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Vidaar Arkuron

- Vidaar’s conformation is like that of an akhal teke mixed with a donkey; he stands at 16.3 hands, tall but slender with wiry muscle. His barrel is fine and his legs long, an oddity considering his occupation as a paladin, nevertheless he thrives on being underestimated.

- Dusty brown in colour, he lightens at his face and chest and his hindquarters are splashed in gold.

- Vidaar’s hooves are cloven in two, split like those of a deer, and cast in bronze, much like the horn born from his brow.

- Sat atop his face, a constant reminder of the lies his life was built on, is a golden mask that obscures his vision. Ornate and tapered to a point, it is light enough that his movements are not encumbered but heavy enough that his neck is cast in muscle.

- Though he no longer takes Lyx blood, Vidaar’s vision has not returned, or at least not his natural vision. The mask that sits atop his face covers his natural eyes which are a purple-brown. Though he can make his way in the world without his site, he dearly misses the colours of the world.

- He has had to become reliant on his other senses too, particularly hearing. However these senses are not supernatural, only as advanced as one might find in the real world.

Vidaar Arkuron

A man defined wholly by a fabricated story and a life of aggressive servitude, Vidaar is at odds with the world and severely embittered. His life, a calling he held with great honour, was a lie, a story told to make him compliant, and now Vidaar is left with nothing to trust.

Vidaar was raised in a world of glorified violence, taught to take lives with cold carelessness- he was immortal after all and responsible for maintaining balance. What was one life compared to the safety of the rest of the world? Yet, upon finding out that rather than protecting the majority, Vidaar was doing the dirty work of the corrupt organisation, the masked stallion has been filled with guilt and regret. He wonders now if he killed innocents, if their lives would really impact the balance or whether they simply stood in the way of whatever plans the Lyx Order had for the world. He hates now how easily he takes lives, how cold he feels when he dispatches a swift blow with strict control. He wants to do better, tries to do better, but it is difficult to undo years of brainwashing.

Angry, at the lies he was fed and the deeds he has done, Vidaar is consumed by a fire that does not leave his soul. Chaotic and furious with the world, he is rarely at peace and forever lost. He knows there is a destiny hanging over his head, but he does not want it. Yet it follows him nonetheless, a voice on the breeze, a ghost in his dreams. He knows he should return but he doesn’t want to. What if he is a disappointment? What if they are expecting a hero like the Silver Knight, or a keen warrior like the White Wolf? He is nothing but a boy brought up a lie, blind to the truth of the world and brainwashed into mercilessly serving a growing malice.

Though smart and self-controlled, Vidaar is no leader, not at the moment. He comes across as cold and unfriendly, his demeanour serious and his emotions impossible to read with the mask upon his face. That is not to say he is incapable of being kind or thoughtful, but to care for life and for others was something discouraged among the secretive order, he’s never had the chance to care or be cared for. In fact his existence has always been rather lonely, despite venturing to all corners of Alanaris. It wasn’t until he met Legiana that he had an acquaintance of his own choosing.

Vidaar Arkuron

Though the denizens of Alanaris might believe themselves to be free, that freedom is but a fragile imitation of true freedom. For though the Kings and Queens might believe themselves in control of their lands, the heroes believe they choose their own fates, they are all no more than pawns in the game of a hidden malice.

The Order of the Lyx (so named for their symbol, the mythological Lyx, a creature with the body of a wolf, scales and wings of a dragon and the tail of a phoenix) is that hidden malice. Oh, they did not start off that way. Indeed the ancient Order was originally formed of Paladins reverent in the names of the Old Gods, content to keep the balance between Chaos and Order from the shadows. Each holy warrior was tasked with ending incidents and lives that might tip the balance in favour of either entity. Yet when the Gods fell and after decades the Archari and Furiae took their place, the Order darkened. Something grew in the shadows left between realms, poisoning the once holy order. Over time they became corrupt, blinding their warriors with a substance made from the blood of Kajaks. They infiltrated Ostagmaar, the conjoined Kingdom ruled by the Tyrant King, Oranus. Through him they acquired the blood, feeding him information and eradicating his enemies in return for the blood. The potion gave their followers the ability to see the life and energy surrounding each and every being. They could determine a creature’s chaotic or orderly influence or, as they claimed, see right from wrong far clearer than anyone else. Similarly they could see the danger and power of a person from their aura. Then the paladins would meat out their superiors’ version of “justice”, often dispatching those who, in the future, might be a threat to the Lyx.

Though they did not plan on the death of the Tyrant at the hands of the assassin Castalla, the Order persisted. The line of rulers that followed was the Amaris line, not easily corrupted but still as beholden to the racism against shapeshifters as the previous regime. When Luxcian Amaris took the throne the Order saw an opportunity through his wife. They employed the service of a Djiin, Erendiel, who’s lust for chaos gave her reason to manipulate the Queen, who in turn accidentally brought about her own death. Seizing this opportunity, her death was blamed on shapeshifters, which kindled in the King a hate for all their kind. He began to capture them with the intent of executing each one but the Order struck a deal and once more gained a source of Kajak blood for their potion.

Yet what does this have to do with Vidaar Arkuron? There is an old line of immortal Kings, said to descend from the Archari themselves, who once ruled the united mortal realms of Alanaris. The Arkuron. Though powerful, they were unchallenged and thus grew complacent. When the Tyrant King seized control of the realms, the line was supposedly wiped out. But Vidaar, son of the last Arkuron King, survived. The Order smuggled him out of Ostagmaar and to their underground lair.

For years he was trained by them, kept in the dark about his past and moulded into the perfect warrior, the perfect killer. He dutifully served the order, blinded by the potions to their greed as well as the world. Vidaar was one of their best, so lethal he was sent to eliminate Castalla Taevaris. Before he could even begin however, he was intercepted by a phantom, a steed shrouded in darkness who told him the truth of the Lyx Order. Distressed, Vidaar abandoned his mission and returned to the headquarters, searching the forbidden archives for any truth to what the enshadowed stallion had told him. He discovered his heritage, the reason he seemed to have lived so long despite being mortal. They had claimed it was the potion, the Lyx blood, and that only the strongest could utilise its longevity. But he also discovered his supposed destiny, to reunite the Kingdoms of Alanaris to battle the silent malice. Shocked, the world reeling, his head spinning, he didn’t know what to do. Angry and lost, the proverbial rug pulled out from under his hooves, Vidaar fled the Order, wandering across Alanaris for days, purposeless. Until he was pulled through a portal into a land besmirched by chaos.

Here, Edana, was where he came across Legiana, her aura a wall of anger and bitterness that barraged him as soon as he entered. Disorientated and entirely lost he lashed out at her as she did at him.

With the collapse of Edana, the world plunging into chaos, the two were forced to rely upon each other for survival, a tempestuous alliance borne of survival. When at last the pair escape the ashen land they arrive in Novus together.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

- The outfit item accounts for the mask and adornments. The mask isn't armoured and provides no additional protection than a mask made of cloth might since the metal is light weight and not remotely durable.

- Vidaar's mask shrouds much of his face in shadow, settling atop his visage underneath his horn and obscuring his eyes. Ornate in its design it is purely an aesthetic item like the masks worn by other Lyx members to intimidate those they battle.

- Vidaar also has intricate metal piece encircling his tail which are equally light-weight and offer no protection or advantage.

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- Full body and original design by Queerly

- Manip in banner by Rhiaan

- Manip in postbits by Nikkayla

- This character is co-owned so if you see another version of him around the community, it's not because I've stolen him skdfjdk

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