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Aletheia has a long, straight lined head set into a tall and leanly muscled body. Though not overly hulking and burly, there is a general impression of spry strength. Not, perhaps, pure brute strength, but the sort of toughness that can endure mile after mile, day after day, even under adverse conditions.

A flat, pale, ivory-colored blade-like horn of bone projects from Alethia's forehead. It's a trait that runs in her family.

She doesn't like to fuss about her appearance, and keeps things fairly minimalist. Aletheia's mane and tail, left to their own devices, would drape almost to the ground. She keeps them cropped short and out of the way. A simple leather tie is wrapped around the base of her tail for tidiness' sake.

Aletheia's body is a rippling, silky, gold that seems to shimmer in sunlight. Her mane and tail are pale pink. Her eyes are a pale ruby red. But despite her coloration, there isn't much about her appearance that is soft or delicate.

Chip on her shoulder - It's clear that Aletheia feels like she's got something to prove. She can be defensive and quick to take offense if she feels someone is questioning her capabilities or competence. This defensiveness, combined with a somewhat reserved and formal air, can come across as arrogance - as though she believes she's better than everyone else. The truth is, she is desperate to never betray any weakness.

Perfectionist - No one is harder on Aletheia than she is on herself. She pushes herself to excel in everything, but especially in feats of physical prowess. If she doesn't get it right the first time. Aletheia will keep trying until she does, no matter how long it takes. However, in her desire to prove herself, Aletheia occasionally overshoots her limits, sometimes resulting in injury or burnout.

Inquisitive - The curiosity that has been as asset when it comes to scholarly learning can also be a hindrance when it comes to her socialization. Her tendency to go seeking answers that were meant to stay buried and hidden has gotten her into her fair share of hot water.

Calculating - Having been raised in the intricacies of court politics, where assassinations were common and life - especially that of a mere girl - was cheap, Alethia survived be honing her ability to calculate the strategic advantages to be gained from the strengths and weaknesses of others. Some would say this makes her manipulative, but she thinks of herself as a survivor.

Fast learner - Aletheia especially has a knack for languages. But she's quick to pick up the rudiments of most things she sets her mind to. Mastering a skill, however, still takes time and effort, even for her.

Reserved and abrasive - Some people can charm anyone and immediately set others at ease. They say exactly the right things at exactly the right times. This is not Aletheia.

Already quiet and reserved by nature, and raised with strict protocol in an atmosphere which discouraged casual intimacy, Aletheia is somewhat awkward and formal even with those she's closest to. With strangers, she resorts to using the fewest words possible to get her point across. Or no words at all, if she can get away with it. This often makes her seem gruff, aloof, and uncaring.

Born the daughter of a warlord and his ruthless and ambitious chief wife, Aletheia's life was mapped out for her well before she took her first breath. Her father had dreams of conquering the warring city states of their homeland and forging into an empire that would go on to subjugate the world. To him, the horizon was just a challenge waiting to be conquered.

Aletheia's mother dreamed of dynastic greatness - specifically the greatness of her own bloodline line over those of the lesser wives. To this end, she schemed, plotted and, when necessary, assassinated any who endangered her rise to power.

Aletheia's role in this was very clear - as a girl, she was to make a marriage that would strengthen her parents' positions and produce many heirs to whomever she was given. It was a role she despised. As a young filly, and her father's firstborn daughter, she was, at first, indulged in her love of coltish play, mock warfare, and other boyish pursuits. She was even given her own diminutive little weapons and armor. However, as time passed, she was confined by increasingly stricter regulations, and forced into more "appropriate" activities for her age and station.

Aletheia's days were increasingly spent learning protocol, etiquette, and diplomacy. She was drilled in the history, languages, proper forms of address, and important lineages of every important kingdom with whom her parents might seek an alliance, She was also expected to master the "ladylike arts." Things like painting, sewing, singing, dancing, and the correct, most graceful, way to sit, stand, walk, eat, and even breath After much begging, Aletheia was begrudgingly allowed to study philosophy, science and mathematics, but only when it became apparent that, if denied, she was just going to keep doing it anyway.

The only bright spot in Aletheia's strained family life was her twin brother Maleus. First born son, and heir to her father's fledgling empire, he was granted privileges and freedoms she could only dream of. Maleus was encouraged to pursue every avenue of education, even though it was clear his intellect was mediocre at best. He was lauded for his considerable physical strength and magical ability, where she was scolded if she did anything "too rough for a lady." His opinions were taken into account, while hers were ignored.

Aletheia would have resented he brother for it, if it weren't for the fact that, despite his exalted status, he was humble, sweet, loving and utterly devoted to her. He would sneak her weapons and books when her parents weren't looking, and break her out for secret adventures when she was confined to quarters. In many ways, it was the two of them against the world. She was the brains, he was the brawn and, together, they managed to carve out their own path in the world.

Until the day when, unexpectedly, and without warning, Maleus abruptly destroyed the fragile security they'd built for themselves. Right on the heels of their father's greatest victory Maleus seemed to just... snap. Without any apparent provocation, Maleus, the dutiful and obedient son, who had never refused or hesitated to obey any order, murdered his father in cold blood. Then, wordlessly, he walked calmly out of the hall and vanished.

In the chaos and struggles that followed, Aletheia decided that she could have forgiven her brother all of this, the killing, the ensuing battle for power, the assassinations, the threats to their lives, all of it, but for one thing - he left her behind. A short time later, in the midst of the confusion, Alethia left her old life behind and slipped into the night with one thought on her mind - she would find Maleus. And then, she would demand answers. He owed her that much.

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Her only accessory is a small, leather thong tied around the base of her tail to keep it tidy.

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