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Legiana stands firm, secure, and confident, no matter what her surroundings entail. Generally seen with an incriminating eye and hardly, if ever, letting her guard fall. A fiery gaze would meet you if you met her eyes, and such is much the same for her build and posture. She stands at a general 16.3hh posture, though her wings may make her appear larger. The violet iridescence of her feathers starts at the crest of her head and flows down along her back to her rump where they stop. Inside those feathers are the subtle markings of freckles and constellations; they shift, though this is unknown if it's simply the natural movement of her feathers or if it's some harmless magic at play. There is hardly, if at all, room for anything but muscle on her; she is built fit and firm, and it's definitely not something for simple show. She knows how to fight, and will do so if a situation calls for such a reaction.

A tower with barriers upon barriers, to put it simply. Legiana is a very closed-off, emotionally unavailable soul - most of the time. She isn't, of course, without her moments of tenderness and weakness, though she prefers to keep those moments incredibly fleeting and temporary. With a heart torn apart by war and heartbreak, she's learned to hold herself with an incensed, defensive fist. Her anger comes easiest out of any other feelings, and it is this same anger she's leaned to for years upon years for stability and (rather unhealthy) coping mechanism. She's quiet, otherwise, and generally doesn't speak unless she feels it's required or something prompts her to speak her mind. Not one for idle talk as she generally feels it's ingenuine and useless; would much prefer longer, thought-provoking discussions or discussions that she feels are worth her time. Not keen to share intimate details about herself or her history, either, which is in part why her anger or impossible walls are usually the first things someone notices, in order to block out and deny any entrance for anything deeper than an adversary or acquaintance. Hates the feeling of being weak, and after a past littered in it, determined never to feel that way again.

Legiana began her life in the world of Edana, although it wasn't a typical one as she grew up. Seemingly born and bred for war, Legiana had begun as a fighter and had kept that title throughout her life. A clear, yet tunnel-visioned, ideology lay before her the more she grew: to be the strongest, because if one wasn't strong, then they were left in the dust. Determined to make something of herself, Legiana had grown in the thralls of a chaotic king and the war that had laid before him for years. She became the youngest general of his army as she just barely hit adulthood, and from then, she lived and breathed the throws of war and strategy. As she'd lived under said king's reign, she had been brought up on the opposite side and became a popularly-regarded figurehead to those who opposed the mad king. Never once questioned her loyalty - even as she lost a child in the wars, even as the tides slowly began to turn - until the murder of the king from, supposedly, one of their own. Took to exile immediately after that; not out of shame, but for what that small fact had caused in her: a fissure of depth she'd never felt before. For once, felt like everything in her life had been a lie, and all she'd given up for the cause had been for nothing. Slowly but surely, she'd begin to rebuild herself after years in her self-imposed, living purgatory. When she'd stepped back into the heart of a newly rebuilt Edana, ironically, she'd been thrust out of it just as quickly in its untimely destruction. The foundations of said destruction, however, once more proved to cause immense uncertainty within her. In the wake of that second wave of confusion to transition to anger, met a freshly-arrived Vidaar and briefly altercated with him as a much-needed outlet - perhaps for the both of them - before they were forced to rely on each other as Edana began to crumble around them. Begrudgingly relied on him before they were finally thrust from Edana and flung into a new world entirely. Still hates the fact that there is a sliver of dependency on him, and is desperate to hide that fact within her as deep down as it will go.

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