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Io Kairavi
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“i know my worth i've paid dearly for every ounce of it”
“Io” or “Kai”
Can also be referred to as “The absolutely raging b***h”

Io is taller than one might expect at seventeen hands, her frame slight but lithe with lean muscle. Her build is a result of her varied heritage and predominantly influenced by her Arabian and Holsteiner blood, although the Marwari in her manifests in the slight curl of her ears. The night sky is imprinted on her sleek hide; a white crescent moon arcs over her left hip, galaxies scattered across the dusky canvas. Despite the nocturnal imagery her appearance evokes, she is painted in rich shades of both pale and dark gold as well as faint hints of crimson at her points, reminiscent of a sunset. Her eyes, too, are aureate, long sooty lashes emphasizing the radiance of her bright, piercing gaze. Io’s ebony tresses are long and rather wavy, fine streaks of ivory present throughout with the appearance of the stars scattered in her hair. She owns a crown of interwoven golden branches and frozen light pink and white roses rests atop her proud head, a relic of a time gone but not forgotten. Io’s also had a cloak of indigo velvet that fades to a pale blue at the ends and was worn nearly always on the right to conceal the severe burn scar on her right foreleg. The scar begins at her knee and encompasses her entire shoulder as well as part of her chest and back; it is the largest and most noticeable scar she has, though not the only one. Io has various scars, visible and hidden, that all tell the story of her life; a gouge on her stomach from saving the life of a foal, scars on her left forearm and knee from a friendly spar, the burn from when her home turned to ash around her.

ACCESSORIES (Current and old are listed for reference)

• Velvet cloak of purple that ombres into pale blue at the ends ← Old accessory
• A crown of golden branches with frozen crystallized light pink and white roses ← Old accessory
• Moon Pearl necklace with a feather of brown and white ← now owned by her son Luthais / doesn't own it anymore
• Leather satchel with golden clasps on her left foreleg ← Old accessory
• Silver choker on her throat with thin chains and charms dangling from it, it has etching on it
• Left ear piercing
• Left back leg has a bracelet on the upper thigh with chains and an opal gem hanging from it.

Stash Gallery | Moodboard

“she wears a thousand faces all to hide her own”

Few would claim that she has had an easy life; despite that, Io retains an open mind and polite kindness for even those that do not feel the same way about her. She is deeply honest, though she is tactful in how she handles the truth she values so highly. Courteous and refined, she is always mindful of how others perceive her actions and takes care with her words. Io is quite maternal and fiercely protective of those that she cares for, defending them with almost unexpected resolve. Selfless and courageous, she is strong not for herself but for others, refusing to abandon anyone that would need her aid, even if she has disagreed with them in the past. Io tends to dwell on the past, still missing Isilme and feeling the sting of her Goddess turning from her. She never quite knows where she stands, insecure despite her bravery.


Although she is still truthful and kind, the tragedy she’s suffered has hardened her, causing her to become colder, less merciful. She will do anything for those she loves, but she is slower to trust, warier of others, especially those not of Crucis. Io is no longer as pure as she once was, her morals being slowly corrupted; revenge drives her, a desire for Sloan and the other Heretics to pay motivating her. Io burns with rage for the destruction they caused, a festering hatred that fuels her and her actions. She will make them pay; no other course of action will satisfy her but for them to feel even an ounce of the pain they wrought upon Crucis.


Living somewhere in the grey when it comes to morals Io is neither all light nor all dark. Which side of her you meet depends on how you treat her and the others around her. Kind, loving and caring she'll be the first to ask if you're okay and need help. Quick to stand for others, as well as herself, she is no longer the damsel in distress she may have been in the past. Many things she now keeps to herself though she is, as always, as truthful as she can be. While retaining some of her past traits that the once innocent Io had held she has also shed some as well; she brushes off the history she has with Isilme and has found that she is steady on the ground she stands on, no longer as insecure as she once had been. Stubborn, once she's decided that she dislikes you she won't look back without good reason (quite literally having been burned in the past by this). As well as aggressive if necessary. Easy to amuse, depending on the situation, she can be a bit sassy and playful. This is most commonly seen with those who she is completely and utterly raw with. In the presence of them Io is blunt, mischievous, and at utter peace. The mare quite literally walks in the grey; neither light nor dark.

“pitch black winter nights live in my bones”


At the core of it all Io could be called ''emotionally stunted'' in a way, she often ''runs away'' from overwhelming emotions that could hinder her in some way - more often than not the emotion is affection -. Like every creature she has a darker side to her that she is beyond happy to hide away, preferring something of a facade in only showing others the best of her. Perhaps it's due to her upbringing that she strives to present a perfect version of herself, or it's her fears. In a sense Io's greatest fear happens to be herself in the way of her own emotions. Preferring the safety of simplicity she'd rather lock herself up in a cage of her own making than risk being hurt. Her need to be perfect and fit the mold doesn't mean she's necessarily a liar. In fact she prefers to tell others the truth, just not the deeper layers of her own truth, when presented with the possibility. If you were to dig deep into her you'd find that behind her mask Io can be rather cruel, with a habit of turning cold and icy, aggressive, troubled, and perhaps above all. Scared of her own reflection. Notable facets in her personality are her maternal instinct, stubbornness, loyalty, kindness, honesty, diplomatic personality and her willing heart. It'd be easy to say she loves with all she can, especially those closest to her. But at the end of the day the truth in that would be Io is likely to throw herself on the sword for only her children or in a sense of duty to those she places her loyalty in. This doesn't mean she doesn't love but more that she can't fully hand herself over to another. This likely stems from the lack of love she was shown, or taught, as a child. This also means she has a deep need for freedom, much like a bird, and finds it hard to lock herself in one place. Io needs just enough freedom as well as stability in life to thrive. In terms of morals she lives in the grey borders of life, she'll do what needs to be done for others even at the risk of herself.

“tell me, father, which to ask forgiveness for: what i am, or what i'm not?”

The crown jewel of a nation, a legend reborn; from the moment she entered the world, Io Kairavi was destined to be great. She was heralded from birth to be the second coming of the first Moon Priestess, Anumati, despite Io’s frailty and the irregular beat of her heart. The second child of Sariah and Agharna, a priestess and priest of the Moon, she spent much of her childhood training to be the next Moon Priestess, though she longed to run and play with the other children. Agharna had disappeared shortly after Sariah had become pregnant, so Io was raised by Sariah and the soldier her mother had been forced to remarry after Agharna’s disappearance. Diam had led an invasion of Isilme and subsequently wed Sariah so as to prevent the populace from revolting; too afraid to stand up for her or her people, she allowed Diam to rule as he wished. The royal family had seemed above reproach, though tainted by tragedy; despite Sariah’s multiple pregnancies, she bore no further living children besides Io and Ithilien, her eldest child. The stillborn children were publicly memorialized, though Io had found out the truth at a young age. Her mother’s fear for a filly had not made sense, not until she had accidentally witnessed the murder of one of the newborns by Diam. As one of Isilme’s cities crumbled, so too did the facade of the royal family until the truth was exposed.

She was three years old when the only father she had ever known disappeared during winter, though his body was found when the snow melted in the spring; no one wept for Diam, least of all Io and her ailing mother, once again pregnant. With Diam’s tyranny ended, perhaps peace would return to Isilme.

But it was not to be; Sariah died not a year later, weakened and sickly. Many, including her daughter, believed that it wasn’t her poor health that killed her but heartbreak after losing Agharna and so many of her children. Io took her mother’s place as ruler of Isilme, beginning the rebuilding of Carigian and other cities that had fallen into neglect. Peace reigned in Isilme for a year, although it would not last for long; the young Moon Priestess was unprepared for war when the renegade Shazhar arrived, demanding her hand in marriage so that he might rule alongside her. Io refused, taking refuge with her sister in the Spire of Carigian; it took only hours for Shazhar’s troops to overwhelm their defenses, escorting the sisters from the tower and forcing them to watch the western side of the city turn to ash. The next day, Io announced that Shazhar is to become the ruling body of Isilme and that he and his troops must be obeyed. Shazhar was killed a year later when Ithilien and his followers revolted against Shazhar’s rule, the captive sisters fleeing from Isilme through the Nethien Passage.

Although they had escaped together, Io ended up in a land called Aramore, separated from Adira. While there, she was attacked by a pack of wolves only to be saved by a pegasus named Oberon, though she nearly killed him while attempting to heal his wounds. They amicably parted ways, though he again saved her when next they meet, this time from a meteor shower. Io fled from Aramore when the land falls into despair, finding herself in Elysium. She reunited with Oberon who again saved her, this time from a rapidly-spreading wildfire. She vanished shortly thereafter, ashamed to have left those in need in Isilme to search for him, though she returned to Elysium in the summer with the intent to stay. Io pledged herself to the kingdom of Crucis as a healer, acquiring an owl companion named Shanti as well as several friends that she considers to be her family. Io was quick to adopt Etain as her sister after meeting her, as well as the warrior maiden Idris and the sickly but kind-hearted Luvena. She also formed bonds with the young stag Anzhelo as well as Vander, her King; worried about the rising tensions between Crucis and the Heretics, she had accepted Vander’s offer to serve as his advisor and an ambassador between Crucis and the other kingdoms. Vander also asked that she become Queen should something happen to him and his heir and she agreed, not expecting to ever have to become Queen. Oberon and Io once again ran into each other, although this time it was Io that saved him; they shared a tender moment that resulted in Io becoming pregnant with twins.

Eventually, the worries about the tensions between Crucis and the Heretics proved to have merit; under the cover of darkness, the Heretics, led by their Queen, set fire to the Eternal Wood. Vander and his heir were taken captive and sacrificed by the fanatical Queen to her god while Io rallied the members of Crucis that had survived the hellish inferno. Io did not escape unscathed, however; a severe burn marked her right shoulder, chest and part of her leg and back. Grieving the loss of Idris, Vander and his son, Io publicly executed a rogue Heretic that had wandered too far from home. Though it was ostensibly a punishment for trespassing and the Heretic had not been in his right mind, it had been vengeance for Io and justice for what the Heretics had taken from her that night. Not long afterwards, she slipped out under the cover of darkness and left Crucis to her mate, Oberon, and her sister, Luvena.

Her return to Isilme was greeted with both happiness and wary anger at her abandonment of her people, although Io was not easily deterred. Civil war had erupted in the lands, the two sides unable to agree simply on principle; the royalist faction wished to continue the ancient tradition of the Moon Priestess ruling, while the peasantry cried out for new leadership, afraid that without a strong ruler, Isilme would be controlled in a situation similar to the reign of Sariah and Diam. Both sides acknowledged that Io had been a fair and just ruler, however short her reign was; her reputation as being well-liked had allowed her to mediate the conflict, setting up a council to appease both sides. The royalists were appeased by a Moon Priest being elected to the council, while the peasants were pleased that no member of the council could become too powerful.

She had gone into labor shortly before entering Elysium’s lands, giving birth to a son, Amrod, and a daughter, Luthien. Oberon finds her, though their reunion is less sweet than the prior one; furious that she had abandoned Crucis and him, he is cold toward her and less than understanding of her motives for leaving. Injured by his callous words, it is not until Io’s near-death from the defect in her heart that he attempts to make peace, though it is not enough to mend the rift between them. Heartbroken and angry, Io leaves Elysium for good, eventually travelling to the lands of Caeleste.

In Caeleste Io meets the stallion Gaston d'Avenant on pure accident, the two have a conversation that soon brings out a hidden side of her that even she didn't know existed. From that night on the two were fast friends as Io wandered around Caeleste, meeting Willow, Nylah, Thanantos , and more. She is reunited with her daughter Luthien, now going by Itarille, but the meeting is sour and heart wrenching for the older mare. She has a brief run in with the stallion Valor, the two have a verbal standoff that ends in her exiting with a bad taste in her mouth and a strong dislike for him. Joining Hemanta she is unaware that her daughter has also chosen the kingdom at the same time as her, Io is happy to be a citizen though when Wessex takes the crown she does offer her services in politics. Before the meeting is held Io once again meets Gaston on a beach and invites him to join her in the kingdom and call her something other than Io, he obliges. The neighboring kingdom of Shishira holds an event that the two both attend. It is here that the two end up breaking their friendship into something more. She exits Caeleste through the passage with Gaston, now her mate. While breaking the promise is briefly painful she finds it to be freeing as well, no longer feeling bound to the past but open to her future with Gaston. Where they end up next is, for now, unknown.

Io spends a short time in Fimbulvetr, becoming trapped with wolves in a tree before entering a fog that ''spits her out'' in a completely different land. For a year she attempts to get back to Fimbulvetr and Gaston before having to accept she simply can't. Boarding a boat to Sovereign Io enters the lands, reuniting with her first companion Shanti and where she encounters Oberon at the Dias ball. Briefly she meets a stallion named Arcann who will, later, play a pivotal role in her life.

However, as always, she ends up on the move again. This time returning to Caeleste. Who, or what, she will find in return Io is not quite sure of. First finding Oberon again Io rushes into a marriage with him, clinging to past memories and rose tinted dreams of a possible future. However, it's not long until she runs into Gaston again and the truth slowly seeps into her life of how everything is indeed this time different. She briefly becomes the regent of Hemanta before the kingdom changes hands again, later on during a ball at Oberon (her now husband) home she catches a glimpse of the future. Seeing him and a younger mare Io is hurt, angry and leaves him with the ring as she exits the ball quietly. In her anger Io finds Gaston on the beach, gains fire magic and eventually Hemanta falls into a new pair of hands. It's at these hands that her brother is murdered, bearing witness to the death of her brother Io is filled with both rage and grief. She leaves Caeleste almost immediately after, telling Gaston first that she will be leaving and this time she will not return.

Io now enters Novus.

“tell me, mother, which should i regret? what i became, or what i didn't”

Active & Parvus Magic

“I want myself back but I don't remember who I am”


“The term clairvoyance (from French "clair" meaning "clear" and "voyance" meaning "vision") refers to the ability to gain visual telepathic information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known senses.”

Tier one → Discipuli

At this moment in time, Io Kairavi's clairvoyance magic is extremely unstable. Only manifesting when she is in extreme distress or when she touches someone, or something, with enough spiritual power to cause visions. She gets flashes of information and possible futures. They play out in a random order and much like a movie though she can not accurately predict the future she can get hints at possibilities. Io can never tell when these episodes will take place. As of now, Io can not control this magic - it comes and goes as it pleases.


Weakness 1: Fogginess (confusion) for approximately 5 minutes.
Weakness 2: Tiredness - not yet fully fatigued but energy has obviously been sapped from her.

Tier Two → Vexillum

An empathetic emotion felt strongly or the touch of another with intentions to see will jolt her into a less disorganized flash of past, future, and present. Still unable to predict anything with accuracy she can only give you guesses of the future. With the second tier not only will she see the visions but she will also be able to feel a second sense. Whether it be smell, sound, or physical each vision will have two senses: sight and a random second sense. When sleeping she may randomly see flashes of her own future or those closest to her play out like a dream, though she will never remember them in the morning. At the present moment she can only summon visions if she feels the emotion of herself or another strong enough to will the magic awake.


Weakness 1: With the new senses her other ones after the vision will be muddled and muted, meaning that if she smells fire in the vision she will also continue to smell it afterward for an undetermined amount of time.
Weakness 2: She will suffer from dull headaches and slight nausea. Her dreams will leave her feeling restless as if she had not gotten enough sleep.

Tier Three → Periti

Io can now summon her visions without the need of emotions as intense as before. She's more likely to be able to give accurate predictions (with OOC permission of course!) due to the visions being more organized. Like tier two Io's gained more senses in her visions, now able to channel at least four of the five senses. Io still suffers from nighttime visions though she can now remember them as a foggy dream like state. She is now able to use this magic in battle by turning it onto others for small amount of time (1 post worth), now able to project the visions onto others she's likely to attempt to show the worst to others when in battle. For this to work Io must have touched them before being able to use the magic (Example: Io will need to touch the other character in her own previous post before she uses it). For example: Showing a random memory to disorient the enemy. Her magic is primarily offensive and not defensive. However using this in battle means that she is also unable to move as swiftly as before - slowing down her speed at least by 50% due to the amount of focus she must put on the magic.


Weakness 1: Her scars and past injuries will be felt all over again; resulting in the burn scar on her shoulder most prominently feeling as if fresh and on fire again.
Weakness 2: Irritability.

Tier Four → Dominus

Now able to summon her visions at will Io will be able to clearly see them and predict things (with OOC permission), she will also remember her dreams clearly now, and be able to use all five senses in her visions. In battle she will now be able to clearly target certain memories or possible futures of her opponent, she will still need to have been in contact with the other equine before she uses it. In her battle Io will clearly choose the worst future or memory that she can find to project onto the other. She will no longer be as slow as before, returning to at least 80% speed as she will still need to focus on the magic as well. At this state Io will rarely use her magic due to fears of seeing her own future or those she loves - Only using it when she's asked or when she believes she must.


Weakness 1: Extreme fatigue.
Weakness 2: Delirium - Taking after her father she will be temporarily delirious.

“God, forgive me, for I have sinned.”

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

“Anger was better than tears
better than grief
better than guilt.”

Chandrakant is an odd being, not conforming to the appearance you would expect him to have. With a ghostly appearance he is partially transparent with only his legs, tail, and head being of a solid appearance. He appears to have solid veins and organs that can be clearly seen through his fur. If one were to touch him they would find that despite his appearance he is indeed solid! The fox's colouring is of a pale grey, nearly white. He leaves trails as he walks, small wisps and flakes of his appearance following behind. However they do not last long, only appearing where he had previously stepped. In addition to his appearance his eyes are the dark stormy blue of an ocean. With this appearance Chandrakant is quite the sight to see. Chandrakant is a large fox, being of the largest fox species, he is long in length as well. He enjoys resting on Io's withers or on her rump. Though one could mistake the fox for a ghost he is truly a Wil-O-The-Wisp of white colouring instead of the classic blue you see. Chandrakant can be described as melodramatic, sassy, whiny, and downright asshole-ish. He often scoffs and gets annoyed easily, making snarky comments about just about everything possible. He's known to swear, act childish and rarely keep his thoughts shut. Though he does not look like a traditional will-o-the-wisp it's important to remember that he is indeed one, due to this he has his own small magic - Chandrakant is able to ''vanish'' like others of his kind. He doesn't truly vanish however, he simply teleports somewhere else within an 15ft radius of Io. Often he uses this to scout ahead for her, to hunt for food, or to get home quicker than her. In his right ear Chandrakant has the same earring as Io.
● White Will-o'-the-wisp fox
● Organs and veins can be seen.
● Partially transparent - legs, tail, and head are solid.
● 31 lbs | 20 inches in height at shoulders | 34 inches in length.
● Dark blue eyes.
● Wisps and flakes appear briefly where he steps.
● A thick ''furred'' boi
● An earring in his right ear - matches Io's.
● A speedy boi due to his light weight.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

• Silver choker on her throat with thin chains and charms dangling from it, it has etching on it
• Left ear piercing
• Left back leg has a bracelet on the upper thigh with chains and an opal gem hanging from it.

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