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I was once ethereal. A totally stellar beauty, admired by those who saw my colors, my vibrance. But thanks to one situation minor, here I am in this cosmic bore form. I guess by their standards, I'm not some black hole catastrophe, but this situation is no space walk for me. I am apparently fairly standard in size, er, height. No galaxy major, but not a proto star either. My coloring is dark as well. Not black, but a deep purple, but dark as the endless cosmos. My former design is stamped into my Pelt, the swirls of vibrancy, my colors reformed. It's the only feature I like really. That and how my hide and hair bleeds galaxy dust. I sport a pair of wings, a plus major to this form. It's not a stellar improvement, and it doesn't return me to the stars well, but it does let me take to the skies. They bleed galaxy dust from the flight feathers as well. My mane and tail are fairly long and seem to constantly be moving, even if I'm standing still and there's no wind. My eyes are a vibrant purple, and a white mark sits between them of a circle with crossing rings.

Veil might not view herself by traditional standards, but she's a very pretty mare. Being of a lighter build, she has a graceful trot as if she's walking on air. She's fairly small though, just barely reaching the height of 15.1 hands (and perhaps straining a touch to do so).

Veil is relatively dark in color, a hue that is somewhere between purple and blue depending on the lighting, but always seems to stray more towards the purple side. Despite how dark her body is, her mane and tail are darker, and both have a slight wafting wave to the texture. Her mane and tail always seem to be moving, even if just slightly- as if caught on a breeze no one else can feel. Her hooves are equally and dark and contain a faint shine to them.

Her side has a Nebula pattern mimicking the Nebula she was crafted from, vibrant splashes and hues of blue and pink, that never seem to darken with lighting (or lack there of), instead always maintaining the luminosity of the neon colors. In similar form, and luminosity is a bright white marking on her forehead, a circular form similar to a star or planet with interlapling rings around it.

Veil has bright purple/pink eyes, that seem to sparkle at you. A closer look will prove they do sparkle due to an effect that gives her eyes the look for a dark galaxy rather than a pupil. The galaxy style pupil is a dark purple with specks of white 'stars' breaking up the pink of her eyes.

Veil has an impressive pair of wings crafted to her back, powerful and matching in shade to the purple/blue hue of her body. They stretch to almost 20 feet when fully open, with feathers carefully cared for.

Lastly, and most notable for appearance is the galatic dust that seems to waft off this young mare like a Veil trailing from her mane and tail, and mist cloaking off her body and flight feathers, a natural leaking of the abundant (and quickly replenishing galaxy remnants she was initially comprised of). This galatic cloud gives her an ethereal appearance and never wanes or shifts in texture, composition or translucency.

Okay so, I know I'm not perfect, but I try to not be a complication major for anyone around me. But you know, it all depends on how the stars align. I suppose I can be a bit childish, but it's just a situation minor. I'm new to this whole sentience thing, and am very young at that. More so, I've not really been around others until recent. I'm very smart, or at least a quick learner, but I can appear clueless about a lot. I am clueless about a lot, but that comes from having to learn what it means to be alive. Confusing major, am I right? But that's what happens when you're alone in a vast vacuum until only recently. So, I guess I'm trying to figure out all of this being alive stuff still, the purposes and reasons behind aspects of the world, of interacting with others, of anything to do with being a being on a planet. I do attach to others quickly, but I'm loyal and friendly. I just am aware of where my skills are lacking, and so I grasp onto those I can learn from, and emulate in my own responses to the world around me. I am very aware of my shortcomings, and that I need guidance to be a real part of any civilization, all of this has been a change major, but rather than let myself be blinded by a solar flare to ignore the black hole, I'm taking the steps to educate myself to make it easier. Because I'm rather dependent right now on others to guide my actions to be properly civilized, it's a sin major for my trust in someone to be broken. I cannot stand being made the fool, or to have my life made into a living black hole for someone else's amusement. It's scary enough trying to figure all of this out, but steering me wrong won't help, and I'm not forgiving for it either. Really though, with how little I know, and how much I still need to learn, I guess when you get down to the galactic dust, I'm still just struggling to figure out who I am, let alone my place in this world.

Positive: Loyal, Kind, Trusting, Playful, Considerate, Learner, Eager to please
Negative: Childish, Unforgiving, Clingy, Temperamental, Arguemative, Literal
Veil is still very much at the stage of developing a personality. She is young and her mannerisms are clouded by both that and her newness to being on a planet. Coming from a lonely foalhood in the stars, she is missing a lot of those learning elements other foals get from the herd as they are nurtured and grown. Prior to this point in Veil's life . . . SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN ALONE.

With all of this kept in mind we can view who this young mare is beneath the awkwardness of a creature learning to be social and part of something more than a star cluster for the first time. She is very dependent on others for information, guidance, and will go so far to mirror body languages and action choices. This purely as she doesn't have any knowledge of how to exist in such a form, in such a way herself. She grows attached to others quickly and firmly, especially while being so dependent. Clingy and demanding is a good way to describe it. Shes so terrified of getting this wrong, she will quite literally psych herself into a panic if she doesn't have someone around to help point her in the right direction.

However, like any child, once she thinks she knows something, she will defend her choices made with a passion, even if they are wrong. She will argue her points, and once settled enough likely hit the point of development quickly where she will run amok with a wild streak to see it all, and damn the consequences.

Consequences are a foreign subject to the mare as well. She has never been in social settings, never had to see how actions can be good or bad, or had to deal with the consequences which will lead her into having difficulties understanding the concept for quite a while. To her and action has a reaction, and by taking a slightly more scientific view of it, she will eventually grow to comprehend the theories.

Veil is a quick learner, with the ability to grasp scientific and logical explanations easier than any other teaching style. She is a logical, linear thinker and will have difficult grasping emotional based knowledge until she can learn not everything has to have a purpose.

As Veil grows and learns, more aspects of her personality will be developed.

My life started out much, much longer ago, when I was little more than a collection of stars swirling together from a center point of gravity. It's confusing major to think about, and more than a little out of this world. These are memories from when I wasn't even alive in any proper sense of the word. But I remember it. It was a peaceful existence, or it was until I began to die. It wasn't a fast death, not in the beginning. There was an increase of heat, and looking back on it now, it produces a sever sense of anxiety and fear that freezes up my body. The end was far quicker, and in this one I remember what happened, and I know how it makes me feel now. Thinking back on it, it was a sudden swooping of energy as I was pulled into a darkness. So dark, I no longer shined. I was squeezed and squeezed, and squeezed. Remembering it now, I get a pit in my stomach, my breath can't leave me and my heart beats faster than the pulsing of a star. And then like a sonic boom, everything around me explodes . . . and I'm no more.

From here, I remember little bits and pieces. The way the dust of what I once was, the fragmenting of my nebula little more than molecules and remnants of power, scattered out, lost in space. I remember the initial joining of a bundle of them, a power point of gravity and light, and here is where my memories take on a far deeper meaning. Here, I remember feelings, I remember emotions. I remember the start of a new life - my life. That power cell was me, is me. And in the beginning it was small, and a sense of fear and urgency seemed to weigh heavily around it. The gravity flowing from that center of solar energy would grow, and as it did, it attracted those remnants and molecules of the nebula I once was. They were drawn to me slowly, and then faster and faster. Denser, and Denser. The fear that little energy cell felt would grew exponentially over those ions. Those remnants of what once was weighed heavy against that cell, constricting it and making it difficult to think, to see beyond the dense layer of a dead star system. And then the weight grew, pressing together, stronger and more solid against that energy cell . . . Then things changed. It was like a sudden heat, a pulsating hand grasping the cell, grasping me, and I remember pain. Pain more vibrant and powerful than I can ever remember at any other point (and that includes my fall from the stars). It was darkness, and panic, and heavy weight pressing down and around me - squeezing, squeezing, squeezing - like the black hole was devouring me all over again. And then that searing heat spun out from that core, lit along trails of energy that I hadn't been aware of. As that energy spread out, was directed down currents, and into a deeper construct, my consciousness extended beyond the cell.

The pain would lessen slowly, but it wasn't until it faded that I felt a new sense. Of tenseness and discomfort. And when I tried to relieve it, there was this odd pull, a stretching feeling I had created, and with alarm . . . I opened my eyes. This in and of itself was new and unfamiliar, being able to see more than just the energy, or lack there of around me. Now I could SEE. The stars in the distance as they twinkled, the colors of the different variants of type of stars, of heat. And then those eyes turned onto what I was. I stretched out an odd thin thing that I would later come to learn was a limb. It kicked at the air and then a second, a third and a fourth did the same. Awkward kicking and stretching as kinks and tenseness would disappear, and I was sent spiraling in an unending circle that I couldn't fathom how to stop. I spun for days. Kicking out with dainty hooves, head over hoof, head over hoof, head over hoof. Again, and again, over and over until dizziness was all that remained, and I no longer knew which way was up, which way was down. It was at this point my limbs fell limp and slowly, in that vacuum of space, with no gravity to halt my movements, the spinning slowed, it evened out, and I finally stopped.

I don't know how much time passes at this point. Days meld into months, I would imagine. I grow in size at least. I take the time, at first, to figure out my new body - for that was what this construct around my energy cell, my star in my chest was. A body. Long limbs capped with a solid hoof. A dark pelt that allowed me to blend into the empty canvas of space. The only markings at the time I could see was the nebula pattern all along my body. Despite having never seen myself as a Nebula, I recognized it instantly. It was a subtle touch, a soft reminder that despite everything - I was still myself. I was still a nebula, except . . . I wasn't. As time grew on, my limbs grew longer, my body bulked out, my hair grew out, casting the galaxy dust my body, my star shed constantly into the world around me. I don't remember too much in this time, just it passed slowly in a never ending soundless space. Alone. I was alone, and I was aware of the loneliness. No sound. No light beyond the other stars, nothing else. And so I kicked out with my hooves to try to go elsewhere. Anywhere else. I would continue to grow during this time of travel, my hair growing longer, and body growing until it stopped. And still there was nothing but the vastness space.

Once I stopped growing, I no longer had a means to clock time. The time blurred at this point, just one second into the next. Painful in the silence. But I saw so much. Bright, vibrant stars. New galaxies forming together. Solar systems with an abundance of plants. So much, ever so much. But I don't stop to stay. I just keep traveling, trying to find something, worried if my world would forever be lost in this soundless void. I was caught by surprise when I was captured by a gravitational field. The pull against my body was alarming, my mind immediately assuming this was it, the end. Another black hole. I was pulled down, down, down, down, down. My energy flared out, the galaxy dust swirling as it to was sucked by the pull. And like a shooting star, or perhaps a falling star, I was brought to the ground, my body colliding and pain flaring. It was nothing though - nothing like that pain when I was made in this form, reshaped. It took days for me to recover enough to look around. Recover enough to stand. The world was bright - so bright it hurt my life. And all the noise - so much noise. And it hurt to breath with the air I was sucking in. It was weeks of this torture as I struggled to cope, struggled to get used to a completely different world then the one I came from. Now, I've been here long enough to begin moving about - but that hasn't helped me come to terms, come to grip with this new world. It is still strange, it is still unfamiliar, and I'm still a star trying to get used to being something else.

Active & Parvus Magic

Stellar Divination

When they say the stars can speak to you, for me this is normal. Once a star, always a star, and our knowledge is far reaching and every knowing. The planets guide our hearts, the they prophecize our futures.

Parvus: [This will NOT activate until she's fully aware of her magic and her reconnections to the stars and the universe]. They say that atoms remember, and our bodies, yours and mine both, were once part of the galatics of the universe, and in it we hold infinite knowledge. My parvus connects me to a deeper understanding of this knowledge, it reinvigorates me with the language of the universe, and I've been welcomed home into the fold. The first time the stars whispered greetings, a collection of 'welcome home, sister' I wept. They fill my heart with joy, to be among my siblings once more. They remind me I'm a star, glorious and loyal, and always faithful. They lift me when I'm down, they strengthen me when I am weak. Distance doesn't matter, for in the grand scheme of things, they and I are forever interconnected. [b]Veil's Parvus reconnects her with the stars, allowing a true communication with them, through telepathic hive mind communication[/b]

Tier I - The art of reading the situation, at this level, my magic is just blooming, at times I might mistake it for my passive magic, as both give me glimpses of future emotions that can be associated with a situation, however, where my passive magic is only 5 seconds before an event, my tier 1 magic can be at any point for the event I'm participating in. If I walk into a crowded party, I might get a general feel of the environment, or I might receive an emotional warning of some disaster that will befall the party later that night. I have no firm understanding of how any of this works, as it's all uncontrolled spatial awareness, and uncontrolled situational awareness for what the entire situation will be. I receive no visions, everything is given to me in an emotional sense. Fear. Anger. Heartache. Love. In very rare occasions I will begin to feel or notice the particular expressions of certain stellar bodies in relation to events to come. But this ability grows more in tier II.

Tier II - The art of reading the sky, perhaps mars is bright, or perhaps venus is shining down on you in pleasure. To many, these particular planets might mean very little - to me, these words have a greater meaning. Previously, in tier I, my atoms remember the universe, they connect me at a level of greater awareness and will give me emotional context of the future and some glimpses in relation to the stars fortelling the actions. In this stage, however, the stars and stellar bodies aid far more greatly. One look in the night sky and I can judge if something is approaching by the way certain planets might shine brighter or dimmer. About to have a falling out in a relationship - venus might be looking very dim. Is war on the horizon - mars is shining bright and eager. Is death immeninent - Pluto's stark shine might prove it. To many the stars or planets are dots in the sky - for myself, they're a compass of where tomorrow will bring me.

Tier III - The art of divination, divination is more than just reading the stars, for me it is a connection to a deeper world, an understanding with the universe stemmed from my own place in it. I might resemble a horse, but my heart is the pulse of a star. My blood is the galatic dust that wafts from my star. I am more than others, for I am a being of the universe, and as such, I am privy to it's secrets. At this level, I am able to divine far more successfully to what the future may bring. I might be able to utilize a deck of tarot to foretell of upcoming events or emotions 'Four of Cups, be cautious of falling victim to becoming self-absorbed, take awareness of your situations, and those around you or you might miss the big picture'. Again, I do not receive visions of the future, I can only help clue others in to what they may experience, emotionally and within themselves in what is to come. My entire magic is based on a connection to the universe, for we are all members of it, we all came from it, and we will all return to it.

Tier IV - The art of remembering, Alright, so I fibbed a little. But not in the way you imagine. It is true, I do not receive visions of the future, but when asked, I can divine visions of the past. This is not what might have happened yesterday, or two weeks ago, but rather by connecting with an individual (usually through prolonged eye contact), I can witness their first years of life, and even their past lives if perhaps they have had any. However, this magic is not something that activates on its own, and it requires the other wanting me to know. We are all children of the universe, and even from me the universe will guard your secrets. I cannot merely look at you and decide you were a King once, you must first ask what I can tell you and then meet my eyes, and I can relive it and share it back, for who knows what secrets and knowledge one may have possessed two life times ago.

Secondary Magic -- Quantum Entanglement -- Once more fully interconnected with the universe

Tier One - Biologically Interconnected.

There is a sense of connection when the universe welcomes you into the fold. In this regard, the very DNA, and mutations it can hold can be utterly controlled by Veil. Quantum tunneling is the beginning of this arrangement, in which her molecules and atoms, the very ions she is composed are once more connected to this bigger world, to the point where physicality no longer matters. As a further catalyst with her own natural occurring nuclear fusion - light energy, the energy needed for this event is dramatically smaller for the star, but in short, she is able to utilize her energy to manipulate her particles, to the point where even in the face of a barrier, her particles can MOVE THROUGH IT, rather than being forced around it. Briefly merge with the other item before reassembling on the other side. This all stems from the Quantum Entanglement, that is the fact she, as a part of the universe, till remains connected to all the other aspects, particles, ions, photons and other pieces of the universe as a whole, removing her almost fully from the space and time effect, and forcing her view of the world past a mere three-dimension context to explain the new set of rules this entanglement produces. However, forceably controlling all her particles to do what isn't 'natural' in her equine form is taxing, and losing focus midtask could be tragic.

Tier Two - Chemically Interconnected.

This connection continues when we hit a chemical level, in the sense that her connection and awareness of systems, in particular chemical reactions. Being part of the world, and able to reach out to all other aspects of the universe means that Veil can also alter aspects of the entanglement - such as controlling chemicals, rearranging molecules, and ultimately directing a reaction for her intended decision. In short, it gives her the ability to take a chemical reaction, force the contact, and ultimately take control and transform the products as she so desires. When you look at this at a bigger stage, this is creating photosynthesis reactions in animals, thus changing their very designs to support these new chemicals produced and the way the molecules react together. It's taking what it's expected, and being able to make it something new. Any forceful change required a lot of energy that will likely lead her to exhaustion if she over does herself.

Tier Three - Atomically Interconnected

At an atomic level, this is bigger than just being able to interact with things around her. This is beyond Veil moving through objects and changing the structure of her own molecules. It's bigger than changing the chemical reactions, products, and development of things around her. At this level, her quantum entanglement manifests as a sudden connection, an understanding of the behaviors of nature, and how it is all interconnected. It's seeing the very way the butterfly's wings create the tsunami on the other side of the world. It's guiding that very force and changing its effect so it's merely a strong breeze. It's grasping the universe with everything she has and understanding what it all means, and how to guide it to the best she can. While knowing this knowledge has no effect on her, trying to change the outcomes is nothing short of exhausting, as if she's fighting the very nature she was clued into.

Tier Four - The Universe's Spokesperson

This stage is reaching past the Quantum Entanglement. This is the stage of realizing the universe had more in plans when it allowed her path to guide her towards this magic. At this level, her magic isn't so much quantum entanglement as a useful means, this opens her up to a direct link to the interconnected webs the universe weaves. At this level, Veil's awareness is fully open. She doesn't just see the way the butterfly's wings make the tsunami, the universe will whisper WHY it had to happen. What that tsunami will start - that in the years to come, new technology will aid the rest of the world in advance warning systems. How a tragic accident must happen because of what will come later. She no longer sees the event as it happens, she sees the outcome, even years down the world, as the universe lets her back in, and gives her the understanding, but with it comes to a new cost - while she knows so much, she can never share her knowledge, as the paths laid out must be preserved for the guidelines to happen - for the outcomes to be guaranteed.

Passive Magic

Deja Vu

Veil will occasionally experience feelings of deja vu in which she will experience a feeling related to an event about to happen: Fear, Anger, Excitement, Hesitation, etc. These moments usually happen 5 seconds before the event and no context is ever given before it happens. Events can be conversations, intentions of others, events of the natural world [rock slide, sudden storm] or a variety of other interactions. Emotions are perceived as the emotion, as well as colors associated with the emotions.

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

What, you want to know about my accessories? I'm assuming you mean the rock around my neck? Its from my part of the galaxy, a touch of home, you know? I know it looks cool major! It glows thanks to the materials it's made out of. I've got matching bits of the stone in some of my other pieces of jewelry. I have a couple of piercings in my ears, nothing super stellar. Around both of my fore legs are silver bands with the same type of glowing stone, as well as smaller, looser bracelets with a few strung silver beads on the same black metal as my necklace. That's it though. Nothing else out of this world here - well except for the materials - Obviously.

Something has changed with my necklace, it no longer simply glows. It's made from my galaxy, and now, when I hold it up to the light with telekenesis, it projects an image of what I once looked like as a galaxy, set into where my home was in space. It's bittersweet to look at right now, but it's a promise of home, and I love that I have that bit of myself again, once more.

Words Veil Knows:

No. Yes. Home. Solterra. Sun. Day. Jane. Name. Hello. I. You. We. Fine. Stay [relation to home]. Sorry. Night. Star. Sky. Eat. Grass. Make. Collect. New. Many. Alone. Friends. Family. Items. Jewelry. Painful. More. Lonely. Busy. Lost/Lose.

is. from. with. am. for. the. any.

Only way she knows to introduce herself: "I am The Veil Nebula."

Sounds Veil has some understanding of:

able to mimic the noise, will not always be used correctly.

See: visual discovery, of learning, of visual acknowledgment.
Fight: Painful. Ugly. Uncomfortable.
Defend: Home/Family. Protection.

Played by:

Dyzzie (PM Player)


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