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eyes: Powder Blue
coat: Red Roan Overo
hooves: Cream (traditionally white, but for the sake of naming a color)
mane/tail: Mahogany Red
breed: Crossbreed of Spanish bloodlines (Andalusian) later intermingled with the native Paint Horse
height: 15.2 HH
details of note: Boleyn's mane and tail are plaited, but they are nearly always in a state of disarray.

Boleyn is a creature of meticulous habit in most, if not all manners of life. From the measured way he gives his opinion to the morals he has carefully honed in order to shape them, the male is nothing if not scrupulous. However, where there is strength, there is also weakness, and when it comes to appearances Boleyn is overtly indifferent. Were he a different animal, his looks might be striking, entrancing even, but the male is often found in a perpetual state of disarray. As the last descendant of a long line of Spanish-bred warmongers, Boleyn does not conform to either their repute or their designs on how a male should look when addressing his family or his peers.

Instead of embracing the traditional coiffure of his ancestors, Boleyn is often found sporting a shock of rich mahogany curls set loose from the thick plaits woven into the base of both mane and tail. Though ritual condemns him for this disrespect, he cannot find rhyme or reason to seek out a creature with enough talent to restore the ceremonial rites given to him upon reaching adulthood. Admittedly, Boleyn does not take pride in his upbringing or his paternal heritage, which is a predominant mix of Spanish influence (via his father) and a modicum of his mother’s (Paint).

Yet, it is this breeding that estranges him from his brothers and sisters due to their twisted moral qualms about honoring tradition and thus their insistence that he once remain within the protection of the Kingdom. It is also the sole cause for his appreciation of the extensive white patterning passed down from his mother to displace the inherited red roan coloring of his father’s native people. However, if Boleyn's father had followed protocol like the revered Kings before him, his son might never have come to be. And if he had been born in any other circumstance, Boleyn was certain that he would still pine for the reminders of a mother that he would never come to know in any lifetime. She had been called a 'foreign beauty' until she became tarnished as the result of his father's deceit. But somehow, she still lives on in the Kingdom's memory as the mistress ti Boleyn's father and therefore rebuked for being a scheming interloper.

It is from this elusive mother that the male’s powder blue eyes are inherited and also famed (as his father had always claimed them to be exquisite). When they are turned upon something or someone they appear depthless and cool, a bulwark between Boleyn and the outside world. However, the male looks neither incompetent in body or mind due to a vigilant sense of discipline that shows in the robust curves of his thewy physique. Standing firmly around 15.2 hands, Boelyn is not the stuff of gallant warriors or vivacious demi-gods, but he is a master of his craft nonetheless. After being reared in the Kingdom, overseen by his traditional elders, Boleyn was taught the art of growing one’s mind and body in unison - the traits of a true ruler. His life was indoctrinated by routine, hard-won reverence, and self-taught physical and emotional dominion that helped the male to hone the musculature of a child into that of a soldier.

Like his father, Bolenlyn wears the obvious traits of his Spanish heritage in the compactness of his body and the unwieldy nature of his build. Yet, it is not his size or his appearance that appeals to most, but rather the manner in which he presents himself in confidence and without ambivalence.

* Please be advied that these traits can change while I'm working to flesh out his character - he is still quite fresh-faced

Autumn evenings, frost-filled early morning jaunts, light-hearted spars, frequent travel, quiet observation and/or deliberation, self-reflection, and those with a sense of vibrancy for life
Ignorance, foul language, small creatures (bonded or no), apathy for life or conflict, feeling constrained, envy, and unassuredness

goals: (*note: these are ever-changing)
» Determine his future and if he will settle
» Explore more lasting relationships should they appear
» Lay residual hurts and anger to rest
» Vanquish past demons and overcome a hard-riding need for revenge

» Respect, honesty, and decorum are required
» Gender does not exempt one from reproach
» Second chances are rarely earned
» Religious institutions should never be scandalized
» Each living soul has its particular role in the mortal world and the fates will always find themselves fulfilled

perceived faults:
» Inability to prescribe to his family’s ideals
» Lacking the understanding to fully commit himself to any one person, place, or thing
» A sharp tongue that often speaks too many truths and a lack of empathy
» Domineering tendencies that can an do overwhelm participants in a conversation

perceived strengths:
» Immense patience for one so formidable
» A creature with an undying love for ‘the hunt” - whatever it may be. Once his mind is set, his determination alone will always find a way to see projects to completion
» Unwavering respect (or fascination) for struggling families and relationships
» Warrior-like prowess, both in his intimate life and in the figurative ‘fields’ as they say…

Unlike his earliest days, Boleyn is a cynic and considers himself to have a wealth of pragmatism. However, there was a time in which the child’s thoughts and opinions outweighed the man’s pessimism. After all, Boleyn was born in innocence just as his brothers and sisters. When he was young, he believed in the magic of love and happiness. Those fleeting moments of rapture still find their way to the surface every now and again, but not to the degree they once had. He still seeks the comfort of a warm embrace, the kind words of a friend, and even the pretty smile of a dainty lass or two. However, all of these experiences are no longer tinted by the rose-colored glasses of adolescence… Yet this is the most regrettable loss by far.

As a creature of routine, Boleyn tends to follow a very strict set of behaviors and activities. Without them, he believes his standard of self-control may be upended, or at the very least, his patience tried. He also values his endearing dedication to improving his fortitude over himself and any outlying situations that might test his tightly-bound sense of self-restraint. However, his reasoning can often be hard to suss out because he does not like to share much in the way of his past or discuss his immediate family. Such topics often receive vague commentary or are avoided altogether.

On an alternate note, Boleyn is deeply passionate about any cause he takes up. Should he be tasked in service to someone else, one can certainly depend on him to get the job done. His attention to detail and procedure makes him a prime candidate for missions or hands-on training and assignments. It is an asset that he learned as a boy from his father’s close tutelage… at least before a rift had driven him against the former King. It is from his father’s ideals and his mother’s undoing that he grew to be so guarded and diligent to set a course apart. From his parents, he received two histories - one that shaped and built the heavy-handed warrior he became and one that he seeks to uncover. Should the fires of change see it necessary to incinerate all that he has come to know, then so be it.

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the short of it:

» Boleyn’s father (Bastion) becomes King
» He meets Destria (Boleyn’s mother) and she becomes his consort
» Though the reasons are unclear, the King has Destria kidnapped and/or assassinated after the birth of his son
» When Boleyn and his father are finally given clearance to search for Destria, Bastion turns up missing and is later discovered dead
» Boleyn cannot figure out why his father was rumored to want an heir or who (if anyone) could want him dead because of it
» He also cannot figure out if his mother is dead or alive and when he reaches adulthood, he goes in search of her
» However, after many years of searching, he turns up no leads and eventually stumbles upon Novus in the process

It was in the vast Northern Kingdom that competent rulers came to rise. Fathers taught their sons to rule and to be ruled by the people they might one day serve, while daughters were given the knowledge to conduct themselves as Queens for selection in court. It was a highly respected tradition that brought outlying families together each spring to track local progression and to allow for societal tensions to be addressed. Every seven years a new King was plucked from the willing hands of his mother and father, whereupon he would select a Queen of similar means to rule at his side. For seven more years, the reigning King would satisfy his people annually by anointing one fledging King with his blessing to show his favor for upcoming candidates. Though it was never a written rule, prior Kings had always shown favor to seven different younglings gathered to impress him at court. However, when King Romul came to power, he spent all seven spring celebrations fervently granting his favor to one youth in particular - Boleyn’s father.

When Bastion was crowned King, his domineering hand fell heavy upon everyone around him. His Queen, Castiel, was a waif of a female and often took to spending much of the year wasting away in the Eastern sands where the sun shone hottest. She did manage to come to heel every few months when Bastion required her to heed his requests for an ‘heir’, but after four years without success, Bastion’s summons became fewer and far between. However, his desires were exceedingly unusual, as an heir was not needed in any capacity for the hands of leadership to be exchanged. After all, it was common knowledge that a new King would be brought up from the ranks of the common people to prevent greed from embedding itself into the ruling elite. However, that didn’t stop those residing within the royal grounds from scrutinizing Bastion’s behavior and whispering about future tyranny under his watchful eye. But, in time, even those suspicions were quashed when Castiel mysteriously removed herself more permanently to the East against the advice of her close relations.

Before Bastion’s sixth year came to a head, a migrating pack of nomads was brought in to be formally introduced and questioned for trespassing. Since the ruler had thus seen plenty of foreign travelers, he was generally known to let them go about their way shortly after he was assured of their motivations. Yet, that particular small band of merry vagrants did not receive such fleeting regard. Instead, they were invited to a celebration at the King’s request, despite no celebration having existed prior. It was during this impromptu affair that Bastion met the beautiful and exotic Destria and beguiled her with words of charming admiration and affection. She was nothing like anything he had ever seen before in all of his Kingdom, which made him more covetous of her attentions and feminine wiles. From then on, Bastion could not be found without Destria despite his promised commitment to Castiel, who yet remained obliviously removed. As their love for one another bloomed, so did Bastion’s eagerness to make Destria his Queen. However, the court-appointed counsel would not hear of it with the seventh year of Bastion’s reign so close at hand. They bade him keep the illegitimate relationship concealed and condemn Destria to quarters outside the Northern boundaries to prevent further unrest over the rumors already spreading about their scandal. This was the first time that their small empire had ever faced a King that had not honored their vows to both Queen and Kingdom, but also the only pairing between chosen royals that had not persisted in fondness. It was thought that by allowing a King to select his Queen, they might rule in unison… Yet, Castiel and Bastion had never shown one another endearment outside of their appearances together at court.

With the council’s decision made clear, Bastion grew unruly and bitter in the weeks following, despite not having followed their instructions to remove Destria from his accommodations. It wasn’t long after that, that word was sent to Castiel about the King’s new mistress and the Queen responded in kind by returning from the East with demands of her own. She claimed that if Destira was not dispatched from their shared marital lands, she would attempt to have him removed as King for a breach in their ruling agreement. However, Bastion would not bow to Castiel's threats and instead ordered sentinels loyal to his cause to remove her from the North. He didn’t care where she ended up, so long as she did not endanger a newly expectant Destria or return to the royal grounds. From there, the situation only grew more dismal in nature.

As time passed and Destria’s pregnancy matured, the Kingdom became rife with dissension. Some called for Bastion’s removal while some insisted that Destria herself be tried. However, there were still others who supported Castiel's sole claim to the throne as payment for Bastion’s infidelity. The political chasm began splitting the Kingdom into various parts according to whom they supported until finally the council was forced to take control of power. Shortly after, it was said that Destria was appropriated from the North under the cover of nightfall by witnesses who identified her with the Queen’s guard. However, this was not until after she had given birth to a healthy son she dotingly called Bolelyn. And even though the King was hysterical thereafter, insisting that Destria had been kidnapped by Queen Castiel, he never produced the names of those informants. Then, as weeks turned into months and months morphed into a year, no signs of Destria were ever reported again.

During that time, Bastion made numerous attempts to leave the Court and take his son with him, but he was consistently thwarted due to his responsibility in choosing a predecessor. But, for that entire year, a still-young Boleyn learned all that his father could teach him under the close supervision of the council and the Royal Guard. Though the King’s son reveled in the softness of his father’s felicitations, vicious rumors began to circulate unwelcome news of Bastion’s downfall and whispers of his consort’s assassination because of it. However, the King only spoke of Destira with reverence and steadfast resolve that she would be returned to them... and Boleyn believed him without a doubt.

After the selection ceremonies came and a new King was chosen and inaugurated, the former King and his heir were promised the freedom to pursue Destria. It was claimed that she had finally been seen traveling West toward the direction of her former band of wayfarers, but Boleyn’s father had once again been incredibly vague about naming the sources who had supplied him with the information. Boleyn had tried again and again to garner the location in which his mother had previously been seen, but his father’s accounts began to change marginally each time. When pressed for more details of her whereabouts, Bastion admitted that he had lied about the recent sighting to spare Boleyn and his growing hopes of finding his mother once again. However, when the former King’s young son finally implicated his father for the fabrication, the royal guard began to question Bastion about Destria’s actual whereabouts. It was then that he finally came forth with vague promises to speak true.

In the days following his promised explanation, Bastion came up missing, and for the better part of a week, Boleyn searched for his father in all their favorite haunts. But he could find neither hide nor hair of his father until his lifeless body was discovered within the rotten wood lining the royal grounds in the West. The guards tasked with finding him claimed that he’d been found with enough stored food to indicate that he was fleeing the lands and leaving Boleyn behind. Yet, the realization that Boleyn had lost his father that day did not compare to the idea that he would never be able to pinpoint his mother’s face in a crowd or pursue her uncanny disappearance. Whatever secrets his father kept about Destria were all but dead then, just pale ghosts whispering to the wind from the minds of all who had seen her and had chosen to forget her face. It was that day that Boleyn made a vow to find the one called Destria… if she was still on the mortal plane. The question of who killed his father also surfaced shortly after the King’s demise, because later insight would confirm Bastion’s desires for an heir in a hierarchy that did not honor them. Even if the reasons were still left unknown, had Bastion been killed because of it? Or because of Destria? Boleyn wanted to see if he could locate his mother to find out or to see if she had abandoned their family willingly. But until he was old enough to travel alone, the elders of the council took great care in preparing the dead King’s son for wars his father may have left behind. And when Boylen had finally earned the coiffures given to warriors ready for battle, he too became a ghost to the Kingdom. Though he was appreciative of the council’s dedication to rearing him, Boelyn feared that they would never let him chase down the vision of a mare that his father always swore was a reflection of Boleyn himself. The question of right and wrong remained, but Boleyn had never been assured as to which side he existed on.
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