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Salazar is an specimen of basic colors that doesnt show anything unnatural, being only of a tan base with brown splotches adorning random regions of his structure. His mane is long, a more neutral brown coloring it,with a tiny part matching the lighter color of his body,it is kept short, with a braid hanging into his forehead. He's tall, muscular from being trained since a young age,as being the king's offspring required from him to be in the best conditions. His eyes were crimson red, a contrast with the rest of his structure. On his crown, two claw colored antlers can be seen, glorious and a thing that made him outstand in the place he was born.

Gold bracelets dresses his fore arms, the last remains of his former life as a prince, as the heir of Andely.

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Born and raised in a royal family, he of course was groomed to be a perfect model to those beneath them, raffinate, polite and with all the good etiquette to exist. Due to this, Salazar speaks in a formal manner, proper and never using mundane speech or that how he calls the casual mannerism. He also knows about different arts and arears of learning. From politics, war, languages, science and many more camps.

Seeing one's kingdom, family and rightful throne usurped and then being banished without hesitation isn't something easy to get through. Having all he loved be gone the next day had brought in him a resentful and unfriendly attitude toward others. Feeling betrayed by life, by people. He sees no friends in anybody, often times treating others with dryness and like their lives didn't matter to him, and that couldn't be too far from the truth. He ignores those who attempt to conversate with him.

He never smiles nor shows emotions around others, nor alone. He lost everything, his future, and now forced out of what was supposed to be his, he just doesn't find any value in life.

He is direct in his way to talk things as he seems them. Never masking the truth. He says whatever he wants without waiting or thinking about ifs or buts. Lastly, he is often seen thinking, staring at the nothing as he's thinking more than he should. Navigating through memories, through thoughts, and many times he losses the notion of things.

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Kingdom of Andola, pre-birth, Foalhood, Teenagerhood, the exiled prince.

Salazar was born into the lands of Andola, a kingdom that even before Salzara's era was known to be prosperous, rich in both culture and expansion. It was placed in a vast, flourishing valley, with deep woods surrounding it. Monarchic in nature, it was ruled by a long living family, the family of Versalles, of many generations as the royalty of the kingdom.

His parents were the 6th generation of sovereigns, both already bringing prosperity to the lands. Salomon and Rozalia Versalles were loved by most but of course as any authority figure, they had their enemies, those who wanted to oppose to them. And one should think those wouldn't come from their own family, but it did. But for now that individual wouldn't be revealed until a later time.

Salazar was born in an era of peace, and loved by his family he was raised as any prince, with all the education and training he could get, and he was often brought to visit their citizens in order to learn more about what his future life should have been. The next in line for the Throne.

As he grew up, he became a whole Versalles, with the right mix of a fair but also a serious stallion. But sadly he would never see himself sitting in that throne he had been raised to hold. His uncle Leonidas had been creating a complot all these years, only for taking his father's crown, and for that he attacked them, both mother and father. Killing them. Salazar was next, and mauled and with a broken heart he was forced into exile, away from all he knew. Sad and angry, he lost all the empathy for others...

Today, away from his home he had been wandering without a real aim for his life,well the life he had left. That was until he found this new lands, joining the Dawn court, though with a past haunting him day and night, he will find a hard time adjusting and learning to live in community once again...

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Gold bracelets on his front legs.

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