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Wielding their long tail as a weapon, despite it not being one was one of Kaelix's favourite part times. The light blue glowing ball of energy being flame-like in appearance though not harmful in any way. When touched by it one would simply feel a small tingling sensation where it had touched. Kaelix was an auburn color, making the blue of their striking eyes and markings on their neck, back leg and tail stand out even more. They carried themself with an air of confidence and know-all, head held high and neck curved to accentuate their slender frame while simultaneously trying to appear taller than their actual height.

+ Focused - Disciplined - Reliable - Sophisticated
+/- Sceptical - Hedonistic
- Apathetic - Blunt - Faithless - Petty

Kaelix's personality could not be described in just a few words, from a young age they have intricately carved themselves to fit the high standards the people around them had set. While it did leave its lasting effects, some of them have evolved in still having to find out who they really were under all the bullshit they have made themselves believe.

While Kaelix did have a deep love for learning about things, they were also sceptical about things that have not been explained or they have not done their personal research about. It does mean they were kind of set in their ways and even with their religious upbringing, from a young age Kaelix had never really believed in 'gods' or a higher power above them.

With this studious and rather religious upbringing, Kaelix learned to discipline themselves from a young age, having been sired by one of the more higher ranking members of society also had them learn how to behave and not to behave in social situations, making them have an air of sophistication.

Behind the mask it was not always fake-happy smiles, a laser focus in things they did and indulging in everything that came with higher society - including the parties, the food, the everything. Behind that, it was hard for Kaelix to find the words they really wanted to say, to push down their usual pettiness and sharp jabs to tell what they really thought about things.

One thing Kaelix did find easy was helping others in their research or study, while they did not take any shit and would definitely not hold back when people were not serious about learning something, if you expressed genuine interest though, they were more than ready to give you their full attention and devotion.

Kaelix's life might be a little different than most, while their mother had been a regular low-ranked woman, their father - as they found out later - was a more higher ranked member of society along with being immortal. Their union had not been of love - as their mother had told him, more of desperation with serious consequences, as she got pregnant from the first time they had met and not realizing it until a few months and couplings later that she was pregnant. This, of course, made their father panic, since his community looked down upon those that mixed blood in the first place, but to have a half-blood running around? That, he could not handle. Kaelix's mother - their father's maid at the time - was promptly fired and sent to a home more on the outskirts with enough money to last her a long time.

The next summer is when she brought the world a little baby boy with striking blue eyes, Kaelix truly could not remember much from the first years of their life, yet they still remembered the way their mother talked about their father, how she had felt hurt but that she also could not fault him - urging them to not fault him too much either if and when they were ready to take that step to meet them.

Their life was good until Kaelix turned two years old, as their mother unfortunately got sick in the winter. They remembered caring for her to the best of their abilities, but feeling massive amounts of guilt when they realized that they simply could not do that much to remedy things as they were not a healer by any means. They managed to keep most of her symptoms down to make it more bearable for her, but deep down both of them knew that she would not live out the winter.

Losing their mother was tough on Kaelix, with their developing magic and being completely alone at a very young age and having had to bury her themselves. It was then they decided they would find their father, a motion only sped up by the letter they had found from their mother addressing the man in question. Their mother had never hid their father's identity for them, so finding them was definitely not hard, yet even with their more difficult attitude, when Kaelix stood in front of them, letter pulled out, their heart seemed to be set on coming out of their chest.

While the reaction of their father had been one of disbelief at first, when he had read the letter Kaelix could see the puzzle pieces falling together. Under the guise of 'adopting' them out of kindness, Kaelix was fortunately accepted into their home.

Things did not really ease for young Kaelix though, they had to learn everything there was to learn about higher society, along with hiding the fact they were not a pureblood, going as far as sharpening their fangs to make them appear bigger than the slightly dulled state they had before.

Kaelix was a difficult child, much preferring books - along with the parties when they turned three- to any other contact, making them rather secluded at times while their personality suffered from the lack of sleep they got and the fake face they had to put on.

Now, at age six they were more than tired of their father's overbearing attitude and had been looking for a place of their own, where practicing magic would be easier and they would finally have a place to relax, away from prying eyes where the mask could finally fall.

Active & Parvus Magic

Shadow manipulation

From a young age, Kaelix has been afraid of the darkness. While most of their life they spent in the light, the near scalding light of the sun, Kaelix had never found purchase in it. Something kept pulling them to the shadows, preferring to stand as far away from the light as they psychically could - something their mother had definitely noticed.

After their mother's death is when their magic truly made itself known, living with their father and trying to accommodate their new lavish ways had their mind more than troubled. Shadows kept calling them at night, sometimes to the points of almost daily nightmares - which eventually they kept hidden from their father, what definitely did not help.

Eventually they started studying it, burying themselves in books that had seemingly not been touched in years. It gave them the confidence to develop it, even if they were simply able to change the shape of their own shadow in small increments - with severe repercussions in form of exhaustion and night terrors that caused eventual insomnia the more they tried.

Kaelix was determined though and nearly four years after starting to actively practice their magic, they were able to conjure small tendrils from said shadows the year prior and were now able to control them to an extent. Now able to wrap around something - something Kaelix made use of quite often when waking up in tears. It did sometimes push them in a vicious circle though, since the magic itself was the cause of all their issues at night and they tended to predominantly use it for comfort when stressed.

Even though Kaelix is more than exhausted and would love nothing more for these nightmares to end, they are not giving up trying to develop it and search for a way to lessen these effects.

Tier 1 - Discipuli
They are able to change the shape of their own shadow in very small amounts and they can conjure small tendrils to reach out to others, yet this is still extremely taxing on them, causing nightmares every day.
Tier 2 - Vexillum
Able to control said tendrils and using them to wrap around objects or others - causes extreme exhaustion and night terrors the following night.
Tier 3 - Periti
The nightmares have lessened in severity and they are able to do actual damage by constricting around their subjects, though not enough to kill or severely damage someone, their body starts shaking with prolonged use or excessive force
Tier 4 - Dominus
Full control over their conjured shadows and able to use the force required to end someone’s life if they so wished, the nightmares never disappear as a side effect of the magic in general but they are able to use it for longer without too many repercussions, due to their size, using too much force will still have them shaking from it.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

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