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Faction is a simple, yet striking, creature. Her design is elegant and uncluttered, yet intriguing enough to soothe the diva. She stands above average for a thoroughbred, reaching 18 hands on her slender limbs. the mare is built for speed rather than strength, a creature suited to flee rather than fight. Her legs are straight and strong, her hooves dark as undergrowth and as tough as stone. Faction's tresses are long and sleek, regularly combed and styled to keep the locks tidy and neat. Delicate features modeled from clay to mold a being that is rather narcissistic and vain.

Faction is a striking amber dun, a color not seen in her breed. To increase the unusual nature of her color, her dun markings are green in hue. The shade is a dusky darker green, reminiscent of forest shadows. The diva has no white markings, though her silky tan mane and tail are streaked with the same dusky green as her dun markings. Striking, intelligent eyes take in the world around her, the hue that of newly grown grass.

Within the unusual pelt, her very blood runs the color of her beloved plants. The color is akin to pine needles, rich and dark green. There is an almost iridescence to the color, a shimmer unseen in traditional blood. The shade of her blood matches that of her hooves, making a striking accent to her pelt when she is injured.

Design is by Chaosy - Lineart by AMillionLights on DA

Positive Traits: Enthusiastic, honest, imaginative, careful, ambitious, clever, confident, determined, persistent, creative, independent, intelligent

Argumentative, arrogant, blunt, cynical, fickle, impulsive, jealous, proud, crazy, grim, haughty, moody

Enthusiastic, imaginative, creative, clever... These are the best of Faction's traits. She finds pleasure in creating things and having the chance to showcase her skills. She is ambitious, wanting to do things that others deem impossible for one reason or another. She is persistent, not giving up easily and fighting to try to prove herself. That is one of her biggest pushes, is to prove herself and be the best that she can be.

Independent, intelligent, confident, determined... Faction is a strong creature with the traits to prove it. She is almost scary smart at times, determined to prove herself correct and even willing to learn from being wrong most of the time. She is confident to the point where it teeters into arrogant, and then often passes that line. The strong willed mare is extremely independent, to the point of lacking loneliness that others may struggle with. She can be brutally honest with herself and others, to the point where she can push others away.

Arrogant, cynical, blunt, fickle, impulsive, moody, haughty... Faction is clearly a creature that knows exactly what she wants, and sees her self in a vain light. Her moods are prone to shifting with little warning. When she does want something, she tends to pounce first and ask questions later. That being said, her wants can shift as quickly as her moods. Faction has an almost morbid level of cynicism. She doesnt trust others to be genuine and is quick to remind them about the fact that their time is limited. Her own interests come before anything from another.

Argumentative, jealous, proud, grim... Faction is always ready to argue her case, even to the point where others may deem her foolish. She can whip herself into a frenzy when jealous of another in any way, though is almost obscenely proud of herself and what she has. Of what she can do. Faction has a grim and often fatalistic view of the world. It ties into her pride, knowing that she has successfully defeated death to save her precious companion.

Faction started her life as any other foal would. She was born to a caring mother and a protective father. They taught her the ways of life and how to be the best mare she could be. At least, that is where her life began. She always had a love for the remains of the departed, finding beauty in the bleached white of bones left to nourish the soil. As she grew, she found herself viewing that beauty as a puzzle. She would see if she could find all the pieces, bones, and would work to reassemble the creatures so that she could see their full beauty.

When Faction reached the age of 2, she began to feel called to those puzzles. Began to see the plant life as possible additions to the skeletal remains to be able to make them stronger. It was almost like a dream. As she fidgeted, she felt something in her blood start to sparkle. Magic took over her frame and caused her latest puzzle to move. Plants started to weave into the bone structure. Before the creation could be completed, she lost control of the magic and the bones crashed back to the soil.

This was the starting point for her. This was the moment that she began to obsess with the magic that was latent in her bones. Little did she know, she was descended from a long line of necromancers. The magic had laid dormant in her mother’s line for the last 3 generations. Her father’s line was made of those that had varying abilities with plants and soil. Somehow, the pairing had created a filly with the affinity for both.

Faction spent the next 3 years honing her magic to the best of her ability. She had no one to teach her anything regarding it. Only her failures and triumphs to guide her way. During that time, she found a maned wolf pup and raised him. The pair was incredibly close, the canid being her dearest companion and the only one that trusted the slightly insane mare.

When Faction turned 5, she secluded herself to a ruin deep within the forest. It was both her idea and the idea of her dearest companion. She would send out Sors, her bonded, to scout the area for danger. One evening, he did not return. Faction found herself searching for him as darkness swept over the land. When she found him, it was too late. He was gone. Or at least that was what normal beings would believe.

"I cannot let you die. I cannot lose you... But I will not let you lose yourself either. If there is no way to keep your soul, I will let you go. You are the only one that I really love..." Faction’s words were breathy. She poured herself into her magic to save the creature that she loved. Pieces of him had been scattered by the creatures that had ended him, so her magic searched out similar pieces from the soils around them. Pieces of mythical creatures joined to his once mundane form, as well as plants taking over for muscles and tendons. Sors was reborn as a creature of pure beauty in her eyes. He was maned wolf at heart, and now he was so much more.

He had the skull of a Chupacabra, a creature that had once been feared in her forest. Bones from both his natural form and those of the Chupacabra that her magic had found fused together to create a canid that was a hybrid of both. From there, plants filled his form in, doing their parts as muscles and tendons and all other parts that were needed to make a skeleton. Rather than eyes, her magic created glowing orbs to act as his vision. A final surge of her magic brought him back, his soul completely housed in the new form. This was the only time that her magic had acted so strongly, the result leaving her unable to do much more than walk the little way to her ruin before collapsing for nearly a week.

When she awoke, her magic was a trickle rather than the waterfall that had once been there. She had used so much of it that she was no longer able to do what she had once been able to do. Faction had to learn how to wield her magic again, her new limits. This left her frustrated, though the sight of Sors at her side again soothed her for the most part. After she had rested and regained her strength, she and Sors began to travel. They stumbled upon a strange portal in the woods, a portal that had not been there before. After debating with each other, they decided to figure it out. This portal landed them in Novus.

Time on Novus proved to be good for the mare. There was a grounding that happened while she spent time among the beings and the safety she found. The once crazy mare was settled and sane, finally free of the shackles that had been placed upon her mind. She spent a good majority of her time secluded with her beloved companion, though she is starting to come alive like a bloom in spring.

Active & Parvus Magic

NECROBOTANY: A druidic branch of magic combining nature magic and necromancy in the ability to resurrect the dead and support their bodies through the use of plant fibers.

Tier I – At this stage of her magic, Faction only has a basic grasp on her ability, and is able to re-enforce any resurrected skeletons with plant fibers to make up for missing muscular and ligament structures. Her resurrection ability only has a 50% chance of success and can only be applied to two skeletons at a time (one if she’s supporting one through plants). Resurrected souls only have a ‘new life’ for up to 30 minutes (less for more than one being active) before the return to being dead – and these acts require her rest for a minimum of 2 days (6 hours rest required for failed resurrections before capable of trying again.

Tier II – At this level, Faction has begun to realize what her magic is capable of. As a combination of nature magic, and necromancy, she now has more control over the nature aspect of magic. She can now connect to nature, with the ability to sense when there are hidden bones and skeletons near by. She also has minor control over nature, able to move branches out of her way, or lift a small section of earth to get to a buried skeleton. When it comes to the necromancy, she now has an 80% chance of the resurrection working, and can host up to four skeletons at a time (two if supported through plants). These resurrections have a longevity of up to 12 hours (minus two hours for each resurrection she’s hosting past the first), before they return to being dead. She can also now piece together bones and limbs with vines and plants to make the resurrection stronger and “Fleshier”, as well as able to manipulate the structures of the resurrection through vine attachments – Adding extra limbs, or redesigning a skeleton – There is a 50% chance this attachment will hold. At this stage, her rest time is equal to the length of resurrection, doubled, [The skeleton was up and walking for 12 hours, she would need a full days rest, if it was up for 6 hours, she would only need to rest her magic for 12 hours), with an additional rest fee of 3 hours for each extra resurrection. Failed resurrections only need her to rest her magic for 15 minutes before they can be attempted again.

Tier III – At this stage, Faction is typically well aware of any hidden death around her, and can manipulate the earth to lead her to it. Her necromancy now as a 100% chance to work, with a total of 6 skeletons being able to be hosted at a time, for up to 72 hours. At this stage, she typically only needs 3 hours rest between resurrections just to regather energy. She now has the ability to further manipulate the constructions of her necromancy – and can force them to explode into leaves and petals for a smoke-screen effect. This action, when dealing with potentially dangerous pollen to plants can also infect opponents and victims with the diseases/maladies originating from that pollen. She is also able to utilize the adding of different corpse flowers and other foul-smelling plants as a distraction and temporary suffocation of opponents with the stench (debilitating effect, not true suffocation).

Tier IV – At this stage, Faction has full control of her magic, and can keep up to three (not including her bonded) constructions ‘alive’ at all time. Additional constructions can be brought in (with no max total) for up to 72 hours (less than 25 constructions) (48 hours for over 50 constructions, 24 hours for over 75 constructions, 12 hours or less for over 100 resurrected). She has more control over the ability to weaponize her constructs – and can utilize flowers and other plants to ‘encourage’ certain inspects to inhabit the resurrections to increase their ‘firepower” [such as yellow-jackets] – 75% chance of success for up to a small hive/group. She can also utilize flowers and plants on her creations to increase the damage they can cause – or to allow them to match her desires. Her magic no longer requires anything more than a 30 minute rest between each adjustment to an existing resurrection or to resurrect a new creation.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Name: Sors

Gender: Male

Species: Necrobotanic Maned Chupicabra

Appearance: Sors is a creation of Faction's own crazy fashioning, though he was created before she arrived in Novus. He is the skeletal remains of a Chupicabra and a Maned Wolf, held together with plant matter, primarily vines of varying types. While the most of his body is made of the plant and bone, there are places where flesh still hold. He has paws like a maned wolf, as well as the mane down his shoulder area. His skull is from a chupicabra, with teeth larger than your average canine. His tail is made of mostly vines. Rather than typical eyes, this creature of magic has glowing green orbs that sit where his eyes had been initially. Due to the fact that his face is skeletal, it is impossible to read the reaction upon it. Much of his communication with others is through body posture, though he does have Faction relay messages if necessary.

Personality: Sors is protective and steadfastly loyal to his creator. He was her first creation that held onto his soul and became more than a temporary soldier. He has been at her side, the two being bonded incredibly strongly and rarely seen apart. As a being, he is extremely judgmental and critical of those that Faction calls friends. He is the one that needs impressed if any male were to try to claim her as a mate, particularly since he is prone to bite first and ask questions later.

Species Information: This species is the brain child of Chaosy, with help from Dyzzie and Sephinta (offsite) to work on nailing down the details. His amazing art is by Sephinta.

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04/23/21 +1EXP for gaining active magic item (member's 1 free restricted item). Approved, added to records, Discipuli item sent. Member declined quest. -INKBONE
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