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Warmblood Mix


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“Elain Giauzar ― The Paragon Child”
“Elle” or “Ellie”

● Albino
● Draconic horns
● 16.2HH
● Warmblood build
● Blind silver eyes
● Leonine Tail
● Pale rose gold metal scales and horns
● Very dainty looking
Very long hair, wavy

Like both of her fathers Elain has the appearance that stars are embedded into her albino skin, hints of fleshy pink can be found upon her muzzle, eyes, throat, chest, groin, knees and ankles. From her father Lorcan's side she carries scales of metal in her skin; while his are iron hers are copper, an extremely pale copper that appears to be pink due to her albinism. To match her scales upon her head are horns that resemble those of a dragons and these too are the same copper. The shortest in her family she will reach only 16.2HH when fully grown. Elain invokes an air of delicacy and purity with her appearance. One of many traits that you may notice at first glance is that the girl has silver eyes that lack any sign of a pupil, declaring her blindness for the world to see. Like both of her fathers Elain's hair is long and thick, like her father Amrod the stars and galaxy appear in her hair. But only on her tail, while her mane remains a pure white that reaches down past her knees. Beginning as a dusky lavender grey her tail fades into that of a dusky rose colour, inside all of this are specks that mimic the night sky.

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“In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit.”

Elain is everything that her grandmother is not, she is everything that her grandmother could have been. The young girl is all of the things her family could have been, all that her lineage has to offer is wrapped up in pale skin. She is warm like tea on a cold winter day, sweet enough to remind you of honey, honest in a brutally soft manner, and as caring as a stranger may be. In short a facet of the girl is what her grandmother was, she is the rebirth of her family's gentle touch in this world. Despite all of this one would be a fool to think her naïve, while she does bare an air of innocence in her manner Elain is sharp witted and sensitive to the tones of a voice. Despite her blindness she is not one to back down even if the odds are not in her favour, she is more likely to dig her heels in if she feels she must and root herself in place. Elle is much like a willow tree in the way that she will firmly plant herself and yet she is willing to bend if the breeze is just right. In these roots a fear sits heavy on her chest, this fear of herself and what she will do in this world. Deep down, even if she doesn't want to admit it, Elain often feels like a burden to her brother. There are times where she wonders what it would be like if she hadn't been born blind and if she wouldn't be such a weight on her brother, though she would never tell him she has the heavy feeling that she's keeping him back. A second question Elain wonders, just as much as the previous ''what if'', is how far could Faelan go if she wasn't always tugging at his metaphorical sleeve for him to slow down for her and not leave her behind. It's this aspect of neediness, and clinging, she has for her twin and father (Lorcan) that can lead to bouts of self-loathing which she's quick to bury down with a smile.

Kind | Honest | Willing | Perceptive | Stubborn | Fearful | Self-Loathing

“To be soft is to be powerful.”

Born in her father Lorcan’s homeland of Aklos, far from Novus, and far from both her other father and his family as well, the younger twin to Faelan, she is the only daughter from the moments her parents shared. At the time of the twins' birth their father Amrod was absent, a foreshadowing of their lives to come without his presence. It’s debatable whether he even knows of their existence, and though some part of her would have liked to believe he is aware of them, Elain never dwelled much on his absence. Instead, the draconic girl thrived with her small family of Lorcan and Faelan as they moved from one port town to another. Through her childhood Elain and her brother were somehow always found in the center of mischief, Faelan doing something to stir up the dust and Elain’s sweet demeanor getting them out of their sticky situation. It wasn’t uncommon to see Faelan acting as her eyes, leading first in their adventures in the same way he came first in life, while she trailed close next to him chattering away with questions of how things looked or what they’d do that day. Sometimes you could even hear from somewhere in the port towns the young Kirin screaming something about him waiting because she couldn’t see where they were. Between her father and brother Elain never felt love or affection was absent from her life, as a ‘’daddy’s girl’’ she spent her first year next to her father's side both day and night, and each time they moved she still clung close to him. But the older she got the braver she became, travelling farther away with Faelan but always coming back with stories of the day for their father, making sure she stayed close when she could feel the temperature of the day dropping to signal night. It wasn’t until Elain and Faelan’s third birthday grew closer that she began to wonder what might lie beyond Aklos and its ports, questions of what oceans were out there? How many were there? A deep question that made its home in her chest was simply ‘’how far did the world go, and did they have more family out there?’’ The second was less important to her but it still creeped into all the questions she had of what lay beyond the only home she knew.

It wasn’t long after their third birthday that Elain began to voice her interest in what was past the borders of her family’s home. She first began in asking Faelan harmless questions that would usually start with ‘’What if’’ or ‘’Do you think’’ before she moved onto asking her father about what lands he’d seen and what it was like outside Aklos. It was a random afternoon of asking Faelan what he thought it would be like to travel that the idea of maybe actually going to experience it for themselves finally popped into her head. She’d gone from asking him about ‘’Do you think there are other oceans?’’ to ‘’How far from home do you think we could go?’ before she jumped to ‘’Should we go on an adventure like father’s done? You can see new places and I can hear everything about them!’’ It didn’t take much to convince her brother, and to get Lorcan’s blessing, to leave Aklos to experience the outside world. Before leaving their home, however, Elain made the promise to her father that they would come back one day with stories for him about what they saw and that she would bring him gifts. It was smooth sailing for the two for a good amount of time until they reached the borders of Novus where they somehow got separated, Elain's not sure how but she’s certain that Faelan didn’t leave her alone. After all he’s been with her since before they were born! She guesses that it was probably the wind playing tricks on her hearing, turning her around in circles until she got lost and crossed over the border into new lands.

Elain enters Novus confused, turned around in every direction and searching for Faelan. Or anyone who might know where she is, and where her twin is too.

Active & Parvus Magic

“I hope I make it a little softer here for someone”


"You may have some of the power of the saints, but you use it only for destruction. You have never felt the full force of the universe deep within your body, have you?" ― Seiya to Cassios (Saint Seiya)

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“She’s made up of sweet tea and poetry”


Cailerian is a large male Great Dane of black colouring, he reaches out on the max scales for his breed both in height and weight. He reaches up to 34 in (86 cm) and maxes out his weight at about 200 lbs (90 kg). He is constantly at her side, acting as her eyes he helps to lead her along her path in Novus. Around his throat he wears a silver collar with small charms hanging from it, unknowingly similar to her grandmothers choker, that jingle softly as a way for Elain to find and follow him. Cailerian was found by her not long after her meeting Liam on the plains, while the young mare chalks this up to a coincidence he was actually sent by her fathers to help guide her.

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