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A woven patchwork of burning embers and polished brass, Brassa embodies the hues of a fading sunset. Dapples of complementary hues scatter across her bodice bringing harmony to her shifting color scheme. A soft metallic sheen accents all of her coat. Her thick, long hair completes her fiery theme with an appealing ombre to showcase her coat's range of color. Her mane and tail can be compared to silk in texture with a soft wave to complement her femininity and a length that breeds admiration.

Her thick build boasts of robust curves and long legs adorned with white stockings and that sport cloven hooves. She has defined bone structures that make her alluring yet intimidating at the same time. A metallic spiral horn adorns her forehead stretching the length of her face. She uses her nimble tail as an extension of her body, often embracing other with it during her interactions.

She carries herself with a sway that speaks to her promiscuous nature yet it maintains a certain regality so as to not come off slutty. She holds her head high with the characteristic warmblood arch to better accentuate the sex appeal her thicker frame brings. Most impressive of all might be her piercing eyes, burning embers that rest in her skull. They almost seem to glow even during the darkest of nights.


  • Easygoing
  • Humorous
  • Charismatic
  • Loyal
  • Ambitious
  • Honest

  • Cautious
  • Commitment Issues
  • Temper
  • Arrogant
To him, she was a fire that could not be tempered. He had enjoyed the warmth yet ultimately was burned.

When first rolling eyes upon her, Brassa possesses a warmth that intoxicates the company around her effortlessly. Her laugh rolls around the room comfortably and enthralls the crowd she draws near. She almost seems a siren with her charm and sharp wit, causing all manners of companions to remember her with ease. Many whispers of her acquaintances tell of her easygoing and fair disposition while her lovers smirk in the shadows. Rumors proceed her of an unruly temper, one that is hard to trigger, but almost impossible to quench before it consumes bridges built within her life.

To him, she was ambitious and unapologetic, a true woman. He had enjoyed her drive yet ultimately it ran him over.

Brassa is nothing short of a vision for independent feminity. She makes her own experiences that will allow her to climb social ranks without fear or regard for the unrest it can cause. To the general public, she presents herself as a figure worthy of worship and lust. She prides herself on being a mare who embraces her sexuality and passions. Personal relationships will not stand in the way of her aspirations and Brassa will not apologize for putting herself first if it means reaching her next achievement even if that means earning heartless or cutthroat titles.

To her, she was thoughtful and loyal. She had enjoyed her embrace until it eventually slipped away.

There is more to her than just the mare with a mission, however. Underneath all the allure and anger, a young filly who never had the chance to experience her childhood lingers and taunts her. This soft underbelly allows Brassa to be extremely considerate and empathetic to those she considers close to her, if not a bit overprotective. Those that she loves never fear that her loyalty will waver if she views them as a friend or a sibling, yet this same courtesy is not extended to her lovers. She spent too much of her youth living under a toxic relationship and views romantic encounters as necessary to maintain her sex appeal but as a threat to her sanity.

Trigger Warning: Alcoholism, mental health, and emotional abuse.

See now, flowers do not grow from only the warmth of the sun. They require storms that will drown them out to let only the strongest grow.

Her history is not one of tragedy. It is not a tale that inspires bards to write tunes and share her tales of youth in hopes of riches and glory. In fact, many would view outwardly view her start to life as mundane and tasteless. She was born middle class, into a family who teetered between this and a lower standing far too often for her liking. She was raised with an amount of uncertainty that made her cautious of the world but not sour to it.

The oldest of four siblings, Brassa soon learned that her mother's bipolar disorder would leave her as the sole maternal figure for her younger siblings. While she struggled to navigate the harsh mood swings, she also had to learn how to grow up quick enough to shield her siblings from the chaos within their family. Scathing lectures and volatile slights would turn into declarations of love before mutating back into vile spittle. She was the one who sacrificed her dreams, aspirations, and opportunities to ensure her siblings had a place to live and that her family stayed within a respectable class. She worked tirelessly from the time she could start selling her labor to ensure a sense of stability for them while leaving herself open to the precariousness of life.

Her father drank to deal with his disappointment of failing to step into a paternal role and protect his children from their manic mother. While he was not a mean drunk, he did become an absent father, only useful for the check he would bring home to try to buy back the respect of his kids. She remained stuck in this vicious cycle until her youngest sibling had grown enough to marry away into a stable family and she left behind her hysterical mother and practically comatose father.

She had resolved to never have children out of fear that she would develop the mental handicaps of either of her parents and leave her children as they had left her. She grew terrified to form any sort of true romantic attachment as the only relationship she had grown up with was a toxic and dysfunctional one. She spent a couple of years just traveling different lands to collect friends, lovers, and tales in a desperate attempt to reclaim her lost youth.

One such journey had brought her to a foreign land that reeked of promise and had no knowledge of her upbringing. Brassa steeled herself to try to settle here in order to build a reputation and finally achieve her ambitions of grandeur and stability. She urged herself to stay in order to influence these lands and perhaps bring a little peace to her tumultuous misgivings.

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A mighty beast standing 6 feet at the shoulder, Espoir retains the regal reputation expected of a lion. One could compare his appearance to that of fresh snow. He is a bit unnerving to look at with a shimmering ivory coat that glitters in the sunlight, carmine eyes that glow like hot coals, and silver blood that shines when it spills. Swan wings slope from his shoulders boasting a 12-foot wing span and the ability to take him to the skies as he desires. Some could say he almost appears albino if it was not for his scarlet-tinged ears and feathers.

Beyond the looks, Espoir can best be explained as stoic and calculating. He balances out the brashness in Brassa and provides her with an anchor to pull her back to reason. His affection displays itself as praise and possible head butting but not much more, for he would rather demonstrate his admiration of Brassa by helping keep her in check. Highly independent, he enjoys spending his time leading his life and monitoring Brassa's, stepping in when he feels he is needed.

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