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“Mannon - The Warrior of Anar”

● Trakehner x Paint x Rocky Mountain Horse
● 17hh - Standard size for his nation
● Blue Roan Splashed White Overo
● Double headed phoenix tattoo on chest
● Mane and tail both are long, as is the way of his people, and rather wavy
● Concerning his eyes they are a pale blue-silver with pupils a darker shade of blue.
● Tail is a pale white
● Majority of his mane matches his tail until three fourths of a way up where it fades into a pale bluish grey and to complete it all off his forelock is a dark grey, again with blue tinge.
● Lots of scars

A rather large stallion in height Mannon stands at 17hh. In terms of his physical looks the stallion is a Blue Roan Splashed White Overo. From his hooves up he is pure white until you reach the lower half of his neck and then the blue roan appears in a beautiful V down to the upper half of his chest. His muzzle is slightly darker and he has white speckling around his pale eyes. His hooves are of a pale tan. Like all warriors the man has scars upon his skin. Mannons fetlocks grow slight and fluffy feathering in the winter. Upon his chest he has the tattoo of a double headed Phoenix, something he had requested when earning his title. In terms of his mane and tail both are long, as is the way of his people, and rather wavy. In colouration his tail is a pale white, as is a majority of his mane until three fourths of a way up where it fades into a pale bluish grey and to complete it all off his forelock is a dark grey, again with blue tinge. Concerning his eyes they are a pale blue-silver with pupils a darker shade of blue. All together his appearance makes him a rather stunning man who stands out with his simplicity.

“There are plenty of ways to die, but only love
can kill and keep you alive to feel it.”

Stash Gallery | Moodboard

“In a blood splattered grave my heart still beats
and waits and waits ”

● Broken
● Helpful
● Passive
● Kind
● Sorrowful
● Feigning happiness
● Regretful
● Paternal
● Occasionally hopeful

Mannons personality is not one that is easily explained, rather it lies within his history, still revolving around a single being who changed the course of his future without his knowing. As a foal he had been the cliché of all foals; curious and rambunctious, seeming to never be out of energy, he would develop a talent for sneaking away. As he grew his personality shifted into one of more seriousness, ambition, and raw drive to prove himself. He was, like any young man, fond of cracking jokes, mischievousness, sarcasm and full of a raging fire. For all his years he has been a loyal creature, through and through to those he deems worthy. After training he had fallen in love with a pale woman who would become the center of his world. Mannon would return to her bed each night and painfully leave it in the mornings until they would return to each other's arms. His soul and heart belonged only to the ethereal creature who had claimed the warrior. In these years the man is broken though kind and helpful, perhaps in a selfish way but nonetheless he extends his hands to those in need. Having put up his sword and shield years ago Mannon does not dissolve into anger and violence instead, he chooses to bring the tension to a halt if possible or walkway with or without wounds. He is a brutally soft and broken man, bathed in the pain of his heart and the longing of a ghost. At times he will feign the happiness he sees upon the faces of others though, it is for them and not himself. Filled with regret for some of his actions Mannon will often dodge questions about his past. In Mannons life he finds comfort in the memories he holds of those who had been so dear to him, his loyalty and love still lying with them. Some part of the man holds hope, hope for brighter days to greet his future and to find himself again. Or at least some part of who he is. He tries his best to live how Roheryn would have wanted him to: kind and caring, gentle to those around him. It is Mannon's way of keeping her close to him, even in death, though he will always remember her as well as dream of her.

“From underneath the rubble we sang a rebel song”

“I want to be happy
but something inside me ”

Born in Raian to the Captain of the Guard and a Priestess of Silma the young man was destined to write history in the pages of Isilme. After his birth, unexpected, the family returned to I’ nal where Mannon would meet the colt who he would come to call brother. The two were inseparable from one another, you never saw Ithilien without Mannon and vice versa. They thrived under the guiding eyes of their parents. Mannon with his father and Ithilien with his though one could say they shared their parents with the other. Like his father before him Mannon began training to be a guard, warrior, or whatever was befitting of his abilities. Kept close to the leading family, with his father being their captain of the guard for them, he became a part of the family. Of course, like any all families, Ithilien would run off with his father and Mannon with his on some days. It was never questioned as to when they would see each other again, confident they would return to the same grand building they called home.

Agharna’s vanishment had shaken the leading family and all those that had been close to them. Mannon had watched how it hit Ithilien, ripping the world out from under his hooves, and broke him down. The young trainee however, had stuck close to the other colt he called brother. Determined to stay with him, to help him in anyway possible and to be the rock the young Priest could lean upon. Of course with his own studies there were times when they were separated and on one of these occasions Diam had swept in and taken Isilme in less time than anyone had expected. Both of his parents attempted to persuade him to stay in Raian and continue his training, the stubborn boy could not be swayed and days later he had returned to I’ nal. It seemed that all had returned to normal, despite Ithilien’s hatred for Diam. Mannon was too blind and too young to fully be intertwined with the family and so, he had not seen the warning signs that his friend had. He felt in his gut that something had to be wrong for Ithilien to be so hateful but he himself could not see it. It wasn’t until he had snapped that Mannon had understood. The memory of Ithilien being dragged to the steps by his hair was something Mannon would never forget. His father had stopped him from interfering and running to help Ithilien, but when all the others had left the scene the younger boy had come to his side.

When Ithilien was sent out of I' nal - away from his family - the ever faithful Mannon had not been able to watch Ithilien leave for the temples alone, instead he had come with him to finish his training in the same area. It was here that Mannon would meet Roheryn. She was beautiful and white like snow with lavender eyes. The mare had seemed to stop the time around her. Though frail, small and sick she was fearless and well loved among the people. Mannon would come to learn that Roheryn was a Priestess of Yave and a healer who often tended to foals and the wounded. The young man had found himself doing everything he could to meet her time and time again, learning more and more about the ethereal creature who had captured him. It took a good amount of time until she also fell for him. From then on the two would never be seen without the other. Even as the lands fell apart and Ithiliens sister came to power Mannon stuck close to Roheryn, and as close as possible to the one he called brother. Both Ithilien and Mannon entered the army where they continued to stick by each other. It was during a small rebellion that he earned his title and found an artist to forever etch it into his chest.

Unaware of Ithilien’s ulterior motives on their return to I’ nal he became his friends private guard, keeping him safe from any and all harm. During all this time he and Roheryn loved each other with all that they could, aware that no foal would come from them but surrendering to the other in all ways possible. It was when Shazhar came to the lands that his world would shatter in a single second. As Ithilien amassed the beginnings of a rebellion Mannon stood by him, determined to see their Moon Priestess lead them once again. His reasoning became darker and deeply personal when Roheryn went to Carigian to help those in need, only to die in a small riot.He could not tell you how long he had screamed in raw sorrow for the loss of his love but somewhere during his mourning a deep rage had been ignited. His loss of her had broken him, ripped him apart and driven him to push for Shazhar’s head as well, just as Ithilien did.

When the rebellion finally broke out Mannon was in the thick of it, fighting with Ithilien to the last stand. Stained red with the blood of those who had taken the only woman he had loved. After the rebellion his sorrow swept in to grasp his heart. Upon uncovering Ithilien’s ulterior motives he left Isilme in search for something to heal him. He couldn’t bring himself to hate the stallion he had been with all his life. Mannon knew that in the end it would have come down to this no matter who it was, and he’d rather it have been Ithilien than any other.

Mannon returned to Isilme and the home that had been his and Roheryns, only to stay there for a short time in his heartbreak. Weeping to Atara and begging for his love to be returned to him he was given no answer and could not find the will to keep his faith in the goddess. Instead he went to search for Ithilien, the comfort of the only brother he had ever known. In disbelief he is informed that Ithilien has left Isilme.

“Screams that I do not deserve it”

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Amarië, almost, presents are your generic Ilnari doe. She is of a silvery blue colour with her eyes being a simple pearlescent white while lacking a pupil. Her third eye is placed squarely between the others, and like all other Ilnari, they glow faintly in the dark due to their reflective quality (like a cat). However where Amarië differs from all the others is in her height of 5.5ft, her antlers are large, though elegant and slim as they curve back (think impala antlers), and pointed at the ends as well as her large canines. Due to this appearance she would be considered a gift from Silma in the lands of Isilme, hailed as a holy Ilnari doe. Like all other does Amarië is known to be aggressive, being the dominant gender of her species the doe is known to glare at others and sometimes growl or present her fangs in a show of dominance. She is pacified by Mannon due to their connection. Amarië may appear cocky with an ego as she is accustomed to being placed on a pedestal, metaphorically of course, though she is not an airhead. The doe is rather cunning and enjoys playing games of wit.

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Just for posting reference: I have school every Monday and Wednesday - Usually study Tuesday and Thursday so I'm most active on weekends!

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