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Built of the ash and soot, Grimwyck has come from a land that no one remembers the name of but can recall the rumors of witchcraft and heresy. The sharp tongues wag even here, ghosts that follow him that are never shaken off.

Dipped in pale ash, he's as contrasting as night and day. Sooty black markings cap all four legs, with thin barring at the tops, as well as a dark stripe directly down his spine that speaks of his dun heritage. There are almost beauty marks that rest over his body, dotting him here and there in an erratic pattern that seem almost like freckles than actual spots. The same hue also marks around his nostrils and lips, and even shades around his eyes in a very light pattern, like the stroke of a felt brush, even around the rims of his ears.

Both mane and tail are soot dipped, but both harbor chunks of white that peer ashenly from the depths of darkness. Grim stands at a solid seventeen hands atop soot soaked hooves, but gazes out at the world with heterochromatic eyes. Witchcraft, they called it, born with a singular purple eye and a singular bright lime green eye. Many are unnerved by his gaze, and he no longer faults them for it, for he even has fangs that will unsettle anyone even more.

Despite his rather plain looks ( unlike most fantastical creatures ) he makes up for it in the outfit he wears at times when he is away from his swampy home. Golden bands on all four legs ( five on each back leg, three on each front ), and a thick teal green and golden patterned cloak buckles around his chest. Not long enough to touch the ground, but long enough to keep him warm on cooler days. Two necklaces rest around his throat, one dangling with beads and bones, while the other is a gleaming gold marked with intricate swirls of teal green.

The most obvious feature of his outfit is the skull, gifted to him when he was young by his mother, and told he would one day grow into the gleaming golden toothed bone. She was right, and it caps off his ensemble, and is used when he is completing rituals.

Despite his looks, Grimwyck is actually rather harmless and very much a sociable creature. He lives on his own in the swampy lands, tending to his garden of herbs and teas, but is always happy to see unfamiliar faces ( or familiar ones ). He can be rather sarcastic, but he's always in some sort of good mood.

A firm believer in the natural arts of the world, he's claimed to be a witch, but if you get to know him, you'll see his magic is a deep respect for the natural world that he lives in. Death is a part of life, and while he seems a bit spooky looking in his rituals, his whispers are soft prayers to deities to carry the souls to where they can rest and lay their heads. Soft prayers for them to find their places and find peace.

Grim tends his garden with love and near ferocity to those that want to rip it up. He's a tender of the natural world and seems to be just fine in that aspect of his life. While he can be sarcastic, he's open and warm, and will happily invite someone in for a cup of tea and talk about their day as they recover, and maybe send them on their way with some fresh tea leaves and herbs so they can care for themselves.

If he had taken some other path in life, perhaps he could have been a medic. But he prefers the company of souls and warm life to the stress of keeping someone alive and panicking when he fails.

The land Grimwyck comes from is shrouded in rumors and vicious whispers of dark magics. His very birth had been claimed to be an omen, a child of different colored eyes and the pallor of death. Too many whispers followed him and his mother, as they wandered from herd to herd, unable to stay long without too many attempting to rip him away from her for some nefarious purpose.

His mother taught him a lot of things, including the wonders of what nature can provide for others. Medicine, herbs, teas. She also taught him that death is simply another step in the cycle of their lives, that it is natural, and nothing to fear. She was said to be a soothsayer, able to communicate with spirits and see them. He had never gained that ability, as far as he was aware, but treated souls with respect even if he could not see them.

When he was only two, his mother was killed, ripped violently away from him as he cowered in the depths of shadows where she had hidden him. Even at two, he'd been too young to defend her, too ungainly with his limbs. He treated her body with respect, and whispered her prayers to find peace, and finally left the lands of his home to find a new way.

Somewhere along the way, he discovered immortality, wrapping himself in it like a glove, like a blanket. The years began to blend, but he was the same personality. The same Grimwyck he always had been. Smiles and soft sarcasm, laughter in his throat and warm open arms.

He finds himself in Novus now, ever so curious.

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image credits to: redspaceboyy @ dA ( for both )

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