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Standing at fifteen hands high and weighing in around nine hundred and fifty pounds; Eirien is a small mare with little force behind her. Her body is built similar to that of a Hanoverian but lacks the elegance of such a breed, making up for this in her athleticism and large movements. The base of her coat is chestnut, common amongst the Westphalian, but is discolored by varnish roaning across her entire body, a blessing from her Appaloosa heritage. However, she oddly possesses a pink skin tone instead of the typical black, perhaps again something to do with heritage but could be the result of chance. Creamy red locks drape from her neck to her legs where one singular braid acts as a barrier on her left, keeping the tendrils from changing sides. Those same colored locks grow thick from her tail long enough to touch the earth, becoming knotted, tangled, and even split at the ends; possibly the only unkempt part of her visual appearance. Wings, a bit larger than she in size, sprout evenly from each of her shoulder blades. These wings, while translucent in appearance, still work as any normal feathered wing would, shimmering gold upon the touch of light despite being the color of the water. The only color upon her to match her sky blue eyes.

Above Fault

light // kind // gentle // curious // empathetic // helpful

By default, Eirien is a very gentle soul. She surrounds herself with an aura that is light enough it is inviting to even shy uncomfortable children. Driven heavily by curiosity, her body will follow the whims of her daily thoughts and encounters, usually without much purpose other than to quench the mysterious thirst. Her kindness is impenetrable, despite being sensitive and unforgiving to some, she lacks the ability to exert forceful words or uncouth manners. The woman is also an extreme empath, able to feel the emotions expressed or discussed by one as if she was putting herself in their hooves. Her empathy often drives a need to be there for another but she is generally helpful no matter the situation.

Below Perfection

sensitive // unforgiving // despondent // indecisive // stubborn

After several unfortunate scenarios with less than favorable beings, Eirien has found it hard to be forgiving to those who wrong her. While she may never openly discuss one's transgressions against her, she feels them deeply and will forever hold a grudge. Since birth Eirien has been sensitive to many emotions often induced by the judgments of others. Taking things extremely personally, often causing her emotional pain and a need to fix herself despite not being broken, in short she holds the opinions of others about herself higher than she should.

The loss of her brother, best friend, left her in a perpetual state of despondence. While the mare may continue to extend kindness, support, affection, and so on she remains down in the dumps. This depression has also played a toll on her ability to make decisions or final assessments because she consistently feels uncertain, it has also made her stubborn and unwilling to conform.

Fast Facts



Birth Season:



Gastaos [ gas - tay - ohs ]


Arian [ airy - ann ]


Diroen [ die - row - in ] (believed to be deceased) (twin)




Early Life

Birthed in early summer on a cool morning with a gentle breeze - Eirien taking the first breath before her twin Diroen - tickling their wet hides; the by-products of an unsuccessful merchant and his ever-loyal wife.

Both children were sent to school to learn business academics at an early age. Something pushed heavily by their father, who was well aware of his failures but was sure that the merchant's life, if done properly, would grant his children the security and blessings he wanted for them. Though their mother did not pressure them to continue their journey this way the twins choose to follow their father’s dreams in hopes of making him proud.

Eirien was far more reserved and shy than her brother and relied on him for social encounters or any acquaintances to be considered a ‘friend’, but truth be told she never made any actual friends herself. Despite being the eldest, by a few minutes, Eirien spent her entire childhood and early teen years following her brother around like a lost puppy dog. He was bold, ambitious, outgoing, and funny; someone everyone enjoyed. She loved him deeply and as time evolved she fell to his side and chose to follow his path as a merchant serving him as an assistant.

After fortunate success Diroen came forth to Eirien with a proposition. There was a glimmer in his eyes as he explained that to sail beyond MOTHERLAND NAME meant opportunity, an opportunity that could prove to be so grand the pair will have more than security in themselves. It did not take long for her brother to convince her to join him. She would cross any ocean he asked of her just to remain at his side, under his protection from the fickle sways of the world and its living beings.

Eager to make something of himself, Diroen would doom his sister to a life of hardship and sadness because she would be the only one to wash up on the shores; their ship's wreckage was never found.

Mid Life

Eirien washed up on the shores of Solterra's Mors Desert and has been in Novus for approximately eight months minding her own business, mostly, while searching for her brother. Now that she has come to terms with not finding him, she will be inserting herself into society. Despite having been in Novus for that long she was still very unaware of Novus life, its citizens, and its history at the time of inserting herself into society (profile acceptance).

The actual tragedy of the ships’ wreck is deeply buried beneath layers of trauma-induced amnesia but Eirien does remember waking up, choked, by the sound of a sweet old woman asking if she was okay. Feelings of despair, fear, and confusion overwhelmed the girl just as viciously as the sea’s waves had swept her to shore. She spent almost an entire year searching for her brother, their ship, and his friends. Including flying out over the sea searching around islands for signs of wreckage or life of any sort… only to be disappointed each time. It took both courage and her consuming sadness to finally cease her efforts in order to move on.

Since her brother's disappearance - she refuses to believe him deceased - Eirien has fallen into a state of despondence. Roaming across lands with little to no purpose for her duration spent there. Though, without him, she has found herself vulnerable to the selfish souls that feed upon her kindness only to return it with backstabbing and treachery.

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