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Aster was predominantly cream colored with long, silky manes that flowed to one side naturally. He took great care in his appearance, appearing very polished when in public. His eyes were a grey color, often hooded with a relaxed expression. He wasn’t the bulkiest of horses, preferring to keep his slender body towards the lean type - do not be fooled by this, though. Beneath his thin stature lies a surprising amount of strength garnered from taking care of his younger siblings to keeping his body in shape with regular training sessions.

The most notable about his appearance was his birthmark which spanned from his neck, to his chest, all the way down to his stomach. His parents had always claimed it to be a gift from Joriah themselves and while Aster was fairly religious, he didn’t truly believe that to be true. The mark did seem somewhat astral in nature, showing a sky-like gradient from blue to purple.

Around his neck, as well as his two front legs, Aster wore a gold chain - though barbed in appearance, did not have any actual spikes to them.

+ Calm, Charismatic, Compassionate, Caring, Faithful

+/- Loyal to a fault, Private

- Hedonistic, Narcissistic, Petty, Possessive

A flirt - that would be the first word to describe Aster's personality. It was something he definitely would not deny, he had a tendency to charm his way in and out situations. Though never disrespectfully so, once someone has expressed they were uncomfortable with his words and / or behaviour, he has no issue toning it down for them. He is always looking out for people - especially those he feels need a bit more care. He is the type of friend that would drop everything to make you feel better and is always ready for any kind of affection or words of courage you might need.His affectionate nature is what often drew people in, just like his willingness to give anyone a hug or shoulder bump no matter who they were or how they looked like.

While he did a lot to keep this fact hidden, his love for affection did not come from a great place, his past causing him to become majorly touch starved the more he was separated from his family. This also caused him to hate being on his own and rather clingy that border lined possessiveness to people he truly cares about

Aster also had a sort of ‘life happens’ attitude on him, he does not get angry or annoyed often and prefers to let things go their way no matter what. He personally hates this about himself, since deep down he truly cares about what happens around him but he can not let himself get that stressed over things that are out of his control - even at the cost of others thinking he can not be serious about things.

From a young age, Aster realised he was different. While the magic in his family was diverse - it was always a case of inheritance from either parent or a mix of both, never once had anything that was not of the four elements come up in his bloodline as far as he knew about - but here he was. Since it was so rare and considered dangerous, he had always been pushed back by his parents. His only relief being his younger sister who willingly helped him train his magic despite him denying her from fear of hurting her at first.

It wasn’t like Aster had a bad childhood, growing up in a very large family did have his perks sometimes even if he was one of the older siblings. It had definitely molded him into a caretaker for all of them, this only became more apparent once his parents divorced. Aster - even though he knew he was being held back - still cared for his parents nonetheless. There was one member of his family he did not really click with, though. One of his brothers, according to Aster, was one of the most disrespectful beings he had ever met which quickly formed a rift with them. Aster did not really get angry quickly, but this one really managed to grind his gears - resulting in multiple yelling matches which even evolved into near violence at times if they weren’t separated.

This was one of the reasons Aster left their Kingdom and traveled from Solvitas to Aecor, needing time away from his family and stretching his own wings in the world. He did prefer not to get involved with Solvitans - in fear he would be recognised and his magic outed to people he started opening up to. This was five years ago - and while Aster still met up with his sister regularly, he did miss the rest of his family sometimes but over time he had managed to build a place for himself.

This changed when he had suddenly found himself in Uncharted, a magical land that seemed to form and take away at its own leisure. There he found himself discovering [ island ] with a few others and explored throughout everything that had been added. Unfortunately, his time there had also come to an end, yet this time it had not been as jarring. They all knew, with the way things started disappearing before their own eyes.

Now being thrown into yet another world with no idea where he was, will he be able to see those he met along his journey again?

Active & Parvus Magic


Mind Control -

As the first of his bloodline as far as he knew, Aster was not sure how his magic actually worked or how it came to be, he had been fortunate enough that he had his sister to help him understand it since without her - things would not have turned out well. Mind control was rather feared to the people around him, while he did understand why, it had still hurt him to see even his closest friends and family turn their backs on him as soon as they learned of his magic. This only drove him to train more, sometimes sacrificing his own health just to get better. He had been against his sister helping him at first - since he did not want to hurt her at any cost - but slowly he had started to gain confidence in his control. Aster would still not use it around other people though - he would not deny doing a demonstration if The Crown asked him to, but other than that, unless it was in a situation of life and death, he kept his magic hidden for anyone.

Lately though, he has been feeling a burning sensation in his body which seemed weird to him, since his father - a fire caster - felt the exact same thing before his magic started manifesting. A sign? A warning? Only time would tell.

For now, he kept his magic locked away, having felt it spiral out of control when he first arrived here. He'd have to learn how to control it once again with the way the magic worked in this world.


Aster is able to fully control someone's actions through voice command - though not for hours on end. His magic does not activate accidentally anymore, having mastered the usage of it. The headaches will never truly fade, but the possibility of losing his own mind has long since disappeared. Using his magic to have his sister perform detailed tasks still took a considerable amount of energy, but not the bone-deep exhaustion he had felt before.


Currently, his magic is suppressed by a small band with a pearl-like bead in the middle attached to his leg, since he's not able to control all of his current magic safely.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Gold, spiked (dull) chain around his neck and two front legs

Attached to his leg, a small band with a pearl-like bead in the middle that suppresses his magic, only letting more power free once he is strong enough.

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