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Golden coat scattered with black dapples, reaching like branches down his legs. Deep crimson splashes across his body. Undersized wings with charred mattered feathers will be replaced with thick feathers and large wings to carry his hulking body when fully matured.. Currently small stubs of horns peek out from his skull; when fully grown large ramlike horns will sit atop his head. When fully grown he will be oversized with balanced musculature. Ruby coloured eyes, clouded with the pain and anger of a young colt finding his way in the world. He stands awkwardly; learning how to balance his stances, still growing into his body.

Aeon is young, mischievous and brave. At least that is what he would have you think. His own mother called him reckless and questioned if his wings would ever grow into an appropriate size for his body! His fiery nature further fuelled by ongoing pain from constant growth spurts and the breaching of his horns from his head.

When faced with adversity he was more likely to react with impulse and emotion than a carefully thought response. Being unable to fly on his wings segregated him from others in his birth herd. This created a social distancing from his parents as they often left him to his own devices. His larger size also made it awkward for him to interact with other foals as he tended to be rough and disruptive.

Never having had a consistent companion at times Aeon imagined that he was on an adventure that he would someday narrate. This internal monologue that sometimes presented the world in a brighter fashion than what reality presented. He knew that he would continue to grow, that one day he would be stronger and faster. When he was a more physical force to be reckoned with they would be unable to ignore him.

Aeon was born to a large herd of flying pegasus. They resided on the cliffs and crags of a massive volcano. Accustomed to the higher temperatures and challenges of the environment they were a hardy herd. Being able to fly to access other resources their immediate surroundings lacked gave them flexibility in their day to day lives.

The day Aeon had been born the volcano threatened to erupt. It had been groaning and grumbling throughout his mothers pregnancy. The entire herd had vacated the immediate vicinity as the days of his birth drew closer. When the day came and went without event the herd was relieved. However the volcano still appeared to continue its protest at Aeon's existence.

On the day of his 2nd birthday it could no longer be ignored. The ground began to shake and the earth pushed forth molten magma causing the herd to flee. This was simpler for those who had grown into their wings and could simply take off. Aeon was still mastering the act of flight, and his wings were still catching up to his frame! The sky was blackened with thick smoke causing Aeon to need to glide in an attempt to flee danger.

Aeon half glided half tumbled down the volcanic mountainside. Collecting a thick layer of black soot and dust. Twigs, and rocks and dirt embedded itself on his body. Scratching and damaging his entire body. His feathers and his coat were singed from the intense heat and flying molten debris. In the chaos of the eruption he was separated from his herd.

Now Aeon had found himself in a strange land with no landmarks to guide himself by. Even when looking back the volcano could no longer be seen. He was battered, bruised and sore all over. The Volcano itself had ejected him from his homelands, it was time for this frazzled sooty colt to find his own place in the world.

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