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Soren Avelaine
Dusk Court Citizen
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Immortal [Year 506 Summer]








Warmblood Mix


19 hh







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“Soren Avelaine Giauzar”
[Soar-in] [A-vuh-lean]

“Soren” “Rin” or “Lee”

● Warmblood Mix
● 19hh
● Leonine tail with spikes
● Large leathery wings, iron claws
● Two sets of horns - totaling four also made of iron
● Scaled with iron as well
● Leg bones, ribs, and lower jaw on the left half of her face are visible
● Three eyes - two silver and one gold
● White and grey mane, black and grey tail
● Halo like Reliquary and Seraph
● Dark colouring with white markings, white markings and face have a starry appearance (Inherited from mother)
● Large fangs

Soren is a contrast to her sister, she is dark in her base colouring though her body does fade around her midsection and back to a lighter grey. In Soren one can see the prominent influence of the markings on her maternal side with her neck having two jagged white markings on the top, both back legs having white socks, and her right front leg having a jagged stocking. All of her white markings, as well as her face, have a star like appearance; though it is not as prominent on her face you can clearly see it on the white of her body. Like her father before her you can see parts of Soren's body, primarily her ribs, front legs, and the left side of her lower jaw. All of these bones match the iron scales, horns, spikes, and halo that adorn her. Born with four ears and four horns as well she has one set of horns placed behind her ears in a near perfect replica of her mothers while the other set is placed above two of her three eyes in a curved like fashion. In mentioning her eyes one should note that the middle is golden like her fathers and the other two silver like her mothers, all three have the pupils of a snake and black sclera. In terms of Soren's hair her mane is long and wavy in a white colouring with dark grey streak running through it (perhaps harkening back to her great-grandmother Io Kairavi) while her tail is leonine and nearly always braided, in colouring it is black and streaked with the same grey of her mane. However like her father her leonine tail has spikes, five to be exact. Soren also inherited her fathers wings just as her sister Seraph did, large in size they match her colouring with the clawed tips being the same iron as well. Hanging above her head she is proudly adorned with a halo that has seven ''spikes'' upon it, all of them are shaped in the same fashion that one might see on the gates of a cemetery; the tallest of them, in the direct middle, has a small ball above it as well. Not only is Soren the oldest of the twins but she the tallest as well reaching 19hh at maturity. Like her father and sister she has rather large fangs.

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● Refined/Dignified
● Aloof
● Already bored of life
● Pensive
● “Dead“ eyes
● Blank faced
● Unconventionally kind
● Grumpy
● Loving
● Indifferent to most
● Has trouble making friends
● Intimidating if needed
● Gives off “vibes“ of being old
● Unsettling/off-putting to some

Not only is Soren different from her twin in appearance but in personality as well. She takes more after her father in the way that she is “grumpy” and would rather be left alone. As a foal one might whisper that “Something is wrong with that one.” due to her having a more pensive like personality. Where her sister is full of life, vibrancy, and a youthfulness Rin has a more distinctly refined aloofness. This is not to say that she is cold but instead that she would rather not bother herself with the troubles of trivial things. In fact she could be called kind in the unlikely way that she is prone to doing acts of kindness simply because she wants to and she would rather not have guilt weighing on her mind for turning a blind eye. Perhaps you could say her kindness is from selfishness as she does not do it purely for others but out of her own volition. From birth there has always been a rather “dead” look in Soren's eyes, like she is much older than she truly is and incredibly tired of life. One might think that the girl is in a cycle of reincarnation due to the way she approaches life; blank faced, distant, oddly kind, brutally honest, and terribly bored. There is one thing in Rin's life that can bring a bright life to her three eyes; her friends and family. It would be easy to say that her life revolves around them, she will always due her to best to make them happy. Joy and laughter seems to only come with her family while boredom and indifference comes from the rest of the world. Despite her kindness, though unconventional, the draconic girl will not hesitate to stop something she considers cruel. Not much scares Soren due to how her family looks in fact she's rather aware that she's more likely to scare someone and will use it to her advantage if she must. She is similar to her distant family member Lisbeth in how she has a melancholic feel though not as severe as Lisbeth's there is an off-settling air around her that one may detect. As she does indeed have “dead” eyes despite having full sight.


Born to Elain and Reliquary in the Dusk Court in 506 of Summer

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Hopcyn ━ PET
A small snowshoe hare Hopcyn, or affectionately called ''Hop'' he is of the classic colouring; white in the cold months and brown in the warm months. Hopcyn is a kind hare and rather playful, he seems to be more of a contrast to Soren in his willingness to take interest in things.

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04/12/22 Char app accepted, Dusk Citizen. Foal from Elain/Reliquary breeding TID6890, added to records. +20 signos for visual ref. -INKBONE
04/12/22 +1EXP for gaining inherited immortality (from breeding request). Item sent, added to records. Quest declined. -INKBONE
04/12/22 Pet from Advent 2021 Day 16 Prize approved, added to records. -INKBONE