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Built strong with defined muscles and long legs, Oren’s appearance holds true to his warmblood heritage. There is something handsome about his features, and he certainly doesn’t lack in obvious strength. Despite having violence in his history he is surprisingly unmarred by any truly defined scars. A few light nics here and there that can easily go unnoticed. He is a rich silver in color though much of this is obscured by the large patches of white and black that decorate his body. His base coloring darkens across his neck, back, and limbs with some faint barring along his front legs.

His skin is a dark gray, even under the white that covers much of his body. As a result the softer areas around his nose and stomach are tinged this color. White covers most of his face, neck, and chest - as well as large patches across his stomach, right back leg, and back. Atop those are even larger areas of black. Oren sports the tri-coloring well, and much of his black markings stem from two large areas across his front legs and shoulders, as well as his rump and left back leg.

Both his mane and tail are soft, and a rich pale silver in color. The hair across his neck is kept short - however, if it weren’t to be maintained the length could easily grow to a significant length. This is reflected in his longer forelock, which is often left to messily fall about his face. Farther down his back is a small array of tufts that lead into his long, leonine tail. The entire length is covered in thicker hair.

Another notable feature that Oren sports is his right front leg.

From his knee down the limb is almost disfigured by thick scales, with deep grooves carved out by purple and blue veins. Though he doesn’t necessarily feel any pain from this leg, there is some discomfort at times. There was a time when he would keep the appendage hidden away - but in recent months he’s felt no need to cover it up.

Lastly comes the necklace around his neck. A single ruby is laid into the center of the metal with wing-like appendages framing the small gem.

He smells of pine, or winters air with a soft hint of smoke.


serious . reckless . sardonic . blunt . devoted . solitary . arrogant . rebellious
Between reckless decisions and occasionally crude remarks is something of a lone wolf. Oren is content with solitude, even thrives in it should he be left to his own devices. However since knowing and developing deeper bonds with a rare few he’s come to crave those sort of attachments. His loyalties are near unshakable when he’s fully devoted himself, despite his bad temper and blunt words. He doesn’t find much need to filter himself and the result can occasionally be considered rude. To add to this he has a blatant dislike for those in authoritative positions.

He is often ruled by his emotions and so he comes across as disobedient and even arrogant at times. It’s not his intention but this - when paired with his more stubborn nature - makes him a difficult force to be swayed. When his mind is made it takes quite a bit of effort to change it. He isn’t one to blindly follow, or obey what he is told - and having his actions dictated isn’t something he takes kindly to.

Trouble has been known to come to him regardless and more often than not he reacts before he thinks. This has gotten him into a number of sticky situations over the years. Thankfully, he’s been known to be able to get himself out of tight spots, but this has only added fuel to his arrogance. Due to recent events, however, this has been restrained somewhat - in quieter moments he questions himself and if he truly is able to protect what he cares for. This self doubt isn’t something he readily shows to others, but it’s there nonetheless.

Oren can be reserved with love — whether platonic or romantic. He’s known the sting of loss, as well as the disappointment of abandonment. There have been few in his life that he can claim to be close to. Despite this he cares deeply and once acknowledged he is open in his affections. It’s difficult to achieve this, but he loves with everything he is.

Lastly, his opinion of religion and gods is a far from pleasant one. He won’t fault others for their beliefs but he’s unashamed of his distrust of deities. He refuses to follow gods unless shown that they aren’t the selfish absent deities of his youth.


I. Born and raised in a Cathedral, Oren was forbidden to leave the holy grounds in his young life. Considered a pariah and an ill omen by many around him for his odd heritage, he would often lash out and cause trouble for the ones meant to take care of him. Some months into his first year he was introduced to Eirian, a devout filly and the daughter of the regions lord. She’d come to study under the tutelage of those within the church. At first Oren avoided her, certain that she would scorn him like the other had. Eventually she cornered him and after giving him a thorough talking to about how he was being rude by avoiding her, the pair became inseparable.

She was a good influence upon him, and often he would follow her as she did her chores or attended her lessons. His caretakers disapproved but the young pair simply ignored them. In quiet moments Eirian would tell him about the world outside the Cathedral’s walls, and it would leave Oren craving for something more for many days after. In the hopes of one day being granted his freedom he began to train under the soldiers for the Holy Order.

II. Well into his second year something shifted. There was a kind of tension rising in those of the Cathedral, and even Eirian herself seemed uneasy. As he later found out war was apparently on the horizon - war with his supposed kin. It was unearthed in a less-than-pleasant way that he was a child of mixed blood. Having been left upon the steps of the Cathedral, the Holy Ordered had contemplated ending his life before it had even begun. Instead he was isolated and kept within the walls - a precaution should he ever learn of his bloodlines.

He wished he could have pledged his full loyalty to the Holy Order in those moments, despite his treatment over the years. Eirian came to him, spoke gentle words of support, and he admitted his conflicting emotions to her. She offered him another option - one that would mean turning their back on everything. He was stunned by this, knowing full well about her commitment to the church.

They were young, naive, and filled with the idea of love. The idea of running - being together and escaping - was freedom. She was all he needed, he believed. He supposed some part of her believed this as well. So they left under the cover of night during a sermon. Oren was amazed by the world outside the walls, and she was giddy as they took to getting as far from the city as they could.

III. The start of his third year was a blissful time. The countryside offered them peace, and clarity. Through their travels he had taken to covering his limb and Eirian would braid his tail to help keep it hidden. Oren would do the odd laborious job here and there to receive coin, and she would help with whatever tasks were needed in the tiny village. To the outside world they were simply a young couple, fresh-faced and seeking to start a life together. Mentions of the war reached them from time to time, but they were reassured that they were far from any fighting. In his young arrogance Oren assured Eirian that he would protect her should anything happen.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the case. He knew something was off the day of the attack - an odd ache in his limb and pressure in the air that only he seemed aware of. It was fast - vicious and horrifying - but he was all that stood between Eirian and the creatures who were supposedly his kin. There was little comparison. What blood he might have shared with them was clearly diluted - watered down. There was an almost mindless craving for carnage amongst those beasts. He did everything he could to keep what he loved safe, but in the end it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t enough. It was no blessing that what minuscule blood he shared with these creatures is the only reason he didn’t end up dead.

With Eirian gone there was very little for Oren.

He was lost, riddled with grief and anger. He wanted to end them all - kin or not. Had it not been for Gideon he’s certain he would have hunted them down. He doubted they would have spared him a second time. Instead, Oren was faced with another oddity in his life. Gideon was.. strange, to say the least. But in those few weeks after he was the only thing that kept the boy grounded.

It was a struggle but Oren managed to put himself together enough to keep going.

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