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Build; There is nothing delicate about his conformation. He is made of hard edges and rugged curves, big-boned and sturdy in stature, managing to be powerful without being bulky. His muscle is tough and sinewy instead of beefy, lending Fang both the scope and strength of his Warmblood ancestors. The length of his legs gives him a coltish appearance, accentuated by his large, round hooves. A line of curly hair feathers each of his legs, suggesting the addition of heavier breeding. His ears, unlike the usual equine, are large and rounded. They flop easily when he runs, but stand naturally erect.

Color; The red stallion, as he has so aptly been called. The majority of his body is a deep russet color, darkening gradually to near-black at his head and legs. The only markings he sports are small clusters of bright orange spots along his face and topline.

Mane & Tail; Neither would be considered ‘normal’ for Fang. His mane is similar to a lion’s, reaching three quarters over his crest before growing down across his neck, and then towards his chest. His forelock is long and unruly, often falling over his eyes. For a tail, he has a large fluff of thick fur. All of his hair is a dark red-brown, and very curly.

Wings; From his shoulders arises a pair of massive bat-like wings. They are leathery, powerful, and have a thick claw curling from where his wing bends. Due to an injury he sustained in battle, his right wing is slightly weaker than his left, and tires quicker after prolonged use.

Teeth; While most of his teeth are characteristically blunt, there is a noticeable difference for which he is named for. From his upper jaws, in place of his canines, sprouts a set of saber-tooth fangs. They grow past his chin, and are bone white.

Eyes; Framed with dark lashes, Fang’s eyes are large and expressive. Reminiscent of burning embers, their color is a gradient from bright orange to deep red, and glow against the darkness of his complexion. He has no pupil to distract from this illusion.


amicable, generous, respectful, passionate, boyish, playful
reckless, vengeful, guarded, proud, haunted

It has taken Fang longer to grow up than some, but the wiles of the world have made sure to thrust him firmly into adulthood. For too long he had lingered on the cusp between boyhood and manhood, torn between teenager angst and childish antics, reveling in the bliss that is afforded to those who are untested. In the years that have passed since leaving his childhood home, he has experienced enough injustice and heartache to mature, his eyes finally opened to the shadows that have always surrounded him.

He knows loss, and he knows pain, and he tells himself that he has learned from it.

Still, there might be some of the boy left in his heart.

Typically bounding with energy, it is not unusual for Fang to brighten the attitudes of those around him. He knows the world’s shadows, but they have yet to smother the light of his laughter or the brightness of his grin. It is not out of character for him to act like a goofball to give someone a smile if they need it. His heart is huge and warm to those he cares about. His intentions are good, despite any mistakes his pride or brashness might blind him to, and he will go beyond the ends of the Earth in his efforts to keep a loved one free from harm.

He does not offend easily, but he will harbor an iron grudge should someone hurt those he cares for. Similarly, his temper is not stoked without effort, but should his anger flare, then there is no telling how far his fires will reach. He does not forget.

The Beginning…

Fang was born as Fhuier Morfhang, to a mother and father in a community that was heavily centered around war and violence. It was a primitive and savage society, with little regard for religion, magic, or modernization—brute strength and battle prowess defined everything about the people there. From the time he was a young boy, Fang’s parents could tell that something was different with their son. It quickly became obvious that he was softer than the rest of them, less violent, and not as physically destructive. Ashamed of this, his parents desperately tried to mold him into the barbaric character that their community required—he was exposed to and inflicted by terrible, violent things. Still, Fang’s heart would not harden.
So with the promise of manhood on the horizon, his parents fabricated a ruse in order to be rid of him: a “quest for manhood.”
Unaware of this trick and eager to be accepted by the only family he knew, Fang departed eagerly on this wild adventure.

In Caeleste…

His travels soon led him to Caeleste. He stumbled through its Passage—the labyrinth of trails and the dark boughs of the trees made him dizzy, until he finally found himself staggering into the world beyond. The first person he would encounter was a beautiful little mare named Arrabella. The two hit it off from the start: her a delicate, quiet girl and him a boisterous, affectionate boy. They complimented each other well. From there, Fang travelled all over this new place, exploring the strange lands and making a plethora of new friends. Eventually he found his way to Arrabella again, and decided to join her in her home of Blue Sage Meadows. Curiosity led him to the shrine of the kingdom’s patron deity, Vasanta, to ask for his first taste of magic. He received it in the form of plant sorcery.
Time passed as Fang acquainted himself more with Caeleste; he learned about its lore, practiced his newfound magic, and grew closer to Arrabella. One night, while huddled together in an inn during a blizzard, they confessed their love to each other. They were happy, and Fang was happy in Blue Sage Meadows. He had never been religious before, but the more he learned about and came to know Vasanta, the more he respected and revered Her. He was promoted to the kingdom’s Second in Command for a time, and then became the head of the militia as its General. Equipped with battle experience from his childhood, he was the sword and shield for Vasanta’s peaceable people. He protected them throughout a number of leaderships, including the reign of Andromeda, his best friend. Fang slowly grew from boy to man, his eyes opened to the primitive ways of his homeland and his parent’s cruel tricks.
His life was perfect, but perfection is fragile, as he would learn.
Arrabella was kidnapped one night, stolen away while he slept. Fang was distraught, angry, and riddled with shame—he should have been able to protect her. He searched everywhere he could, until his pursuit ultimately led him out of Caeleste, fearing she had been taken far, far away. Months passed before he returned again, weary and alone.
Fang was clinging to his last thread of hope when he found her at last—Arrabella, his love. He wept with joy, thinking he had finally discovered peace again. He ran to embrace her, but Arrabella would not have him. Instead, she scorned him for leaving Caeleste at all, for taking so long to find her, and for not being there when she had needed him. Twisting a knife deep into his heart with her words, she revealed that she had found someone else. While he had been consumed every waking moment in his search for her, she had already moved on.
Heartbroken and lost, he crawled to Vasanta’s shrine. There the Goddess comforted him, held him, and cried with him. She blessed him with a companion: Adira, a kitsune pup. Although he was still haunted and in pain, Fang was able to find new purpose in caring for Adira. This was how he met Requiem. In the same way he had first hit it off with Arrabella, he hit it off with Requiem. The two were kindred spirits, and bonded quickly. Day by day, Fang began to heal from his heartache, but it still wasn’t enough. He ended up leaving Caeleste for a time, taking advantage of the solitude to recover and escape the memories that kept old wounds open.
When he returned, it would be with a wash of shame to swallow him. In his absence, a tyrant had taken over Blue Sage Meadows—this barbarian had enslaved Vasanta’s people, and burned their home to ashes. In an effort to keep the land he loved safe, Fang offered himself up as Emperor. Vasanta accepted, and he suddenly found himself shouldering responsibilities that he did not take lightly. He served and protected them as their leader, and Blue Sage Meadows thrived as a result. His home was a sanctuary once again. Fang was able to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and he finally mastered his plant magic, as well as practice a second in the art of healing. He found Requiem again, who had fled from Blue Sage Meadows in the aftermath of the tyrant’s reign. They lived separately now, but their friendship flourished; he grew to care deeply for her.
All seemed perfect—but perfection, he now knew, was fragile.
It began with a werewolf attack. The beast had invaded his kingdom, tore through his defenses, and ripped (quite literally) through his people. The stench of blood permeated the air, his ears were filled with the sound of screams—this was Fang’s final image of the world before the werewolf ended him. Ended his life. He was still choking on the memory of his blood when he was resurrected. Waking, he saw Vasanta standing there to save them, Her grace had breathed life back into his lungs. She warned that the werewolf’s terrible attack wasn’t the end, that there was still a darkness lurking around them.
He would wonder later if even Vasanta knew then what exactly was to come.
How horrid it was.
The darkness flooded into Caeleste. It stole the life of anything it could reach, and left nothing but ashes and shadows in its wake. With the darkness came monsters—the Terrors, those creatures that hunted them in the night. Fang did not want to abandon his home and Vasanta, but the gods were dying; he knew that in order to survive, he would have to leave. It was with a heart full of despair that he sought out Requiem. He ushered them both away to safety, fleeing from the ruins of the only home he had ever come to love as his own.

Active & Parvus Magic

“Keep close to nature’s heart…and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. Nature is not a place to visit—it is home.”

TIER I: Discipuli
Stripped of his connection to Vasanta, Fang is forced to relearn his magic. Nature is deaf to his call, and reaches out to him only when it has the whim to do so. Even then, the communication is slippery and weak. He cannot manipulate plants as he once did; they are slow to obey his will, and stubborn. At this stage, Fang cannot manifest a plant on his own, or manipulate a plant’s properties. He can only encourage the plant to move in subtle ways without disturbing its roots, or ‘perk up’ a plant that has begun to wilt. By physical touch, they communicate with him through images, water-color pictures that have no real definition or clear distinction in meaning. Small plants, such as flowers or sprigs, are easier to control, but still leave him lightheaded. Larger things like trees take immense effort to even communicate with. If he exerts himself too much, Fang is prone to suffer nose bleeds, migraines, nausea, and loss of consciousness.

TIER II: Vexillum
At this stage, Fang is finally beginning to feel like he has his magic again. The plants reach out to him with more eagerness, welcoming him as a brother, and are enthusiastic in sharing their stories. The images he receives still must be through physical touch, but they are not quite as abstract. He begins to hear them now, their language melodious and beautiful, but one he can no longer speak. His control over nature has also strengthened. Now, Fang can increase the growth rate of a plant, as well as manipulate its growth in certain ways. Their roots remain fixed as they are, but he can move the plant itself with more freedom. Small or singular targets require less effort, but large or multiple targets remain a vast challenge—the larger the plant, the more it pushes back. If he strains to understand them for too long, or tries to manipulate a plant that is too stubborn, he is left physically and mentally exhausted. He is less likely to lose consciousness, but is still liable to other unpleasant side effects.

TIER III: Periti
Fang is still remastering his plant magic. He can now manipulate both their shape and structure with more ease, able to transform a small flower into a creeping vine, or a tiny sprig into a sturdy tree. Similarly, his control has heightened—the plants (usually) obey him with little protest. Weapons can now be forged from branches or vines, though the strength of such a weapon is no more than what it would naturally be for that plant. Furthermore, Fang cannot create a plant from nothing, but he needs very little in order to generate growth—he can both give and drain life from a plant. His limitations in size and number are fewer than what they were, but they’re still there. If he pushes himself too hard for too long, side effects like headaches or weariness are common, with nosebleeds or nausea being more extreme. Now he can understand nature’s language the same way a toddler would understand an adult: simply, and with effort. Their images are clearer than their words, and they give them to him without being prompted.

TIER IV: Dominus
At last, Fang is once again a master of his plant sorcery. Able to create a plant at will, he can control its movement and growth, even having the skill to prompt a plant to rise from the soil and “walk.” Nature is both a defense and support for him. There is no part of a plant that is out of his control: from the seeds of a fruit to the pollen of a flower, they are a part of him. Communication is second-nature now—they are his eyes and ears where he can’t be, and are drawn to share their secrets with him. The plants he controls are imbued with strength from his sorcery, and are stronger than they normally would be, borrowing his own energy. While Fang prefers peace, he will not hesitate to harness the power of nature as his weapon, and what a mighty weapon it is.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

ADIRA, female red fox kitsune.
Not yet obtained.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Face Adornment: A bronze chain that connects an ear piercing in his left ear to a cap on his left canine; the cap and the chain are connected by a black opal stone. He doesn’t wear it all the time, and usually takes it off when he is resting or lounging.

Chest Guard: Fang’s chest armor draws inspiration from his own bat-like wings. Matching the metal of his face piece, there are bronze guards that curl around his chest and shoulders, each pointed angle enhanced with a black opal stone. Silk tassels that are gradient-dyed to resemble flames billow from behind each metal curve, and then are tied to fall in front of his legs. Aside from their striking appearance, these tassels serve to protect his skin while flying.

Enchanted Dagger: Not yet obtained.

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