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The Lady

With a black coat tipped in white at her head, Yvtala certainly gathered some attention. Her thick manes, draped gracefully over her neck, were a white colour not unlike the markings on her head. In contrast stood her tail, which was a black colour interwoven with red at the base, which she also held rather high. What was left were her eyes, those who looked a little too long into them would see the wealth of knowledge she held at her age along with a rather calm expression in the grey colour.

Yvtala had a fairly compact yet light build, she carried herself as a true noble ; her head held high and proudly with an elegant cadence in her gaits. She also does not look up at strangers and prefers to stand a distance away from those that are bigger than her to avoid having to raise her head to look upwards.

While she usually did not wear her full attire of golden jewelry, she was rarely seen without the thin golden necklace resting on her neck and shoulders. The pendant attached to it was a black, crystal-like shape.

The Lady

+ Loyal, Charismatic, Passionate, Committed, Gentle
+/- Discreet
- Secretive, Critical, Judgemental, Cautious

Yvtala made her presence known in a more silent way than was the norm of House Vogelstein. She still carried her head high and could make small talk with nearly everyone - her voice was quiet, gentle even. Still, compared to her housemates she definitely appeared more silent. It was not something she minded - to the contrary, it was something she used to her advantage when making conversation and distributing the needed information to those of importance.

Being in charge of this organising and distribution, one trait that was clearly visible in her personality was her discreteness, along with her loyalty to both Caligo and House Vogelstein, she had to hone her critical thinking. With time and through meeting a myriad of people she did develop quite the judgemental streak, looking down upon those that did not respect the things both the House and Caligo stood for. This was especially visible when she was met with non-believers, though she would never be disrespectful towards them, those who knew her could clearly hear her tone turn icy as she spoke.

Still, Yvtala kept her gentleness and kindness through the years, along with a growing fondness for the newer and younger members of the House.

The Lady

Yvtala could not remember much of what her life was like before House Vogelstein anointed her as the ‘Lady of the House’. A title she wore with pride - though not one she was certain of why she was chosen for it. She stood in as the face more often than not - at least, that’s what most people thought. While yes, she did keep up appearances when needed, Yvtala stood in as the center of information, she made sure the right information reached the right people. It was something she took almost as seriously as her devotion to Caligo - which was saying something.

Caligo had always stood central in her life, from everything she did remember from the ‘before-times’ - her life and existence was devoted to her Goddess. Even now, all those years later she held the tradition of going to pray one day every week. Tradition was something she held dear to her heart - which was also why she had felt this aligned with what House Vogelstein stood for along with their devotion.

Sometimes she did still have dreams, dreams of a vastly different life she held now. Dreams of unidentifiable yet familiar faces, ones that filled her with warmth and longing. Yet no matter how hard she tried every time it happened, she could not remember any details that would give her a clue to what or who she was before or who her family was and where they were now. This is why she fully committed herself to the House and everyone residing in it, since it was quite literally all she had left in her life. Sometimes the feeling of loss did cross her mind, but it was easily ignorable when she threw herself in her work, appearances and her daily life at the Court.

Active & Parvus Magic

The Lady


Yvtala is able to speak in someone's mind as well as hear their reply to her words, while at the start of her journey with this magic she wasn’t able to do much without the headaches and high-pitched beeping hindering everything she does, with practice and preserverance those limits break down eventually.

Tier 1: Discipuli
The distance to her telepathy is restricted to having to be within two meters from the other party, she also can’t speak more than twenty-five words before a high pitched beeping carries through her head, she also can not use it more than once every three days at this point before a splitting headache not unlike a deep migraine restricts her ability.
Tier 2: Vexillum
Everything remains largely the same other than the word limit is raised to fifty, along with a slightly bigger radius of ten meters. The maximum usage is also raised to once every day.
Tier 3: Periti
She is now able to speak up to a hundred words with the radius increasing to fifty meters. She is also able to use it two times every day without difficulty.
Tier 4: Dominus
She has mastered her ability and has next to no limits other than having to be in a radius of 100m of the recipient. Her headaches do persist with over-use and there are days she is unable to do it more than two times when suffering from the migraine.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

The Lady

A thin golden necklace with a black crystal-like pendant

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