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V r e i s

FALL // 496;;

A man of high fashion Artist Credits/Design Credits:
Design: Dyzzie | Lineart: Dozymare @ DA

001. The Essentials

Breed: Horse, obviously. Are you blind? Some sort of mix, at that. Mother once laughed and said she'd mated with a forest God for me to have antlers. Of course I'd be a fitting prodigy for a God, no?
Sub-Breed: All the details huh, must be interested? I'm a draft cross, though built more sporty than bulky. Likely from the heritage that gives me the appaloosa spotting and Zebra markings.
Height: Twenty point two. Mother knows how to raise them, and a leader ought to stand above the crowds.
Pelt Color: Ignoring the mass of markings, I'm a fading classic grulla. Creamy hues to pelt with darker points and primitive barring.
Mane/Tail Color: Fading Black - The black fades towards a red at the ends.
Eye Color: Dark Brown, seems like Black. Once heard it called as dark as bitter chocolate.
Markings: I suppose key features are the dark Zebra striping - same hue in color as my primitive points. Over top that I have an extended roaned, spotted blanket and assorted socks and stocking, as well as a wide blaze.
Hooves: Dark, of course when touching dark markings. Those touched by white are a creamier tone, and some striping between the two colors is visible.
Distinguishing Features or Body Modifications: Distinquishing features? I have antlered horns and I have Kirin scales down my back and over my shoulders. I'm a gorgeous motherfucker, and I'm about to be splattered in your blood if you don't stop asking me questions.
Other: I have a scar under my right eye from where that bastard of a king branded me for treason. I'll return the favor one day.

That's just the beginning . . .

002. The Details

Ah, you still interested, I'm not surprised. I'm kind of the handsome devil here, aren't I? Devil seems to be some other terms, not my own. I'm more of a jelted hero. A warrior with a cause that doesn't align to peace times. But it's those crooked heroes who have to do what's right, and this brand on my cheek will always dictate me a Traitor to those who know my wretch of a former king. But that's not what you're wanting to hear about, I'm certain. Who am I, what creature wears this tantalizing pelt, yes?

I'm quite the strong lad, ate my veggies when my mother put them before me - without hesitation at that. So now I stand strong and tall, with a general build that is some exotic cross mix - powerful but built for stamina and speed rather than strength. I suppose the best description would be a sort of Draft Sport. But that comes all from my father, the unknown factor. Mother was a dainty little thing. Barely fifteen hands, and she'd have to strain to reach that. She always spoke on how grateful she was I was born small and slender, and grew into my mass. She's a zebraloosa, which is where my own striking design comes from. I inherited her markings, the zebra striping, the Appaloosa patterns - although she had a less extended blanket than myself, a lot less white.

Mother states my coloring comes more from the enigma that was my father. I'm a grulla, with delicate hues of cream and coffee to my body. My points dip into a much darker, rich grain, primitive barring visible at my knees. Darker face, dark striping down my back. From there, zebra markings criss-cross over my sides, neck, barrel, fading in hue at my chest, throat, belly. Over that, scattered is a roaning of an extended spotted blanket, with additional spots over it in dark brown, and a much paler brown. My muzzle is dipped in white, extended up into a blaze between my eyes, and then past, my chin tapering off just before my throat. My front legs have stockings, though one is only partially white. My back left leg has a high stocking that merges into my blanket pattern, and my back right has white only up to my hock. The three legs (back and front left) all sport grey-cream hooves, while my front right has a split of gray-cream and black (with striping on the hoof where the two colors join) the different colors matching what part of my limb is white and what part is not.

My eyes are a dark brown, so dark they tend to appear black in most lighting, and are rimmed by dark eyelashes. They are notably darker than the dark hue to my face. They sit in a slight roman nose with a very slight concave to my forehead. My neck is a little on the short side, but of a decent thickness. My mane and tail are tangled up in dreads and braids, and my mane is pulled up between my ears in a fairly lose, but thick bun. My mane and Tail resembled the hues of a fading black coloration - darker brown/black at the root that has been sunbleached with a slight red tint towards the ends of the hair.

003. The Mutations

Oh, now don't be rude about it. Mutations now, really? Well, if you're really so curious - let us begin? So I suppose You've noticed the antlers, right? You'd have been a fool not to. They're 8 point, dark brown and about as long as one of my limbs, give or take a few inches. The points are sharp and ready to deliver a blow as much as they can be utilized to protect me from one.

The other thing you're likely to notice is that down my spine are a series of scales, that have a black sheen that over lays the rest of my markings. These tiny scales are sharp enough to cut if they're brushed against wrong, but I personally think they're just an amazing aesthetic. Gorgeous right? Don't know if there is much protection power to it, however - they're on my back after all, not like it's my throat, or belly or anything.

004. The Style

Ah, now why am I not surprised you wanna know more about this? Well to begin with, I have a bunch of armor I wear, over my skull, across my chest, and bracing my front limbs. They are plain and practical in design, an unassuming brown leather. I'm also often seen with a black, hooded cloak that clips to the brown leather chest piece I wear. Of course it's not complete with out my rapier at my side. It's mostly for show, but if I have to use it, you'll find I'm more than adept with it.

V r e i s

FALL // 496;;

A dangerous man Artist Credits/Design Credits:
Design: Dyzzie | Lineart: Dozymare @ DA

001. The Essentials

Big Five Personality: The Judge (BECGD)
12 Jugian Archetype: Warrior
16 Personalities: Logistician | ISTJ-A
Enneagram Archetype: Type Eight - The Challenger
DISC Placement: Dominance

That's just the beginning . . .

002. The Key Points

Positive Traits:
Everything. About. Me. I'm strong. Dependable. Protective. Defender. Smart. Calculating. Proud. Charismatic. If you need something done, I've got you for a price. I'm resourceful. Not afraid of toil, of trouble, of threat or pain.

Negative Traits:
Negative Traits? Ask anyone around. I'm perfect, the best you'll find. And I'm soooo very generous if you have something to offer me in return. And people just looooooove doing what I demand of them, they'll work in a frenzy to get it done. Okay, so maybe I'm a little vain. Sometimes threatening. But it's not all bad. It's all for a good cause, my cause.
Ard & Erd. Power. Beautiful Items. Beautiful Horses. Wealth. Power (oh, I said that already? Silly me). Winter time, I enjoy snow, the cuddling, the way you can hide a body beneath the snow and no one notices until spring . . .

Dislikes :
Being dismissed, ignored, deserted. I'm so disappointed in my boys over that, sneaking away like that - the naughty things. I don't like being second guessed, argued with. I do not tolerate treason, nor do I stand for disrespect.

Aspiration :
I want to save the little guys, and of course let them reward me greatly for doing it.

It's all about freeing my country . . . of course. Perhaps they'll make me granduer for it.

003. The Manipulations

Oh, baby; I'm perfect. In appearance, in personality. I'm a charming leader, with devote followers, who will do anything I ask of them. They're so quick to fumble over themselves to prove themselves to me. My beloved Shaye is simply the best man for any job though . . . Why, I even sent him after those two little ducks that flew from my nest. I'm very rewarding to those who help me of course. And Shaye definitely gets plenty of reward for his loyalty. Sees me as a big brother, almost, how considerate of him, no?

I'm a just individual, capable of great kindness when you earn my favor, and willing to listen to all sides of an argument before I choose the right one. I can be a bit tempermental at times, but no one likes being challenged, you know. Ultimately, if you strive to get along with me - I'll get along with you too.

004. The Personality

Okay. Let's get real. Vreis is a piece of work that started out for all the right reasons. He was strong, dependable, wanted to make the world a better place, after he himself was wronged. At one point, this stallion was on the edge of success, devote to a fault for his King, and following his every command. The perfect soldier, warrior, champion. He was kind to those who were considered 'normal', and was a just and fair knight. He was strong, he was capable, and then he was exailed.

Anger festered, and as it did so, it would grew to corrupt this valiant knight and turn him into the people's tyrant. But it was not an immediate effect. It started simple, small, he built a rebellion. He wanted to show them the King was wrong, that nothing was really the way it was being shown, and he wanted revenge more than anything for what he saw as abandonment by his King, and wrongful exiling.

However, as he grew with more, and more power, he became driven to the bring of madness by it. He wanted more, he demanded more, and as he did so, he began to fall. Our valiant knight was beginning his slow descent into a tyrant. He became obsessive, oppressive, and was not afraid to threaten, and coerce when the need called.

But he was still a charmer, able to sweet talk the citizens to seeing his army through rose colored lens. Clearly, he wasn't really the bad guy. He was part the rebellion! He was the good guy! He was there to save them! And they would keep giving him more, and more to do so . . . . And oh, how it would only spiral him worse.

V r e i s

Fall// 496;;

A hero's welcome home Artist Credits/Design Credits:
Design: Dyzzie | Lineart: Dozymare @ DA

001. The Essentials

Fullname: You can call me Vreis. My full name is no longer important.
Nickname: Nickname, don't be foolish. The last individual to try to give me a nickname can no longer speak. They're signs of weaknesses.
Date of Birth: I was born at the end of summer, when fall was just starting to creep in, about 10 or 11 years ago.
Gender & Pronouns: Whose askin'? I'm a male, in case you're as blind as you are stupid. He. Him. His.
Occupation: I am the leader of a revolutionary movement to overthrow a Tyrant King, and if you know what is best for you, you'll assist me in destroying his foundation.
Financial Class: Previously I was of upper class, but not of royal standing. I've since grown more wealthy with my own power.

That's just the beginning . . .

002. The Ties

Orientation: If you're good lookin' and can bear me a son to be a warrior within my army, or can in any way provide me with more power or wealth . . . well we'll be chatting more. Relationship Status: I have a number of concubines, and other lovers to entertain myself with.
Parents: My father was a mystery to me, left before my birthing but mother jokes he was a forest God. Mother was put to death for accusations of being a magic user.
Siblings: None
Children: Unknown. Likely I've spawned some.
Other Relations:
Ard & Erd - Ahhhh my dear boys, how I miss them. The naughty things got lost from me one day. I'm here to bring them back home. They won't get lost so easily again, I'll make sure of it.
Shaye - My right hoof stallion. He's trustworthy, devoted, and listens to what I say - what else is there to say about the ol' boy? At least someone respects the power I am.

003. The Soldier

My story starts simple enough, if you must know. I was taken into the king's care at a young age, after my mother was sentenced to death. Of course, by king's care, I was basically forced into enlisting in his military, and that was that. I grew up strong, under the tutelage of those men, forced to work hard, and harder still, all the time. Slaving for the king who would disgrace me so.

One of my concubines would lead to my down fall, when I found her using magic. Of course, I turned her in, believing I was doing the right thing. I turned her over, turned my back, ignored her cries. Because she was evil, a monster, she had magic. I was a knight, faithful to my kingdom, my king . . . and the hammer came down - not just on her, but me. I was accused of treason, of harboring her, even though I turned her in. Next thing I know, I had been branded, and I had been sent away.

My king would come to regret this.

004. The Rebirth

From there I was alone for a long time, struggling, oh how I struggled, forced to work my way through chaos, slaving to get just food. But it made me hateful, cold to the king that had tossed me aside after so many years of service, so much I had done, had given up.

So I rose up, I reacted, I responded, I built myself back up from the ground. I learned to be a thief of the night, to manipulate others into giving me what I wanted, fought to get what I deserved, and eventually I'd come through it all successfully. I was ready to start . . . . making my return.

005. The Manipulator

What better way to rebel against a tyrant who cast you aside? A rebellion. So I began to talk to others, low whispers, suggestions, offers of strength, of help, support, come work for me and we'll be free together, better off, happier, safer.

I met Shaye, or rather, saved Shaye at this time. He's been with me from nearly the beginning you know. Saving him was my best idea, a little self-less maybe, but oh how I repeat the rewards now. He's a good boy.

Before I knew it, I had an army under my command, and with that came the realization that I now had power, real power, and with that power came the desire to prove myself, to take back what I lost. THe king wanted me to be a terrorist, an enemy of the crown . . . .

Well, that crown will be lookin' good on me.

006. The Tyrant Rebel Leader

And so my story continues. I did what I had to, took what I needed to, and then, I met my boys. My sweet little ducks, my lovely little doves, swept away from those about to tear them down. I gave them the most generous option. Come with me, if they want to live. Work for me. Do as I said. Of course they said yes, why wouldn't I? The alternative . . . wasn't ideal.

And we were soooo happy, my little warlocks. How they would keep me company, do as I said. My perfect little instruments to take back the kingdom from the King . . . and then . . . they were gone.

I woke up to find my tent empty, to find them having disappeared. I showed up in time to see them pass through a portal, to see them disappear, the portal close. . . . well, those silly boys don't understand. They're mine, and I'll get them back. It took me a while, but that portal is open again, and as I cross through to this new world . . .

To this Novus, I can't help but grin . . . My boys found me a new world to play in . . . I'll have to thank them for that later . . .after I collect them . . . and remind them . . . of who they belong to.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Ah, now why am I not surprised you wanna know more about this? Well to begin with, I have a bunch of armor I wear, over my skull, across my chest, and bracing my front limbs. They are plain and practical in design, an unassuming brown leather. I'm also often seen with a black, hooded cloak that clips to the brown leather chest piece I wear. Of course it's not complete with out my rapier at my side. It's mostly for show, but if I have to use it, you'll find I'm more than adept with it.

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