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Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful 5 years!
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A brown and cream colored deer, with a large horn coming from his forehead that starts white, then turns orange and finally red. He has a large mane both on top and behind, which starts at a cream color and similarly has bands of yellow, orange, and red. He has a long tail, the tuft sharing his mane coloration. Sunset has a white V marking on his chest, and his underbelly and legs are white. His hooves are a reddish-orange. His inner-ear is yellow, the outer white with an orange tip. He has red markings just below his eyes, tracing the cream-colored circle around them. His nose is bright orange.

Sunset has a princely air about him, a combination of majesty and of whimsy, of responsibility and yet of freedom. Above all, confidence in himself and what he is doing. He speaks often formally, though he would hardly call himself a true prince, it is the way he wishes to present himself, showing respect to others and hoping for the same, but having patience to receive it in kind. He is over-confident at times, but not in an arrogant way. Rather, he can be overly trusting and even submissive. What he sees as showing respect can be seen as showing weakness, and he can be an easy victim of those who wish to use or abuse his nature. He is not however, a fool, and learns from his mistakes while trying to keep good company. Still, he would rather be a fool than a jerk any day; If he made the wrong choice it is often because he has done the right thing. That said, he has other faults. Vanity, appearances, even simply having a position over someone can be enough his confidence starts showing shades of arrogance if left unchecked. He respects authority, but has much to learn about having it. Positive: Confident Respectful Soft-Hearted Patient Nature-Lover Dignified Negative: Gullible Vain Frivolous Insecure Stubborn

Sunset knows little of his own past, he was raised in the forest by and among smaller woodland creatures, and as he grew his unusual appearance prompted him to believe himself destined for something grand, even if he didn't know what. From as young as he can remember, Sunset has stood out. Whether being a misfit, to being someone that friends turn to, he drew attention, this combined with a humble but compassionate upbringing to nurture the best from the unideer. Slowly, he came to see himself as Prince of the Forest, developing a sense of deep loyalty and duty to nature itself, and especially small creatures that made up the ecosystem. He built up both skills and pride on a very small scale in the grand scheme of things, but an excellent foundation for what could come in the future. Most of all a sense of perspective. Trust of him grew into respect, and he sought to become a leader, using his strengths for the benefit of lesser creatures and the forest, confident that his noble pursuit would bring a natural reward. One day while he was helping to forage, he would find something far more interesting, a path to a new land, while it did not have quite his kind, it was a place of creatures far more similar to him. Sunset soon enough was a resident in this strange place called Novus. Was this what he was fated for all along, a stepping stone on his journey, or merely a detour? Would he simply make the best of a new life? As far as he is concerned, he will make something of it, and of himself through it, whether to bring it back to his forest kingdom, or to reach his full potential in this strange new place, full of creatures most behooved.

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An orange and yellow collar around the neck with a sun-burst pendant at the front. Small earring on left ear. Outfit: A colorful blue cloak with gold accents.

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Art by Kitchiki:

I am a very analytical person who's mostly done a lot of chat RP!

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