is allowed free access to water. Subject is also allowed all the learning material asked for, with the agreement of one fact of her, her species, or her home realm provided for each item.

Addendum 24-056b.3 Discovery A youth, age 2, was the first to make contact with Subject in the form of a doorway fifteen feet tall and 8 feet wide appearing in the middle of a park. The door manifested as a sparkling, rippling water that shimmered in a slight golden hue. Youth fell through doorway and never returned.

Manifestation was inconsistent for weeks, sometimes being present for seconds, other times for hours. All who entered never returned. Four weeks after first manifestation, Subject and 24-056b-2 appeared.

Personnel on sight attempted to communicate with Subject. Contact quickly escalated into violence and Subject was forcefully taken into custody and separated from 24-056b-2.

Intake Interview

Date: 17/11/4522

Interviewer: DR Steven Celon, Psychological and Behavior Specialist of Site 83.4 Z

Interviewee: Subject 24-056b

Interviewer: Hello! Welcome to Site 83.4 Z!

Subject: I cannot fathom why you welcome me. My . . . Arrival certainly was not of my own free will. Where is my companion?

[Papers shuffling]

Interviewer: Companion, companion, ah, here it is . . . Oh, it appears to have escaped during transport- but don't you worry 24-056b, we will locate the asset quickly. Our recovery team is splendid.

Subject: My name. Is. Pangaea. Furthermore, neither myself nor Duellum are 'assets'. What kind of facility is this? When can I leave?

Interviewer: Leave? Let me be level with you . . . You can't. We don't know what you are, but you attacked five of our men upon contact, two of them died. You are a safety risk to our people. Further, you are an oddity. We are a research facility designed to house dangerous oddities that might threaten the safety and livelihood of our people. You cannot leave.

[Interview ends early. Subject extremely agitated, reclassified from Unknown to Reactive Hostile]

Addendum 24-056b.4 Observation Log

While in containment, Subject is under constant observation to discover more information regarding subject's traits and species. Subject is not forthwith in providing information, resulting in around-the-clock observation methods being put into place.

Subject appears uncaring regarding the Observation, and had shown heightened awareness when aware of Observation first going into effect, despite windows being one way. Request for two way windows from Subject was denied. Request of introduction to observers denied.

Observation Log 24-056b.OL-1 SUMMARY

Subject: 24-056b

Date: 20/12/4522


Subject shows a keen interest in learning, and a handful of documents have been provided to assist in measuring the knowledge level of Subject. Documents and papers cover a wide variety of subjects - from Geophysics, to Mathematics, Medicine, Behavioral Science, and more.

Observation Notes

Subject read every item presented to her over the course of the day, and when spoken with, could hold conversation in great detail on many of the subject matters, although had to ask about some concepts foreign to her. Subject explained it was likely from the technological advancements made in our world compared to her own which was far more cut in dry. Researchers attempted to learn more about her world, but Subject stubbornly refused. Subject was offered a reading paper - a full dissertation from one of the Medical Doctors - in return for a face. Subject shared that her people were believed to be part of the dromoesaurian family, confirming our beliefs after having studied xrays of her skeletal make up. Subject then offered a trade of a variety of information on her home, and herself, in return for reading materials, and her worn items returned to her. Request approved.

Observation Log 24-056b.OL-2 FULL

Subject: 24-056b

Date: 16/03/4523


Subject appears to be relatively annoyed on this day, quick to temper and not wanting anyone to share space with her. Speaking through the intercom system, researchers tried to speak to subject, but with no help. Subject continued to be studied through out the rest of the day in an attempt to discover what was wrong. The following transcript was caught over audio recording.

Observation Notes

Subject [Talking to herself] I'm still stuck in this forsaken building, and I hate it. Duellum still hasn't been brought to me, and I hope that means he is wandering free and not trapped much like I've been forced to be. I worry for his safety, and I feverishly hope you're watching out for him . . . for both of us. It's weird being stuck somewhere so far from you, from our home. This world is different from ours, and I'm trying to learn as much as I can while I'm here. I miss yo- [Subject is silent for a moment, and turns to stare at a camera, noticing the blinking red recording light] What the hell! You're recording me, aren't you - you sick bastards. Come out here. Come out here right this moment! I'm tired of playing these games.

[Subject begins to pace around her containment unit, and appears to grow increasingly agitated] I said come out. Right now. Ya'll wanna learn more about me - then come here, I'll let ya get very up and personal. WITH MY TEETH. You haven't been feeding me much of anything anyway! Scraps from the dog is what this vile mush is! Not even proper enough to be called meat! Slimy and gray and stinking! I'm a predator, not some prissy scavenger out for someone else's seconds! Let me eat. Come here! Come out, come out where ever you are.

Subject continued to pace and make threats until finally gas was expelled into unit through ventilation, putting her to sleep. A meal was prepared with a freshly butchered cow, and taken to unit, and left with a fresh pile of branches, bark and fruit. Upon awakening, Subject was prepared to start talking again before notably freezing and sniffing the air. The moments to follow proved her hunger as she took to the air, and attacked the cow from the air much like attacking prey. The cow was devoured in an instant. [See Addendum 24-056b-OL-2.b]

Observation Log 24-056b.OL-4 SUMMARY

Subject: 24-056b

Date: 08/09/4523

Preface Subject has been reading roughly fifteen educational materials a day, and as such, it was decided it was time to test her knowledge at this point. A behavior specialists, a psychologist, and three researchers put together a test, before going into subject's containment unit to deliver it verbally.

Observation Notes Staff, both present in the room, and watching from outside; were alarmed out how many answers Subject gave correctly. Subject was able to hold extremely intellectual conversations with doctorates in the fields, when called in via phone to test knowledge beyond level of test. Caution has been suggested, along with closer monitoring in regards to subject's knowledge intake and use of such knowledge. Suggestions of removing education material have been made - suggestions were denied as more information on Subject's history is needed to understand more.

Observation Log 24-056b.OL-7 SUMMARY

Subject: 24-056b

Date: 09/12/2523

Preface Subject has been demonstrating rougher and rougher behavior. She has constantly been questioning staff about facility intentions, where her companion is, and not happy when [redacted] told her [redacted]. She has made multiple attempts to break through the glass, and has been extremely vocal with threats towards staff.

Observation Notes Upon beginning observation today, Subject was up and pacing, and night shift informed it had been going on all night. [Redacted] spoke over intercom, asking if anything was wrong. Subject immediately began threatening staff, forcing intercom to be immediately shut off. Supervisor [Redacted] informed no more contact was to be made for the day, but an interview would be set up for two days time in which to attempt to discover what the problem is. Addendum 25-056b.OL-7b - Interview was cancelled, Subject attacked door when staff were to go inside. Subject is now on isolation until Subject appears calmer. Educational Material suspended until reavaluation.

Addendum 24-056b.6 Incident Report 15/02/4524 Just over two months after Subject's violent rage, Subject had begun to show signs of calming down. Was speaking properly over the intercom, and had reading material returned to her two weeks ago. All seemed well, and so an interview was arranged for 15/02/2524, with Professor A. [Redacted], Sargent F. [Redacted] and Three Personel armed with stun guns set at highest setting.

Subject watched interview team enter, and was casually standing, waiting for them to meet her in middle of the room. After door was closed, staff noted Subject was watching team closely, and advised caution through ear pieces to Sargeant and Personel. After team had crossed half of the distance, Subject attacked.

Subject was notably careful to not injure staff or doctor, but had clearly manipulated the situation for this point. Three staff had been knocked out first, before Sargeant F. [Redacted] and Professor A. [Redacted] were pinned beneath her claws.

Subject did not get a chance to say anything more before gas flooded containment room, and Subject was knocked out.

Aftermath Interview

Taken Over Intercom

Interviewer: Sargeant [Redacted], Licensed Psychologist.

Interviewee: Subject 24-056b

Interviewer: Hello Subject 24-056b, you don't know me yet, but my name is Sargeant [Redacted], but you can call me Dolly - Can I call you Pangaea?
Subject is notably silent for a few moments Subject: Pangaea?
Interviewer: Of course! That is your name isn't it? I've been assigned your case, I've looked over your files and you seem to be fairly angry with being here, which I can understand. This isn't anything like where you came from, it must be very difficult for you.
Subject: I know what you're trying to do Dolly.
Interviewer: -laughs- Oh, and what's that, Pangaea?
Subject: Ya'll realized the hard way don't work with a real predator and so now you're trying to be nice. This is the part where you attempt to win me over, right? Cut out the manipulations. What do you want?
Interviewer: To help you . . . I'll be straight, You're in a lot of trouble right now - the only thing going for you is that it was obvious you took special care not to hurt any of those men. I need to know why it happened, how to avoid it happening again.
Subject: I'm a compy in a cage here, doc. Of course I'm getting fed up. No one is telling what is going on, ya'll screen what information you give me so now all the crap is boring and most of it I've already read. You are all so scared of me that you're making my life a joke. Can you blame me if I'm going a little crazy.
Interviewer: Alright, alright, let's take a step back. What exactly was this situation about. You were clearly going to discuss something with those men, what were you intending to say.
Subject: Right . . . discuss, I'm tired of feeling like a prisoner in these walls. I demand some real knowledge of where I am, some real knowledge of this world, and I want to feel the fresh air. I want to see the sun, I want to know what the hell is going on with Duellum. I want released.
Interviewer: -heavy sigh- You know release isn't an option right now Pangaea, and Duellum is [redacted]. I know that's not the news you want to here, but we're trying. As for more knowledge, I'll see about getting you more information. But you're going to need to prove to us that you can be trusted to be outside, alright.
Subject: Prove myself, huh. Fine. I'll do that. Interview over. Bye Doc.

Addendum 25-056b.7 Follow-Up Interview of 15/02/4524 Incident Report

Date: 20/02/4524

Interviewer: Sargeant [Redacted], Licensed Psychologist.

Interviewee: Subject 24-056b

Interviewer: Ah, Pangaea! I here you've been doing really well these last two weeks! Did you get that textbook on astrophysics I found for you.
Subject: Er, yeah, thanks actually doc. It was . . . a nice surprise. If you have any more cool things like that, send them to me, alright? I liked the fact is was a book that explained things. I didn't have to ask as many questions, it explained a lot.
Interviewer: I had thought so. And since it's all introductory level, there was no issues with concerns for you getting it. I'll see what else I can find, give you some varieties. Now, your turn to hold up our new deal. The book was a success, so give me a value for it. A fact about you, your species, or your home planet, right?
Subject: Oh, I'd hoped you'd forgotten about that. Alright. I'm not typical for species - er, I am for females at least. Males are larger. My brother was massive, he towered over me, even if he was sick a lot. Males have that sharp claw too, the one ya'll had asked me about, and their hair tends to be kept shorter, rougher. It's thicker. I'll tell ya more for more books.
Interviewer: -laughs- Deal! You hadn't mentioned a brother beforere. Did he get left behind?
Subject: He died. Spinosaurus. -Interviewer immediately stops laughing- Uhm, can we cut this short . . . er, thanks for the talk, and the book . . . .
Interviewer: Oh, yes, . . . I . . . Pangaea, I'm so sorry.
Subject: Yeah, sure doc.

Addendum 25-056b.8 Incident Report 06/07/4524

Date: 06/07/4524

Early in the morning of the sixth of July, it was noted that Subject was extremely agitated. Communication was attempted through intercom. Sargent X [Redacted] was called. With the assistance of [Redacted], [Redacted], and Doctor [Redacted], Subject was talked down enough to enter the room. As soon as the door was open, Subject rushed forward, using speed and strength not previously noted to push past personnel. Unit was quickly put under lock down to attempt to contain Subject. Subject then demonstrated Telekenetic Abilities [personnel all agree to having not known about it before incident. Situation is still under investigation for how ability was missed, and doctors who examined Subject have been [redacted].] Using previously unknown abilities, subject was able to escape the unit, and fled the facility.

Addendum 24-056b.10 Follow Up to Escaped Status

Date: 08/10/4524

As of current, Subject has not been located. There is suspicion she has left the continent, if not the dimension.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

See Image.

Subject prefers a variety of adornments in gold and amber design. Upon admittance to facility, a thick band was collared around subjects neck in solid gold, with five amber stones enlayed (could not be removed). Lower on the neck was a long gold chain with a larger amber pendant resting against chest. (Originally removed, returned as part of deal with subject for information on species). Three earrings are in right ear, two gold that dangle with amber stones at end then third a gold cuff. Two more earrings on left side- one amber stud lower on ear, one gold cuff higher (all Originally removed upon arrival to facility, but returned as part of deal). On back left limb thick gold band with amber gems and above a smaller gold band (both unable to be removed). Thin gold chains are strung in subject's tail between bands. Attempt to remove unsuccessful. Subject also arrived in facility with four pieces of armor. Two gold gauntlets on front limbs, and 2 gauntlet styled bracers attached to wings.

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