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While very short, underneath the rather slim looking body sat a surprising amount of strength and nimbleness. Her sharp hazel eyes being able to take in everything around her clearly. The sun made the golden tones of her dappled dark brown coat stand out, even at the darkest tips on her ears, eyes, nose and legs. Though said dapples only seemed to appear during the high summer. Markings she didn't really have a lot of other than the tiny splash of white on her head.

Her white mane was cut straight, yet it had not lost any of its movement with her hair being rather thin. Her tail - while longer than her mane and forelock was usually braided to keep it clean.

+ Caring - Disciplined - Loyal - Patient
+/- Perfectionistic - Reserved
- Deceitful - Obsessive - Paranoid - Secretive

Her time in her homeland's army had made her into something akin to a machine. Emotions were something that were not necessary for her job, so she had started locking those away, even when the news of her father's departure from this life was brought to her. Having to hide her identity 24/7 for a long period of time made Kamdrick into a pretty good liar, along with being able to manipulate people into seeing - or not seeing things. It was not something she liked to do, but at that time it had been needed for her survival.

Underneath the mask, lay a rather gentle and caring girl - one that simply wished to take on her father's worries and protect their small little family of two. Family was one of the most important things to her, which was why the mask slowly crumbled the longer she was away from him and why she held a grudge towards her mother for all the years she had been alive.

Kamdrick is very duty driven, her patience being a virtue along with her analytical skills, even when she tended to go a little too far towards the analytical side, making her perfectionistic streak rear up.

Kamdrick grew up in a semi-traditional household, where family stood before all. This had only been broken when her mother had divorced her father when Kam was still fairly young, but it had left an awful taste in her mouth. It certainly did not help having her father suffer from illness, along with being shunned for being divorced. This made Kam grow up rather fast, focusing on taking care of her ailing father while doing work around the house along with doing her traditional daily prayer to the gods of the present - the past - and the future.

When Kamdrick slid into adulthood effortlessly, is when the tide started to turn. Her country had started closing down and had been calling on every man of every household to fight in their army. Knowing her father would most definitely die if he went - she swiftly made the decision to disguise herself and go into his place. Naturally, her father did not approve, but eventually let her go through with her plan after a big hug and a kiss on her forehead - begging her to be careful, once he saw the determination in her eyes.

She cut her white mane short and made sure to alter her stance to be more masculine, and when the time came - they let her in without scrutiny. Her time as a warrior was rather blurry, locked away into a tiny chamber in her brain along with the emotions she needed to push away to make it through every day. And for a time? Nothing was wrong. She underwent training, became one of the fastest and deadliest fighters in their squad along with being extremely stealthy due to her tiny form.

The news her father had passed came as a heavy stab right between her ribs, unlocking those emotions she had previously locked away. While Kam tried desperately to keep it together - her mask had started crumbling fast, making others slowly notice that things were not quite adding up. And when she did get discovered and called out on, Kam couldn't really do much more than to give them a smile as a reply and leave during the night before any of them could alert the squad leaders.

This is how Kamdrick spent her time now, looking behind her every few feet, in fear they would follow her. Will she ever find the peace and family she craved?

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Kamdrick has a small curved dagger she keeps on her at all times, she had it attached to the inside of her right leg by a simple strap and leather sheath to keep it from stabbing herself. It was made of simple silver, the focus laid more on function than aesthetics when it was forged.

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