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The simplest way to explain Faye is ... small , and elegant .

She's built thin and leggy , reminiscent of Arabian and hotblood heritage that could very well be part of her past ; long legs meant for showing , a sashay to her step meant to catch eyes , and a subtle arch to her neck every so often when she turns her head just so .

Faye is a simple black in color , while her voluminous mane and tail are thick and wavy , a darker pitch in hue and curled tighter to her neck and resting near her rear ankles respectively . In the right light , there are highlights of violet that can be seen , simple reflections of light against the black .

What makes Faye remarkable isn't her unnaturally long ears , or her black sclera , or the icy blue of her eyes , or even the purple markings around said eyes . What makes her remarkable is the fact that all four hooves are a glowing teal crystal , the same as the horns that sprout from near those ears of hers , and they glow too . The crystal of her horns and hooves tend to also fleck off every so often , leaving tiny little trails wherever she goes until the glow fades .

It's the same glow that marks her forehead , an open eye sigil that rests neatly right in the middle of her forehead .

The glowing crystal is in fact the same color , glow , and material as her very bones . Her mucous membranes are all dark in color , either a deep pink or black , varying in pitch .

Faye is almost never seen without her cloak , tattered and well worn . It glows on the edges , clasped at the throat with a glowing bird skull . This glow is given by using her own horns , finely grinding the edges off when they're long enough and mixing it into a powder to paint it on .

Faye is very hesitant when it comes to meeting new people , at least at the moment . Shy isn't the word to use in this case , more like mistrusting . Her first few years were borderline abuse in terms of not being able to stimulate her ( they fed her , loved her , but did not see her as more than an object ) . It doesn't help that she's small and therefore tends to be a little more wary of those around her because most tend to be very big here .

Once past that barrier however , Faye is surprisingly warm underneath of that glowing exterior . She can be a little sharp tongued , and tends to fumble , because her social circle was only ever comprised of one other person in her life that actually mattered , and she's never met many more than that . She likely can and will end up sticking her hoof in her mouth a lot , and not know what to say in certain situations .

To her , living in a proper herd , a court , is very alien almost . It's a thing she's never done , and because of it , she'll come off a little prickly . She's never had a leader , never had herdmates .

Her tongue can be slightly sharp , and she'll be a little more honest , a little more blunt than most tend to be . This means hurt feelings can be a potential , until she learns that maybe it's okay to sugarcoat some things and to preserve feelings here and there , and maybe it's okay to not be so forward .

She truly means well , but she's very poor at executing these good intentions .

No one knows where Faye comes from , except maybe Faye herself , but when pressed , even she won't really give an answer .

The truth of the matter is , she comes from a long line of mothers and daughters born under the stars and moon in the depths of crystal caves in a land far from Novus , taught to worship a string of deities that live among the people .

They were immortal , gifting them with soft kisses between their eyes at birth and giving them the signature mark on their forehead of the all-seeing eye that marked them as the special divines that would join the many of the collective that followed in footsteps after their mothers .

The deities were real , and gave true gifts . Seers , divinity , immortality , magics , bones of glittering crystal , soul speaking . There were many gifts given to only particular females of the land ( those that were their own children ) , and the males simply lived along side them happily .

The divines would choose a female every so often and procreate , and the ones born had their kiss , their gift . Faye was one of the more recent ones , gifted with the crystal bones that so many before her had had . Half divine , they called her , and asked if she had any other ability . She did not , but they treated her as a divine all the same , and she was raised with them .

She was taken to the caves themselves to be raised with the daughters of the divines , among glittering pools and succulent feasts . It was lavish , startlingly so . The divines were protective of their children , keeping a watchful eye . Due to lack of light and simply because her own mother was small , Faye was ... surprisingly small , and very understimulated as a foal . So it was no surprise that when she was young she ran as far as she could when she had the chance .

She was picked up in the woods far from home by a little old woman that found her starving and chewing on the bark of a birch tree . Laughing softly , the little old woman ( a little old witch ) brought her into her home and raised her as her own , teaching her the world that had been outside of the crystal caverns . Herbs , the phases of the moon , proper crystals , poultices , salves , tinctures , rituals , solstices . Faye learned a lot from the tiny mare , and when she passed , she was heart broken , and took the small tattered cloak that had been a final gift to her , and reluctantly went on her way .

Faye finds herself under the new skies of Novus , far from everything she's ever known . Now the question is , what does she do here ?

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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

A tattered and well worn and loved cloak , clasped at the throat with a bird's skull . It glows only because she uses a powder made from grinding off the tips of her horns when they're too long and mixing it with certain herbs and water to paint the edges . It's surprisingly a long lasting mixture .

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