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Ancient, mysterious forces have woven a temple of potential in their image. There stands the draconic lineage that is proud to showcase their work. Something that could be considered weaker than them can display something worthy to stand among them in the form of a horse.

Aesthetic display of fearsomeness, almost blackened horns and spikes project themselves in a couple of areas. Crowning his head, two long horns form into a curve equipped with sharp points. To prevent baron features, two smaller horns have chosen to rest upon his muzzle. For as small as these horns are, they still display their mightiness with sharpened points. Two conflicting viewpoints are shown with the spikes sprouting out from his forelimbs and tail. Disciplined and unwavering, the foreleg spikes are union and jut outwards towards his underbelly. His tail spikes, on the other hand, are chaotic and rigid having no straight direction or size as its outlines the top of his tail.

Unyielding and alive, draconic wings twitch to life on his back. Proud to display their size, these large wings allow for ease of flight and gliding as the horse soars across the blue skies or into the storms. The wings are bred in the form of a simplistic design. It is void of vibrant displays. It prefers to show off the talons and the rich, lighter dark brown outlines that attach its leathery, dark chocolate folds that create them in the first place. Instead of colorful bravado, it reveals to the eyes their flourishing history in the form of holes. Holes of various sizes are littered across the edges of his wings. Some even look more like tears in his vulnerable armor. Rough playtime from the bites and claws of his dragon brother, Thorvrak, were the cause of these. The stallion sees them as markings he is proud to display. One would think that it should be impossible for the horse to fly, but the wings create an unorthodox paradox. It is why one should ask since when did dragons much less wings care about what others thought was possible?

His tail solidifies its present as an elongated, sturdy form. It has adapted to the needs of its expressive owner and learn to bend to a will of its own with an impressive amount of flexibility. As a result, it can swing to the beats of his emotions aiding as a gesturing device. Sometimes, those swings might very well leave an impact that will be well-remembered to the foolhardy soul that has chosen such a path. It is not completely devoid of its humble roots. On the tip of his tail, there is hair that features the same properties of his mane. Thick and long, both his mane and tail-tip can be high maintenance. It demands constant attention to maintain its utmost elegant beauty. Things such as fanciness are of no concern to Adelrun. The common hairstyle of choice when it is not straightened are braids and these are always done by a skilled, passionate lover of hair. Thus, it allows the horse to focus on other things until some force makes him revisit his hair once more. Regardless of if it is straightened or braided, an untamed, wild show of tangled, unkempt messiness is what the eyes will behold. When the hair is at their best, the crisp, fresh display of flowing rivers of hair can air out its true beauty.

His eyes have faced a transformation that aids to his dragon lineage. His eyes have turned into fine, Draconian slits that create a fierce appearance if it desires too. However, fierceness is not the common tongue here. It speaks the language of the universe. It is a gateway to his emotions and experience. Through one look alone, it can communicate the exciting, wondrous times or the burden of negative patterns invading its space. If one is blinded to these expressions, it has one more trick up its sleeve. His pupils can enlarge or reducing its size depending on his emotions similar to a cat. If his pupils become enlarged or dilated, it tends to showcase excitement. Passionate affairs from exploring the reigns of magic to pouring out his soul to the cute, fluffy creature can cause these reactions. It is even possible that competitive streaks can be involved adding onto that scene. However, fear or surprise can also be an indication as well if the situation devolves into such. Constricted pupils, on the other hand, is less favorable for someone. It is an indication of irritation or anger. Even if Adelrun’s tone appears relatively calm, zeroing in on his eyes would reveal otherwise. Sometimes, it could cause him to lash out if he feels that his or someone he cares about life is being threatened.

Regal yet an unyielding, fortified force. These formations are the symbols that showcase the true mark of a dragon, and the thing that unites a horse to his dragon brethren. Scales and plating are carefully crafted igniting his features in a dynamic way. Decorating his features, his scales dominate the regions of his neck, chest, front legs, and underneath the end of his tail. It demands attention. It combats the sun and pushes the spotlight from the moon. What could have been dull and camouflage seamlessly with the rest of his chocolatey coat, explodes to life with frequent blue light. It creates a pulsating pattern that is powered through pure dragon magic. As the horse grows, some scales will be bold enough to face the forsaken world of the fallen. Some fall because it no longer serves the current growth of its owner. Others will fall because the scales could be damaged, diseased, or old. On rare, but cruel circumstances, some cause could have forced them off such as shears or being pried off. These efforts, however, can result in a great amount of pain to voice their disapproval. Regardless of how these scales manage to fall, it will still maintain its beautiful glow. It is said that if one is gifted to someone, it is a symbol of an everlasting bond whether that is through family, friendship, or a lover. Fallen or attached scales would still become part of a wondrous display of power. When Adelrun activates his abilities, the scales stop their flickering pattern and start to shine at their brightest. The scales will remain that way until the magic show is over where it will return to its normal, pulsing pattern. Until then, that same blue light also illuminates his eyes and haunting water vapors, indicating he is a water mage, will rise from his nostrils. His bony plating has chosen to dominate his face alone. It starts on his cheeks, encases around his eyes, and stretches out to reveal fin-like features. The bridge of his muzzle has also been armored. Small, brown bumps can be seen adding decorative markings to it. It adds two additional features towards the end of its journey. The first is close to his eyes where one spot on each side rest. The latter appears on his upper lip where it forms a beak-like structure. It is a feature that Adelrun finds to be unflattering and does his best to minimize its appearance.

A dragon is not without its creativity. Each claw is like a painter’s brush carefully painting each pattern on a dark chocolate canvas. The first is where the brown hues blend seamlessly with each other. There are some areas where the brown breaks from their usual pattern. Lighter browns can be seen with underlying parts of his underbelly, dominating the underside of his tail, and blends around areas of his chest. In other places, the brown becomes as dark as the night sky fooling those into believing it is such. Those areas are his legs, hooves, mane and tail-tip, horns, spikes, and the fold of his wings. The outline of his wings is slightly lighter, but still dark in nature. Dripping in elegant waves and curves, black stripes can be seen. They snake themselves down across his back and form wavy patterns on his hind legs. They curve around the sides of his mouth and create a patch on his upper and lower jaw. Lovely decorating his facial and some areas of legs, there is a vibrant white. The white is seen as small patches on his legs. The largest being on one of his hind legs. However, there is a white patch near his forehead and his beak-like plating. The white takes on a silvery look only seen on his head creating highlights to outline certain features like his muzzle. The final touch would be his eyes. Two pools of colors blend together to form his bicolor eyes. One is mysterious purple whereas the other is a striking blue. The blue is not the same color as his glowing scales or activated magic making it darker in nature.

Active & Parvus Magic

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Adelrun's scales pulse a bright blue light. He has no control over it.

Note: image shows his eyes and nostrils glowing too but ignore that. That won't be until his active magic is a thing.

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