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Character design by Chaosy - Lineart by fujoshiprincess

Absynthe, or Syn as she is usually called, is a delicately built equine. She is a pure blood arabian, slender bones and dished face with vivid green eyes that tend to sparkle with impish amusement. Her coat is ebony, kissed with green and white. On her back, she has fluttery fairy wings, tinged green.

The fae princess has a striking badger face marking on her facade, with green fading from her muzzle to nearly halfway up her face. White sabino markings grace her belly and part of her chest, while green fade and white stockings end each of her limbs. Her mane and tail are mostly black, though the lower reaches of her tresses are dyed green and then cyan.

Positive Traits: loyal, compassionate, playful, intelligent, eloquent, determined, adventurous

Negative Traits: sassy, impish, aloof, reckless, head-strong

Syn is a strange mixture of a bad girl and a fae princess, the rebel and the queen. She loves to be wild and have fun, though she does know how to tone it down if she needs to. The little fae is headstrong, the one prone to getting herself into trouble by rushing in rather than thinking. She can be reckless and adventurous, something that has gotten her into interesting scrapes in the past. Syn is sassy, even snarky at times, and has an impish streak a mile wide. She loves to cause chaos and sit back and watch… even when it means feeding sugar to her dear cousin and turning her loose in the castle.

Under her bad girl facade, Syn has a big heart. She is compassionate about those that have earned her trust, loyal to a fault, and extremely intelligent. If she takes the time to think, she can be wise and eloquent. Her determination can be a drive to make things better for those that are around her and she adores the challenges that it can come with making her world better for those she loves. For those that have not earned her trust, Syn can be aloof and cool in temperament, though she does have the sassy side that she cannot hide for any reason.

The Winter Court, renamed to Autumnius Court, had left the dark mountains and moved into the Evergreen Forest, finding the city of Autumolos. That was where Syn was born. She is the daughter of the king and queen of Autumolos. Where her cousin was a Knoxx, Syn was a Froste. Princess Absynthe Rose Froste, the dark princess of her beloved court. Yet for as much as she loved her court, she loved her cousin that much more. Her days were split between her home, and her cousin. They were as close as sisters, spending so much time together and being nearly inseparable when they were.

Syn watched Caelum and Arson as they grew close, feeling like she was pushed away. No matter what happened, Syn was there should her cousin need her. When the stallion was killed, Syn’s parents pulled her back to the courts. They were afraid of what could happen if Syn was caught in the turmoil.

Even with the orders from the king and queen, Syn snuck away to see her cousin a few times. It grew harder as Caelum was sent away, leaving the rebellious princess in mourning for her dearest friend. Due to the way that the princess fell into depression, balls and events were thrown to try to cheer her.

However, these plans didnt work how the royal family would have wanted. The princess threw herself into being that diva for the courts, though her moods became darker and darker. She quickly became feared by those that worked in the castle. Her appearance changed rather quickly and with no warning. She would cut her mane, or dye the colors. Syn would also sneak out of her palace to find trouble and have fun.

After multiple fights with her parents, the rebellious fae finally left. She abdicated her throne formally, leaving to find adventure somewhere outside of her home court. The young mare stumbled upon Novus, deciding to stay and see what trouble she could stir up there.

Active & Parvus Magic

Winter Touch (NOTE: Not yet redeemed/active)

Info: What do you get with out light, in the absence of it? It's not just darkness. In the complete absence of light, you're left with out warmth, with out hope, with out joy. It's a cold, dark, listless world. And only through adding light back in can you feel those lighter feelings once more. For light is more than just energized particles that appear on a visible wave length - it provides us with the sanctuary, and safety to take each day with confidence, with bravery. But, in the absence of it, well; this is where you can now find Syn.

Parvus : Syn's magic manifests into a constant sphere of black negative energy that seems to now rest between her ears, and is reflected in the now negative energy that will take over that former richly colored gaze of hers when her emotions hit stronger points. During such emotional highs, that black negative energy will try to pull in the energy, the heat and light around her so as to reassure her with, often leaving behind areas that feel colder, restless, and tinging with the potential frostbite if one where to be too close to her doing such a mood.

Tier One: At this level, Absynthe's magic is hardly in her own control. It's chaotic, it's wild, and it seems in further flux do to her own desire to not accept she is a proper Winter Fae at her core. As time grows, so will her certainty in herself, and thus the smoothing of her magic. Her magic tends to be like a leech, leeching out warmth around her. It is limited to small radiuses, never more than 10 feet, and rarely last longer than five minutes unless she's focusing very hard - in which it can be maintained for no more than 10 [although this leaves her almost cathartic]. The air around her will drop in temperature, though no where to a dangerous area, but a bright, 100 degree summer day can feel like a fifty degree fall weather.

Tier Two: At this stage, Syn's magic is certainly more certain, more easily controlled, but with it, so comes a more dangerous affect. This leeching of warmth gets worse, able to send an entire small clearing (no more than 10 yards) into sub zero temperatures. Frost will form, although this massive drop of temperature, while having a larger space, and a heavier drop lasts for no more than 3 minutes mask, thus preventing frost bite. However, it's more than just the warmth - it's the energy, that gets pulled in at this point, and you'll find the starting stage to the area feeling a little darker, a little more lifeless at this time.

Tier Three: At this stage, Syn's magic is what most Winter Fae is known for, able to turn the world around her into a winter wonderland that's not so fun. Able to last up to an hour now (when all aspects used to the max), she can control how much energy, warmth and light she absorbs, able to control how dark the area gets, how cold it gets, how lifeless, how empty. She is able to absorb such aspects, and in moments of intense power, you can find yourself in a lightless land, cold and frozen; and void of all warmth and joy - an empty world that will entice fear into even the strongest. The more power she absorbs, the short the time she can hold it for.

Tier Four: At this stage, there is no limit to Syn's ability to absorb reaches a pivoting point. She can choose to sacrifice the reach of her power to instead keep it up at all time, able to spread winter around with here where ever she goes by absorbing the warmth and light of the area - but typically this becomes limited to about a radius equal to 2 horse lengths away from her. Otherwise, this ability can now extend out to a maximum length of an entire terrain (Everywhere in one thread), for the five hours. Entire areas can become frozen wasteland, with those in it susceptible to frost bite. The very energy can be pulled, leaving the world suddenly heavy and forceful - and as she draws in that light - the world will go dark. Combine the three, and Syn becomes the black hole, and you're lost in the cold, dark world she leaves you in, shivering and susceptible to freezing to death if she doesn't find mercy for your soul. [Such actions are through plot points only, and must have all individuals in agreeance, as well as staff approval before such a death may happen].

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Syn was gifted a beautiful mechanical steam butterfly from Savannah. It is 6 inches long and made of silver. He was able to give the item the ability to move and even fly in the air around her, though she makes sure that it stays super close to avoid loss. He also added a row of gemstones along the body of the piece, each selected carefully for meaning. The gemstones are: hematite, rose quartz, black tourmaline, Ruby fuchsite, and howlite.

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Played by:

Chaosy (PM Player)


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